Gay Assimilation Has Backfired

Reposted. There’s an update (enero/January 2018) near the bottom of the page, following the article.

Hola a todos. A reader e-mailed me the following: “I’ve done gay phone sex for years. Since ‘gay assimilation’ started most guys describe themselves to me as a closeted white guy or closeted white male, or in the closet Latino or ‘nobody knows.’ Guys never said closeted before. They all seemed to be out of the closet. Not now. Wanted to tell you that because I agree that gay assimilation has backfired. I see it where I live and hear it on the phone line.”

Interesting. Sad.

Our little group of San Francisco Queers met shortly after I posted my article titled: “There is no Gay Agenda,” and someone in our group brought up the topic of “gay assimilation.”

No one in our group agrees with “gay assimilation” and the way it has played out, citing how it has completely backfired. Most of what we talked about I’ve included in this article. The corporatists who urged for Queers to “assimilate” should have seen this coming. But unfortunately they were extremely myopic. (Related: Gay “Assimilation:” Back to the 1950s).

From our recollection, the “Declaration for Queers to Assimilate” came the same day that the US Supreme Court issued their ruling legalising gay marriage here in The Cesspool/the US/los Estados Unidos. I think it was that syrupy woman — who often sounded like she thought she was speaking to children rather than adults — and who spoke from the organisation, “Equality California,” who stood in the Harvey Milk Plaza in San Francisco on that day and told those who had gathered:

“We must now assimilate.”

Well you go right ahead, no one’s stopping you. Who was she (or any of these people) to tell anyone what “We must do?” Speak for yourself and not this “we.” But that’s so typical of the way these corporatists Queer organisations at the US national level and elsewhere often operate: They take this parental-sounding, know-it-all, “we know what’s best for you Queers,” approach and they come off as self-appointed authorities on what Queers must do. I didn’t much like the sound of what I was hearing from her. I didn’t know what to make of it at the time. I wasn’t sure what she was even talking about that “we” were to do and I don’t know that anybody else did either. But she received the usual perfunctory applause at the appropriate times during her speech to the group gathered.

Assimilate means to bring into conformity with the customs, attitudes, and other aspects/behaviours of a group. In this case, it’s the breeders whom Queers were ordered to conform with the customs, attitudes and other behaviours of breeders. Who would want to do that? So what these Queer national organisations and this woman from Equality California were telling Queers to do was to conform and be like the breeders. Bad idea.

Why would one want to be like the breeders with their over 50% divorce rate in the US and dysfunctional relationships? That doesn’t sound like a very good group to emulate.

But since then, most of the Queer/GTQBL community has indeed conformed with the breeders, as if the breeders are seen as superior to Queers and to be modeled after. Hardly! WTF is wrong with most Queers? What was extremely short-sighted about this Declaration to Assimilate was that it’s as if the people who gave this order to assimilate believed that by making gay marriage legal it had miraculously erased the public’s homophobia. Ludicrous! Shortly after that is when we heard that delusional wishful-thinking from some Queers which went like this: “Gay people can live anywhere; gay is now mainstream.”

When a minority group, such as Queers, is “blended in” with a majority group of breeders — many of whom are anti-Queer and don’t hide that with their anti-gay slurs — what happens? What happens is what we’ve seen happen:

1) You lose your “Out and Proud” Queers
2) You lose your sense and feeling of a Queer community, especially when your Queer areas in major US cities are invaded/taken over by anti-Queer breeders.
3) You lose your Queer movement (which is dead today by the way), and
4) You lose your Queer activism.
5) Many Queers go back in the closet, as has happened.
6) Anti-Queer hate crimes on the rise. (See here, here and here).

You end up with a complete collapse of the Queer community thanks to these elitist assholes with their cushy executive salaries at the national US Queer organisations who ordered Queers to “assimilate.”

Today, the Queer community doesn’t seem to give a fuck about anything (except their phones), even when a major far-right politician speaks about hanging Queers. How did Queers respond to that? Silencio. With silence. I wrote about that at the time and so did my fine concerned commenters, but most didn’t seem to be bothered by it at all. If this had been during the Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement, we would have seen thousands and thousands of Queers in the streets that night in every major US city over such a despicable and heinous remark coming from a piece of far-right political basura.

And that incident, among many other indicators, shows just how much things have changed and gone in the wrong direction since this order for Queers to “assimilate” was spewed.

What happened after that order to assimilate was given is what I see around San Francisco’s Castro (which has been ruined; it’s nothing like it was), and what I’ve read has happened in The Village in Manhattan and elsewhere. This order to “assimilate” has caused many Queers to go back in the closet as they lose their identity, lose their gay meccas to fucking prudish breeders who have invaded, as has happened in The Castro, The Village, West Hollywood and elsewhere. One can hear anti-gay and anti-trans comments in The Castro from the breeders. These days, unless two guys are holding hands on the odd occasion in and around The Castro, I usually can’t tell who is Queer and who is a breeder. In physical appearance and behaviour, they look the same. I don’t even hear the word “gay” or “Queer” spoken in The Castro anymore because gay guys are trying to be “discreet” and “down-low” (code language for closeted) in the former Gay Mecca.

Assimilation has also caused the elitist and bougi/snooty wealthy Queers to kick the poor and homeless Queers to the curb. In this case, it’s a class thing. During the “G**gle” techie-trash shuttle protests in San Francisco some years ago, the conservative corporatist (wealthier) Queers supported the billionaire-owned techie-trash corporate parasites while some of the middle class and poorer Queers protested the techie-trash and their Luxury (Dahling) 2-story tall shuttles illegally using Muni bus stops, the rampant gentrification (the eviction of Queers, rents soaring to unprecedented levels) that was/still is happening in San Francisco, particularly in The Castro and Upper Market. The wealthier, corporatist Queers hated on the (poor) protesters. One was left with the strong impression that the wealthier elitist Queers prefer to live with wealthy breeders and their screaming babies rather than with poorer Queers. This was also during the time that the conservative wealthier Queers supported the sanitising of The Castro to make it “breeder-friendly” and as much like the conservative, puritanical and prudish hell hole that many wealthier Queers had fled decades ago when they moved to The Castro as so-called “liberals” and so-called “progressives” at that time. (Related: Sexual Freedom and Revolution). But now they had done a 180 degree flip and were proud conservatives — and wealthy homeowners in many cases living under the illusion that they have special rights simply because they own some old moldy home — and because they had “assimilated” with the fucking breeders. Some of the new anti-gay breeder residents were overheard to say, “there are too many gay people living here.”

As for the order to “assimilate,” the spokeswoman from Equality California gave no examples of what she meant by that. But apparently, what everyone else in attendance thought she meant was the following, since this is what has happened in more detail since then:

1) Start supporting major corporations, corporate box stores, corporate chain stores, corporate billionaire-owned techie companies and Orwellian-named and data-mined “social media,” the corporate Real Estate Industrial Complex and their corrupt liars as well as corporate coffee chains. The days of being anti-corporate are over, Queer community. Also, any corporation that says the word “gay” on the odd occasion should be supported (even though they’re likely just trying to exploit gullible you for your dinero/money. Some of us are not fooled by that although most of the Queer community seem to have retired their bull shit detectors to the closet.)

2) Start supporting corporate sports teams who say the word “gay” on occasion (while one hears anti-gay slurs from team players and sports fans).

3) Try to act as much like the breeders as possible. Whatever they do, you should do. Remember that “alternative” and “radical” (of the Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement) are out. Make your events welcoming to the breeders, “Family-friendly” (translation: conservative…ugh) and “wholesome.” (ugh) We must not shock or offend the prudish breeders. Guys: keep your shirts on even when it’s hot out. Remember: Always cater to the breeders and their wants and desires. They get top priority now as we Queers desperately want to be accepted by them. And welcome them in (to take over your gay neighbourhood).

[My response to this: Fuck this shit! I don’t hold the breeders up as a model for anything.]

4) It’s no longer “Anything Goes San Francisco.” It’s now “Conformity Goes San Francisco.”
Wear breeder Millennial all-black clothing, or breeder black and grey every day of the year even at night so motorists nearly hit you because they can’t see you when you walk out in front of them without looking either direction, with or without your phone. (Stupid is in.)

5) Put your Rainbow Flags, pins and bumper stickers in the closet, because breeders don’t have Rainbow Flags or want anything to do with them, although they obviously enjoy making out under Rainbow Flags as one sees in San Francisco’s Castro as a territorial thing to let Queers know they’re taking over.

6) Become a macho jock bro, just like the breeder bros.

7) Abandon your interests in the Arts and switch over to corporate sports teams as your dominant interest. (Note to Queer choristers: Put that “San Francisco Symphony Chorus” t-shirt in the closet and buy expensive corporate sports team clothing. Remember: “Gotta support the local corporate team” grunt, grunt.)

8) Make your phone your life, just like the breeders. Never take your eyes off that screen. Even though it’s terribly unintelligent to put all of your personal information in one place to be data-mined/hacked/and have your information stolen. Nevertheless, put all of your information on your phone. (Stupid is in).

9) For some of you gay guys, start marrying females and go back in the closet so you “look like a breeder.” Start squeezing out babies and pretend to be Mr Straight Macho Guy, although most of us will know you’re a fucked-up-in-the-head closet case. It’s another way of conforming/”assimilating.” It’s called being heteronormative.

10) Always use the conformist and corporatist letters “LGBT,” or that more recent mess of alphabet soup called LGBTQIA+. Either way the “G” is more hidden (as intended) because we all know that lesbians are considered more acceptable to Mr and Ms Bigoted Prude Breeder than gay guys are and especially if they’re holding hands (what are those guys doing?! are they holding hands?!). Related: There is no Gay Agenda.

11) Throw those outdated peace signs from the Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement in the recycling bin, trash bin (the black bin if you’re in San Francisco).

12) Related to #11: Be all “Rah, Rah” for the US Military and US Imperialism and Empire Building worldwide, just like the breeders. Start supporting the US Military Industrial Complex and any wars they launch. Be a real man, just like the breeders. (Related: “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” continues).

13) Strongly support the US national anthem. (Never kneel for it). Be “Rah, Rah” for mindlessly singing it (or pretending to) — even though most people don’t know the words — at a corporate sports team game to celebrate war, US nationalism, mindless flag-waving and fake-patriotism.

14) Support the utterly corrupt and imperialistic Democratic Party — even though party saviour, Nancy Pelosi, opposes articles of impeachment against the current White House occupant, just like she took impeachment of illegitimate George W Bush “off the table” — no matter what the Democrats do and no matter how often they work for and serve as accomplices/enablers to the Republicans.

15) Don’t tell anyone in your office that you’re gay. Part of “assimilating” and conforming means that they have to guess your sexuality, just like with the breeders. You can be heteronormative and display fake pictures of “him and her, with children” (known as The Breeder Agenda) on your desk and bookshelves just like the breeders always do with their “in your face” sexuality. (You know, the same thing they complained about Queers doing for years with our “in your face” sexuality as they called it? But it’s perfectly okay when breeders are in our faces with their sexuality. Their hypocrisy is noted.)

16) When you’re walking with a female friend, hold her hand to give the impression you’re straight. That’s also part of “assimilating”/conforming.

17) Laugh at any and all anti-Queer jokes you hear in the office or locker rooms or anywhere else, to pretend you’re straight. That’s part of “assimilating” with the precious breeders.

18) Never again go to any social-activism protests because they offend the breeders. You see, the breeders get stuck in traffic — even though most of them are glued to their phones so what’s the problem of being stuck in traffic? — in their big black, grey or white SUVs, and we can’t have the breeders inconvenienced! No! Wouldn’t dream of it! That’s what we Queers did in the past and many (most?) Queers now seem ashamed of that behaviour because we offended and inconvenienced the precious and delicate breeders. They are really very thin-skinned people.

19) Whenever you write a personal sex ad, always describe yourself as “discreet and “DL” (down low). You can also use “straight-looking and straight-acting” and say that you’re “normal” (which implies that some gay guys are not “normal.”) Never say you’re “out and proud.” That’s terribly outdated. Refer to yourself as “all-man” or “a real man.” I’ve seen all of that in men-for-men sex ads. If you’re gay, lie and say you’re bi — as the majority of gay guys today are doing — so that you come off as being more like the breeders who fuck pussy, even though you have zero interest in pussy or females. It doesn’t matter, just lie and say you’re bi anyway. Because of assimilation, it seems that the word “gay” is seen as a “dirty word” now. Sad. Most gay guys are not calling themselves gay anymore based on ClosetList personal sex ads.

20) Give the breeders and their babies attention whenever possible. It will make them think you’re straight and that you would like a brood/busload of screaming babies too. Never mind overpopulation. With “assimilation” that is no longer a concern. The breeders obviously don’t give a fuck about overpopulation. In San Francisco (The Breeder Mecca), one gets the impression the breeders have never heard of birth control.

21) When you’re hanging out with your jock bros who are straight, make them think you’ve “turned straight,” so talk about “banging chicks” and “I’d like to bang her” and “she has a nice ass, and look at that rack.”

22) And of course, don’t forget your Millennial black baseball cap. You’re instantly a Jock Bro with that baseball cap on, worn forward or backwards.

23) Welcome straights/the breeders to your gay bars.
Now I have to say, this one I will never understand. There’s a reason that we’ve had a long-standing tradition of having separate bars: gay bars and straight bars. I have no interest at all in going to a straight bar so I fail to understand why breeders are interested in going to gay bars, if they are not fucked-up closet cases themselves. And everyone is not lovey-dovey towards Queers. And now, in these loco/crazy times, gay guys have to be extremely careful as to whom they approach in their own gay bar because genuine straight guys in the gay bar won’t hesitate to let it be known when they are offended by “some faggot” (their words) hitting on them and trouble can then arise. My question for Mr Straight Guy: Then why the fuck is your ass sitting in a gay bar to begin with if you’re not a closet case? Do you usually frequent gay bars? If so, why? The only reason you’re there is because you’re a closet case. Or have they closed all the breeder bars in the City? No.

24) Welcome breeders to live in your neighbourhood (as they take it over).
In San Francisco, whenever The Castro is written about by the conservative merchants or those busy-bodied elitist conservative neighbourhood associations, they write, “the neighbourhood is changing.” Instead of saying, “The Castro has become mostly straight.” The neighbourhood is not changing. The neighbourhood has already changed, idiots. Past tense. But these basura go out of their way not to offended the precious breeders because they want their money.

It’s the same way in West Hollywood. I read about a gay business leaving WeHo because they said, “more and more straights are moving in (to West Hollywood).” I thought: Finally someone told it like it is! But unfortunately they couldn’t leave it at that. They felt the need to add, “not that there’s anything wrong with that.” Not that there’s anything wrong with straights moving into and taking over a gay area? Spineless. Yes, absolutely, there is something quite wrong with that because the breeders already own the world, so why do they need West Hollywood too? To help force the Queers out? The breeder assholes are never satisfied. They want it all!

Commenters can add to this list. These are the ones that came to mind. Much of this and more is what some of us have seen as a result of this call to “assimilate” with the breeders.

To the corporate assholes on a power trip at those national Queer organisations who gave this order to “assimilate,” may I suggest that you FUCK OFF, ALL OF YOU! CORPORATE BASURA. Look what you’ve done to the now-dead Queer community which doesn’t stand for a goddamned thing anymore.

But does anyone care? I suspect most do not. They are possibly among the 5.8 MILLION (as of this writing) who have watched a top-rated video on YT recently about “the poop in my pants” (roll eyes, shaking head in disgust) than to care about something that really matters. That’s the level of maturity we’re dealing with these days, and that’s the level of maturity that G**gle is promoting.

Elaborating on some of the above:

As memory serves, this order to assimilate was around the same time that the obnoxious gay Jock Bro fad was in high gear where gay guys around San Francisco and in other major US cities were trying to act like straight macho breeder jocks, screaming at television screen while watching “the game” with a brew in their hand. These new gay jock bros felt compelled to get into corporate sport teams because that’s what the breeders do. I guess the breeders were thinking, “Maybe you gay guys — or were they really thinking “you faggots?” — are ‘normal’ now since you’re into my team and like watching ‘the game’ with a brew.” One wonders if any of these gay guys completely lost themselves by resorting to conversations with their breeder jock bros about “banging chicks” and “I’d like to do her” while watching “the game” in order to assimilate and to completely fit-in with the breeder jock bros? Considering the dismal state of things today, I suspect some did indeed do that and that continues today. The Castro had become Jock Bro Central with every gay bar showing “the game” and one heard obnoxious screams and roars — “wolf!! wolf!!” — coming from every bar whenever the local corporate sports team scored a point. This was also around the time that the obnoxious supposedly gay sports bar opened on Market Street in San Francisco. It sounded like a bunch of obnoxious frat boy jocks around here. This is the same bar that only flies the Rainbow Flag on Pride Sunday to exploit the tourists. Clearly, they’re ashamed of the Rainbow Flag the rest of the year and that flag goes back into the closet the Lunes/Monday after Pride Day.

It’s also interesting that corporate sports teams waited until the Queer community became so heteronormative — “acting” and looking like the breeders — before they began to some degree supporting the Queer community. Which makes some of us question just how legitimate, honest and genuine their so-called support of the Queer community is. Just how supportive are they of a trans person or a real feminine gay guy? Or of a Drag Queen? (Although I rarely see Drag Queens and that art form around here any more).

I should also point out that it’s ironic that gay guys chose to call themselves “jocks,” since historically it has been the obnoxious jock assholes that have bullied gay guys on sports fields and in locker rooms, and that continues to this day.

Gay W. Virginia high school soccer player comes out by dancing with homecoming king

Two gay West Virginia high school athletes attend senior prom as couple

Because I’m paying much less attention to what’s going on in San Francisco these days for my own sanity, it seems that maybe this jock bro fad is not as strong as it once was. But at that time, it was all about corporate sports team, in part, because the teams have a “LGBT Night.” Of course it would be called that as opposed to Queer Night. Might a “LGBT Night” be a way to bait/exploit the gullible Queers for their dinero/money for the purchase of outrageously expensive season tickets? Meanwhile, “faggot jokes” continue to be heard in these locker room and from fans. An article (from 2014) I read about this referred to the major leagues “cashing in” on the Queer community. “Cashing in” = Exploiting. Any way to make dinero off of a group of Queers while behind their backs they’re hated on and called derogatory slurs by the players and some sports fans.

From that article: (“With Gay Fans, Major League Baseball Strikes Out Looking”)

“A simple night at the ballpark can be a daunting prospect for gays who see professional sports arenas and stadiums as unwelcoming to the LGBTQ community. In the not-so-distant past, gay couples have been formally reprimanded or even kicked out of the stadium for kissing. It’s not uncommon to hear gay slurs from immature or inebriated fans; sometimes the athletes join in with the homophobia. Nevertheless, gay pride nights are popping up at ballparks around the country, filling the stands with thousands of cheering, peanuts and Cracker Jack munching LGBTQ baseball fans. But Major League Baseball doesn’t often share the love. While its players show the league is ready for a gay player, MLB leadership and individual franchises barely acknowledge gay fans. And that’s a lost opportunity.”

Meanwhile, Queers were/are latching on to other corporate interests like a magnet, including that of the Tech Industrial Complex which has ruined former-Bohemian San Francisco. That too is the opposite of the Gay Mecca Days.

As memory serves, this was around the same time that I gave up on reading the local gay rag, which had become so conservative and fully in support of the San Francisco Oligarchy, which the publisher was (still is?) part of. There was not one draconian measure they opposed. That gay rag supported criminalising homelessness — excusing it by saying that “San Francisco’s measure will be different than the ones in other cities” (yeah sure!) — with the sit-lie measure and that rag served as ass-eaters for conservative Scott Penis (who charades as a “moderate”). He’s gay, very heteronormative and has helped ruin The Castro to sanitise it for the breeders. He’s one of the worst politicians this City has ever seen. I also remember that the gay rag published a letter from a reader saying that one should stay in the closet with the reasoning being that it was not the right time to come out. They got some opposition letters in response of the ones that they published. I remember thinking: It’s never going to be the right time to come out of the closet according to the closet-case conservatives. And that was the last time I read that conservative gay publication, which also charades as “moderate,” which is typical for some conservatives in San Francisco. That conservative gay publication and other local corporate conservative publications in San Francisco helped transform the Queer community into conservatives.

During the Gay Mecca Days, the Gay Community was heavily into The Arts and had no interest in (corporate) sports or the US military. In fact, the Gay Community strongly opposed the military and was for peace. That was the opposite of today.

During those days one would see gay boy choristers from the Symphony Chorus who lived in The Castro proudly wearing their San Francisco Symphony Chorus t-shirts around here. These were superb musicians because not just anyone can be a chorister in the Symphony Chorus. They only accept the best: voice quality, sight-reading skills/abilities, superb musicianship and other required qualifications. But I never see anyone wearing those shirts anymore. The way things have changed around here, they might even be frowned upon if they did!

The shirts one sees some Queers wearing these days are those of corporate sports teams (Los Gigantes) or the occasional pro-military shirts (such as “Army”) or the occasional tacky “USA” or US flag shirts. People with no taste wear that obnoxious shit. And these days, corporate sporting events come with gigantic US flags covering the field to instill tacky and ugly US nationalism and fake-patriotism in the gullible sheeple.

I suppose someone would say to me: You’re living in a different time. You’re stuck in the past. You’re living in the past decades ago.

My response to that: If you knew me as mis amigos/my friends do, you would know I’m not living in the past. None of them say that. I’m living in today while remembering the past (something many Queers don’t want to do or don’t have the ability to do it seems) — and especially parts of the past which I considered negative so as not to repeat that part of the past — and I find it incredible how drastically changed the Queer community has become. Unrecognisable. And why such a drastic transformation? Again, (and I know I’m being redundant), it’s all in the name of “assimilation with the breeders.” I never knew that was so critically important to most Queers. It certainly wasn’t during the Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement. We didn’t give a fuck about the breeders during those days and didn’t prop them up on any pedestal. But today, the Queer community have become such drastically different and conservative people. They’ve become such mainstream sheeple.

Someone may be asking: “Well what do you think should have happened after gay marriage became legal?”

My response: I think people should have celebrated gay marriage — if one is into marriage (I’m not big on marriage of any kind) — and moved on to other problems facing the Queer community. Instead of shutting down, closing up shop as if all has been accomplished; nothing left to do. Time to party and get on our phones and live on F***book with its tentacles and help a billionaire make more billions. It’s now time to emulate the breeders and put them up on some goddamned pedestal that they don’t deserve to be put on. That’s the way it’s been since gay marriage became legal. (Related: What was the ultimate goal of the Gay Rights Movement?)

There are many other problems facing the Queer community that need to be addressed. But one gets the impression these days that the Queer community thinks that “all has been accomplished.” And the pathetic national Queer organisations seem to only be concerned about those Queers of a certain income bracket (wealthier Queers). The same crowd that shows up at their lah-tee-dah Annual Gala dinners (Dahling) — where one of these Queer organisations in recent years honoured a techie billionaire (of all people!) — with an outrageous price-per-plate cost. Honouring a homeless Queer youth would have been a much more enriching, rewarding and interesting evening. I’ve been to some of the websites of these corporate Queer organisations and they are saturated with corporate logos. And that’s who they really care about, (just like with the corrupt Democratic and Republican corporate politicians). I’ve seen nothing on their sites about homeless Queer youth, Queer youth suicides, or trans topics as just three examples. Nada.

Activism today? Ha! Dead. I can hear Queers respond to that: “No, I don’t do any activism today. I’m not at all “alternative” (spoken in a derogatory way). I’m very proudly mainstream now. I’d rather play on my phone and/or watch a game and have a brew with my bros, the ones who think I’m straight or bi. It’s my secret that I suck dick. No one needs to know. “All between you and me of course on the down low.” The breeders don’t protest anything so why should I? I’m not like that, like those weird protesters decades ago. And I don’t want to offend breeders with protests because they think we (closeted) Queers are just like them now. They think we have “grown out of that stuff” and “matured out of that” silly protesting stuff we used to do. We were told by the conservatives that we “needed to grow up” (translation: become conservatives) so that’s what we did. You want me to protest a major far-right politician who has talked about hanging Queers? (or this: The Orange Man’s regime says employers can fire people because they’re gay). I’m like whatever. I hadn’t heard that, but I don’t care about that either. I’m like totally like whatever like.

At this rate, you deserve what you get, idiots. Chau.—el barrio rosa

UPDATE (enero/January 2018):

How is that “gay assimilation” shit and that gay conversion shit working out about now? Mi amigo/My friend found this article (link below) and as soon as he brought it up I said: Oh that idiot. I remember him and that pathetic story. I guess his “gay conversion to being straight” didn’t work (imagine that!) since he’s getting a divorce from his esposa/wife and has finally come out of the closet. I guess pussy didn’t “cure” him the way the anti-gay asshole gay conversion sites like to lie and claim it does:”

This Gay Mormon Man Who Got Famous For Marrying A Straight Woman Is Getting Divorced
“The couple is now apologizing to the GLBTQ community for how the “publicity of our supposedly successful marriage” has been “used to bully others.”
Josh Weed, who made headlines in 2012 for coming out as a gay Mormon man in a straight marriage, announced Thursday that he and his wife, Lolly, are getting divorced.”

This divorce comes after pumping out 4 children — was he trying to prove how supposedly straight he was ?? — with one child still in a stroller. If he had come out to begin with as a Queer boy that he is and stopped lying to himself he wouldn’t be in this mess to begin with, with upcoming child support payments, the possible emotional consequences on and damage to his children, etc. Is he still in that Latter Day Saints church? Get out of it! They are one of the worst Christian denominations around. A bunch of fucking mostly white bigots. Most religions — especially fundamentalists — can really fuck up people’s lives. Chau.—el barrio rosa


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  1. Tarquin

    While I agree with your assessment, I think most queers would reject it. The queer community has become too complacent and comfortable with doing nothing. Long term activism is entirely out of the question. There’s not the attention span for that. Activism is seen as boring and yawn-inducing.

    1. D8

      I agree with you. I tried to bring some of this up with my neighbor the other day and he told me, “you’re being so negative.” I said, “speaking the truth about the state of our queer community is being negative?” He said, “I don’t know that it is the truth.” I asked, “how can you not know it’s the truth? Where have YOU been?” He gave me a blank stare. I ended the conversation there because I’ve learned that when one is hit with a person’s wall of denial there’s no where to go from there.

  2. castro local

    oooooooooooh, nice picture at the top of the article. hot.

    nothing left to say…. you covered it.

  3. Alejandro

    Hooooooooooola. I’ve been busy so haven’t been on.

    Pretty much feel like you do. To your point about lesbians being more acceptable — thought of you the other day when watching TV. It was some stupid dance segment with two guys and three women. The women danced together for a short time with each other and with the men. The guys made sure they didn’t dance with each other. They only danced with the women. They didn’t want to look like they were gay and give that impression. 🙁

    Gracias y saludos.

  4. Former San Franciscan

    I can only speak about San Francisco. I somewhat knew what to expect when I came back to visit about 6 months ago. I was very saddened to see what they’ve done to The City and how the gay community has changed. Like pb says, the Castro is nothing like it was. They’ve Disneyfied it for the straights and tourists. I couldn’t tell who was gay and who was straight on my visit. Let’s just say I wasn’t sorry when I had to leave. It’s just not the same special place I had come to love. I’m glad I was able to live there during some of the best times in The City’s history, but I have to say there won’t be much to show for today from a historical view…. nothing special about looking at a tech headquarters.

  5. D8

    I knew this would be the one place where I could escape the complete mania saturation and love-fest over Harry and Megan, and every minute detail about them.

    “I think people should have celebrated gay marriage — if one is into marriage (I’m not big on marriage of any kind) — and moved on to other problems facing the Queer community. Instead of shutting down, closing up shop as if all has been accomplished; nothing left to do. “

    Exactly. Some people sure do get paid a lot of cash to make some ill-based decisions….like those national queer organizations.

    Very timely article and I can’t think of anything to add either.

    1. el barrio rosa Post author

      Hola D8, well maybe we’ll get a break from perfect Kate and Will — they’ve had a long run; I know I’m sick of hearing about them — and how Kate “wows” and “dazzles” in every fucking dress she puts on, while most recently showing her pregnancy bump. jesus fucking christ. What shallow people who worship this shit. When are they going to start singing “God Save Our Gracious Queen” at the start of US sports events (instead of that sour anthem we have) since it seems that many would prefer to be under the Crown as they worship these perfect people. Stupid US Pop Culture shit.

      Then after the Royal Wedding, there will be another pregnancy since Harry has already said that he wants to give Diana children, or something to that effect. No thought of adopting. (The British Royal Baby Factory). Gracias for your comment. Chau.

      1. Queer boi

        It’s already started. In keeping w/ these perfect people, here’s a headline I read:

        “Meghan Markle’s Sorority Portrait Proves She’s Always Been Perfect”

        I’m now feel reassured things will be all right.

        It’s taken me a couple days to get through your article about gay assimilation backfiring. It would be hard for anyone to disagree with it although probably someone will try, someone w/ their head up their ass. Gay assimilation sure has backfired but only a few of us seem to have noticed …. or care. The Queer herd seem comfortable with things today. I share your disgust w/ them.

        Before coming over here I read that Queers were left out of any mention of World AIDS Day by you know who, and a Queer journalist has been banned from the White House holiday party.

        But hey, aren’t we happy to know that Meghan Markle is perfect just like Kate Middleton. Wouldn’t hvae it any other way!

  6. David in Breuckelen

    Wow, that’s thorough & needed to be said! Can’t think of anything to add. Dismal state of affairs if you ask me. Thanks.

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