Hillary Clinton breaks silence on Kavanaugh’s political ‘revenge’ claim

Hola a todos. I swear, this woman refuses to go away. She seeks and adores attention. Haven’t we all been waiting with “bated breath” for one of the most narcissistic women on the planet to “break silence” and let us all know what she thinks about frequently drunk Brett Kavanaugh and his performance during the senate confirmation hearings/farce? Kavanaugh is the current piece of far-right work nominee to the US Supreme Court by the orange nazi/international bully for those who haven’t been paying attention. The FBI is currently pretending to go through the motions of “investigating” him — yes I’m sure; wink, wink — before the US Senate votes to confirm his keg-guzzling and female-sexually-assaulting ass. “I like beer,” el pendejo said.

Yes, I read this headline saying, “Hillary Clinton breaks silence on Kavanaugh’s political ‘revenge’ claim.” Why does Ms Clinton feel the need to continually pop up and give us her opinions on one thing after the other? Who cares what she thinks other than the “Democratic” Party Cultists?

Might it be because she’s planning a re-run of the 2016 s-election saga? So she’s been told by her “handlers” to keep herself out there in the public eye, not that this woman needs to be “coached” on that. She loves and craves attention. Absolutely adores attention and being in the spotlight. She doesn’t think the outcome of 2020 would be the same as the first time around? Why not? The same sham of an “election” system that installed the orange nazi is still in place. Nothing has changed there.

When are these Clintons going to get it in their heads that they are unwanted? They’re so stuck on themselves. They think they are such god celebrities. They live under the illusion that they are such special people. Just like the big-headed, narcissistic orange nazi. I wouldn’t walk across the room to see any of them.

I was proofing this article and reading it to mi amigo/my friend. He interrupted me and asked: Well what did Clinton say about Kavanaugh? I said: I don’t know what she said about Kavanaugh and I don’t care, and that’s not the point of this article. So I can’t tell you what she said about Kavanaugh’s political ‘revenge’ claim. You’ll have to read that somewhere else. Not here. But if there is anyone with “revenge,” la mujer/the woman needs to look in the mirror. Does she plan a “revenge” run for US president in 2020 because she has revenge that she’s not parked en la casa blanca/in the white house? Is that why she keeps popping up like a jack in the box to let us all know what she thinks? Again, this “we” doesn’t give a fuck what she thinks. But is that what is going on here? I suspect so. Chau.—el barrio rosa

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One comment on “Hillary Clinton breaks silence on Kavanaugh’s political ‘revenge’ claim

  1. castro local

    i don’t understand the fascination with this has-been family either. saw this headline -

    “Clintons arrive and Aguilera concertgoers go ‘crazy’”

    oh brother!

    agree w/ you…..it would appear that she’s gearing up for another run at the white house.

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