“Fix” the Democrats?

Hola a todos. Mi amigo/My friend watches some political videos on YT. It’s one of his way of staying informed. He occasionally tells me about the comments under the videos. They’re usually that of brainwashed partisan US Democrats who still cling to the tired delusional theme: “We need to ‘fix the Democrats’.” He rarely writes comments, but when he does, he responds similarly to how I would respond since we’ve known each other for decades and are in agreement politically. The thing is, his comments are usually ignored because (as I said earlier) the sites he frequents are mostly comprised of brainwashed partisan Democratic voters who pretend to be “liberals” and “progressives” while they in lockstep adamantly support the right-wing Democratic Party at s-election time. These brainwashed Democratic partisans don’t want to read his message, because if they were to do as he suggests they would have to make some major changes in their own political behaviour, and they’re not about to do that as devout and obedient Democrats. They will continue to make excuses and apologies for their corrupt and imperialistic party. That’s what fake-progressives and fake-liberals do. (Related: The Lesser-Evil Card (US Presidential Selections)).

Here’s his message:

“Fix the Democrats? I’ve heard that since 2000 and we see where that’s gone. Have you ever been on a hike in the woods and come across an old rusted car? Such a vehicle is impossible to fix. It’s best left to rot into the ground. The Democrats are that old rusted car. They are as corrupt or more so than the Republicans. Look where they get their money: the Military Industrial Complex, big pharma, war-profiteering (such as Dianne Feinstein in the past with her husband Richard Blum) and other sources. The corrupt Democrats have the same goals as the Republicans. The difference is that they come with a smile which deceives people. The Democrats often vote with the Republicans. The genuine left knows what needs to be done. There needs to be a new party. Not a partial new party, but a completely new party and not one filled with fake-liberals and fake-progressives who each election cycle will “change parties” to support the right-wing Democratic Party. A genuine liberal or genuine progressive wants nothing to do with either corrupt party (D or R). Isn’t it time that those who call themselves a progressive acquire a backbone and become genuine progressives (or liberals) instead of progressive/liberal-in-name-only? Or do “we” stay with the status quo and miraculously expect these corrupt politicians to change?”

Exactamente/Exactly. The response to his comment is usually silencio/silence.

Genuine progressives and genuine liberals are not for US Empire Imperialism, which the corrupt and imperialistic Democratic Party supports. The operative word there is “genuine.” Devout Democratic Party brainwashed partisans wallowing in their blind allegiance to an utterly corrupt party — which makes one complicit and an enabler in the corruption and imperialism despite any words spoken in opposition to said policies — do not want to hear or read his message. They just go with the flow. It’s easier to go with the flow. Critical thinking skills are not required nor any major change in one’s behaviour when one goes with the flow. Chau.—el barrio rosa