The last remaining Lesbian bar in San Francisco is closing

Queer San Francisco is disappearing. The Lexington Club en el Distrito de la Misión de San Francisco is closing.

Hola. ¿Qué tal? Finally, more people are starting to notice or at least talk about what has happened to San Francisco. Some people are slow, or choose to live in Denial that the San Francisco that I moved to in the late 1970s is dead. Fin. The End. That city is gone. I didn’t think I would ever say that because I never expected this city to change so drastically as it had done, and do a “180″ (become conservative) as the city now is.

As is the case with the misnamed “Democratic” and Republican corporate-fascist political parasites in The Empire’s government/the US government (or what mealy-mouthed people refer to as an “Oligarchy” in their attempt to offend no one), the corporate-fascist politicians in San Francisco also work for corporations and parasitic techie companies (which receive corporate welfare from the city). These politicians don’t work for the average person. These corporate-fascist politicians can use Newspeak words like “vibrant” every breath to describe barrios/neighbourhoods around San Francisco, but this city is now dead compared to how it was when I moved here. The word “vibrant” would apply to that time. The only thing that is close to “vibrant” around here today is the horrendous/gridlock traffic in the city (presumably from the techie basura), as many people are noticing.

San Francisco has become a lobotomised city, where activists, culture and counter-culture have moved to the East Bay and elsewhere, because they could no longer afford to live in outrageously expensive San Francisco. We now have the highest rents in the nation because of corporate greed and the vulgar greed of the Real Estate Industrial Complex and their Corrupt Liars for whom el alcalde/the mayor works. The average rent in San Francisco is $3,500.00/a month the last figure I saw. This city is a city of class warfare today, with the haves living right beside the have-nots in some cases and the numbers of the poor homeless people increasing.

The last remaining lesbian bar in San Francisco (The Lexington Club) is about to close. That’s very sad. These days, “straights” are going to gay bars (to take them over). WTF? And gay bars are closing in the city, although not yet in the former gay mecca known as The Castro, at least to my knowledge. The conservatives in San Francisco adore the new conservative and lobotomised city. They now love this city that a little over 5 years ago they despised. Because the conservatives “own” the city now—technically a billionaire techie owns it and controls policies with el alcalde/the mayor as his puppet—they now arrogantly call San Francisco “everybody’s favourite city.” Like hell it is! It certainly isn’t my favourite city any longer. They have made San Francisco like any other city: mainstream and corporate. The uniqueness we once had is gone, and it’s been deliberately erased by the corporate-fascists in positions of power.

A lesbian said in an article I read about the Lexington Club closing that she is very femme and doesn’t feel comfortable hitting on another female in a “straight” bar, and that’s why she feels there is still a need for gay and lesbian bars. Despite this bull shit nonsense that “straights and gays now love each other,” the reality is that there will always be a need for gay and lesbian bars. And from what I hear, these gay hook-up apps on the stupidphones are a major waste of time. Queers spends day and night on them and end up home along jacking off because there’s nothing but flakey people on them. Also, anti-gay comments and anti-gay looks/stares are on the rise in San Francisco (mi amigo has noticed this especially in the snooty, pretentious and wealthy Upper Market area, for example) as “straight” young, white techie trash take over Upper Market and other areas of the city. I’ve heard stories about gay guys hitting on “straight” guys in gay bars—thinking they were gay since they were in a gay bar (what the fuck is a “straight” guy hanging out in a gay bar for?…there’s got to be something in the water!)—and things got heated when the Queer boys approached “Mr Straight” who responded to them like an asshole, in their own bar.

I read an ignorant comment from a local lesbian idiot who wrote that “Queers are mainstream now” and that’s why there may not be a need for gay and lesbians bars. Ugh. The ignorance of some people! She went on to say that a gay/lesbian person can be “out” at work (well some people can and some cannot) and get married and have kids. In some places one can. In other words, she’s all jacked that gay people can be heteronormative. Be like the “straights.” So apparently being like the “straights” was the goal of the now-dead Gay Rights’ Movement. I and others I’ve spoken with never knew that was the ultimate goal of the Gay Rights’ Movement. Or did the movement get hijacked by those wealthy, corporatist GLBTQ Obamabot-organisations with their bloated executive salaries that survive by residing in the upper colon of the useless and irrelevant “Democratic” Party? If one goes on the site I call ClosetList, one will see lots of gay guys (including in San Francisco) who are not “out” at work or anywhere else and they specifically say they’re not “out” in their ads. So I don’t know what drugs this lesbian is on. I’d like to inform her that if Queers were so “mainstream” why is it that I see only “straight” (usually white) couples in television ads and programmes. If Queers are so “mainstream” why is it that whenever I see Latin male singers, the producer or someone makes sure there are only las muchachas hanging all over the male singers. I never see any Queer couples or lesbian couples in any television commercials or programming. And on Telemundo, I’ve repeatedly seen (and been turned off by) the heteronormative situations they set up where one or more of Telemundo’s personalities (who are thought to be gay or lesbian but are not officially “out”) pretend to be “straight” and they do this skit of showing signs of sizing up and wanting to beso/kiss or make out with the opposite gender person they’re standing or sitting with. If Queers were so “mainstream,” Telemundo would have their (suspected) lesbian show host stand with a female and not with a chico and have the lesbian show an interest in the female and size her up and give her a long beso on camera for all the audience to see. But all I see on my television is heteronormative behaviour, heteronormative programming and heteronormative commercials. Also, just because Queers can get married (which is a conservative “institution” in itself) in some places and have children in some places, does not at all erase the sheeples’ prejudices and phobes (often based on religious beliefs) against Queer people. Court rulings do not erase or remove people’s prejudices. And if Queers were “mainstream,” why are so many Queers saying that they are “discreet” (instead of being “out and proud”) today in major US cities, such as New York City (read: The “Discreet” Gay Guys in New York City) and going to all extremes to be heteronormative. So that’s just how “mainstream” Queers are, you idiot. I can’t stand ignorant people.

More people in San Francisco are talking about the “fabric of the city of San Francisco having permanently changed” and how sad that is and that the alternative/counter-culture city is gone. And that people flocked to San Francisco decades ago to explore their sexual identity in the gay mecca of that day. They don’t come here now for that. The only thing they come to “explore” now is corporate greed through a fucking techie job. Basura!

Mi amigo asked me: What happened to all the faux-hawks and earrings/bling and the counter-culture “alternative-looks” that we used to see around here and that Queer boys used to wear? One doesn’t see that now, unfortunately. I asked him: What about at your gym? He said that everyone looks the same there as the gay populace has done its best to become very conservative, lobomotised (they don’t seem to care about anything), corporatised (wearing clothing with corporate logos on them, including corporations well known to using child labour) and pro-conservative Establishment. They’ve done a 180. Nothing alternative here. Nothing counter-culture here. Conservative is how los muchachos in the gym look. Pretty much every one looking the same, he said. No individualism. Cookie-cutter. Seeing someone who looks counter-culture or “alternative” is rare in San Francisco today.

It is sad what my fellow Queers have become in their dire and desperate attempt to be accepted by the fucking “straights.” Why the fuck is that so important to Queers to be accepted by (many prejudiced, anti-gay) “straights” in the first place? Who cares what they think? Queers have completely lost themselves and abandoned their radically-proud past. These days, as I’ve said before, Queers have more in common with Anita Bryant or that war criminal sack Dick Cheney than they do with Lily Tomlin. Queers in San Francisco (of all places!) acted just like prudish Anita Bryant when it came to hating on the 2-3 naked guys occasionally walking around The Castro. The conservative gay populace overwhelmingly favoured imposing the city-wide nudity ban for San Francisco because of 2-3 naked guys on occasion in a roughly 2-block area of the city.

There’s also the sex drug problem with many Queer guys who—according to their ads on the site I call ClosetList—apparently are unable to have sex without being strung out on meth, cocaine or some other drug (including alcohol), and they want to ParTy [sic] and “be in the clouds,” or they’re already “cloudy,” or want to “go skiing.” “Skiing” refers to snorting a line of cocaine. They refer to “the snow” in their ads, which is code language. Or they’re in the gym bragging like a teenager—even though they’re 60 years old or more having never matured and they look like an alcoholic—about how they went to all of these parties and how the drinks flowed and they got so drunk and don’t remember any of it. (What exactly is the point of that then?) So clearly they don’t go to the gym for health reasons based on their lives and activities outside the gym. I suspect it’s the same way with “straights.”

It’s really pathetic what the so-called “gay community” has become, and I can’t relate to them at all. Chau.—el barrio rosa


The San Francisco lesbian who made the ignorant claim that “gays are now mainstream” should read this article:

Gay banner removed from Pride DVD cover in US
“It’s an unfortunate commercial reality both here and in the US that distributors have to deal with and consider in getting films onto the shop shelf. LGBT material is largely marginalised outside of rare hits like Brokeback Mountain.”
Note to ignorant (or wishful-thinking) lesbian: When something is marginalised, it’s not “mainstream.”

The “Straight” Castro

One of the local gay homeowners I know refers to The Castro now as “the heterosexual Castro.” I know what he means. No doubt about that. I saw a Queer amigo earlier today. He said he’s not usually in The Castro during the day on Lunes-Viernes/Monday-Friday. But he was today. He was walking down those wide sidewalks on Castro and he told me he saw nothing but “straight” couples anywhere he looked. No Queer boys or Queer couples in sight. He said: The Castro is now “straight” (especially) during the day, I take it. The many “straight” couples were walking in the required hand-holding mode that they’ve been programmed to do and some felt the need to stop and beso/kiss and make-out on Castro. He felt they were trying to be “in your face” with their heterosexual sexuality on Castro. He said, “how would they feel if we came to their neighbourhoods and did that?” Well, we both know how they would feel about that. I know what he’s talking about because it’s one of the reasons I now avoid The Castro. I’m sick of it. I’m sick of seeing “straight” couples coming out of Queer bars and feeling the need to make out in front of a Queer bar—sort of a “in your face” thing—and almost fuck on the sidewalk in front of the Queer bar. I’m sick of it. And if we Queers did what they do in one of the traditionally “straight” areas of San Francisco, some people would scream at us: “Take that back to The Castro. Get out of here.” Chau.—el barrio rosa


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35 comments on “The last remaining Lesbian bar in San Francisco is closing

  1. Alejandro

    If “gays are now mainstream” as that lesbian wants to believe, I wouldn’t have read this headline today:

    Kids rejected from religious school over 2 dads
    “I believe another education provider would be a better fit for your children,” the school tells the Tennessee parents.

  2. Jason

    I can more than understand your outrage(?) and frustration with that lesbian who said “gays are now mainstream.” In my mind mainstream means something I see all the time. I can tell you what I see all the time. I see heterosexual couples anywhere I look. I check my e-mail and there are ads showing a male-female couple. On tv, I see male-female couples. In commercials, I see male-female couples. The ad industry and television industry only know/want and heavily promote male-female couples 100% of the time as if that’s the way it’s supposed to be and will be forever, amen. They don’t care how many gay people there are in the world or how many gay couples there are. They don’t promote male-male couples or female-female couples ANYWHERE, and that’s the problem. The ad and television industries want and will take “gay money” but that’s where it ends. They’re not about to promote male-male couples and female-female couples the same way they saturate ads and the airways with heterosexuality at every turn.

  3. Pat B.

    On their website it doesn’t say the date they’re closing but it says this:

    Lex Final Art Show: A Photo and Flyer Retrospective
    Wednesday January 28th, 7pm – 9pm

    Join us for a trip down memory lane at the art opening for the Lex Final Art Show! We’ll be showcasing photos and event posters from the past 18 years, as well as many of your ‪lex bathroom selfie‬ pics!

    Stop by the Lex for this very special opening, invite a friend, and share a drink as we celebrate the history of San Francisco’s only dyke bar!

    3464 19TH ST.

    It’s sad they’re closing.

  4. Brandon

    You would know the answer to this. I’m gay, I was in San Francisco bacck in November, went over to Castro and was pretty taken aback by the gay dudes over there. I saw no mohawks, no faux hawks, no earrings, no bling, only a couple of tats and earplugs (the body piercing type). Some guys had that hipster look but most looked conservative. I didn’t see any rad guys to speak of. Was blown away. Have you noticed this?

    1. rosa_barrio Post author

      Hola Brandon. Oh yes and I’ve written about it. What you’re describing is the sanitising of The Castro and the so-called “gay community” having become very conservative (sucked in by the right-wing). It’s their attempt to be heteronormative and be as much like the boring and conservative “straights” as possible in their desperate attempt to fit in, become “mainstream,” corporatised, and be accepted by the “straights,” now that same-gender marriage is legal in some places and now that supposedly openly GLBTQs can go kill people of a brown-skin pigmentation around the world as part of The Empire’s Military Industrial Complex Killing MachineTM led by their saviour and “messiah” Obama (related: Delusion and deception in Obama’s State of Union). Ugh. It’s pathetic what the so-called “gay community” has become. I didn’t know it at the time, but apparently those two conservative institutions (marriage and military) were the goals of the Gay Rights Movement. Who knew?! Now that’s some pretty fucked up priorities! Or was the Gay Rights Movement highjacked by these useless corporatist GLBTQ organisations with their bloated executive $alarie$ who reside in the upper colon of the misnamed “Democratic” Party as Dembots/Obamabots? What you saw is rather pathetic. Gracias for your comment. Chau.

    2. Roberto

      If you want to see any bling, you have to watch the Latino channels. That’s where I see it. Latinos are still wearing bling. Regular dudes and artists like Daddy Yankee and Wissin (Wissin y Yandel) and others wear bling.

  5. Roberto

    Hola, my friends and I heard about the Lexington Club closing soon. One gay bar after the other is closing in The City. My lesbian amigas went up there a few times a month to the Lex. We live in San José.

    Nobody I’ve talked with has anything good to say about the new SF. Why did you let that happen? Just joking…. I know you had nothing to do with it. I think the only people who like it are developers, the politicians and the super wealthy . We used to come up there every week but we don’t enjoy The City that much anymore. I can stay down here and be around straights.

    I wanted to tell you about this. I had a blind date last week in SF with this guy. He suggested we meet at Castro and Market. He hadn’t picked out a place to go to hang out. We walked down Market and ended up in a bar that turned out to be a sports bar. I’m not into sports but he said it was a gay bar. I asked him are you sure because it looks like a straight bar to me. There was one straight couple over in the corner making out. I asked him why he brought us to a straight bar? He said that he read that the owner identifies as gay. I asked WTF does that mean? How is identifying as gay different than being gay and saying you’re gay? WTF? We looked around the bar and if there were any gay guys in the bar they were in the closet. I sat in that bar asking myself what has happened to San Francisco? Let’s just say that our date didn’t work out too well.

    One thing I noticed about Market Street walking down to that bar was how it’s really changed. Market Street used to be very gay and on our walk down I saw one straight couple after the other. Reminded me of San José. Coming back to my car it was the same way.

    1. rosa_barrio Post author

      Hola Roberto, oh that bar! You ended up there did you? Ugh. I refer to that bar as “the obnoxious bar.” It’s billed as a gay? sports bar but from what I’ve seen in there it’s mostly as you described it, and also there’s the heteronormative/closet-case gay guys who go there and the faux-jocks. It gets quite loud and obnoxious there. When that bar opened, some people wrote, “the Gay Rights Movement ends at this bar.” They got that right! Gracias for your comment. Chau.

  6. FormerSanFranciscan

    Considering the state of things in SF, what will happen to pride month in San Francisco? How much longer will it last? I remember what it used to be like when I lived there back in the day. I read about the last one (2014). The article said it largely felt like a big corporate party for monied straight people. There were more straight people there than gay people. Like so many other things, it’s lost it’s original meaning.

  7. Alejandro

    You’ve written about how politicians fuck up a place and then they leave, and go on to their next political job. The former mayor fits that. He started the anti-homeless sit/lie law which we have. Where is he? He’s in Sacramento. Who’s responsible for the mayor we have? The former mayor because he appointed him to replace him so he could go off and be assistant governor and it’s been downhill since then. Oh, then there’s the former Board of Supervisor’s president. He was the deciding vote in favor of the city nudity ban. SF has a nudity ban now and where is that supervisor today? In Sacramento. We’re stuck with some really bad shit in SF because of the former mayor and others who no longer lives here. THis story repeats itself over and over with these career politicians who play their conservative base to get them to send them to their next job.

    1. rosa_barrio Post author

      Hola Alejandro, yes, all of these parasites play on people’s emotions to ram their conservative agenda through at all levels of government. They use newspeak words such as: safe, sensible, rationale, civil and “common sense.” Apparently the sheeple aren’t able to see through it and are easily manipulated by the bull shit. Someone left a comment the other night that Scott Penis is running for the state senate (as expected). He’s playing the “common sense” card. But looking at his reprehensible record, what is “common sense” about repeatedly hating on the homeless and criminalising homelessness, or a city-wide nudity ban or over-riding environmental laws and regulations in order to allow the techie shuttles to do whatever they want? But I’m sure the sheeple will fall for the “common sense” card and be manipulated once again. All of these useless corporate parasites could have just left San Francisco the way it was the moment they became turned off by the city and they could have gone to the little hamlet that they’re more comfortable in, rather than changing San Francisco and then leaving, and leaving us stuck with their mess. Gracias for your comment. Chau.

  8. Jerry

    Hola pb – I visited San Francisco over the holidays and was rather shocked by what I saw. My, your city is changing for the worse. I heard about the Lexington Club closing while there. I saw what they’ve done to the Castro. Was the sidewalk widening on Castro an excuse to take down the rainbow flags and leave them down?

    One major shocker for me was this – the Bay Bridge is one of the icons of the Bay Area along with the Golden Gate Bridge. What morons would build luxury condo towers on the waterfront so that the Bay Bridge is blocked? I couldn’t believe that. I stayed with some friends on Corbett Street and I was looking out their window at the view the night I arrived and I realized I couldn’t see part of the Bay Bridge because they’ve built luxury condos down there and those condos block the view of the Bridge. One of those condo towers is as tall as the first tower of the bridge. There are 3-4 more other towers that are all lit up at night with a construction crew. My friends who don’t support the mayor told me to take a picture of it because the next time I come back to visit they told me I probably won’t be able to see any of the bridge. Don’t the morons you have there know that you don’t block a major icon from view with condos? I still can’t believe that.

    1. rosa_barrio Post author

      Hola Jerry y gracias for your comment.

      “Don’t the morons you have there know that you don’t block a major icon from view with condos?”

      No, I don’t think the corporate-fascist idiots we have in power here know that, or if they do they don’t give a fuck. This is one example of the Greed At Any Cost of The Real Estate Industrial Complex and their Corrupt Liars™ who are ruining this city. I agree with you. I wrote about it in this article awhile back. It would appear that the techie venture capitalist who owns the city and el alcalde/the mayor couldn’t care less about views or the tourist industry (who come to see the views and the Bay Bridge) or anything else. I hope you did take a picture of it because I agree with your amigos. When you come back to SF, you may not be able to see any of the Bay Bridge. What you’re talking about is especially noticeable at night because that’s the time that many people look at the views. And from my apartment, the view of the Bay is gradually disappearing in places. These corporatist fuckers don’t give a damn how much they ruin this city. To them it’s all about their corporate greed. One might think that even some of their rabid conservative supporters would say, “now wait a minute, they have a point, you don’t block a major Bay Area icon with luxury condos for the wealthy.” Especially since approximately half of all of the new major Luxury Designer Condos (Dahling) that have been built in San Francisco under this corrupt mayor are owned by absentee owners, meaning the owners don’t live here and are just using their luxury condo as an investment. Their condo is dark most of the time unless they rent it out for short periods of time, which most don’t seem to do. The mayor’s elitist, wealthy conservative supporters say that only the wealthy should have and see the views and anyone else can, “move to Oakland.” It looks like we will have 4 more years of this corrupt corporate parasite because el alcalde is running for re-election unopposed at this time. No one seems to want to run against the billionaire techie venture capitalist who is really the mayor (with el hombre parked in City Hall as his empty puppet.) I and others can’t imagine what this city will look like after another 4 years of this corporatist basura. Gracias for your comment. Chau.

  9. Alejandro

    As your first sentence says, other people are finally starting to talk about this. Since you wrote this article, I’ve read these headlines on other local sites:

    “Queer S.F. Is Vanishing”

    “The Lex is not alone. Queer spaces are disappearing from the city right and left.”

    I don’t know this for a fact but from all I read, most Queers who have had to leave San Francisco have moved to the East Bay/Oakland, but I’ve not heard of any particular area over there. I’ve not heard of a new “Castro Street” over there where Queers are living now. The thing is rents are now going up over there too. What’s happening to SF is starting or has already started to happen over there. How long before the mayor of Oakland comes up with the same scheme that the SF mayor came up with to give corporate welfare to tech companies?

    1. rosa_barrio Post author

      Hola Alejandro y gracias for that. Yeah, I haven’t heard of any main Queer area or street over in Oakland either. All I’ve heard is just Oakland. And when the SF conservatives lecture people about how wonderful it is that the city has changed, they say, “move to Oakland” along with other suburban Bay Area cities, as well as Aspen, Colorado. [roll eyes]. I guess it will take awhile—maybe a few years—for the rabid right-wing who don’t live here to learn what’s happened to San Francisco. I was on a local website recently and I decided to hesitantly scan the comments. One person was clearly out of it and clueless. Writing about San Francisco he wrote about the “extreme left wing board of stupidvisors” and “the extreme left wing city of San Francisco.” Fucking Idiot. Well, as you and others probably know we’ve heard all of that for decades. But the reality today is that the Board of Supervisors is now corporatist conservative (technically they’re corporate-fascist working for their corporate owners) and the city is conservative. But I guess the willfully-ignorant out there will continue to spew their ignorance until they learn that San Francisco is now what they have for decades wanted it to be. So I and others are wondering: What US city will they hate on now? What US city will replace San Francisco for them to hate on? Oakland? They can’t hate on San Francisco any longer because they should love the New Corporatist, Conservative, Lobotomised, Heterosexual and Heteronormative Techie City of San Francisco—with mainly arrogant, pretentious, snooty, culture-less, “straight” wealthy young white people in it—and think it is absolutely marvelous now and what they’ve always wanted it to be. As others have said, there’s not much here now. Truthfully, most of the best things about the former alternative and proudly radical City of San Francisco are now across the Bay over in Oakland. Chau.

  10. SF-Resident

    Yes many gay people have been forced out of San Francisco. I’ve known a few gay couples. They were homeowners and they fixed up their homes, sold them and left. The main reason they gave was that the neighborhood had changed so much since they moved here. The couples I knew lived in the Castro and Upper Market. They said they didn’t want to live here anymore and that the city had changed so much and they didn’t like the new city. I don’t like the new city either. There’s not much here now if you’re not into drinking and bars.

  11. D8

    JTYMLTK (Just thought you might like to know) – I read that the Lexington will be open for a few more months before it does close. The article was about Queer SF vanishing and about so many Queers have been forced to leave SF because they can’t afford to pay the high rents and have moved to Oakland and other places. The writer sounded like you when saying that the city (SF) they had fallen in love with is vanishing. The article made the point that Queers are being forced out to make room for wealthy techies to live here. From what I’ve seen techies don’t have any culture. You’ve made this point and that is the current mayor and that gay supervisor are responsible for the gay community being forced out of SF. That’s what some people mean when they say that gay supervisor has thrown the gay community under a Google bus. He’s reprehensible. They all are.

  12. DaleW

    I know you’ve written about this and I just want to back you up. I live in Upper Market and I’m sick and tired of looking out of my windows and seeing straight young white trash couples walking by. She has blond hair 9 times out of 10. Someone must be making a fortune on blond hair coloring for insecure females from the looks of things around here!

    Looking in my rear view mirror, so to speak, I used to see nothing but gay couples or gay guys walking by my window and I moved to SF for that very reason. Today, it’s the opposite, and Upper Market is overrun by babies and baby strollers. Overpopulation is not the least of a concern for these self-absorbed straights.

    The Lexington Club closing is sadly a sign of the times.

  13. Yvonne

    The techies have ruined San Francisco. $6.00 for a cup of plain coffee and a plain piece of toast? I read an article about that the other day. The price of things in SF have been exploited for greed. The price of things in this city are geared to those with the most money: the techies. Anybody else who doesn’t have the money which is most people can fuck off and leave town. That’s the message being sent. The bougi can’t even boil water. They can’t buy coffee beans, grind them and boil water to make their own coffee. The lah-ti-dah bougis have to go buy their coffee already made for them where they pay a minimum of $3.00 min. a shot for a fucking cup of coffee. They pay $8-9.00 at a bougi bakery for a small loaf of bread that I can make at home for a little under a $1.00. The techies think nothing of wasting money on overpriced shit.

  14. Ed in the Castro

    One of the things that troubles me is to see the gay community’s transformation to a group of people I don’t recognize or identify with. I never met anyone like them in the gay rights movement. Who are these people? Today the gay community is either apathetic or supports what is happening to this city only because many of them became conservative the moment they became a home owner. That’s what much of this is about. I’ve heard gay conservatives talk around the Castro and some of them sound like the most outlandish conservatives we have in the U.S. congress. I know this blog has written about it, but wtf has happened to the gay community? There’s nothing to it anymore, and that’s what really troubles me.

  15. Edna

    My goodness, I’m shocked to hear this and really shocked to hear what has happened to San Francisco. I used to live there! Tell me, when did all this happen? In what time frame? Thanks.

    1. rosa_barrio Post author

      Hola Edna, to answer your question when did this happen:

      In the last 4-5 years and under the current conservative alcalde/mayor who is running for re-election in November. And he’s running unopposed as of this writing. No one has the courage or spine to challenge him. And the guy is really not that bright. He’s just the empty puppet of the real alcalde who is a billionaire techie venture capitalist. The venture capitalist helped to get his puppet elected through sleazy methods, and vowed to take back San Francisco from the “progressives” and they did that because of some very stupid moves on the behalf of some gullible so-called “progressives” on the Board of Supervisors. At the rate things are going, none of us will recognise this city in another four years if any of us are still here.

      I realised the city had changed when the draconian/anti-homeless sit-lie law was voted in (not overwhelmingly) after a very nasty and hateful campaign about criminalising homelessness, and then that was followed by 2-3 other anti-homeless laws authored by that conservative corporate heteronormative piece of work on the Board of Supervisors. That guy (he claims to be gay) does anything he does for the sole purpose of self-promotion. And then came the city-wide nudity ban. That is not the San Francisco I and thousands of other Queers moved to during the (now fading) Gay Mecca days in the late 1970s.

      So yes, most if has happened in the past 4-5 years. And I don’t see any end in sight, unfortunately. The conservatives are in power and are ramming their conservative, bourgeois, snooty, nose-in-the-air, elitist, wealthy, anti-ethnic agenda through: Greed At Any Cost is their theme (or as some say: Wreck the City in the Name of Corporate Greed). Gracias for your comment. Chau.

  16. Ed in the Castro

    FYI: The LED fixtures they installed presumably to replace the rainbow flags they took down on Castro Street are now off on both blocks, Market to 19th. They were just turned on for the holidays? I thought they were going to be on permanently to replace the rainbow flags, although a lame replacement. There’s nothing up there now.

    How long before they take down the big rainbow flag at Castro and Market? Some friends of mine think that will be gone in a year or so at tops to cater to the heterosexuals taking over who are or might be offended by it. Or will they leave it up as the final gay icon to exploit unknowing tourists into thinking the Castro is still a gay area?

  17. Y

    I haven’t been to bars in years but that’s just me. It’s sad to read that the last lesbian bar in SF is closing. I know many people enjoyed the Lexington Club and their events.

    What has happened to San Francisco? Stick a fork in it. To think I used to love that town, but the few friends I have who still live there tell me I wouldn’t love it now.

  18. I'm the L in GLBTQ

    I agree with FedUp. We’re going backwards in many ways. I know political correctness is a touchy subject for many people but what I’ve noticed in the new San Francisco is going back to the way things were before political correctness began. I think this is coming from the new residents in SF. I’ll give an example. I hear people using gender specific words instead of gender neutral which used to be common in SF. This blog has written about it….chauvinism is back in. What’s that expression? 2 steps forward and 6 steps back. THat’s the way it feels we’re going. Some of my lesbians friends have talked about noticing that other lesbians are trying to look straight. They’re letting their hair grow long instead of the butch haircut they used to have. There are many gay people out there holding anti-gay feelings otherwise they would be who they are and not try to be like somebody they’re not. They wouldn’ t try to be like the straights.

    I had heard that the Lexington was closing but didn’t want it to happen. Add the Lexington to the GLBTQ history pile.

  19. FedUp!

    Esta Noche, an iconic Latino gay bar also in the Mission, closed last year. Some people tried to save it but it’s gone. So sad. We’re losing so much. There was concern that Esta Noche was going to be turned into another moronic cocktail swanker bar that the “straights” would destroy, like they’re destroying the Mission.

    I heard that the owner of the Lexington Club lost her lease. I know this blog has talked about it but tech is ruining or has ruined the Mission and this city. Fuck tech.

  20. Miguel

    I agree with your response to la lesbiana who said “gays are now mainstream.” She’s loca. If gays were mainstream all of these actors and singers I see on television would come out of the closet today. What galls me about the Latin singers I see on television is that the ones who are gay claim to be straight, but we all know. The question “is he gay?” has been asked about many of the Latin singers. They always deny it and say they like girls but that’s the routine closet case answer. Who do they think they’re fooling? If gays were so mainstream all of these gay polilticians would come out of the closet too.

  21. D8

    I just thought about this article when I looked at my tv a moment ago so I came back here to write this comment. They were doing a segment on New Year’s. They showed straight couples kissing. I think they were showing Times Square. I kept waiting to see just one same gender couple kissing because that bright lesbian you wrote about says that queers are so mainstream, but I waited and waited and waited and didn’t see one same gender couple anywhere. I have to wonder what country or planet she was talking about where queers are so mainstream. It’s not in the U.S. Like you said, she’s an idiot. I suspect she’s heard someone say queers are so mainstream and she’s just repeating it.

  22. María

    Based on what I’ve read on your blog and on other sites, it seems that San Francisco is giving itself a make-over. Is that how you would describe it?

    1. rosa_barrio Post author

      Hola María. No, it’s not a make-over. The conservatives are completely re-making this city as fast as they can. The conservatives have been ashamed of this city for decades. They have despised this city for decades, and now that they finally own it—with the help of a billionaire techie who owns el alcalde/the mayor—they’re trying to completely abandon and erase the city’s “left” history and reputation. They want nothing to do with or remaining of the city that was known as “the left.” It’s far more drastic than a make-over. Take for example the Castro sidewalk expansion. As some people have correctly noted, there were decades of history contained in those sidewalks which GLBTQs who came to the gay mecca walked on, stood on, partied on, had sex on, and so forth during the then Gay Mecca days. Those sidewalks are now gone. The history in them got jack-hammered out and are now at the dump or someplace. The conservatives are throwing up glass box buildings called “luxury condos” (Dahling) for the very wealthy as fast as they can. They don’t care that these new glass boxes (glass doesn’t break during big earthquakes does it?…sarcasm intended) do not match the architecture already here such as the Victorians. The conservatives have no taste and their agenda is greed at any cost. They want this to be a young, white, wealthy city. From the comments I’ve had the misfortune of reading from them, they are anti-ethnic and despise the poor and the homeless. They want this to be a city for white, wealthy people with any remaining people of ethnic diversity out-of-sight on the sidelines. They don’t care if the city is completely ruined as long as they are making dinero/money. They are the scum of the Earth. Not all conservatives agree with or appreciate what the conservatives in the city are doing. I know a conservative over in Marin County (that’s across the Golden Gate Bridge) and she says it is ashame what they’re doing to the city. They’re ruining it, she says. It’s the only time I can remember ever agreeing with her on anything. Gracias for your comment. Chau.

      1. María

        Okay, thanks for that. That clarifies things for me. That gay politician (I forget his name) is part of this con agenda?

        1. rosa_barrio Post author

          Well one of the gay politicians. Oh absolutely. It’s just as well that you forgot his name. I try to forget his name too. He’s very much a part of it. He moved here from New Jersey and decided to help ruin San Francisco—if he didn’t like San Francisco the way it was, why the fuck didn’t he stay in New Jersey?—and in a few years he will leave San Francisco after he’s made a mess here and go to the state capital or maybe DC so he can help ruin things at the state or federal level. That’s the way these “career” corporate political parasites operate. Meanwhile, we’re stuck with the mess he left for us and his draconian laws and he will be no where near here. Chau.

  23. FormerSanFranciscan

    I was back in San Francisco last week and couldn’t believe all the wealthy condos. Some of them are the size of large closets for a million plus. The Castro has really changed. I noticed they had taken down all the rainbow flags on Castro. I noticed the heterosexuals you’ve written so much about. I had to laugh a few times because some of the heterosexuals walk around gripping each others hands or arms like they think a gay guy is going to run over to them and steal the guy away from her. They look so obvious that they are not all that comfy in the Castro. I’d loved to run over to them and tell them how insecure they look and ask who forcing them to be in the Castro? My friend showed me how some views are being obstructed by the new condos. Other than that it was uneventful.

    Sorry to hear about the Lexington Club.

  24. Alejandro

    I read a comment from a gay guy who said he and his partner had heard anti-gay comments in his own building here in SF. He heard the new arrivals in his building say “there are too many gay people in San Francisco.” These new arrivals to SF are a new ugly breed for this city. They remind me of the right-wing bigots who have moved into Manhattan’s Chelsea that you wrote about.

  25. D8

    Thanks/gracias for covering that. I was wondering if you were going to mention the Lexington Club closing. I live in D8 (my handle) and feel helpless. There’s nothing I can do. The way this city has changed absolutely burns me. Most of this has happened under the current mayor, who some are calling the techie mayor. He’s up for re-election next year but I haven’t heard of anyone having courage to challenge him. Four more years of this guy? None of us will recognize the city. We barely do now, but I guess in 4 more years none of us will be living here because we won’t be able to afford to live here. Oh, also agree with you on the gay community. I can’t relate either. It’s like everyone took the same pill.

Fin. The End.