Gay guys are not equal

Hola a todos. Gay guys are far from equal but they don’t seem to care about that anymore. And the obituary for the Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement was written shortly after gay marriage became legal here in The Cesspool/the US. That seemed to be the end of the Movement. (Related: What was the ultimate goal of the Gay Rights Movement?) But haven’t most gay guys gone back in the closet? That’s the impression I and others have here in San Francisco’s Castro, the former Gay Mecca. For sometime now The Castro has been a Breeder Mecca. In recent years, breeder Millennials have moved to San Francisco to have babies with many copy-cat pregnancies. That doesn’t seem very intelligent considering we’re the most expensive City in the nation now. Add that to the price tag of at least two babies and that’s extremely expensive. Well, despite all the breeder Millennials wearing funeral-black and grey clothing 365 days a year and pushing their black baby strollers (the strollers have to be black too), The Castro is quickly dying. The conservative merchants deserve what they get. There are so many closed shops now as of November 2018. The number of Castro closed shops I saw while writing this article is 53, and that was as of March 2017. It’s only gotten worse since with one of the icons of the Old City/Gay Mecca Castro, Harvest Urban Market, having closed recently on Market Street near Castro Street. Harvest was quite the gathering place during the Gay Mecca for their vegetarian-vegan salad bar where customers could sit on the benches outside the store and talk with others — this was before the phone addiction — and or people watch. But the Gay Mecca is gone and so is Harvest. It’s as if they were sort of one in the same. It is clear that The Castro is economically failing, in part, due to the immense greed of the Real Estate Industrial Complex and outrageous rents both for retail space and rental apartments. Also, the neighbourhood having become a Breeder Mecca. The so-called “gay community” is mostly gone. The gay guys still here would probably fill up a couple of bars, maybe. That’s the way it seems. And apparently Millennial breeders don’t shop in “brick and mortar” stores so there’s much less foot traffic now in The Castro. And despite the over-saturation of Rainbow Flags, they can’t hide the dying Gay Mecca where the in-your-face straights have taken over. But no one says any of this except me — and no, I’m not patting myself on the back — and some of my commenters. From what I’ve seen, nobody tells it like it is about what’s happening around here because they don’t want to offend anybody, such as the precious breeders or the techie trash who are responsible for ruining this once Bohemian City. These days, I can’t tell who is gay and who is straight. That’s indicative of closet cases living in a former Gay Mecca. Astounding really. Again, there are still some gay guys living here but they don’t look any differently than the straight guys. Mi amigo and I were in The Castro on a recent Saturday night. The place was dead. Dead on a Saturday night? This used to be the party-to-get-drunk night in recent years after the straights started pouring in here? The restaurants and bars only had a few people in them. All of this is the opposite of how The Castro was when it was a Gay Mecca. And the people? There’s no sense of community now and no alternative-looking (gay) people anywhere the way it used to be. Everyone looking the same. Conformist and heteronormative. This is what the Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement worked decades for? And every straight couple we see is him-tall/her-short — they never can be the same height — and she must be very submissive to dominant him. From my research into that awhile back, that’s her head trip. Feminism is dead by the looks of it.

Is anybody doing anything today regarding equality for gay people? Not that some of us can tell. Oh I know those national corporate Queer organisations continue to have their lavish annual gala dinners (Dahling) and events for the Queers of a certain income bracket, which doesn’t include any poor or homeless gay people, you can be sure of that! But I couldn’t care less about over-priced gala dinners (Dahling). What are these national Queer organisations doing for the “real people” who are gay?

Straight-looking lesbians are now the iconic image for the so-called “gay community”

I watched this programme produced in Paris having to do with “LGBT” Gay Parenting. Not one gay male couple was featured/interviewed in the programme. One was led to believe that only lesbian couples are parents. But not just any lesbian couples. The lesbians in these couples looked like straight women, mostly with long flowing blond or brown hair. One could easily see any of these lesbians they interviewed walking around San Francisco’s Castro holding hands with a guy in these breeder couples. I wonder why they took this one-sided slant of excluding gay male couple parents? Why did they choose to feed the public this misconception when producing the programme? Answer: Because straight-looking lesbians and straight-looking lesbian couples are considered “safe” for today’s bigoted, anti-gay male-couples audiences. The same network has interviewed a gay guy who had been the subject of a hate crime in Paris where he had his face bashed in, but they apparently couldn’t bring themselves to show their audiences a gay male couple equivalent to the well-off straight-looking lesbians they interviewed. And 99.9% of the time when they show anything gay-related, it’s lesbians.

I’ve read a few comments online from some older lesbians complaining about how lesbians today have sanitised themselves and are trying to look like straight women (heteronormative). (Related: Lesbians trying to look like straight women). They’ve abandoned the dyke-image that many/most lesbians had for decades and especially during the Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement. But since the Movement is dead, I guess lesbians consider the dyke image passé and that it could reveal their lesbian sexual orientation to others, so they prefer the more closeted approach and choose to look like straight women, with only few exceptions to that.

It’s amazing how much we accomplished during the Movement, isn’t it? [sarcasm intended] Who knew that in the end — decades later — that being heteronormative and having the right to marry would be the ultimate goals? A few other gay rights were accomplished along the way but I hope the reader gets my point. Back in the 1970s or before, someone should have announced: The ultimate goals of our movement are 1) to look like, dress like and “act” like the straights and 2) to be like them in every way including having the right to marry and adopt children. Yes, we want to be just as miserable as they are in their dysfunctional relationships! (When the truth be told: From what I’ve seen of gay relationships, they are nothing like breeder relationships; they are much, much healthier and far less dysfunctional, much more mature). But if goals # 1 and 2 above had been said from the beginning, it shouldn’t have taken decades for that. All gay people could have started dressing like and “acting” like the straights immediately, so that would only leave the marriage and adoption goal. Maybe someone in top authority would have said at that time, “Well hell, if that’s all they want, I guess we can give them that!” End of Gay Rights Movement. All’s been accomplished.

Far from it.

But today, straight-looking lesbians and straight-looking lesbian couples are now the showcased image being shown for the so-called “gay community.” Consequently, gay male couples have been shoved back in the closet — they’re forbidden to be shown from what I can tell — even though gay guys and trans individuals are responsible for starting the Gay Rights Movement in the first damn place.

You might remember that Starb*cks had a lesbian couple’s hands featured on their holiday cups awhile back. When might we see the hands of a gay male couple on their cups? Probably Never.

There are many other examples of this inequality towards gay guys that I could list, such as gay guys being required to dance with females whenever dancing is shown on any network whether it’s a reality show dance competition or ballroom dancing. I can tell you that gay guys would prefer to dance with other guys and not females.

You know, from where I’m sitting, in hindsight it looks like the Gay Rights Movement was a dud when it comes to achieving full or even a modicum of equality for gay guys. Lesbians seem to be preferred today.

Is that because of the revisionist history “LGBT” that one sees spammed all over the internet?

Did rewriting Queer history and putting lesbians first in that asinine “LGBT” acronym that’s used worldwide have anything to do with this inequality? Some of us find “LGBT” as in “ladies first” sexist because 1) lesbians did not lead the movement or do most of the work of the movement and therefore 2) they don’t deserve first billing. They hijacked the movement. Of course gay guys are partly to blame for allowing lesbians to hijack our movement (lesbians moving themselves to first place with “LGBT” when the original acronym was GLBTQ). “LGBT” is the revisionist history I’ve often written about.

At the rate things are going: gay guys, trans people and bi guys are being kicked to the curb, while straight-looking lesbians are being propped up on a pedestal as the so-called “gay community,” because straight-looking lesbians are considered “acceptable” to bigots because 1) they don’t really look “gay,” and 2) they just look like your sisters and it’s okay for girls to kiss and hold hands because “that’s what girls do.” But if two guys kiss and hold hands? “Get those faggots off my television screen!” That’s about what it amounts to, sadly. Such a double standard. Yes, we’ve made tremendous progress! [sarcasm intended]

As of this writing, the orange despot en la casa blanca is asking the US Supreme Court to keep trans people out of the US Military Industrial Complex Killing Machine. Trans people should have the same rights as anybody else. But there’s one thing I don’t understand about this. Why would trans/gays/Queers want to serve in the US Military Industrial Complex Killing Machine to begin with? Queers enjoy killing other Queers do they? When did this thinking start? Queers were part of the peace movement. Queers opposed war, death and killing up until their messiah Obama got in office and Mr Nobel Peace prize left office with 8-9 wars in progress. Gay people opposed Bush’s wars (because Bush is a Republican) but they went along with Obama’s wars because he’s a “Democrat.” Brainwashed-partisan beliefs certainly do reveal people’s hypocrisy. Since the Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement, gays have done a complete flip. To be like the breeders? (Related: Gay Men Glorify War and Nationalism and Queers glorying war on Gay Freedom Day Weekend and Why do Queers want to kill other Queers ?).

Do gay people not realise that they could be killing another gay person when given military orders to kill by some piece of lying political basura in the District of Columbia? I’m referring to military orders given by the White House or the Pentagon. Well, the Pentagon is technically in Arlington Virginia, across the Potomac River from the District.


Let me talk to gay guys specifically for a moment: Gay guys, you do realise there are some very hot and sexy Middle Eastern guys out there that you could be making love to and having fun with and not killing just because guys of Middle Eastern ethnicity are the “Enemy of the Day” as designated by the corrupt, racist and lying US Oligarchy (“Democratic” and Republican Establishment). You do understand that, correct? I know some of you do because I’ve read your men-for-men sex ads and some of you specifically say you’re looking for Arab, Middle Eastern guys, which is very good of you considering the political climate of today.

And this needs to be said: No one in the US military is “defending our freedoms.” That is feel-good pabulum intended to play on people’s emotions and work up people’s pro-war fervor. I would like to point out that our freedoms, our rights — what’s left of them — are guaranteed in the United States Constitution/Bill of Rights which the US military has nothing to do with. They’re not protecting any Constitution when they’re in war. And when was the last time the US was threatened? No international intruder or international body can touch the US Constitution. Our freedoms and rights can only be eroded, trashed or erased by corrupt US politicians through an inside job such as 911 — “the threat will come from within,” as has been the case since 2000. The US military is not “protecting” or “defending” the US Constitution or the US flag. Instead, they are on a mission usually based on banks of lie fed to the gullible public by corrupt, lying political scum with the intent to steal the natural resources of other nations (oil and precious minerals especially) for US Empire building and world domination as documented in the neocon’s PNAC agenda. That’s the way Empire’s have always done it. By stealing from the poor to build their Empire. The US with its ugly and immature superiority complex puts this veneer of “We’re different, we’re better than anybody else, we’re entitled” on it when in reality they’re not. They’re liars.

So again, I fail to understand why any transgender person wants anything to do with the barbarism of the US Military Industrial Complex, and this goes for other gay people as well. What is wrong with you? Have you completely lost your senses and abandoned what you once stood for during the peace movement? You’ve taken this “we must be just like the breeders” heteronormative thinking to the extreme. Why adopt the worst traits of the breeders just to be like them? That’s loco./crazy.

The so-called “gay community” has never had a “Family Script” blueprint forced on them the way the breeders do, unless the gay person was/is in the closet. In that case, the gay guy will hear the same “Family Script” that breeder guys hear which is, “How many girlfriends do you have now?” That’s followed by: “When are you going to get married (to a female of course)? Then after getting married comes, “When are you going to start a family?” It’s all about pumping out babies, which in return is all about females and their pregnancies. Oh what a fucked-up society we live in.

Personally, I and the gay people I know have never felt the desire to be like the breeders/straights in any sense and all the baggage that comes with that. That’s one of the many benefits of being gay and out of the closet as well as being true and honest to oneself and with others. Chau.—el barrio rosa


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7 comments on “Gay guys are not equal

  1. Alejandro

    Hooooooooooooooooola. You asked…..

    “But haven’t most gay guys gone back in the closet? ”

    Seems that way to me. Not like it was w/ Out & Proud. We have a new guy at work here in SF who’s been with us about 3 months. He’s gay but in the closet. I had lunch with him a couple of times and after some pushing and prying he told me he’s gay which I already knew but tells people at work about the girls he’s seeing. Last time we had lunch he told me he’s seeing another closeted gay guy. I try to stay out of it and I’ve not been able to get too close to him because of this. Our firm is very pro-gay so it befuddles me why he’s in the closet at work. Everyone I’ve talked with privately knows he’s gay and I didn’t have to say a word. You should see the looks my coworkers give each other when he starts talking about some girl he spent the weekend with. When he leaves the room everybody in the room can barely contain their laughter. Nobody believes him. He’s a bright guy but I don’t know who he thinks he’s fooling. Nobody at work believes him.

    Gracias y Saludos.

    1. strangetimes

      hey alejandro, what about the other gay guys where you work, are they out of the closet?


      1. Alejandro

        Good question, strangetimes. Most are not as out as you’d think they would be in such a pro-gay firm. That’s the weird thing about where I work. I”m out but I’d say that most gay guys there have one foot in the closet although they don’t talk about girls. That’s the way it feels with the cautious looks and eye movements. If it wasn’t for the firm’s stated pro-gay stance and if you spent a day or week with us you probably wouldn’t know we’re a pro-gay firm. It seems to be just on paper. A stated policy. Gay guys at the firm don’t ‘live’ our policy. That’s how it feels to me.

          1. Alejandro

            Hoooooooooooooola D8, I’m at work but can give you a quick response. We have some lesbians working here and they’re like the lesbians described in the article – the straight looking lesbians. I really don’t understand that way of being. There are the 2 dyke types in the mail room but all the others look the opposite. I think they’re called lingerie lesbians? Not sure tho. Would love to know what the ‘lingerie’ lesbians think about the dyke type lesbians.

  2. castro local

    well said and i live here.

    why is it that only some of us see what you have written about? i read a piece on the local corp. media asking “is the castro less gay now or is it more gay now?” where are they writing from, india? look around idiots. nothing left. what do you see? does a man and woman making out at castro and 18th look more gay to you? pb: i think you said that you don’t even like to walk the block from 18th to 19th on castro because of too many breeders. i avoid that block too for the same reason. you are the only person i’m aware of that’s written honestly about our neighborhood and nobody can ever accuse you of patting yourself on the back….never known you to do that at any tijme even with your music and professional training. you’re always humble.

    appreciate e in sunnyvale’s comment as always.

  3. E in Sunnyvale (erased)

    You might remember that Starb*cks had a lesbian couple’s hands featured on their holiday cups awhile back. When might we see the hands of a gay male couple on their cups? Probably Never.

    Yes, I wrote their corporate-capitalist HQ asking precisely that question. I received the expected canned Corporatese “no comment”. Go figure.

    Yep… the infamous “Barilla” pasta company has pulled a Starbucks. I guess gay men are still required to “eat someone else’s pasta”. Hopefully they will anyway.

    Also, now that it’s the “holiday season”, the Salvation Army bell-ringing bigots are out in force soliciting donations. Let’s not forget that the Salvation Army is a right-wing “christian” organization that refuses to provide assistance or employment to queer people, and has now issued an internal gag order barring any of its employees from discussing the matter with the public. I have printed out some slips of paper basically stating that I refuse to donate to the Salvation Army, but that I will give to organizations and charities that do not discriminate based on a person’s gender or sexuality or any other reason. If I see a bell-ringer, I’ll drop one of those slips in the bucket. Maybe if enough people do the same thing, the message might get through… nah, probably not.

    ~ E (erased) in Unpersonland

Fin. The End.