Gay people are now thought of as “funny” in San Francisco

Hola a todos. Well this was sad to hear, but clearly it’s a sign of the times. There’s a new breed of techie assholes who are moving into the Tech Capital of San Francisco. They act like ignorant Southern hicks. Two of them were at the gym this morning that mi amigo/my friend goes to near San Francisco’s former gay mecca, The Castro. Mi amigo said he’s noticed this new group of people on two visits now at his gym. They’re definitely straight guys, tough-guy acting, obnoxious and clearly anti-Queer. Mi amigo overheard one say to the other, “I hadn’t heard that this was a Queer neighbourhood.” The other one said, “Yeah, I heard it’s sort of funny around here.”

The pejorative term “funny” referring to Queers was especially used back in the 1940s-50s by bigoted/anti-Queer straights, and mi amigo said he heard it often when he was in the US military. As I’ve said, we’re heading backwards to the 1940-50s very quickly.

By the way, the gym has a large Rainbow Flag displayed in their front window. I guess these techie redneck hicks don’t know what the flag represents and their lives are so out of it that they didn’t know that The City they moved to, San Francisco, once had a large Queer community. How could they not know that when we in San Francisco were in the (inter)national news for Queer rights for decades as The Gay Mecca? And there’s still some Queer boys, a couple of lesbians, one or two trans around here on the odd occasion. Be care, Queer boys (and all other Queers) in San Francisco. Be alert. Look up from your phones. Be aware of your surroundings. Times are different now. San Francisco is not the City it once was. That piece of trash that died ruined it. Glad he’s gone. Celebrate the moment. But that nonsense you’ve heard about “Gay people can live anywhere” doesn’t even apply to San Francisco these days when you have straight techie assholes referring to us Queers as “funny.” Mi amigo said there were at least three Queer boys at the gym who have been around for years. Good luck to them in this new anti-Queer environment. This is what happens when (wealthy) anti-Queer breeder assholes take over a Queer neighbourhood. Related: Chelsea (Manhattan): The Death of a Gay Neighborhood, Murdered by Neo-Hetero-Homophobes. Chau.—el barrio rosa

3 comments on “Gay people are now thought of as “funny” in San Francisco

  1. E in Sunnyvale

    Yeah, I’ve seen a number of this type in Sunnyvale as well, mainly concentrated around the Crapple “spaceship” (it really looks like a giant toilet bowl from the air – our quality of life is rapidly circling down it). Since this element has moved in, I’ve really begun to feel unsafe; I feel like I need to take more measures to protect myself with this shit moving into the area before I end up another statistic on the TDOR list of names…

  2. castro local

    i’m not surprised. i think many of the tech bros are very anti-gay esp if you dont look like they think you should look. dress like they do. i’ve been the recipient of nasty looks from some of them in the castro & along market st. i wasn’t cruising them, just looking at them like i look at anybody else but i felt they were about ready to say to me “who are you looking at faggot?” they seem to think they’re too good to be looked at.

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