Folsom Street Fair (2015)

Hola. ¿Qué tal? Mi amigo went to the Folsom Street Fair (FSF) this past Domingo/Sunday and below is his report:

When I arrived, I asked what is going on here? For the first two hours of the fair there were a lot of straight couples there. I saw some straight make-out scenes and hand-holding. I’d never seen this at the Folsom Street Fair before. It doesn’t happen. At one of the booths, there were two guys making out and one of the guys had his hand in the other guy’s pants. Nothing unusual about that at FSF. However, three straights couples saw these two guys making out and one straight couple said to the others with bugged-out eyes and with their hand covering their wide-open mouths in shock:

“This is just wrong. This is disgustingly wrong.”

I began to wonder if Folsom Street Fair were turning into a bigoted straight fair. Witnessing this anti-gay bigotry quickly brought to mind what you and I have talked about many times and that’s the “Gays Can Now Live Anywhere” lie that GLBTQs have been repeating after each other, because this anti-Queer bigotry was happening right in front of me in San Francisco at a traditionally Queer event.

Soon after that incident, the straights seem to leave and the usual FSF went ahead as usual. The weather was extremely hot and humid for awhile, unusually hot. The hot temperatures may have helped to drive the straight bigots away. I was wondering why they were there? Were they residents of the luxury condos that have sprung up in the area? Did they just happen to be leaving their luxury condos at the time that the fair was getting underway?

There were more females taking part in the FSF this year. I’d say 40% of the people there were females. I saw some phone addiction but nothing like it was at Dore Alley 2015. I arrived early and when I first arrived I noticed that the straights were already drinking beer, but the gay guys were not. It took probably at least an hour to slowly walk the entire length of the fair. There were lots of nude females or partial nudity and partial nude guys with their dick hanging out of their jeans. I only saw one of the original naked guys there. Maybe he’s the last holdout of that small group of nude guys that we somehow needed a permanent city-wide nudity ban for, even though it was just a temporary flash in the pan that the conservatives made such a big deal about.

The main word I heard people speak at the fair was the word “like.” The word “like” was epidemic. I’ve never heard it that bad. That’s all I heard there. I heard people say:

I’m like
She’s like
It’s like
He’s like
I was like with him like

The stupidest sounding people. They can’t talk with each other without constantly saying the word “like.” By listening to people’s conversations, you’d conclude this is the dumbest country on the planet.

Going to the fair from the Castro and coming back I had expected the metro to be packed. It wasn’t. It looked like the people who went to the fair either live east or west of the Castro. Other than a few people that got on at Castro, it was as if no one from the Castro went. Or there are very few gay people living in the Castro now, or they’ve become too conservative to go to FSF. The metro train I was on coming back was packed, but they didn’t get off a Castro. Sometimes you and I see long lines at some of the gay bars in the Castro, but as we’ve suspected before they’re probably visitors and don’t live here.


Muchísimas gracias mi amigo: First, just to remind readers that San Francisco’s backward, ridiculous and prudish city-wide nudity ban — authored by a conservative gay asshole with body image issues — does not apply to the Folsom Street Fair.

My question about these “straight” assholes is: (Sigh) Why were they there and had they never heard anything about San Francisco and its past reputation before they moved here? (Assuming they live here). Where the fuck have they been not to know what goes on especially at the Folsom Street Fair? And do these bigots expect the Queers now to change to accommodate their bigoted way of thinking? The Castro has already been sanitised by conservative assholes and their merchant friends. Do they want to sanitise this one-day-a-year event too? They can fuck off! I can’t stand scum like them.

As for the “straight” make-out scenes (UGH!) and their perfunctory required hand-holding routine, I have to say they consistently look so insecure with themselves and their “relationship.” Tall him and short her have to pause on the sidewalk — in the middle of the sidewalk in people’s way — because she demands attention and affection right then and there. And they love to put on a show for people (especially for Queer boys). With these “straight” couples, the self-absorbed, needy and subservient-behaving chauvinistic female (she’s always walking one-half step behind the dominant guy) needs her hand held 24 hours a day by the guy (who she sees as daddy?) otherwise she goes ballistic and into a public emotional meltdown complete with a tsunami of tears followed by being an emotional wreck, and usually over something very trivial. The “straights” certainly have been well brainwashed with that behaviour haven’t they? (Yes, they have.) I and mis amigos see it all the time, unfortunately. As I’ve said before, corporate television is also full of heteronormative programming where that behaviour I just described is saturated in programmes.

By contrast, from what I’ve seen, we Queers aren’t that desperately needy or insecure with each other and our relationships. And Queers are also usually around the same height (we don’t have this tall (him)/short (her) thing going on). But these “straights!” UGH. Chau.—el barrio rosa


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7 comments on “Folsom Street Fair (2015)

  1. Str8 Dude

    LOL. You sure you haven’t dated women??? You nailed how women are. I’ve dated so many women that were just like you describe. An emotional wreck over nothing. I said many times – no more. Can’t deal with them. I began to think I’m gay but I’m not gay it’s just that I can’t relate that well to women and their drastic-swinging unstable emotions. They expect a lot… all the time.

    The chauvinism? yeah, but I didn’t go along with her hanging behind me with her hand hooked on my right arm. The daddy thing? Yeah I sometimes suspected some of the women saw me as their daddy and I didn’t relate to that.

    I wasn’t at Folsom but found it fascinating to read about. A couple of my gay friends went and said they had a good time. I’ve read some of your other posts. I don’t understand why str8s want to take over gay areas and intrude on their space and events. I don’t get that.

  2. D8

    Sorry to hear about the anti-gay remarks made at the Folsom Street Fair.

    Speaking of luxury condos, I’ve been watching one of the new buildings on Market that has a restaurant-bar on one side and another bar on the other in the retail space. Both bars are very loud. I walk by there frequently and think I bet the upstairs residents are loving this! That building is having major problems. I gather the noise level from both businesses is driving the residents out. They should have known that before they moved in there!! What fool would live above a bar and bar-restaurant and expect quiet? There’s always a “For Sale” sign on the sidewalk, someone moving out and reselling their new condo. There’s two there now – one says “Sale Pending” and the other reads “Coming Soon, For Sale” so another tenant is moving out. These are new condos they’re moving out of. Don’t these buyers question why people are moving out of a new building? The restaurant-bar closes at 10pm. That’s early. I take it that’s from noise complaints from the upstairs residents. I can see that business closing soon. I don’t think they can make it and pay that high rent by being open only 5 hours a day M-F. The other bar is open until 2am so the upstairs residents enjoy that noise well into the night.

    1. rosa_barrio Post author

      Hola D8, I think I know the condo building you’re talking about. The one with that faux restaurante Mexicano in it? I remember reading a letter written by the head of one of these useless busy-bodied neighbourhood associations to the planning department to encourage them to approve this business. The person was gushing over how wonderful this business would be for the neighbourhood to provide, “a safe and quiet dining experience.” (The letter was saturated with the word “safe.” Aren’t most “dining experiences” safe? I’ve never had any problem in a restaurante with “safety.” These basura are afraid of their own shadow around here). In reality, this business has turned out to be anything but quiet. I’ve heard that people can’t even hear themselves talk sitting next to each other in this restaurante it’s so loud so you know it’s loud upstairs. Then they had the consulting chef make some offensive statement to the corporate media about this restaurante would be serving “Mexicano food for white people.” Ugh. Then they had the name fiasco where they selected an offensive name (offensive to Latinos/Hispanos) and so they changed the name. Although the conservatives around here supported the offensive name. Then came the noise complaints from upstairs and they had to post signs on the outside of the building about people from the bar next door in the same building being respectful and quiet of the neighbours. Then there’s the overpriced mediocre food. $115.00 (including a bottle of wine) for 2 people for dinner? Outrageous. El chico corporatist who owns this dump also owns the obnoxious (gay?) sports bar across the street. Oh, then there was a fire in the restaurante (the kitchen I think) recently which took awhile to put out. I suspect the residents upstairs got a little concerned about that. You’d have to be a complete idiot to want to live in that building, although there’s seemingly no shortage of complete idiots around here these days from what some of us have seen. Gracias for your comment. Chau.

  3. SF-Resident

    Don’t know what’s happening to this city. I’ve heard stories about residents reporting hearing an increase in anti-gay remarks around town as these new wealthy residents (techies?) move in and take over. Don’t know what happened to women’s liberation but one would not know that ever existed by watching the parade of straight couples up and down Market St. and their behavior. The women act like they’re secondary and obedient to the guy they’re clinging to. They’re most often young and White or Asian.

  4. Alejandro

    Hoooooooooola. Lived here for years and there was a time where I never expected to hear anti-gay shit like that in SF and at the Folsom. That was the old city. With this new city, I’m not surprised. History repeating itself. Muchas gracias for the review.

  5. Ed in the Castro

    Thanks for the report. I hadn’t heard anything about it, maybe that’s because I’m in the Castro which backs up that part about not many from the Castro going.

    I was out tonight running errands and saw lots of straight couples and I agree with your comment about them. That’s where the increasing anti-gay comments are coming from in this city, sometimes it’s covert other times more like at Folsom. While walking down the south side of Market St in the first block from Castro tonight I saw a sign in the window of the corporate chain coffee company that’s run by 2 gay guys. I knew nothing about them until tonight. Sorry to see that they’re opposed to the moratorium on luxury condos. I hope people understands what that means. It means that these 2 gay guys support this new city under Lee/Conway which is evicting gay people from SF while more straights move in here. What this amounts to is that these 2 gay guys prefer straight customers over gay customers since that’s what Market St is becoming. I don’t drink coffee but if I did I wouldn’t buy any from them.

    1. rosa_barrio Post author

      Hola Ed, well that’s what I wrote in my article awhile back titled: The Anti-Gay Agenda in San Francisco. What we’re seeing is class warfare and the wealthy/corporatist gays are part of that, which I and others find despicable. They would rather live among wealthy (possibly anti-gay) “straight” basura than live among other Queers. Or is this a case of internalised gay self-hate? The wealthy gays in this city are in favour of the continued evictions of non-wealthy Queers. It’s an anti-gay agenda led, in part, by wealthy/corporatist/bougi elitist gays who live under some illusion that they’re better than other people because of their wealth? I guess those 2 gay guys you wrote about will be pleased when most of their customers are “straight,” making out and holding hands in their coffee store, and making not-so-hushed anti-gay comments about those guys behind the counter (assuming they work in their own store) while they’re sipping their expensive lattes and espressos (Dahling). Gracias for your comment. Chau.

Fin. The End.