Gay Rights’ Movement Legacy Hijacked By Lesbians. May GLBTQ Live On!

During the years of the (now-dead) Gay Rights’ Movement, Gay men/Queer boys led the Movement and did most of the work. That’s why during the Gay Rights’ Movement we were called “Gays and Lesbians” (GL) in that order because Gay guys/Queer boys were the majority group followed by Lesbians. But in today’s Orwellian world where up = down and left = right and peace = war, one would not know that Gay men and Queer boys led the Gay Rights’ Movement because lesbians now get the credit as being the majority group because they get first-billing in the “LGBT” initialism/acronym. Well, rewriting history does not change the facts. Lesbians are riding on the coattails of Gay guys/Queer boys and have hijacked the legacy of the Gay Rights’ Movement.

Hola. This is the second part of my previous article (What’s With The “LGBT?”).

I met with my GLBTQ amigos/amigas recently. We talked extensively about this topic which is a complaint we all share. We noticed that what used to be known as the Gay and Lesbian Chorus of San Francisco felt the need to conform and change their name to the Lesbian/Gay Chorus of San Francisco. Note that the word “Lesbian” is now first with their name change. When is this stuff going to stop? Can’t anyone be original and/or of independent thought anymore in conformist, heteronormative and Tech Zombie San Francisco? I guess that’s considered passé in these “black and gray” conformist times. I and others have written many times that we are heading backwards to the conformist and chauvinistic/sexist 1950s, if not before. The Gay and Lesbian Chorus changed their name in order to conform to the heteronormative “LGBT” mentality. But not being conformists, my friends and I will continue calling them the Gay and Lesbian Chorus of San Francisco. Because at this rate, history will be rewritten that it was Lesbians and not Gay men/Queer boys who were the dominant/majority group and who “changed the world” in some positive ways for Gay people and GLBTQs as a whole.

Online, history has already been sanitised and re-written to cater to the heternormative “LGBT” conformist. While writing this article I was on site that gave a timeline of the US Gay Rights’ Movement and this is what I read:

1979: About 75,000 people participated in the National March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights in the District of Columbia in October. It was the largest political gathering in support of LGBT rights to date.

Well, in 1979 it was called “the National March on Washington for Gay and Lesbian Rights” (not Lesbian and Gay Rights) because Gay men were the majority group. But note that “Lesbian” is first in the new sanitised, conformist way they wrote it as well as the more recent and conformist acronym “LGBT.”

One of my regular commenters in my previous article (link above) said that having the “L” first implies that lesbians were the dominant group. Yes it does. I agree with that. And that’s my point. I’m glad he recognised that. I just assumed there were more Gay guys/Queer boys than lesbians from a personal observation over the decades. Just as Gay guys/Queer boys were the majority group during the Gay Rights’ Movement years and that’s why we were referred to as “gays and lesbians,” and not “lesbians and gays.” The word Gays was listed first to indicate the majority and most activist group, followed by lesbians.

The proliferation of gay bars in major US cities also suggested that there were far more Gay guys/Queer boys than lesbians. In the District of Columbia where I lived, we had a lot more gay bars in the District than lesbian bars. I didn’t know of any lesbian bars in DC. I assume we had some, but I don’t recall hearing of any. The same was true for San Francisco. There were some lesbian bars in San Francisco — in the Old Proudly-Radical and Alternative City which is long gone — but there were far more gay bars because there were far more gay guys/Queer boys than lesbians here during the Gay Mecca years. Today, to my knowledge, there are no lesbian bars in San Francisco. The last remaining lesbian bar, The Lexington, closed awhile back, but there are still some gay bars around, mostly in The Castro. Here in 2016, some gay bars in other parts of San Francisco are having trouble staying open, in part due to the ugly greed of the Real Estate Industrial Complex and their Corrupt LiarsTM and corrupt developer friends.

Also, my research shows that there are more gay guys than lesbians. So again, why is the “L” first in the acronym?

For example:

“More specifically, 1.8 percent of men self-identify as gay and 0.4 percent as bisexual, and 1.5 percent of women self-identify as lesbian and 0.9 percent as bisexual.” [Source: The Washington Post]

ONS survey: More gay men in UK than gay women “A total of 1.5% of men said they were gay while 0.7% of women defined themselves as gay or lesbian.” [Source: BBC News]

You might be wondering why it is so important to the heteronormative conformists to have the “L” first? From my research that I did before I wrote my first article about this sometime back, it was done to show that the gay community supports women’s rights. (roll eyes). Loco. But having the “L” first is chauvinistic/sexist because it sends the outdated Victorian-era and anti-feminist message that “Ladies must go first.” Ugh. Did no one think of that when some idiot came up with this? Were they drinking at the time when they dreamed up this nonsense? We GLBTQs support Trans rights too so why isn’t the “T” first? Or are they saying that women’s rights are more important than Trans rights? Do you see how ludicrous this “LGBT” acronym is? It should be a damn given that we GLBTQs support women’s rights so there was no need to change the order and put the “L” first. But some group of people — we suspect it was one of those conformist, heteronormative, busy-bodied, self-appointed omnipotent-authority national GLBTQ corporatist Dembot organisations with their bloated executive salaries here in the US — dreamed this up for their conformist 1950s-mindset to cater to the heteronormative world where, “ladies must go first.” (And they would use the word “ladies” instead of “women.”) And unfortunately, the conformist sheeple mindlessly adopted this “LGBT” shit worldwide. Every corporatist site I happen to go on today I see the cookie-cutter “LGBT” and nothing else. Do most GLBTQs even know why the acronym was changed? I don’t think so, from talking with people about it. I asked my rad Queer neighbour if he knew. He said he thought the letters were changed to give Lesbians priority because in our sexually fucked-up society lesbians are seen as more acceptable to the general public than Queers/gay men. For heteronormative corporate television programming, lesbians are far more acceptable to the public than gay men. For example, the public can deal with seeing two women kissing. But they gasp, put their hand over their wide-open mouth and cover their eyes like a little child is taught to do when they see two guys kissing. Such pathetic fucked-up bigoted people! Related: US public: Gay legal rights = good, gays kissing = bad.

Mi amiga asked: “What did lesbians do that caused major accomplishments in the (now-dead) Gay Rights’ Movements? I can’t think of any. It was and still is — but for how long? — called the Gay Rights’ Movement. It was not called the Lesbian Rights’ Movement (which the “L” first implies) with Gay guys/Queer boys tagging along behind. Gay guys/Queer boys were the leaders of the movement for decades. Gay guys/Queer boys were in the majority.” Mi amigo responded to her sarcastically by saying, “Mi amor/my love, you forget that lesbians rode on motorcycles once a year at parades (the Dykes on Bikes group), if you can count that.” Mi amiga responded to him: “Oh but of course, how could I forget that major “accomplishment” and contribution from lesbians?” LOL. She continued: “We should give lesbians credit for helping to put the pink triangle on Twin Peaks every Pride weekend. They do help with that.”

Today, that’s why some of us say that the Gay Rights’ Movement has essentially been hijacked by lesbians. Everywhere I look except in an occasional comment from someone on a website, the masses are mindlessly using the heteronormative conformist “LGBT” because that’s what they’ve now been programmed to use and it’s been cemented in their minds. And this is not about to change. But again, as a whole, lesbians were not the dominant/prominent or major activist group of the Gay Rights’ Movement. Gay men/Queer boys were with the beginning of the movement with The Mattachine Society, the first national gay rights organisation, started by Harry Hay and considered by many to be the founder of the Gay Rights’ Movement. The first lesbian-rights organisation in the US was the Daughters of Bilitis started in 1955. Then came the Stonewall Inn riots which consisted mostly of gay men of Greenwich Village. Then came Harvey Milk’s legacy in San Francisco, and ACT UP! It was mainly Gay men/Queer boys who fought the HIV/AIDS health crisis, fought for HIV meds, and the history continues.

Even though I’ve hammered my points repeatedly in this article (for the thick people who might happen to stop by), someone will come along and only half-read this and troll me with: “How can you say that lesbians made no contributions to the Gay Rights’ Movement?” I didn’t say that lesbians made no contributions to the former Gay Rights’ Movement. Re-read what I’ve written, por favor. After all, we did admit that lesbians rode their “hogs” for the annual parade and they helped put up the pink triangle on Twin Peaks. But overall, lesbians were not the majority group. Period. And they don’t deserve priority or top-billing in the acronym.

From an objective perspective, our group of GLBTQs (which included lesbians) came to the unanimous conclusion that lesbians have indeed hijacked the now-dead Gay Rights’ Movement legacy because placing the “L” first falsely and erroneously sends the message/implies that lesbians did most of the work and led the Gay and Lesbian Movement responsible for some progress having been made over the decades for GLBTQs. “Gays and Lesbians” (GL) was the language used from the beginning of the Movement and then the other letters were added. These days, many people like to exclude the more proudly-radical Queers. The conservative heteronormative conformists leave off the Q entirely, as in “LGBT.” I won’t have it! The gay museum in San Francisco on 18th Street near Castro uses “GLBT” with the word “Queer” in large font on their sidewalk sign. May GLBTQ live on! Chau.—el barrio rosa


UPDATE (2018): The official acronym is now: LGBTQQICAPF2K+

I found this interesting:

San Francisco Bay Area Ranks Highest in LGBT GLBTQ Percentage but at the very small percentage rate of 6.2%. That’s all that’s left? And 6.2% is for the entire Bay Area, not just San Francisco, the former Gay Mecca. But what’s the real percentage when you include the thousands and thousands of gay closet-cases? I’m talking about all the gay closet cases married to females and pretending to be “straight” due to their gay shame as well as the gay guys who are going back in the closet and marrying females which I’ve written about, as well as others.

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  1. D8

    Regarding your on-going theme mocking the conservative GLBTQ crowd that likes to say “gay is now mainstream” and “gays can live anywhere,” have them check out this headline from Port Orange Florida:

    “Patriotic-Themed Restaurant Asks Gay Couple to Stop Being Affectionate”

    1. D8

      and this:

      “‘I’m not going to certify sin’: Social Security worker refuses to watch LGBT [sic] training video”

  2. FedUp!

    Not surprising that they’re going back in history and changing it to reflect the “LGBT(TM)” brand when, as the article points out, that was not the way it was in that day. I think it’s reprehensible they’re doing that. They can’t even leave recorded history alone. That’s when you have to start questioning everything – what’s real and what’s not. People will come along in the future and not know the difference and think that back in the 1970s that “lesbian and gay” was used. It was NOT, I was there too. This new branding is fairly recent in a historical sense.

  3. mago

    didn’t know all that history. embarrassed to say i’ve been using ‘lgbt’ but that doesn’t seem appropriate now.

    glbtq mago

  4. Ed in the Castro

    Fascinating subject. I was sitting here trying to think of some monumentally famous lesbian that I’ve heard of from the gay rights movement days. I drew a blank other than Alice B Toklas. I only know her name because of the conservative SF Democratic club that wears her name and who has endorsed Scott Penis whom pink barrio and I can’t stand. I looked up Toklas to learn about her.

    I’m amazed that a club named itself after Toklas because I couldn’t find much that she did to get a gay club to name itself after her. It seems she’s “famous” because she was partners with Gertrude B Stein, a writer. She’s also famous for her pot brownies. That should be enough to name a club after her. Ha. Ha. After reading about Alice I was asking myself why the local club didn’t name itself after Stein instead?

    The two well-known local SF lesbians (Phyllis Lyon and Dell Martin – Dell died) did more locally to be recognized for than Alice.

    Stein wrote “THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF ALICE B. TOKLAS” but since I can’t find much that Toklas did of major importance, the autobiography must not be very big. Stein as a writer is compared with Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Picasso, Matisse, Ezra Pound and T.S.Eliot. I read that her autobiography is really about her through the eyes of Toklas. Stein wrote about meeting fascinating artists and writers in Paris, her attempts to be published and all the compliments people paid her. People who read the autobiography say her writing style wasn’t that good for lack of punctuation and endlessly long run-on sentences where people can’t tell a statement from a question. Some people described it as “absolutely boring” and “name-dropping galore.” Others call it, “astonishingly self-serving and narcissistic account of Gertrude Stein.” ” It seemed to me that the book is a vehicle for Stein to talk about herself in the third person. She was not at all shy about talking about her talent as a writer and her ease with making friends.”

    THey name a local club after a woman who is Stein’s partner and, she baked some good cannabis brownies. They smoked some pot. Yeah, so did many gay guys.

    Alice B Toklas died in poverty. Does the local Alice club know that? Scott Penis, whom they have endorsed depises people in poverty and the homeless, he campaigned on sit-lie. The Alice club is a pro-big business club and not one that wants anything to do with poverty or people in poverty. Like many others, it seems they’ve lost their way, just like the new SF.

  5. I'm the L in GLBTQ (Castro resident)

    You’ve touched on a taboo subject, which you often do! (lol). You often write about things that nobody else would. But somebody’s got to do it. I don’t think anyone has ever written about this to this degree. Very much agree w/ the article and can only add that from the start of this “LGBT”, it seemed to me it was the real beginning of the commercialization of the gay community. A community to be exploited for commercial and corp. greed, and “LGBT” being used as the marketing brand. I think that’s why it’s become so ubiquitous and standardized.

    If it’s used at all (NOT!), they should write it LGBTQ(TM).

    1. E in Sunnyvale

      Well said – the “LGBT(TM)” brand, and these are the very same types who are fighting tooth and nail to drop the ‘T’ like they did with the ‘Q’. Well, that and the TERF (Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminists) who have largely been leading the assault on trans people.

    2. I'm the G in GLBTQ (New York City resident)

      The GLBTQ community in itself helped to bring this on by going after corporate money to fund pride parades and the like. I don’t know exactly who changed GLBTQ to LGBT and trying to leave off certain letters.

  6. Wes in Arlington - GLBTQ

    I know you majored in music but I take it you also majored in critical thinking. Excellent article.

  7. Former San Franciscan

    “we suspect it was one of those conformist, heteronormative, busy-bodied, self-appointed authority national GLBTQ corporatist organisations with their bloated executive salaries here in the US”

    LOL. That is so true. Like the ones that threw Trans folks under the bus. Good to see you taking them on.

    GLBTQ it is.

  8. castro local

    i read that harley davidson, the preferred lesbian motorcycle, is laying off 14,000 people and is in serious financial difficulty. have the lesbians stopped riding harley’s? now they won’t have anything to ride on.

  9. David in Breuckelen

    My partner and I have wondered about this so it’s interesting you bring it up. The internet is plastered with “LGBT.” Immediately afterwards some people write “lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender.” That “lesbian, gay” part doesn’t seem right to us because we leearned it gay and lesbian. Like you say it seems backwards. We think of it like an ingredients’ list on a food product. Whatever is listed first is the main ingredient so when lesbian is listed first lesbian is the main ingredient followed by gays, but that’s not the way it was during the days of the gay rights movement. Whoever changed this to “LGBT” was partly insane. Thanks.

  10. D8

    This needed to be said. Hijacked is a good way of putting it. I knew gay men were the majority force in the gay and lesbian movement. I thought everybody knew that. Look at video footage of those years to see that.

    Read an article earlier about “Megan Rapinoe kneels as ‘nod to Kaepernick.'” Good for her, and she’s a lesbian. The article I read said “Since coming out in 2012, Rapinoe has been a devoted advocate for LGBT rights and has worked with the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network and other organizations.”

    There’s the “LGBT” you say you see everywhere. Yep, me too. Then it says she’s worked with the “Gay, Lesbian….” At least the Education Network got it right with the Gay, Lesbian part. Too bad they didn’t match that with GLBTQ in the same sentence. Guess they got their orders to use “LGBT.”

    Agree with your neighbor regarding the corp. media. Saw a lesbian scene awhile back on Telemundo. Still waiting to see a similar scene with two guys.

Fin. The End.