Gay Shame: A Sign of the Times

Another gay guy goes back in the closet in now-conservative San Francisco after living years in the former Gay Mecca.

Hola. Mi amigo/My friend saw a guy at his gym yesterday that he knew from his former gym. His former gym was known as the gay gym during the Gay Mecca years. Mi amigo remembers him as being all about gay pride at the previous gym and the guy hung out with the gay guys. Mi amigo remembers this guy being one of the guys who asked him every year, “Are you ready for Pride?”

Well, at this gym yesterday, the guy came over and said hello which startled mi amigo because usually no one says a word to each other at his new gym — they’re all on their phones — and the gym is mostly Millennials who don’t talk with anybody. Mi amigo said to the guy: Haven’t seen you in a long time. The guy said, “No, I’ve been busy with my wife and kid.” Mi amigo said he felt like his face dropped to the floor. He said he felt like he had walked into a door when he heard that. He gained his composure and did a bit of enquiring. He asked the guy: How long have you been with your wife? The guy said: “A couple of years.” Mi amigo took the plunge and said: But you were gay at the other gym. The guy said (as he visibly started squirming): “Yeah well, as the neighbourhood (The Castro) began changing to straight I began to think about things and didn’t feel it was right to be gay anymore. So I tried to meet a woman and did, and we have a kid.” Mi amigo asked the guy (although he said he felt he asked this question with a disgusted tone): Are you happy now? The guy said: Ah, sometimes. Women are different.

Mi amigo told me: The guy seemed quite sad, unhappy and didn’t really want to talk about it.

I told mi amigo upon hearing this: Well this is the first instance I know of that a gay guy has forthrightly admitted that he has allegedly “gone straight” because the neighbourhood has. Loco./Crazy.

Mi amigo said to me: How much longer is this silly and mentally-twisted fad of gay guys going back in the closet going to last before their gay feelings take control of them?

As I pointed out to mi amigo: This guy could have “gone straight” years ago. All he had to do was to move his gay-shame ass over to breeder North Beach, or breeder Union Street, or the breeder Marina, or to breeder Pacific Heights or any other breeder barrio/neighbourhood in San Francisco that is full of breeders and he would have fit right in after going back in the closet. Why did it take The Castro going straight and becoming the Breeder Mecca for this gay guy — and many others just like him that we’ve seen around here — to try to “go straight” and head back in the closet? And now he has a child to deal with.

Mi amigo doesn’t remember what the guy’s partner looked like, but he remembers that the guy did have a (gay) partner. What happened to him? Did he get dumped for a female?

Mi amigo told me: this guy came off as being very bored with the whole breeder thing. He seemed to have realised how much work a family really is, and that maybe he should have remained true to his gay sexual orientation rather than following shallow silly fads — and disrespecting his genuine gay sexual orientation — and that gay conversion nonsense that tries to get gay guys to become straight/a breeder. One might think I’m talking about Topeka Kansas with gay guys going back in the closet. But no, this is happening right here in the former Gay Mecca of San Francisco. As some would say: Unbelievable. Chau.—el barrio rosa


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  1. D8

    I can relate to this. I won’t bore you with the story again since I’vve written several comments about it before….but that gay friend of mine went through this same thing. I distanced myself from him because he made me uncomfortable with his lying to new coworkers about having a girlfriend when he didn’t. His lies caught up with him at his new job. It’s taken some time for them to regain any trust in him. Fortunately he snapped out of it and is bacck to being the gay guy I’ve known for years. I don’t know what’s going on in the head today with the gay community.

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