“Gay people can live anywhere,” except in New York City

Hola. I have no intention of writing about every anti-Queer incident that happens against the now-dead Queer Community (who could keep up with that?!), but I chose to write about these incidents because of that “Gay people can live anywhere” slogan/nonsense that we were hearing around here in San Francisco’s Castro awhile back. I haven’t heard or read that in some time. Well, one rarely hears anyone speaking anymore because most people are glued to their phones and in their phone trance. Maybe those “Gay people can live anywhere” idiots vacated The City to give that delusion a try (good luck with that!), or they came to their senses and came out of their wishful-thinking delusions.

Some years ago — after Gay Marriage became legal here in The Cesspool/the shithole US — gullible Queers were moving out of The Castro as well as The City and we kept hearing: “We’re moving because gay people can now live anywhere.” (Sigh, roll eyes) I thought to myself but didn’t ask these gullible people because I didn’t want to get into an argument with them: What drugs are you on that causes you to think that, “Gay people can now live anywhere?” These gullible Queers had been brainwashed with that same nonsense.

These incidents I’m writing about here are most assuredly a sign of the times and the anti-Queer atmosphere in this country set by the orange nazi and his despicable and corrupt regime. And I don’t see the useless and corrupt right-wing Democratic Party saying a word. The same goes for the other corrupt right-wing party. (They are both corporate basura).

A cab driver in New York City told two passengers that he “doesn’t drive gays.” Now keep in mind this happened in Manhattan with its Queer history, and not some small hick town where one might expect this to happen. This incident came a few days after a lesbian couple in Manhattan as well got kicked out of an Über driver’s vehicle because they were kissing.

NBC News in NYC reported this story. Ryan Smith and a friend were a passenger in a cab in Manhattan and they said they were “shocked” when their driver interrupted the conversation they were having to ask them if they were gay. (You mean the driver didn’t say “LGBT” like everyone has been brainwashed to say?) They didn’t answer the driver, so he persisted and asked again: “Are you a gay man?” Ryan said “Yes, I am.” The driver said: “I don’t drive gays.” Ryan said he was “shocked.” (You shouldn’t be shocked Ryan, if you’ve been paying attention to what is happening here in the shithole US. Too busy glued to that phone of yours?)

Then, during the same week two lesbians were kicked out of an Über driver’s vehicle because of their “short kiss” in the backseat. Question: Why is anyone riding in Über vehicles to begin with considering all the bad publicity that corporation has received? What is wrong with people today? The Über driver told the lesbian couple that their kiss was “illegal,” and then when they told him it wasn’t, he said “it’s disrespectful.” “Disrespectful” to whom? A homophobe? We can all be assured that he wouldn’t have responded that way if they were a breeder/straight couple in a full passionate make-out scene to the point of fucking in the back seat. I suspect that would have been perfectly acceptable with him and he would have enjoyed watching that through his rear-view mirror, and even jacked off to it! The lesbian couple rightly reported him and this Über driver lost his cab licence over the incident. The New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission suspended his licence. But the way things work these days, he’ll probably get his licence back somehow and very soon. Just make a call to la casa blanca/the white house. Tell them the story. That’s something the orange nazi or his vehemently anti-gay sidekick would gladly rectify and help him out with to get his licence back, out of bullying revenge against the lesbians.

Anyone surprised by these incidents in Manhattan? One shouldn’t be, if one has been paying attention.

A few years ago we were told by the conservatives around San Francisco’s Castro — as they were sanitising the former Gay Mecca — that “Gay people can live anywhere now; gay is now mainstream; there’s no need for gay meccas anymore.” It was the owner of Café Fl*re who said that during the same time that he was one of the lead supporters of the anti-homeless sit-lie law. And to think I used to spend time hanging out in his café giving that asshole business. At the time, I described his comments as ludicrous, and pointed out that Queer people can’t even live in the closet anywhere.

Well, if you can’t live in New York City (of all places!) as a Queer person, where can you live?!

When is the now-dead Queer Community going to get off their fucking phones and realise what is going on in this cesspool of a country? Because we are very quickly headed back decades, people. Wake the fuck up! But I’m a realist. I know that’s not going to happen. Things will continue as they are. The world has a major, major distraction today. It’s called the Adult Pacifier to keep The People constantly entertained and distracted from what really matters. The dopamine-phone addiction is the one major difference today that we did not have during the Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement. During the Movement, one did not see thousands and thousands of people paralysed on the sidewalk hunched over staring at a box in their hand unable to move, talk or even look up. We didn’t have this awful distraction “back in the day.”

One thing: Lesbians don’t take any shit from anybody as you’ll see in this video because they too have been smashed to the curb too many times. Gay guys didn’t used to take any shit from anybody. But that was then. Today is different. Their pilot light is completely snuffed out. Gay guys have mostly become phone-addicted bots. They are mostly pro-Establishment, cop-supporting, conformist conservatives with their “Conform, Obey!” mentality. They are the opposite of who they were as people. They are more worried about getting the latest app than anything happening to the Queer Community in the news today. The trans folk seem to be the only people doing anything and they are all out there alone in fighting the bathroom bill and other issues, and they are losing. Remember when the trans activist questioned Obama and was not supported by any of the Queers in that room? Instead, all of the pro-Establishment, brainwashed Democratic partisan Queers in that room supported their messiah and saviour neocon Obama (because of that D next to his name; you’re never supposed to disagree with or take on anyone from your own partisan “team”). What a disgusting sight! Where are the gay men, again? Silent. They appear to be quiet comfortable going back to the 1940s. The straight white men are fighting to become nazis. The straight white women are fighting to become bougi, perfect-looking model types in Stiletto heels.

Mi amigo/My friend asked: When is the dead Gay Community going to get back together again and start fighting this shit all over again? When one forgets ones history, one is doomed to repeat it. And we’re not going to fucking Oklahoma — fuck that shit — to start a Gay Mecca. A new Gay Mecca better be on the Left Coast somewhere.

Off topic but one of my pet peeves: Why does this disreputable Über corporation sanitise the Deutsch/German word Über by removing the umlaut? BTW, Über means about, on, over, or via. Do they remove the umlaut in Deutschland/Germany too? How disrespectful. Well probably, because Über is based in the Tech Capital of San Francisco, and even though many world languages are spoken here, the English language loves to disrespect and sanitise the other world languages. But Über is a Deutsch/German word no matter what language you put it in so it should remain authentic — with the umlaut (Ü) — to its original language. The same goes for any other world language that is used in an English language sentence. México is another example. The accent over the “é” in México should be retained in all English language sentences because México is an español language word. It’s not an English word. Chau.—el barrio rosa

Here is the video of the lesbians and their encounter with the homophobic Über driver:


Gay “Assimilation:” Back to the 1950s

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  1. D8

    pink barrio – From reading your site – your diary for a number of yrs I know you’re not the type of person to boast or take great satisfaction in saying “I told you so,” but you’ve had a very reliable crystal ball over the years when it’s come to some predictions you’ve made esp with the gay community. They are so totally lame now. They seem clueless when it comes to where we’re headed….like you keep saying 1940s Germany…..with every passing day it’s getting worse w/ the orange nazi, and nobody in positions of power seems to be doing anything but letting it happen. This congress doesn’t seem to care if he completely destroys this country.

  2. E in Sunnyvale

    Some recent examples of “gays can live anywhere” (just from 5 minutes of browsing headlines):

    Hate filled pastor disrupts kid story time at a library to yell about ‘transgenders’

    The World Cup barely started and gay fans already being bashed and arrested in Russia

    Activists demand justice after two victims attacked in anti-gay, anti-transgender Queens assaults

    Transgender woman stabbed in Hollywood hate crime attack (I recommend avoiding the transphobic comment section on this site)

    Gay Americans are arming themselves to stay alive

    This town’s city council boycotted a meeting because of a Pride Month declaration

    Taxi driver tells passengers ‘I don’t drive gays’ before forcing them out of the cab

    This city’s Fourth of July parade banned LGBTQ groups. Then all hell broke loose.

    …and so on ad nauseum. All of that found in just 5 minutes of browsing headlines. You’re right – who can keep up with it???


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