“Gay People Can Live Anywhere? Gay Is Now Mainstream?”


I rarely quote people or even like to do so, but I will in this instance: “The Price of Freedom is Eternal Vigilance.”—attributed to Thomas Jefferson

Hola. We’re going backwards very quickly. Anyone noticing?

Mi amigo and I often mock the wishful-thinking idiots of the so-called “gay community” who stood before television cameras in the past and made fools of themselves by making the ludicrous statements that “Gay People Can Live Anywhere Now” and/or “Gay Is Now Mainstream.” We heard some GLBTQ spokespersons make those wishful-thinking statements following the US Supreme Court’s ruling legalising same-gender/gay marriage here in The Imperialistic Empire/the US. Apparently the people who said this stuff don’t possess any critical thinking skills at all.

Being gay is hardly “mainstream,” unless by that one means that the word “gay” is spoken on a mainstream corporate network newscast on the odd occasion. If gay were “mainstream” why do so many gay guys say they are “discreet,” “down-low and even “closeted” in their personal sex ads? Gay “Pride” seems to only apply to one day a year which in San Francisco has turned into a thoroughly corporate party mainly attended by “straight” people. As I’ve pointed out before, since I heard that ridiculous pronouncement (“gay is now mainstream”), none of the programming on my “mainstream” corporate television has changed at all. If anything, it’s become even more heteronormative. I see nothing but chauvinistic and sexist “straight” couples (the required: tall-him, short-her) holding hands, her gazing up to him as if he’s her daddy, him looking down at her as if she’s his little daughter, in-your-face make-out sessions and then moments later they’re arguing with each other in a major dysfunction, then they’re fawning over each other, feeding each other, him opening her door for her (she can’t open her own door? jesus! how does la mujer/the woman get up in the mornings?), him pulling out her chair for her (is the woman really that helpless and weak that she can’t pull out a chair? LOL. Why doesn’t she pull out his chair for him?…it works both ways!), them smiling at each other, then they’re about to have sex before the camera moves away (thank goodness we don’t have to watch that!). Him getting down on one knee to give her a ring. (Ugh. That predictable, overused routine; why get down on a knee to give her a ring? Just stand up and give it to her.) I wouldn’t do well as a “straight” person. I don’t have the patience for all that bull shit that’s expected and required of “straight” people/couples. No wonder they have such a high divorce rate. Who could put up with that nonsense? Gay people don’t have all that bull shit and we’re usually the same height and not this him-dominant over her-submissive head trip. Then there’s the camera showing the “straight” couple holding hands for a car commercial? WTF? Are they trying to sell this “straight” couple or the car? Loco. Yes, it’s “straight” content for programming and commercials 24-hours a day, and I’m sick of it. One programme I was watching until recently (Gran Hermano) — I’m thoroughly turned off by it now — on Telemundo has unfortunately had anti-gay comments in it. And the bigot(s) will probably be awarded for their bigotry by receiving the grand prize of $250,000USD.

So yes, “gay is mainstream” most assuredly. In one’s dreams. Being gay will never be mainstream in my lifetime from what I’m seeing.

So it came as no surprise to me and mi amigo when we read this headline in the past 48 hours (I’ve changed the wording slightly for copyright purposes):

North Carolina revokes transgender and gay protections
The state of North Carolina in The Cesspool/the US has a new law that bans the cities and counties of the state of NC from having their own anti-discrimination laws.

Then last week:

Mi amigo was walking in — what I call — “Straightsville,” which is now Market Street in San Francisco between Castro and Church Street. He said it was packed out, entirely “straight” and the place looked like a nursery with all the babies and baby strollers clogging the sidewalks. (It seems that no one believes in birth control in the New Conservative San Francisco; having as many babies as possible seems to be the goal). I said to mi amigo: You didn’t see any Queer couples at all? He said: I saw two gay couples holding hands. Then the “straight” couple with children ahead of me looked at the two gay couples holding hands with a very disapproving, mouths wide open and frowning look as if they’d never seen gay people or a gay couple before and they did not approve of the couples holding hands. I was disgusted to hear that. I had wondered when that would start happening around here. Yes, this is happening in San Francisco’s former Gay Mecca, people. Is anyone paying attention? Look up from your phone on occasion to see what’s going on right around you. The guy you’re desperately searching for on that phone with your sex apps just walked by you but you didn’t see him because you’re too busy hunched over and fucking with your phone. Smartphones: Transforming society into a sea of stupid: “Technology can enable us reach out to people in ways that were never possible before, but at the same time, it is also extremely capable of bringing out the absolute worst of humanity as well.”

The reality is that gay people might be able to live anywhere now in the closet (but even that’s questionable). But as “out” gay people, that’s not at all the case. For example:

Violent Anti-GLBTQ Hate Crimes On The Rise After Marriage Equality Ruling

We had previously read this:

“Gay Couple Doused With Scalding Water:” A gay couple in the US state of Georgia was severely burned after mom’s lover doused them with scalding water. The attacker may be charged with a hate crime.” May be charged with a hate crime?

I’ve thought that at some point the Gay Rights’ Movement would have to start up all over again — it died after that Supreme Court ruling mentioned above — as we go backwards to a previous era very quickly, an era before the Gay Rights’ Movement began. What was the ultimate goal of the Gay Rights Movement? Most GLBTQs don’t seem to understand that one’s rights are not guaranteed permanently even in laws because laws can be revoked. From all we’re seeing here in San Francisco, gay activism is absolutely dead today, as if all has been accomplished. GLBTQs have replaced their activism with partying, corporate sports teams, becoming corporatists, becoming conservative and being “entertained” with their new toy: their smartphone stupidphone. As people, they’ve become the opposite of who and what they were for decades as if trying to rewrite their history or erase their past. GLBTQs can’t expect to keep their rights — even though they naïvely do — when rights can be revoked, as we’re seeing in North Carolina. I would expect what has happened in North Carolina to spread to other states. That’s the way it usually works. Chau.—el barrio rosa


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4 comments on ““Gay People Can Live Anywhere? Gay Is Now Mainstream?”

  1. FedUp!

    Where are people getting this idea that being gay is now mainstream? Let me take a guess. It’s because some major “mainstream” corporations to protect their profit margins say they will move out of a state that passes anti-gay laws. It’s all about the almighty dollar and their profit margins to them. Rather than say that, today they say it’s about “being inclusive” and “not discriminating.” Huh! Other than some major corporate policies that have become pro-gay which might explain why many gays and lesbians have become such corporatists as you would say and I agree to “eat corporate ass,” I don’t see the general public being pro-gay or gay being mainstream. The corporate media are abysmal in this regard like this article points out and they must not think the general public is pro-gay either judging by their programs and ads. There’s still lots of prejudice out there.

  2. E in Sunnyvale

    Hello again! – thanks for this article.

    As someone who is transgender[1], one of the reasons I moved back to the bay area from northern Illinois (I grew up in the bay area) was to be able to find who I am and be myself in a more accepting environment. I’ve been noticing how much LESS accepting it is around here in the last couple years, and now I’m trying to get my things together to move AGAIN to a more accepting (and affordable) area.

    I haven’t had any real hate directed toward me (yet, but I’m a fairly low-key person), but I have seen the open-mouthed stares, giggles, nasty comments, and other assorted idiocy when gay or trans people are being themselves openly and not hiding in the closet like they want us to be. This is all a form of aggression (or micro-aggression) that is directed towards GLBTQ people. It’s intended to make us feel bad for being who we are, or in many cases, feel suicidal (yep, been there). It’s a rapid return to the dark ages here, plus so many people here now are so conformist and image/status-obsessed, that they’re terrified of ever being true to themselves. I guess they’re more interested in being seen in some place expensive and not having to look at the “fags and trannies” (yes, I heard those words spoken last time I was in SF).

    And yeah, I so agree about the sports obsession that’s taken hold here lately. I don’t feel very safe around most sports fans; they’re typically fueled by an excess of testosterone (or maybe not enough?), and compensating for their personal shortcomings. Combined with alcohol, this creates a volatile mixture – the kind where trans people nearby might become another statistic[2].

    [1]: Yes, I know that being trans is quite a different experience from being gay, and some folks say we shouldn’t be part of the GLBTQ alphabet soup. But we have more in common than most realize, and since there’s safety (and power) in numbers, we can either work together, or be divided and conquered. I think it’s clear that those are the only choices we have.

    [2]: A transgender person is being murdered every 21 hours (Brazil seems to be the worst place now): http://planettransgender.com/globally-one-trans-person-is-murdered-every-21-hours-with-brazil-leading-the-way/

  3. San Francisco Resident

    fyi – “San Francisco mayor bans city workers from traveling to North Carolina”

    Do city employees ever travel to North Carolina? Not a major destination for them I wouldn’t think. I call this public relations. The irony here is that the mayor has refused to fly the transgender flag from the balcony of city hall but flies any other flag he wants to fly.

  4. D8

    Talking with friends one thing we can’t understand is why so many in the gay commuinty got this new-found interest in sports and became sports jocks, not that they play sports but watch games and drink….being like the str8s. The gay sports bar opened around the same time but other cities had gay sports bars before SF. With the gay mecca city, sports was not even on the radar, that I knew about – nothing like it is now. It was more about culture and the arts then which has gone and been replaced with corp. sports and the things listed in the article. The #1 art store in SF is moving to Oakland to make way for a huge luxury condo building. I hear the same thing is happening in NYC. I heard a New Yorker say recently that there’s not much there now that things have been sanitized. Manhattan’s a playground for the wealthy like SF is becoming.

Fin. The End.