Human Sexuality Dept.

Somebody’s got to say it!

Except for me and my friends, everyone else has been and is going along with the current status quo in lockstep, without question. The following articles of gay, bisexual and straight topics are not for prudes or those easily triggered or offended by sexual or colourful language. Or those who are offended by those who question the status quo. In the following articles, I question the status quo. If you do too, you might be able to relate to these articles. More articles will be added later.

The Gay Agenda: I had always said there was no such thing as a Gay Agenda. But in recent years, I realised there is indeed a worldwide Gay Agenda, but not what you might think.

Most gay guys on CB are in the closet

The New Definition of Lesbian

No tears shed here for the closing of harvey’s

Being Queer is about same-gender attraction. So what does trans have to do with that?

Lesbians are now into dick? (No. These females are bisexual, not lesbians).

Sanitising gay using the alphabet

The gay guys who hit on straight guys

“We love being porn stars.” (Except you’re not, dear).

Live Sex Camming and the Female Anal Fad

Live Cam Shows: The Anal Fad (Part 2)

National Public Radio feeds into, “Don’t say gay.”

An Open Letter to The Gay Agenda

London’s revisionist history “Pride” 2022

A Sea of Females

Alphabet Soup “Pride”

Why “identify?”

The Alphabet Cult: Sanitising gay

The Future of the Castro Theatre (San Francisco)