Will Corporate and Sanitised Gay Pride Parades and Events Decline and Eventually Die?

Hola, I asked some amigos their opinion about whether Corporate and Sanitised (so-called “Family-Friendly…I can’t stand that!) Gay Pride Parades and related events would begin to decline and eventually die in the US of Hypocrisy? Mis amigos/my friends all said yes they thought that would be the case after giving it some thought. The reason they gave — and I agree with them — was that, as they put it, “It’s all been accomplished now, you know.” They were of course being very sarcastic because there are so many problems facing GLBTQs1., but one wouldn’t know that because one gets the impression that marriage and military have been and are the only goals of the now-dead Gay Rights’ Movement, and those two goals have officially been accomplished. So what’s left to do? Nothing. Fin. The End. So why continue to have monotonous, corporate, sanitised mobile corporate commercials in the streets officially called “Pride” parades when the goals have been accomplished?

Screw the past where GLBTQs stood for peace in decades past and wore peace signs. Peace is so, “last year,” don’t you think? [sarcasm intended]. GLBTQs were absolutely desperate to openly serve in the bloated US Military Industrial Complex Killing MachineTM, and now they are allowed to (supposedly) openly serve as GLBTQs in that anti-gay/macho culture of the US military. The house and senate voted to repeal, “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (DADT)” and Obama signed it. (Related: The end of “don’t ask, don’t tell” in the US military. From that article: “…Even with the repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell,” it is all but certain that chilling cases will emerge of persecution and brutality against gay and lesbian soldiers.” In reality, “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” continues. But yes, GLBTQs now have what they’ve desperately wanted: They too can go injure, maim and kill brown people any place in the world just like the “straights.” GLBTQs may repeat that lie they’re brainwashed with about, “We’re Fighting for Freedom.” Hell no you’re not “Fighting for Freedom.” You’re “fighting” for rank, ugly and arrogant US Global Imperialism and World Domination and the stealing of other nation’s natural resources (oil being one) as described in the Project for the New American Century (PNAC) document. And informed people know that our quickly eroding freedoms are laid out in the US Constitution, which illegitimate George W Bush and Mr “Hope” and “Change We Can Believe In” Obama have both trashed. The troops are not fighting for the US Constitution. But serving in the military has been one of the ultimate goals of the Gay Rights’ Movement. I never knew that was a main goal or a goal period, but apparently it was. Also, having the right to emulate “straight” people and their conservative “Institution of MarriageTM” — where their divorce rate is over 50% in the US — by being heteronormative was the other goal.2. Well, the Supremes approved that goal by a very narrow one vote margin (no overwhelming support there for GLBTQs; it was a 5-4 decision) for all 50 states of The Empire to allow same-gender marriage after decades of hard work from GLBTQs/activists. Some states (Louisiana for one) and county clerks in other states are already refusing to honour the Supreme’s ruling. “Being Gay is so mainstream” isn’t it? Ha! *roll eyes*

GLBTQ flag now "too gay?" Poster

This flag appears to be
“too gay” for the local
more conservative gay sports bar.
They only fly this flag
one day a year
to exploit GLBTQs.

So, one gets the impression that there’s nothing left to do but party and get drunk. The two goals of GLBTQs have been met/accomplished. And for some time the Gay Rights’ Movement has appeared to be absolutely dead (just like the Feminist Movement), especially since the heteronormative jock fad began awhile back. I remember when that obnoxious gay sports/jock bar opened in San Francisco some people said about that bar: “The Gay Rights’ Movement ends at this bar.” Uh huh. About that bar: That bar flies corporate sports team flags all year. The bar’s conservative, heteronormative owners only fly the Rainbow Flag on Gay Shame-Gay Discreet Day (officially known as “SF Pride”) to exploit GLBTQs to come into the bar. The owners then immediately take their Rainbow Flag down on Sunday night at closing and put it back in the closet and that Rainbow Flag is not seen again for another year. They really do seem to be ashamed of the Rainbow Flag. I sense the Rainbow Flag is “too gay” for them and their clientele of pseudo-jocks. The corporate television networks in the US did their token gay couples interview during junio/June (being Gay Shame-Gay Discreet Month), and now the corporate networks will return to their usual heteronormative exclusively “straight”-only programming and commercials until this time next year. And yet some GLBTQ idiots say that “Gay is now mainstream.” Not on my television it isn’t. What canal/channel are they watching?

So, with nothing else to do or goals to work for, won’t these thoroughly corporate “Pride” events begin to decline and eventually die and disappear? I and mis amigos/my friends think so because they won’t have any pro-GLBTQ US Supreme Court rulings attached to them to help fuel them anymore. We suspect major cities will keep these “Pride” events around as long as possible — as a tourist trap/attraction — because they do make la plata/money for a lot of people. And unfortunately, corporate la plata is what it’s all about these days. What do you think? You can leave a friendly comment below, por favor. Chau.—el barrio rosa


1. Injustices/problems many GLBTQs face daily: La plata/money needed for housing the poor as well as the homeless. Everyone should be guaranteed a living wage job and protected against discrimination in their employment and in their housing. Immigrants (especially undocumented immigrants) should be protected. Evictions and foreclosures of people’s homes must cease. Educating people about and working to end anti-ethnic hatred, sexism, chauvinism and ageism. Working to end Queer and Transgender violence and working to end income disparity leaving many people homeless. And working to end police abuse and violence. As you can, there’s no shortage of injustices remaining, but if I had to take a guess I would guess that none of these problems will be worked on/addressed especially by those wealthy national corporate GLBTQ organisations with their bloated and cushy executive salaries. They’re only concerned about wealthy GLBTQs and no one else.

2.GLBTQs should have the same rights as “straights,” but why couldn’t we come up with something a little bit better than this State-sanctioned marriage shit? I don’t need or want The State to approve (of) my relationship. My relationship is none of their fucking business.


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5 comments on “Will Corporate and Sanitised Gay Pride Parades and Events Decline and Eventually Die?

  1. D8

    I agree with your assessment that the Supreme Court rulings have no doubt helped fuel Pride celebrations. That’s all I’ve heard about in the last few days but from here on out I think it will become old. As I was last year I was surprised to see them put the rainbow flags along Market St this year. That’s a tradition here but the way this city has changed I wasn’t expecting them to go up. How much longer for pride celebrations with nothing fueling them? Maybe five years. They may still be going through the motions in five years and beyond for those dollars. We’ll see.

  2. nonpartisan

    This is the first site I’ve been on in recent days that’s not glorifying Lord Obama and attributing deity status to him. Every site I’ve been on in the last couple days has been partisan puke….liberal versus conservative, Republican versus Democrat, Left versus Right, something else versus something else. I’m so turned off by it all. There are sooooooooo many one-issue people out there who only care about their pet issue. I didn’t know that so many gay people are one-issue people.

    You’re not partisan and that’s really sooooo refreshing. I take it you’re not a one-issue person. Good for you.

    To answer your question, I think in time the pride events will decline. Many gay people who went to them in the past no longer go and I read on one site (maybe here?) that SF’s pride is becoming very hetero..

    1. rosa_barrio Post author

      Hola nonpartisan, gracias for your comment. Yes, I know what you mean. I go to very few political websites anymore because they’re all ugly partisan and immature/trollish. Even the sites that pretend to be nonpartisan during the year are partisan at election time. And the comments? UGH. I rarely read comments. I made the mistake yesterday of clicking on this article that was gushing over Obama and calling him a “progressive.” A man whose policies overall are to the right of George W Bush they’re calling a fucking progressive? Reminds me of peace = war. Up = down. What universe does that idiot writer live in? These political words have become meaningless. I scanned that article and scanned the comments. The comments were partisan basura with the “My team is better than your team” mentality. I’ve read that shit since 2000 when I really started paying more attention to politics. I can predict what D and R partisans will say in their comments because I’ve read their “script” over and over from D and R basura for the last 15 years. It’s always the same “script.” It really is hopeless. People are not about to change anything. That depraved D and R partisan indoctrination seems to be in people’s genes. 15 years later nothing has change with D and R partisans, if anything, it’s gotten worse. And from my experience, most GLBTQs are shallow one-issue people. As long as their messiah Obama says the word “gay” every now and then and say the word “Transgender” once, his despicable record of continuing and expanding the Bush/Cheney neocon agenda is absolutely fine with GLBTQs. Pathetic. And yet the same people rightly despised and protested the same policies when it was Bush/Cheney illegitimately parked in the la casa blanca/the white house. Oh, the hypocrisy! Chau.

Fin. The End.