Gay Pride Flag launched into space ‘to spread peace?’

Hola. It was well intended, but. Recently, the Rainbow Flag was sent into space for the first time via a high-altitude balloon by the group Planting Peace (based in the US). The flag was in space for about 3 hours and then brought back to Earth. When I read the headline about this I thought: Oh, was the Rainbow Flag launched into space so that “straight” couples can make out under it the way they love to do in San Francisco? Something I’ll never understand.

I suspect those national corporate GLBTQ organisations — most of whom I have no use for — with their bloated executive salaries will be gushing over this.

My point in this article is that the GLBTQ community no longer stands for peace so the concept of peace connected with the Rainbow Flag is entirely misplaced. And the peace concept is outdated/dead within the gay community especially in San Francisco. What remains of the gay community in this City doesn’t care about peace.

For example, I used to see lots of peace signs around here. I don’t see any today, other than the one vehicle in Upper Market that I see occasionally with a peace sign on their bumper. Peace is not an interest of this new City. Just like tie-dye clothing is “out” even though some of us wear it because we like lots of pretty, bright colours rather than drab/funeral black and gray that all the conformists (OBEY!) are wearing. And the social-conscious/pro-peace activism that this City saw for decades is essentially dead today. San Francisco is a very different City today than the very activist and pro-peace City that we had a reputation for being over the years. I think it’s safe to say that most of the activists we once had have been evicted and/or forced out due to techie gentrification and no longer able to afford this outrageously expensive City of Greed. Yes, San Francisco has done a “180” from the City of its past. Today, if there were a rare protest for peace in San Francisco, the majority of the now conservative, heteronormative, “discreet”/closeted and pro-corporate gay community here would have no interest in it. Based on their behaviour at past protests (in the distant past), some GLBTQs would sneer and troll the protesters and make snide remarks about them and even verbally bully the protesters as I’ve seen them do. They behaved no differently than the rabid conservatives did for decades in this City. It’s also rare to see Rainbow Flags outside of The Castro and the flags in The Castro are only there for the tourists/marketing purposes, and for “straight” couples to get off as they make out standing under them as they enjoy doing, as well as making out in front of the remaining Queer boys here. And the one-issue GLBTQ community of today strongly supports their messiah Obama whom they worship and adore and his thoroughly corrupt imperialistic misnamed Democratic Party. Their septic party is not about peace at all (neither are the Republicans for devout D-partisan readers screaming, “what about those nasty Republicans?!”). The very few objective/genuinely non-partisan/independent people having paid close attention since Obama has been in office know that objectively speaking overall Obama has been worse than George W Bush. And at that time we thought that no one could be worse than Bush II! Oh and did you see that picture the other day of Michelle Obama and George W Bush all close and in a hug for a selfie? It was disgusting. As if they are best of friends. Maybe they are best of friends since Ms Obama’s husband has carried out most of Bush’s despicable and barbaric agenda. Neocon Obama has greatly expanded the imperialistic and barbaric agenda of the illegitimate Bush/Cheney regime (the neocon’s Project For The New American Century agenda). Obama has also become known as “Deporter and Chief”:

“President Obama has earned the title “Deporter in Chief.” More undocumented immigrants have been deported under Obama’s rule than any other in history. In 2013 alone, the Obama Administration deported a record 438,421 undocumented people. Around 2.5 million undocumented immigrants have been deported in total since Obama was sworn into the oval office. This marks a 23 percent increase from the Bush Administration.” [Source: Black Agenda Report]

One might be surprised to know that Mr Nobel Peace Prize Obama currently admits to having 7 wars going at the moment. Mr Hope and Change We Can Believe In will have to update that to 8 wars, adding Syria to his list. Very Orwellian. Has the septic and corrupt congress issued a declaration of war for any of these wars?

The gay community once stood for peace and we were anti-Military Industrial Complex. I still am. My views have not changed. Unlike most people, my views don’t change depending upon what corporate parasite (Democratic or Republican) and their corrupt corporatist party is in office. But the GLBTQ community and most Democratic devout partisans — where party is all that matters; screw the US Constitution — did a “180” when their saviour Obama took office. They became quite the Hypocrites. They have supported policies under their Obama that they adamantly opposed under Bush, particularly regarding US Imperialism. Their thinking seems to be, “It’s perfectly fine if a so-called Democrat does it.” In reality, Obama has been one of the best Republicans the Republican Party could have ever asked for (an extension of Bush), despite the Republican Party’s theatrics of opposition for PR/BS purposes. So today, the gay community is as much for war and US imperialism as anyone else. They also love the idea that they too can go kill (brown-complected) people around the world — including other GLBTQ people which seems to have never dawned on them that that’s what they’re doing — as they wear a “I’m gay” button to show that they’re out of the closet as they proudly take part in the barbarism of the US Military Industrial Complex Killing Machine. But this barbarism is good barbarism because it’s coming from their Obama, so that makes it all right; that makes all the difference! That justifies it. That seems to be their thinking. Also some gay men’s choral ensembles are welcoming the opportunity to sing the militaristic US national anthem which speaks of bombs bursting in air (now that sounds very pro-peace doesn’t it? – sarcasm intended) at corporate sports events complete with militaristic brainwashing pro-US military propaganda and a gaudy giant US flag the size of the playing field. Yes, GLBTQs now completely support the US Military Industrial Complex and its ugly nationalism that they once opposed before they “assimilated” to be just like the obnoxious, mainstream, in-your-face “straights” and part of the problem. These days one sees some gay guys wearing nationalistic US flag shirts in The Castro, something I never saw in the proudly-radical and alternative Old City.

So I don’t give much thought to this Rainbow Flag being put into space for 3 hours in the name of spreading peace, since the gay community of today couldn’t care less about peace. This stunt is just more window dressing.

It’s really about putting Brand LGBTTM in space

This is really all about putting the conformist and heteronormative Brand LGBTTM in space, with the order of the first two letters reversed that I wrote about previously: where Lesbians have hijacked the former Gay Rights’ Movement, which originally was referred to as “gay and lesbian” (gay guys being the majority group) and not lesbian and gay. The reality is that hate crimes against GLBTQs on Earth are on the rise as this group, Planting Peace, is going on about spreading peace in outer space. What is it with this drippy, syrupy, symbolic bull shit lately? Chau.—el barrio rosa

3 comments on “Gay Pride Flag launched into space ‘to spread peace?’

  1. Robert Seaborne

    Thank you pink barrio, el barrio rosa
    for this very succinct, valuable lesson about how the original gay rights movement became corrupted by Brand LGBT(TM) and lost itself with favor given to the preferences and priorities of the heterosexual establishment for the gay community.

  2. D8

    You’ve said this before but I’ll say it too if you don’t mind – it’s like the gay community said we’ll conform to whatever mainstream society wants of us as long as they’ll accept us. Thinking about that premise angers me. If I’d been in the room with them I’d said “Oh Stop It.” One of the problems with this is that they failed to define “accept us.” They’ve gone from being pro-peace to being pro-war to be accepted, with few exceptions they have no problem with straights taking over gay neighborhood to be accepted, gay guys try to look like straight guys to be accpeted, lesbians try to look like straight women with long hair instead of the butch cut to be accepted. You get the idea. The thing that really pissed me off lately was when a close friend of mine who’s gay started a new job. Talking with him he told me he’s not out at work. He was out at his last job and has been out of the closet for over 20 years but he’s closeted at this new job. When they ask about his social life he talks about this girlfriend he doesn’t have. As you’ve written, things are going backwards. Really pisses me off.

Fin. The End.