Go to The Castro to prove you’re straight

What’s up with breeders making out at Harvey Milk Plaza under the giant Rainbow Flag?

Hola a todos. Oh they love to do that, don’t they?! Regular readers may be asking, “what’s new about that?” Oh, I know nothing is new about it. It’s just damn annoying. Presumably as a way of showing that “We, obnoxious breeders, have taken over and will continue to do so, so you faggots get out of here.” And I would not doubt that some of them or most of them use that exact homophobic language considering the anti-gay looks that some of us get around here when we make the mistake of even fleetingly glancing at these obnoxious (usually Millennial) breeder trash assholes who have moved in here. I’m still waiting for an answer to my question: “What conservative backwater cesspool of a hell hole did these adamantly conformist breeder Millennial trash move here from? jesus! Can’t stand most of these lobotomised phone-addicted zombies. Their personality is that of hardened cement. A chip on both shoulders. No ability to smile, no ability to say “excuse me,” no social skills whatsoever. And typing up to 140 characters in a box on some billionaire-owned so-called “social media” site is not an example of possessing genuine social skills.

Here’s the thing: They moved to a former gay area where there are still some Queer people left (although one never knows who lives here versus those visiting from around the Bay Area), and when a Queer guy who has lived here for decades makes the mistake of looking at them, they rear up and get offended. Well fuck off all you! Why the fuck did you move here anywhere? Were you that fucking clueless and ignorant on where you were moving and the history of The Castro? Fucking closet cases. Yes, these (closet case?) guys love to make out with a female under Rainbow Flags and in a plaza named after Queer boy activist, Harvey Milk, to prove just how straight they are. Some of us are not convinced of your supposed straight sexuality no matter how often you make out with a female, los pendejos.

Mi amigo/My friend went to his gym this morning and on the way back saw two Millennial-asshole white him-tall/her-short (they never can be the same height) breeder couples making out in the Harvey Milk Plaza, of all places. Mi amigo told me, “The guy in the first couple saw me coming and it was as if he felt he had to prove how straight he was to me. So he quickly leaned way down while I was still looking so I could see him kiss the female he was with. They had to have a make-out session right there. Then a few feet away from them, another Millennial-asshole white him-tall/her-short breeder couple felt the need to copy the first couple, so they began having a make-out session too.

Many of us Queers do not feel this is merely random behaviour, but very deliberate behaviour. It’s a very concerted breeder effort. It’s a breeder territorial thing as to say, “We, breeders, own The Castro now.” Queers don’t go down to the Marina — a traditionally breeder area of San Francisco — to make out and put on a show for the breeders down there. If we did, we would likely be screamed at, “Stop that! You can’t do that here! Take that disgusting behaviour back to The Castro!” But these breeder assholes love to come over here to what little remains of a Queer area to make out, hold hands, coo each other, and nearly fuck on the sidewalk if they can get away with it. GET A ROOM SOMEWHERE, ASSHOLES! There’s a motel right down the street there on Market Street. Get your asses down there. And apparently, this behaviour can also be seen in restaurants. Awhile back, I was reading the reviews for a restaurant on Market Street and some customers were complaining about the inconsiderate Millennial breeder couple assholes who feel the need to make-out in the restaurant while eating dinner, with other customers trying to eat their dinner in close proximity. I’m glad I no longer eat in restaurants.

I would like to remind readers that it was the breeder trash who whined, moaned and complained for years about “gay people being so in your face with their sexuality.” Well, what the fuck do you call this? I guess it’s okay when breeders do it. I guess it’s perfectly okay for breeders to make out and nearly fuck on the sidewalk, but it’s not okay when Queers do it. Hypocrites.

Mi amigo said: As far as I’m concerned, any guy who’s deliberately in The Castro is Queer — because what other reason would he be over here? — and when he’s making out with a female he’s trying to prove how straight he is, as if anyone gives a fuck! Another fucking closet case. I don’t doubt that that’s the case at all.

Early mornings on the weekends seem to be the worst for this obnoxious breeder behaviour. That’s when the Millennial-asshole black-clothed breeders are out with their fleets of black baby strollers. None of them have ever heard of any forms of birth control. They want a very over-populated planet, and they probably eat dead animals, but they use the sanitised language and call it “meat.”

Mi amigo told me that he most definitely got the feeling that the guy of the first breeder couple was ultimately concerned about proving how straight he was to him (why?). Why would it be important to a guy to prove how straight he is to another guy that he doesn’t even know? Well, closet cases do indeed think that way. That’s true. Mi amigo said: I wouldn’t be surprised if when that guy gets home he thinks to himself, “I really showed that guy this morning how straight I am by making out with a female in The Castro. I want to be straight. I want to be straight. Make me straight.” That’s the same shit I’ve read on gay conversion sites.

As I’ve said many times before, people who are secure with themselves and their sexuality don’t need to prove anything to anyone. It’s the fucked-up-in-the-head gay closet cases among us who feel the need to prove their “straight” sexuality to others and who also hate on other Queer/GTQBL people to disguise/hide their own Queer feelings. Chau.—el barrio rosa


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    1. el barrio rosa Post author

      Hola D8, yes it is. I read an article about a supposed breeder guy who lives in West Hollywood (WeHo). Why would a genuine straight person choose to live in WeHo? Are we talking about another closet case here? I suppose I wouldn’t think much of this if it didn’t get worse: This supposed “straight” guy likes going to gay bars and picking up women. WTF? Why would you go to a gay bar searching for females to pick up? Sigh. This is crazy stuff. There are plenty of straight bars around for that purpose, dude. Is this another closeted gay guy trying to prove how “straight” he is so he goes to a gay bar to pick up females? Ugh. It was pointed out to this ass that usually women who are in gay bars are there for a reason: to get away from breeder guys slobbering all over them and trying to pick them up. They are in a gay bar because they know that gay guys have no interest in them sexually so they feel safe there. The article also said that WeHo is now roughly 40% Queer and with about 20% living in the closet. Lovely. More closet cases. Speaking of that, there a personal sex ad I see regularly on CL in Los Ángeles. The guy pretends to be “bi” and is always looking for “a straight guy to watch pussy porn with completely on the down low and just between you and me, no one else needs to know” (roll eyes). But in so many words he says that he wants to suck the “straight” guy off. Well, a real straight guy is not interested in having sex with a guy as all the straight guys I know will confirm. This supposed “bi” guy (closeted gay guy) goes to great lengths in his ads to avoid saying that he lives in WeHo. I think he lives on the border between West Hollywood and Beverly Hills so, rather than say, “I live in WeHo” he usually says he lives in Los Ángeles or gives street addresses instead to try to disguise/hide that he lives in West Hollywood. The bottom line: Because he — as a closeted Queer guy into sucking “straight” dick on “the down low” — does not at all want to be associated with West Hollywood and its (former) Queer reputation. Sad. It’s just more of that going backwards in the closet times we’re living in.

      During the Gay Mecca decades, Queer areas were mostly special, positively-unique areas. I say “mostly” because it was rare when I felt completely comfortable and at home in San Francisco’s Castro because of the Castro Clone thing going on. It was very cliquish and I usually didn’t fit in. But I was usually able to connect with someone similar to myself and have a good time. Then the conservative breeders started to filter in saying, “it’s a safe neighbourhood (meaning The gay Castro) in which to bring up my children. Now let’s sanitise this neighbourhood so I can bring up my children in a very traditional, conservative and wholesome (UGH!) way because I don’t like it the way it is. It’s not “family-friendly.” It’s too rad and (unspoken: and too gay).” Why didn’t you wealthy breeder assholes move to Topeka Kansas or Walnut Creek California where your prudish, elitist and anti-gay ass would be more comfortable? Why was it important for you breeder assholes to take over what little gay area we had? Then comes the rise in the crime rate when breeders move in and take over as is happening in San Francisco today. Our crime rate is now soaring. I no longer feel safe going out at night alone as I once did over the past decades. Wealth drives out the people who were here before (the Bohemian Old City residents), and wealthy breeders move in as does the crime. And who welcomed the breeders to move in and take over? The now-conservative gay community (but still calling themselves Democrats).

      West Hollywood’s Gay Pride Fading?
      From the article:
      “Gay owned and operated businesses have all but disappeared because of skyrocketing retail rental prices and “Boystown” has basically dwindled down to just a small handful of bars (although judging by the bars on the weekend even that’s up for debate)….Rent on even the smallest of living spaces is nothing short of obscene. West Hollywood is rapidly turning into Beverly Hills East and from where I sit that seems to be perfectly fine with our cities politicians.”

      Gracias for your comment.

      (A little bit of information about West Hollywood: For those who don’t know, West Hollywood is officially its own City (The City of West Hollywood) and it’s officially a separate City from The City of Los Ángeles, just like Beverly Hills (The City of Beverly Hills), even though both Cities are there within Los Ángeles (County).

      1. D8

        Thanks so much for that…..really appreciate it. So sorry to hear what’s happened to WeHo. Just like the queer areas in other cities.

Fin. The End.