“Gay People Can Live Anywhere?”

Hola a todos. I’ll make this short. Yes, “gay people can live anywhere.” Isn’t that wonderful?! [sarcasm intended]. As I’ve said before, only a fool would say: “gay people can live anywhere.” We GLBTQs might be able to “live anywhere” in the closet, but even that’s debatable with the hate that’s out there for GLBTQs worldwide. Here in The Cesspool, we have this fucked-up mentality going on: US Public: Gay Legal Rights Good But Gay Kissing Bad. Don’t waste your time trying to figure that out! Loco.

The title of this article (minus the question mark) is what we’ve been told by wishful-thinking conservative idiots — including the conservative merchants — in San Francisco’s Castro (the former Gay Mecca) who have wanted The Castro sanitised for years. They have achieved their goal. They also lectured us that there’s no longer any need for gay meccas because as they said, “gay people can live anywhere.” Ugh. The Castro today is now — what some of us call — “Straightsville” and “Family-Friendly” (gag) having been Disney-fied complete with palm trees for the tourists. Today, The Castro is mainly a place where “straight” people come to get drunk.

Here are just three examples confirming that “gay people can live anywhere:”

Bangladesh GLBTQ editor hacked to death (April 25, 2016)
(Bangladesh police say a top gay rights activist/editor at the country’s only GLBTQ magazine is one of two people who have been hacked to death.)

North Carolina GLBTQ law fuels demonstrations for and against (April 26, 2016)
(The controversial law invalidates local anti-discrimination laws that protected gay and transgender people.)

Los Ángeles father accused of killing son because he was gay (April 2, 2016)

I don’t want to monopolise other examples that can be listed here, so feel free to add your examples in the comments below. Muchas Gracias. Chau.—el barrio rosa

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  1. Enrique

    Hola, what do you think about the “Gays for Trump” that were at the Trump event in Orange County CA?

    1. rosa_barrio Post author

      Hola Enrique, Yes, I saw that last night on Noticiero Telemundo. I don’t think much of it. It doesn’t surprise me at all considering how idiotically conservative the gay community has become — and especially the San Francisco conservative gay community (what remains of it in The City) — in their ludicrous desire to “Assimilate: Back to the 1950s” and what they’ve morphed into. One more example of insanity. Chau.

      Related: What Was The Ultimate Goal Of The Gay Rights Movement?

  2. castro local

    you are correct that the conservative merchants around here helped get rid of the gay mecca identity. the conser. gay community seems quite happy with that which blows my gay mind. out of the other side of their mouths the merchants have said that they’re concerned that the castro is losing its gay identity. i don’t know how they define gay identity but they’ve gotten rid of as much gay identity around the castro as they can. when the sex stores close the conservatives will have the ultimate orgasm because they’re still whining about them for yrs and how they’re not representative of _gag_ ‘family friendly.’ why does every neighborhood have to be ‘family friendly?’

    family friendly = sex is bad and pretend that no one has sex.

    1. castro local

      forgot to say that i’m seeing more and more straight couples making out in harvey milk plaza under the big rainbow flag. i rarely see a gay couple doing that. my roommate says he thinks the straights are trying to hijack the rainbow flag too.

  3. D8

    Here are two for you –

    Jordan bans Lebanese rock band with gay singer

    UK warns gay travellers about US anti-GLBTQ laws

  4. David in Breuckelen

    OT: I was reading about [name of politician deleted; I don’t want the name of that basura on this site—el barrio rosa], that ultra-conservative gay supervisor you have in SF who’s running for state office. He’s siding with the cops and saying they’re demonized. Nevermind all the police brutality and killing of citizens and he wants cops to have tasers. How did this dude get elected in SF?

    1. rosa_barrio Post author

      Hola David, that piece of conservative work — he hides behind the “moderate” label to appear less dangerous than he really is — was overwhelmingly elected by the now-conservative gay community. That’s what The Castro/The City has turned into. Incredible, isn’t it? I have nothing positive to say about him. He’s basura. For my own sanity and to avoid high blood pressure I try not to pay much attention to the cesspool called politics and that’s especially true at the San Francisco level. I have read that he’s turning more and more to the right as he runs for state office. It would be good if he were to lose and just go away. His head is bigger than the San Francisco Bay, in part, because the conservative merchants and the conservative gay community have had their heads up his upper colon ever since he first ran for office. He’s the guy I’ve long referred to as “The Holy and Indivisible Trinity” because that’s how his rabid redneck conservative supporters seem to see him. You should have seen how his supporters behaved during his first term. They stopped him on the street to nearly genuflect to him and fawn over him and told him what a wonderful job he was doing — I witnessed this many times; it was infuriating — and then they would go at him with one of their pet peeves for helping to sanitise The Castro even more. He’s the same piece that’s authored the city-wide nudity ban and the law criminalising homelessness (sit-lie). He’s awful but the conservative homeowners and merchants — who are afraid of their own shadow — adore him as he works to make San Francisco into a sanitised city for the super-wealthy. You’re really not that off-topic come to think of it (and I don’t really care that much about off-topic unless it’s spam shit) because I would guess he’s of the mindset that “gay people can live anywhere now” since he’s directly responsible for helping to sanitise the Castro. He’s very pro-developer and their industry has been directly responsible for the thousands of evictions of GLBTQs from the Gay Mecca throughout the city. It’s as if he moved here from the East Coast with an agenda to crash it all (end the Gay Mecca because he didn’t like it). El pendejo could have stayed on the East Coast and minded his own business and forgot all about San Francisco. But conservative busy-bodies like him can’t seem to do that. El chico clearly has personal “issues.” As far as I’m concerned, he’s the lowest of lows and the scum of the Earth. And unfortunately, that’s often the type — corporate parasites — that’s attracted to the power/head trip called politics. Chau.

      1. David in Breuckelen

        Thanks. I understand why you often ask the question “what has happened to the gay community?” They’ve gone from “left” to “right.”

  5. Ed in the Castro

    The gay community as a whole don’t care about anything. That’s how I see it. When I read comments from them they’re supporting heteronormative culture and str8 actors playing gay roles taking jobs away from gay actors. I don’t think most care about these deaths and think that just because they think they can live anywhere that anyone else can too. I’ve got news for yah.

Fin. The End.