Gay Wedding Ring Deception

Update (22 November 2019):  I saw US Democratic Party presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg the other night on television.  Or at least I thought it was him.  He is openly queer and married to his partner/boyfriend. But some people I’ve spoken with thought he was married to a woman even though they knew he was openly queer or had heard that about him. When I first saw him I thought the same thing because of the hand he wears his wedding ring on. Why did I/they think he was married to a woman? Because he wears his wedding ring on his left hand breeder finger. And because of heternormative tradition for generations, whenever I see a man wearing a wedding ban on his left hand fourth finger I assume him to be married to a woman. Or, I now question that and ask: Is he a queer boy trying to “look straight,” or is he a closet case? As I’ve written umpteen times, gay marriage is too new historically speaking for most people to even remember that queers can get married now.  I know of Pete vaguely and I thought I saw him the other night but I wasn’t sure and it was because I saw his wedding ring on the wrong hand. If he wore his wedding ring as a married queer boy on his right hand I wouldn’t have been confused at all.  (End of Update)

Hola a todos. Gay marriage in the US is relatively new historically speaking. It’s so new in our breeder-brainwashed heteronormative US society where we are bombarded with images of “him and her” 24/7 for most people to remember or think that a guy can be married to another guy (or a female can be married to another female) when they see a wedding ring on his (or her in the case of a lesbian) left hand fourth finger. The left hand fourth finger is the finger that breeders wear their wedding rings on. Someone who does not know the two gay guys (the gay couple) will likely assume without thinking that they are two straight/breeders guys hanging out together when they see their left hand fourth finger wedding rings. That image of a wedding ring on the left hand fourth finger signifying that “a man and a woman” are married has been cemented in people’s mind for generations. So I must ask: why are Queers/Gay couples in the US wearing their wedding ring on their left hand fourth finger if they’re not trying to deceive people into thinking they are straight/breeders? I thought it was common knowledge that Queers wore their wedding rings on their right hand fourth finger as they do throughout Europe.

A married gay male couple wearing their wedding rings on their right-hand fourth finger; not trying to deceive others into thinking they’re straight/breeders.

The custom/tradition of Queers wearing their wedding ring on their right-hand fourth finger — whether legally married or not — goes back to at least 1983-85 in Europe. “We’re married as far as we’re concerned whether the country we live in here in Europe allows same-sex marriage or not” seemed to have been the thinking before countries allowed marriage equality. Examples of this can be seen in a performance of the Brahms Piano Concerto No. 1 with pianist Krystian Zimerman with Leonard Bernstein conducting the Wiener Philharmoniker. In that performance, some members of the Orchestra (one of the clarinetists, for example) as well as Krystian are wearing a right-hand wedding ring. This custom has continued in the EU after countries — such as Deutschland/Germany — have legalised gay marriage, as can be seen by observing the right-hand of many Queer orchestral players, especially members of one of my favourites, hr-Sinfonieorchester/the superb Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra. (They have a gorgeous string section).

From my observations, unlike in the US, there seems to be a well-represented alive and well Queer Community in the European Union (EU). And in the EU, Queers seem to be much more comfortable with themselves and their Queer sexuality than many if not most corporate-conformist Queers over here in the US of Insanity, having been brainwashed with “Breeder Superiority.” For example, in the EU, I see so many musicians in their major orchestras throughout Europe who are Queer — gay guys and lesbians — wearing their wedding rings on their right hand fourth finger. The same for some Queer news reporters. I’ve read that they wear their wedding ring on their right hand fourth finger (what I call “the Queer finger”) because they don’t want to be confused with or mistaken for a breeder. Good for them! At least they get it! At least they haven’t given themselves a heteronormative makeover to emulate, be as much like and model themselves after the dysfunctional breeders — with their over 50% divorce rate — as Queers in the US of Insanity have done.

Then you come over here to The Cesspool/the US — only if you have to! — and many heteronormative corporatist Queers in the US of Insanity have sanitised, tried to disguise and hide their gay marriage, and really, have tried to hide gay anything! Loco./Crazy. Why have they done that? To be like the breeders following the order to “Assimilate with the straights” after gay marriage became legal in the US of Insanity. Is there anything left that these corporate-conformist heteronormative Queers haven’t sanitised to be like the breeders? Sigh./Ugh. What fucked up in the head conformist people.

Mi amigo/My friend told me the other day that he’s seeing more and more left hand wedding rings on guy’s hands at his gym. I asked: Are they straight or Queer guys? He said and I quote: “How do you know? How can you tell these days who is straight and who is gay even with the best gaydar in many cases? They’re mostly these new hard-assed macho jock residents. I saw one of the guys from my former (gay) gym and he’s now wearing a wedding ring on his left hand fourth finger. Is he married to a female or a guy? Who knows?”

I have a question for the corporate-conformist heteronormative gay couples in the US of Insanity that this article applies to: How much more do you plan to do to sanitise yourselves into looking like and being like the breeders/straights as you have done since gay marriage became legal in the US of Insanity?

And sanitising one’s gay marriage and oneself of any Queer symbols is what the Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement fought for and worked for over decades? To be exactly like the breeders is what the Movement fought for over decades? I wasn’t aware of that. It’s not what I and the Queers I know worked for.


Unfortunately, the Movement got hijacked at some point by heteronormative corporatist conformists because I had no idea that most Queers wanted to be an exact replica of breeders. That’s news to me and I never heard anyone say that during the days of the Movement. I had no idea that was the goal of the Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement which is why some of us are having trouble understanding the Queers in the US that this article is intended for. You seem to have fucking flipped-out since gay marriage became legal here in The Cesspool/the US of Insanity/los Estados Unidos. Has everyone gone insane?

Since gay marriage became legal in the US, you’ve sanitised yourselves to extreme of any Queer symbols as if ashamed of them and as if there’s something wrong with them.

Some of you have gone to such extreme measures to sanitise your gay marriage by pretending you’re married to the opposite gender by wearing your wedding rings on the “breeder finger” (the left hand fourth finger), again, which is the same finger that breeders/straights wear their wedding rings on. Loco./Crazy.

Why are you doing that? That’s gay wedding ring deception. When I see that, I see someone who is not fully comfortable with their gay sexuality. Maybe some psychotherapy would help? But it’s probably too late for that since you’ve already been brainwashed with Breeder Superiority and Breeder Brainwashing. Are you trying to deceive people into thinking you’re a breeder especially when you’re not with your partner? Why would you do that?

To those for whom this article is directed, how do you expect for someone who does not know you to know or assume that you’re gay/Queer when they see that wedding ring on your “breeder finger?” Or is that your intent? To deceive? To lie about yourself? Or have none of you thought of this? Are you trying to deceive people into thinking you’re straight/a breeder with your gay wedding ring deception?

Queers who are comfortable with themselves and their sexuality wear their wedding rings on their (what I call) “Queer finger” which is the right hand fourth finger as they do throughout Europe. Why do the Queers in the US of Insanity feel they must be different than their European counterparts?

Or are you so delusional and live under the illusion that your gay relationship is no different than that of the breeders. Well it might not be any different to you, but I can tell you it most assuredly is different to the breeders or many of them who don’t even like seeing two gay guys kissing. Are you not aware of that? Depending upon where you live, some of the breeders might see your gay marriage as no different than their (dysfunctional) straight marriage. But if you live around Jacksonville Florida, they don’t want to see your Queer relationship. Read: They didn’t like “the gay kiss” about a television station in Jacksonville Florida that was bombarded with complaints from viewers in December 2018 after the station showed two gay guys kissing on their newscast.

This also shatters that lie that the anti-gay conservative trash like to spew about, “Gay people can live anywhere,” which of course is rubbish. The reason conservatives say that is because they have never liked gay meccas, they want to kick out “those faggots” and make these areas straight and “normal” again. I heard the conservative merchant trash around The Castro — the then-owner of Café Fl*re, for example — spew that lie about “Gay people can live anywhere” as he and others were pushing to sanitise The Castro for the breeders and their baby strollers who were moving in.

Note to idiot conservatives (that’s one-in-the-same isn’t it?): Gay people can’t “live anywhere” even in the closet you bigots for fear of their safety. And conservatives are the ones who gay-bash and engage in violence towards Queers (especially trans individuals), so of course conservatives would hold that bigoted view. Los Pendejos.

It wasn’t that long ago that the breeders complained about Queers “shoving your Queer sexuality in our breeder faces.” Oh their hypocrisy. Clearly it’s fine when the breeders “shove their breeder sexuality in our Queer faces” like they enjoy doing in San Francisco’s Castro with their left hand fourth finger wedding rings, their make-out sessions and their family pictures of him and her and the kids on the desk and bookshelf at work to let everyone know they’re a breeder. Their blatant hypocrisy and homophobia is noted.

As a Queer person, are you comfortable with your gay wedding ring deception? If it were reversed, I suspect that most breeders would not want to be confused with or mistaken for a Queer person. So why would you want to be mistaken for or confused with a breeder?

Is there some gay shame within you where you’re thinking, “But breeders are normal and gays aren’t?” Again, you might want to believe that your relationship/marriage is no different than that of the breeders. It shouldn’t be any different, but reality is that it is and especially for gay guys: Related: Gay guys are not equal.

One well-known example of gay wedding ring deception is heteronormative E**en. Ugh. Isn’t she considered one of the darlings/gods of the now-dead “gay community?” I think so. I have to admit I wouldn’t walk across a small room to see her if she were on the other side. In fact, I’d probably leave the room. I liked her when she first started out in her “career,” but she’s not the same person she was then. I think wealth and celebrity-status changed her. Nearly every time I go on U-toob, for some reason there’s an image that’s shoved in my face of her sitting on her show set. Even though I don’t watch her show, the image shown for E**en — who is a millionaire worth at least $87.5M USD as of 07.18. She gets that much for acting stupid, silly and making other stupid people laugh? — shows her sitting on her sanitised corporate set in her white chair looking like Ms Corporate Conservative in her drab dark (usually black or grey) conservative suit complete with turtleneck. What happened to her? She looks corporate and conservative. There’s nothing “rad(ical)” about E**en from what I see. I think E**en runs from “rad.” Isn’t she very pro-Establishment as a millionaire corporatist? That’s what wealth can do to many people. She sanitised herself like the majority of the now-dead “gay community” have done. Does she pretend to be a “liberal” or “progressive” while supporting the right-wing corrupt corporate “Democratic” Party Cult? She’s another brainwashed partisan, I do know that otherwise she wouldn’t be an Obamabot who worships and glories the celebrity Obamas. I saw an image of E**en and celebrity Michelle doing a little dance together on her set to entertain the sheeple. (roll eyes) Such substantive material. What a waste of air time! I guess the high-pitched, shrill screaming girls in her studio audience — does she still have them; probably a new group by now? — were hysterical over that little dance. If only they could get that excited over something that really mattered of importance in most people’s lives! But that’s not what shallow and superficial people do. Being an Obamabot, I presume that E**en approved of Obama greatly expanding on the right-wing neocon policies of the illegitimate Bush regime and the number of innocent people Obama’s policies killed. Is E**len aware of any of that? And none of these White House residents seem to come with any semblance of a conscience, no matter how many times they tear on camera for the benefit of the gullible partisan sheeple who fall for such stunts.

Like many misinformed Queers, does E**en think that her messiah Obama is responsible for gay marriage? He’s not. Obama had no idea how his two nominees to the US Supreme Court would vote on anything while sitting on the court. In fact, his nominee Ellen Kagan later voted in favour of the anti-gay Colorado cake baker who refused to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple. How fast one forgets all of that.

Does E**en still call herself a lesbian or does Ms Corporate Conservative with her revisionist history corporate “Brand LGBT” nonsense use the “identify” word which gives the impression that one can change one’s sexuality by how one “identifies.” As in, “I identify as a lesbian (today).” How will you “identify” tomorrow? (roll eyes) Groan.

The only time I watched her show (or a clip of it rather) in recent years was when she had a guest on from the español language network Univisión. Of course she mispronounced “Univisión” and though it was funny that she mangled it. That’s often the way shallow USians are when it comes to pronouncing words from other international languages, unfortunately. Her guest from Univisión had to pronounce the network name correctly for Ms Willfully-Ignorant E**en. A prepared show host and mature comedian wouldn’t find it funny to disrespect other languages and would have rehearsed it before the show so as not to look like an español-illiterate idiot. Then there’s E**en. Moments later, she felt the need to make some comment about how “hot” he was, which came off to me as if she were pretending to be a straight woman/a breeder. I thought: WTF is wrong with her? That’s one reason I referred to her earlier as heteronormative. I’ve not known any lesbians that I can think of who referred to a guy as “hot.”

The only reason I’m writing about this woman is because, again, heteronormative E**en also chooses gay wedding ring deception by wearing her wedding ring on her “breeder finger” as you can see in the image here (give it time to load). When she’s in public, I suppose most people might recognise E**en from television but I doubt most people would recognise her partner, so when people see one without the other, people would likely assume when seeing that wedding ring on their “breeder finger:” “Oh, she’s married to a man (now). About time. Now she’s normal.”

Another example of gay wedding ring deception is a Queer clothing designer who shall remain nameless. He’s from New York City. He’s on one of the major shopping networks. Every time I see him he’s wearing conformist all-black clothing from head-to-toe. He even has black-framed glasses and black sneakers. No black nail polish though. Guess he hasn’t thought of that yet. He seems to be obsessed with wearing Millennial-black even though he’s not a Millennial. He’s extremely conformist which perhaps speaks to some deep insecurities? He married his partner/boyfriend awhile back. I’ve seen images of the two together at their la boda/wedding. On television, he wears his rather large wedding band on his “breeder finger” (left hand fourth finger). But he’s a Queer boy, so why is he doing that? He looks like he’s trying to be heteronormative. He wants the (mostly female?) viewers to think he’s a breeder/straight. Because the viewing audience of this rather conservative network he’s on would not likely think about gay marriage when they see his wedding ring on “the breeder finger.” The audience will likely think he has a wife, which I think is what he wants them to think. Because on one occasion, a female caller told him that through his designs she could tell how much he loves women. (roll eyes. Oh good lawd, does the woman have no gaydar at all?) He told her, “Oh that’s such a nice thing for you to say” followed by some other syrupy words. He didn’t say to her, “I’m gay, I’m Queer, so no, I don’t love women. I just love their money that they spend when they buy my designs/clothes here on this network.” Well obviously he couldn’t say that on air but he could have said part of the following: “Nice of you to call and I do enjoy designing clothes for women such as yourself. You may notice that I do design clothes in various colours even though I never wear colour myself. I’m always in this drab-black get up that you see me wearing here on this set as if I’m either on my way to or coming back from a funeral.” So on television, this gay guy is essentially a closet case married to another gay guy. I wonder how his partner feels about that, or is he a closet case too? Mi amigo/My friend said: I’d love to have heard the conversation that took place between he and his partner about putting the wedding ring(s) on “the breeder finger.” What kind of brain calisthenics did they have to jump through to justify that? I said: Oh it probably went something like this: I’m putting my wedding ring on the “breeder finger” because of the fashion industry I’m in. Everyone knows that the moda/fashion industry has never had any Queer people in it at all, ever, never. So that I fit in with my conservative (anti-Queer?) female audience, I want them to think I’m a breeder/I’m straight so they will continue to buy my designs. It’s fine with me if I deceive them — to me it’s all about the money and not any integrity or self-respect as a gay guy on my part. I’m fine with deceiving them and to make them think “I love women” just like that caller told me. I’m quite comfortable with living a lie on television and anywhere else in my life where someone thinks I’m straight. Isn’t that what our Movement worked for over decades? (roll eyes)

And I should also point out that some of the show hosts on this network according to my very reliable gaydar are Queer, but they too pretend to be a breeder and talk on occasion about having a partner of the opposite gender, and about the kids. I remember feeling a bit stunned when one of the show hosts who I would have bet money on is a lesbian was talking on air about her husband. Husband? Who is she trying to fool, I asked? Her audience apparently. She too wants the audience to think she’s a breeder. Or does she call her female partner her “husband.” Even if that were the case, the audience would not know that and they would assume she’s talking about a guy.

There’s another male clothing designer representative — a closet case, as far as I’m concerned — on the same network who I’ve always thought was gay and would have bet money on it. I found a post of his while writing this article where he wrote, “Yep, I’m not gay.” That he was asked whether he’s gay is revealing. Obviously other people think he is gay too. And of course he gave the expected answer that closet cases always give. But was his version of that answer supposed to be a joke? I mean, it sounds like a double-negative. Shouldn’t that be, “No, I’m not gay.” Maybe it was a joke since it began with “Yep,….” He’s more feminine than some of the female models on the network, and has written other comments about the time he spends with his mother. Straight guys don’t usually talk about the time they spend with their mothers, do they? (No.) That’s considered to be a “momma’s boy” and a “sissy.” I showed an image of this clothing designer to mi amigo. He said, “Oh yeah, I remember him. He’s straight all right. Another closet case.”

As some of us see it, the order to “Assimilate with the straights (the breeders)” was the night the so-called “gay community” died. Fin. The End. And things have been dead ever since.

Interestingly, I read this while writing this article:

“Marriage equality was widely regarded as the last frontier for gay-rights activists.” [Source]. That’s the first time I have read that anywhere. So it wasn’t my imagination that gay marriage becoming legal was the end of the Movement when I wrote this article: What was the ultimate goal of the Gay Rights Movement?

There’s been nothing since.

These day the only thing I see people doing is seeing how many more fucking letters they can add to that ridiculous acronym, which has now grown to this length: The official acronym is now: LGBTQQICAPF2K+. Have you ever seen anything more ridiculous? It almost looks like some variant of a barcode.

Forget these letters. We’re Queer or Gay. Period. Take your pick. Or use both, as I do. Here’s the thing: I thought the conformist-corporatist Queers wanted to be like the breeders? Well, the breeders don’t have any ridiculous letters/acronyms. They’re just called straight or breeders (or heterosexuals, a word I don’t particularly like). Period. So why do Queers (still) have these long strings of letters? Related: Lea DeLaria: The LGBTQIA+ acronym is divisive.


As some of us see it — including our little local group of Queers here in San Francisco — the tombstone for the grave of the so-called “gay community” (whatever that means) reads: “Assimilate with the straights.” That has translated into Queers going back in the closet in many cases and or marrying their partner but in many cases unfortunately wearing their wedding ring on the “breeder finger,” another example of Queers sanitising themselves to be like the breeders.

Just as most Queers have run from our Queer radical past and have adopted more traditional, conservative, heteronormative breeder behaviour and Establishment institutions.

Marriage is one of those institutions since marriage is a very conservative heteronormative institution. It’s as if many gays and lesbians completely lost themselves and said:

“I want to be a breeder, or just like them, even though I protested breeders/straights for decades during the now-dead Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement. Just ignore my hypocrisy over those decades. I want to be a breeder now.”

Insanity, and this seems to be a mostly US phenomenon.

The tombstone on the grave of the now-dead “gay community” also tells the story about how most Queers (at least here in conformist San Francisco) have thoroughly sanitised themselves of any and all Queer symbols on their person that indicated to others that they are Queer. They removed their Rainbow Flags, their Trans Flags, their Bear Flags, their Leather Flags from their person and backpack/shoulderbag and put them back in the closet, often along with themselves in many cases. Gay guys have removed their earrings — because breeder guys don’t wear earrings — and put them in the closet. Remember bling? Bling earrings were a major fad here in The Castro among Queers guys. Almost everyone was wearing bling. But as I remember it, bling disappeared almost literally overnight after the dictate to “Assimilate with the (white) straights” was given. Those sparkly bling earrings went back in the closet (along with the Queer boy?) right after the “Assimilate with the straights” order was given. I specified “white” breeders up above because some Black and Latino/Hispano breeder guys wore bling then and still do here in 2019. I still wear mine. Also, gay guys have gone to conservative hairstyles to look like the breeder guys. Gone are the hawks and faux hawks for the most part. “Rad” and “alternative” is out. Adamant conformist is in. Conform! Obey! Wear black and grey.

Gay guys want to look like the breeder jock bros as gay guys try to be more heteronormative. Some gay guys pretend to be “bi” even though they have no interests in females. They think “bi” makes them sound more “macho” and more like the breeders. (Note: I’m not referring to the genuine bi people; I’m talking about the frauds, the liars, the fakes). Lesbians want to look like straight women as they try to be more heteronormative.

The only time one sees or hears “Out and Proud” anymore (remember that slogan?) is on that one day a year now known as Pride, Inc. Note they’ve even removed the word “Gay” from “Pride.” Even “Pride” has been sanitised by these heteronormative corporate assholes. Was that done to cater to the breeders who might be uncomfortable with the word “gay?” It’s always good to cater to the breeders, isn’t it? Like the Castro merchants have done by ruining The Castro (Related: “Queering The Castro”). Yes, even “SF Pride” (as it’s called in San Francisco) has been hijacked by corporations, by the Military Industrial Complex and ugly nationalism. (Related: The Queer Equality March began with the US National Anthem? WTF?, and Queers glorying war on Gay Freedom Day Weekend. Just more insanity in Queer’s desperate attempt to emulate the breeders. At least in San Francisco, “Pride, Inc.” has essentially become a breeder-hijacked event to party, get drunk and to make out under Rainbow Flags.

Gay guys are certainly not “Out and Proud” when they en masse describe themselves in closet case language — such as in their sex personals — by using words such as “discreet” and “down low.” What are they ashamed of that they think they must be “discreet” and “down low?” What happened to “Out and Proud?” That’s passé too. One can’t be “Out and Proud” and also “discreet” and “down low.” They are a contradiction in terms.

I’ve seen the now-dead “gay community” become more and more conservative, some wearing US flag shirts (I never saw that during The Movement), even becoming “rah, rah” for barbaric US militarism, which is the opposite of the pro-peace beliefs of the original Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement. It caused me to write this article: Why do Queers want to kill other Queers ?

If one desperately wanted to be a breeder, one would be marrying a person of the opposite gender. Well some are! You can’t make this shit up! And if one did that, I’d have to seriously question why Queers worked decades for equal rights including gay marriage when, in the end, (some) Queers were ultimately going to marry someone of the opposite gender which some have done and continue to do here in the Century of Insanity. Related: More back to the 1950s: Gay guys marrying females in droves. Sad. Insanity. Why would a Queer person marry someone of the opposite gender, unless s/he has gay shame and has gone back in the closet? Loco.

All things considered, does one now understand why I and others say that it seems that the so-called “gay community” (whatever that means now, not much) has completely fucking flipped out?! Geezus.

What one sees is mass insanity as one passes by the tombstone of the grave of the dead so-called “gay community.”

Then on television and on U-toob, so often I see Queer guys trying to deceive the viewer into thinking that they are a breeder by wearing their gay wedding ring on their left hand fourth finger (“the breeder finger.”)

I’ve said this countless times but to any first time readers:

“San Francisco has lost its soul.”

That’s a phrase I’ve heard longtime residents say in the last couple of years. And they absolutely cannot stand The Castro now. They call it: “Corporatised, Disney-fied, there’s no art or culture anymore, the people suck, nobody cares about anything anymore, it’s no longer a fun place, everybody is on their phone.” I agree with all of that. Overall, San Francisco has become a very cold (I’m not referring to the weather), snotty, lobotomised conservative City due partly to the conservative agenda of the conservatives in the so-called “gay community” of the past. This was rather shocking to me at the time because I never knew there were any conservative Queers. I had never known any. But their intent was to sanitise “The Proudly Radical Castro” for the conservative/prudish breeders and their children who were moving in here and complaining about the neighbourhood. Intelligent people don’t move to a neighbourhood they don’t like, but these assholes did with the intention of changing it to the way they wanted it with the help of conservative Queers. (Related: Sexual Freedom and Revolution). The conservatives said, “It’s time for the gay community to grow up.” Translation: It’s time for the so-called “gay community” to become conservatives like us conservative prudes. And that’s what happened, not just here in San Francisco but in other cities as well, such as: Chelsea: The Death of a Gay Neighborhood, Murdered by Neo-Hetero-Homophobes. Also, West Hollywood puts the Rainbow Flag back in the closet.

I’ve heard longtime residents say, “I avoid The Castro especially on the weekends. It makes me angry to go there. I don’t need that in my life. I don’t like walking down 17th Street to The Castro because all you see is this stream of him and hers with a baby stroller usually, watch them pause to have a make-out session, then you get to Castro and Market Streets and you’ll see what looks like a gay guy trying to be straight and making out with a woman. A couple of people told me: In some cases it is a gay guy that I’ve seen here for years and he’s gotten himself a girlfriend it looks like to be “normal” must be his thinking (gay shame). We didn’t see this before this “Assimilate with the straights” shit started.

While writing this article, mi amigo/my friend asked me to add: Today, one merely sees remnants of what used to be the gay community every now and then here in San Francisco. And even with those remnants, it’s not obvious that the person is Queer. They are back in the closet or appear to be. One usually has to guess — which is not the way it used to be — because often they too are sanitised and trying to hide their gay sexuality. He also came to me and said he just watched two guys on U-toob who were more than obviously Queer boys but both had a big gaudy wedding ring on their left hand fourth finger. He didn’t know what to make of that. He asked: Are they married to each other or are they married to another guy, or are they married to a female? If they wore their weddings rings on the “Queer finger,” we would only be asking two of those questions: 1) Are they married to each other or 2) married to another guy? Mi amigo walked away in frustration and disgust and said, “You know, I think we have to just forget about the wedding rings. Add that to the list of insanity here in the US with the deceased heteronormative gay community. Just as we try to forget about that ‘LGBT’ revisionist history nonsense that one sees used all over the internet by the conformists.

Still in the closet in 2019?

During the now-dead Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement, we worked so hard for many thing including coming out of the closet to be ourselves. So it leaves me with a deep sense of depression whenever I see a Queer boy who is obviously a closet case and doesn’t have the cojones to come out of the closet bouncing down the sidewalk holding hands with some giddy female as they head into San Francisco’s Breeder Mecca (The Castro, the former Gay Mecca). They’re going to The Castro presumably to drink, get drunk and make out under Rainbow Flags and later have straight sex, even though my reliable gaydar tells me he’s gay.

One gets the impression that The Castro is now the only place in San Francisco where breeders (or rather closet cases) come to have “straight sex.” I talked with one Queer guy in my apartment building recently about this and he said, “I don’t even go into The Castro anymore to the bars because of all the straight girls there.”

And finally, despite all this talk about being like the breeders/straights and “Assimilating with the straights” it must be pointed out that some of the perceived breeders/straights are not straight at all. They’re closet cases having been brainwashed with Breeder Brainwashing and Breeder Brainwashing: Another gay guy marries a woman. They’re Queer. They followed “The Heteronormative Family Script” meaning: “We, your family, expect you to get a girl, get married and pump out babies.” Some of these gay guys who married females finally do come out of the closet such as this gay guy who was married to a woman for years and they pumped out several children:
This Gay Mormon Man Who Got Famous For Marrying A Straight Woman Is Getting Divorced. I would hope that a guy such as this should he get married to another guy at some point will wear his wedding ring on his “Queer finger” (right hand fourth finger) rather than engage in gay wedding ring deception.

There is a tad bit of good news when it comes to gay male couples, although it’s about the UK and not the US of Insanity:

In the UK: Gay male couples least likely to divorce and break up. “Researchers have found same-sex male couples are twice as likely as not to break up as lesbians …. Women in same-sex relationships are 1.5 times as likely as heterosexual couples to have broken up. Lesbian couples ‘most likely’ to break up.”

But back over here in The Cesspool, one should expect to see even more of this gay wedding ring deception and closeted behaviour as we as a society race back to the 1940-50s, where other negative aspects of life and “battles fought” that some of us thought were long gone are indeed returning.

Is there anyone reading this who thinks this can’t happen: Could the orange despot overturn marriage equality?
“D*nald Tr*mp had said he would “strongly consider” overturning the Supreme Court’s June 2015 decision to give same-sex couples the right to marry.” Wouldn’t surprise me in the least if he were to do that. I’ve been expecting it. One does remember that vehemently anti-Queer P*nce is in the office of “vice president,” correct?

I read a headline on one site the other day. It read: “Who came out as gay in 2018?” That article shouldn’t take up too much ink. But I think they would need new server space for an article that read: “Who went back in the closet in 2018…and married females to be like the breeders?” That article would be as thick as a dictionary.

Then there was a headline about a Queer couple — who shall remain nameless — who have “a new daughter.” Again, trying to be just like the breeders by having children. Repeating myself again, I really didn’t know that being an exact replica of the breeders was the ultimate goal of our Movement. And I don’t think it was. As I said earlier, our Movement was hijacked by heteronormative corporatists. Just like lesbians hijacked our Movement with their sexist “LGBT” (it’s sexist because it’s the “ladies go first” mentality) bull shit when they didn’t do most of the work — gay guys and trans people were the main activists — so lesbians don’t deserve first place in that silly acronym.

“The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.” It’s a time-honoured saying and very true. That saying is engraved on the tombstone of the grave of the now-dead “gay community” because they failed to remain vigilant. And at the rate things are going, to some of us who are paying attention it feels like we will have to start all over again at some point. Chau.—el barrio rosa


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“Gay and Lesbian Marriage. Instead of wearing wedding bands on their left hands, gay and lesbian couples often choose to wear rings on their right hands instead. Within gay and lesbian communities, the right-handed ring is an instantly recognizable marker of a monogamous relationship, and even marriage within the states that have legalized it.”

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2 comments on “Gay Wedding Ring Deception

  1. E in Sunnyvale

    Maybe it’s because of my somewhat sheltered life, but until you mentioned it here, I never even knew about wearing wedding rings on the right vs. left hand as a symbol of being queer. I wonder how many others simply don’t know about it…

    1. el barrio rosa Post author

      Hola E, you know, I would go with that but as rabid and adamantly conformist as they have been on Brand “LGBT,” and other requirements since the assimilation dictate was given, how could they have possibly missed the detail of Queer wedding rings = right-hand fourth finger? Gracias for your comments.

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