Hillary’s 2020 rerun

Hola a todos. Does anyone doubt that this narcissistic, attention-seeking mujere/woman — whom I’ve never supported — who refuses to go away after allegedly “losing” the 2016 s-election to the orange despot is planning a revenge rerun for US president in 2020?

Other than their absolute greed, why would two of the world’s most narcissistic “celebrities” — Bill and Hill(ary) Clinton — who are absolutely in love with themselves, love attention, and seem to think that everyone else is in love with them as well be launching a US speaking tour (called “An Evening With The Clintons”) after the 2018 US midterm s-elections?

Why does this woman keeping shoving herself in our faces at every opportunity to let us all know what she thinks — who cares what she thinks? — were she not planning to “toss her hat in the ring” (roll eyes) as a candidate once again for president from the “Democratic” Party Cult? As much as the fake-opposition party known as the “Democratic” Party Cult has enabled the orange despot since he began residency en la casa blanca, why don’t they go ahead and nominate him as their presidential candidate? I mean, if they want a “winner” and it’s all about winning and nothing more, the orange despot would seem to be the ideal candidate for the “Democrats” at this point. He can be the nominee of both corporate, pro-war parties/cults. Might as well. Those who haven’t been paying attention will naively ask: “How have the ‘Democrats’ enabled him?” Oh good lord! With their votes, their mealy-mouthed words about him, their complicity and their silence. Some of the “Democratic” Party Cultists (voters) are even going around telling the lie that no “Democrats” voted for Kavanaugh, the most recent Supreme Court appointment from the orange despot. Can’t partisans ever tell the whole truth about anything? Joe Manchin (D) of West Virginia voted for Kavanaugh. It was surprising that more didn’t, but in this instance it was just one “Democrat.” The Republican Party Cult can always count on at least one or more senators from the fake-opposition party to vote for any piece of far-right basura they support for the US Supreme Court.

But back to finger-pointing Bill and it’s never-my-fault Hillary. Yes, these two pieces of basura refuse to go away and retire. They both keep crawling out of the “Democratic” Party Cult recycling bin. They love and adore the attention, but they especially are in love with dinero/money and greed.

I found this about Bill and Hill: These two political corporate parasites combined are worth $240 MILLION. But I guess they think that’s not enough money, so they plan to exploit “Democratic” Party Cult suckers — not at all difficult to do — who want to hear Bill and Hill rattle on for a hour or so feeding them partisan drivel and probably some jokes about the orange despot, even though they’re all friends aren’t they, or used to be? (Related: How Bill And Hillary Clinton Made $240 Million In The Last 15 Years).

“An Evening With The Clintons”

I can’t think of anything I’d rather do. How about you? How original, “An Evening With The Clintons.” Ugh. I can’t imagine an evening with those two, and there’s always an “Evening With…” somebody isn’t there with this sort of thing? According to the current schedule, Bill and Hill have 13 gab-fests scheduled in various cities. Three are scheduled in Canada. Now why would they think that Canadians want to hear them rattle on for 1.5 hours or whatever it is? Canadians can’t vote in the shithole US. I guess they’re going wherever they think they can make a dollar. Oddly, they’re not speaking in the Bay Area as many “Democratic” Party Cultists as we have here. Considering how expensive the Bay Area has become because of the Tech Industrial Complex and the Real Estate Industrial Complex, maybe the price of renting a venue was way out of reach for making any dinero/money on the ticket sales.

I checked the ticket prices in a couple of venues. I didn’t feel like looking at all of them. Of the first two I clicked on, the tickets range from $83.00USD (for 1-8 tickets) to $2,329.00USD (for 2 tickets) at a venue in Las Vegas, depending upon seating location. What suckers would pay that amount of money to hear those two talk, or anyone really? Frankly, I wouldn’t walk across the room to see either one of them. I would walk out the room. In another venue at Scotiabank Arena, Toronto, ON, CA, 2 tickets will cost $39.00USD and 2-4 tickets will cost $3,253.00USD, depending upon seating location. There will also be gab-fests in New York City, the District of Columbia, Philadelphia, Seattle, Sugar Land Texas (WTF?…well, it’s considered “one of the most affluent (meaning $$$$$$$$, Dahling, and fastest-growing cities in Texas”), Detroit, Boston, Inglewood California, and a couple of other places.

These two really do think they’re rock stars or something by going from venue to venue making as much money off of gullible suckers (also known as “Democratic” Party Cultists) in the name of ugly greed as possible. Capitalism at its worst. I guess Hill will be droning on most of the time about why she didn’t win and blaming everybody except herself, and her being a pathetic candidate. Does the woman ever take any responsibility for anything? Not that I’ve heard. With her, it’s always the fault of somebody else. Bill will likely join Hill in the predictable partisan pabulum of how great the “Democrats” are — at helping the Republicans whenever possible, but of course he won’t say that — and or making excuses for their complete ineptness as a genuine opposition party, and of course going on in great length in partisan style about how terrible the Republican Cult is, even though, again, his cult helps the Republican Cult at every opportunity in some way, shape or form. And neither will say a word about how the “Democratic” Party Cult works for the Republican Party Cult much of the time. This cannot be overemphasised. I suspect most of what they plan to say one has heard many, many times before in one form or another. But partisans love partisan repetition, partisan cheer-leading and hearing how wonderful their cult is, and hearing how evil and nasty the other cult is. One should also expect to hear many partisan-based half-truths and lies, because most partisans can’t tell the objective truth about anything. Instead, they have to spin it in favour of their cult often with half-truths or outright lies.

Also, the orange despot’s brain dead zombies automatically assume — erroneously so — that anyone who is critical of their messiah the orange despot, must be a “Democrat.” Wrong again you are. No Democrat here. In fact, I can’t stand most of them. I’m an independent/non-partisan.

If Hill does rerun again, does anyone doubt that the outcome will the same as before, if not worse, if this map I’m linking to is accurate? Chau.—el barrio rosa