Why have GLBTQs become conservative?

Hola. After this article there’s really no more to say about the GLBTQ populace. I use the word “populace” because it really no longer feels like any sort of “community” — since most people are playing with their phones and that addiction and not talking — so why call it the “gay community?” I feel as though I keep saying the same thing over and over and it gets repetitive. I’ve done that, in part, because it may be someone’s first time to pink barrio so it’s all new to them. But to regular readers it can get redundant. I don’t see anything changing with the GLBTQ populace. I expect the current trends that I’ve already written lots about to continue and more GLBTQs to head back into the closet and to become increasingly conservative.

For those who have not been paying attention, GLBTQs (Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals, Transgenders and Queers) have become the conservative prudes they ran from decades ago when they ran to Gay Meccas in major US cities. Not all GLBTQs of course, but I think it’s accurate to say that most GLBTQs have become conservative from what I’ve seen in San Francisco and nationally. GLBTQs have gone from being Radical Left to Conservative Right and have abandoned and have tried to erase our radical past as if embarrassed by it/ashamed of it. Loco./Crazy.

I don’t know what the fuck happened to most GLBTQs to cause this but some people have noticed and written about it such as Ted Rall: Gays and Lesbians: Sucked in by the Far Right. What Happened to the Wild, Free Gay Movement of the 1970s?.

Yeah, what did happen? I’ve talked with los amigos/my friends about this and we don’t understand it either. There was a time up until fairly recently (the last 5-6 years or so) that being gay and conservative was an oxymoron in terms. I never knew any gay conservatives or knew they existed. Mi amigo/my friend said that he thought that most people become more conservative as they get older. I looked into that but supposedly that’s not the case with most people, although I don’t necessarily believe that. Mi amiga said she thinks what’s directly responsible for this conservative wave is the GLBTQ “assimilation” nonsense that I’ve written about. (What’s the problem with GLBTQ “assimilation?”). I think she’s correct. Another person added that he thought that the moment someone becomes a homeowner they become conservative. I think that’s true for a lot of people especially around San Francisco’s Castro. Most of the gay homeowners in The Castro are a fucking piece of rabidly conservative work and they have this small town/provincial mentality. One example: They hate the homeless.

In the last 5 years, The Castro elected a Log Cabin Republican type piece of gay conservative basura as their supervisor. That uptight conservative prude authored the city-wide nudity ban. The conservative gay populace in The Castro supported the ban because of 2-3 nudist on occasion in The Castro. And I saw conservative, prudish gay guys (clearly with body image issues) make snide-assed nasty bullying remarks to the couple of nudist guys who were minding their own business and not bothering anyone in the now-closed Jane Warner Plaza. Snarky, snide-assed and bullying remarks were something I didn’t see or hear during the “Anything Goes/Live and Let Live” days of the Gay Mecca Castro. That’s indicative of just how much things have changed around here in the conservative direction. Before the city-wide nudity ban was proposed, that same gay conservative prude politician also campaigned for a law criminalising homelessness. Then that piece of conservative basura went on to be re-elected by the majority of those who voted in that election. Today, The Castro is a very conservative area. I don’t think too many people around the New Conservative, Lobotomised, Techie, Corporatist Wealthy San Francisco describe themselves as a “liberal” or “progressive” these days, as was the case in decades past. Both words are frowned upon in this now-conservative city. Based on how The Castro has drastically changed in recent years compared to its “Anything Goes/Live and Let Live” reputation during the Gay Mecca Days, I think it’s very accurate to say that what remains here (meaning they haven’t moved away or been evicted) of the GLBTQ residents of The Castro and Upper Market have become the same conservative uptight prudes they ran from decades ago when they moved here to the (now dying) Gay Mecca. But why? Well, the self-appointed omnipotent and arrogant conservatives who think that being conservative is the only way to be like to use newspeak and say: “the gay community has matured.” Ugh. Translation: “mature” = conservative. Anyone who is not conservative is not mature, according to them. *roll eyes* (And the conservatives love the New San Francisco). When I was reading local comment forums, the conservatives consistently behaved as the most self-righteous, self-entitled, arrogant assholes with their smug, snarky and condescending remarks. And consistently with them, the ends justify the means. And overhearing the few conversations that take place on the sidewalks these days in The Castro — since most people don’t talk because they are addicted to their phones and playing with that toy — and in the local gym among conservative homeowners, there’s nothing “mature” about the conservatives. I and mi amigo/my friend overhear them talk on the odd occasion and the conversations are all about some dysfunctional behaviour they had with someone, unending partying, getting drunk and not remembering any of it, who fucked whom, who had his arm around whom, who touched whom and offended somebody else. Just childish, general immaturity and gossipy shit. It’s most rare to hear an “intellectual” or intelligent-sounding conversation at all.

So I thought I would ask: Why have GLBTQs become conservative as well as corporatists? Anyone have any ideas? Chau. Fin./The End.—el barrio rosa


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  1. Ed in the Castro

    I’m with Alejandro who wrote that he says nothing in the Castro. I don’t either and I live here. If you’ve seen what I’ve seen here you wouldn’t think of saying anything either for fear of having an altercation with some nut. There are a lot of conservative nuts in the Castro today. I’ve seen Financial District types in suits and ties taunting the homeless about why they’re sitting on the sidewalk. I’ve seen redneck conservatives shouting down joggers for running an organized race on the sidewalk. They want them out in the street to get hit by a car? All of the fun has been taken out of this city and the Castro. There’s been a very deliberate effort by the conservative politicians, merchants and conservative residents to do that. It’s been known as the city’s “War on Fun.” I stay to myself and mind my own business. I’ll be leaving San Francisco at some point myself. I’m not sure when because I have some obligations here and after they’re fulfilled I”m leaving. The wealthy having taken over this city can have it!

  2. I'm the L in GLBTQ

    I’m still the rad lesbian I’ve always been but I know a couple of gay guys who flipped out and are now on the conservative-right end of the scale. We used to all be friends. We have nothing in common now so I don’t seem them often.

  3. D8

    I think the reasons given in this article are the reasons.

    Some people change when they…

    1. Become parents
    2. Become homeowners

    You covered #2. With #1, when people become parents they don’t have the smarts to remain who they are so they often begin to mirror their parents and like you said they become conservative prudes just because they’re raising a child. They sometimes become very different people just because they’re raising a child. They move into the Castro and demand that the sex stores change their window displays and they threaten to call the cops on the store so that their child doesn’t see anything sexual, not that the child would know what he or she is looking at it or even be curious about it. I’m talking about idiot parents here. The parents start to spell sex words around the child so that the child doesn’t hear the word. I’ve got news for them – a child is more likely to be curious about what’s being spelled than the word spoken. New parents often do some damn stupid idiotic things merely repeating what their parents did. This sums it up: “GLBTQs (Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals, Transgenders and Queers) have become the conservative prudes they ran from decades ago.” Exactly. They’ve probably not been taught parenting stills so they repeat the mistakes made by their parents. Parenting skills are not taught in school and parenting skills are NOT the same as the love that a parent has for their child.

  4. Alejandro

    Hoooooooooooola. “Why have GLBTQs become conservative?”

    I don’t have an answer to that. My experiences matches yours. I’m on the left and for me I used to take it for granted that any gay guy I met would agree me politically because that had been my experience. I went to an anti-war protest at civic center and went back to the Castro afterwards and had my protest sign with me. Woe! Bad idea! I got some snide remarks from gay guys on Castro St about my anti-war protest sign as I walked down to the 18th. It blew me away and I remember feeling concerned about my safety during those moments. It felt a little scary. A friend was with me and he said when did the right wing move in here? That was our first shock experience that something was changing around here and that was years ago. In today’s fucked up world I take the position that most gay guys disagree with me. I base that on that first experience and other experiences since and also on how conservative the Castro is today. My policy now is to say nothing in the Castro and as you know that’s the opposite of how the Castro used to be. Gracias.

Fin. The End.