Him eating her out in San Francisco’s Castro

Hola. Considering the state of things and how San Francisco’s Castro is now the Breeder Mecca, I guess I should have expected to see a business in The Castro — the former Gay Mecca — promoting breeder sex, with him eating her out in a store front window.

I walked through The Castro on the afternoon of jueves/Thursday, el 13 de abril de 2017/13 April 2017. It was a rather uneventful walk really. On my walks, I usually stop to see what the sex stores are doing with their windows. My favourite sex store, Rock Hard, rarely promotes breeder sex. They are vigilant on promoting Queer sex as they have for years. Gracias, Rock Hard. They’ve had a lot of harassment over the years from the conservative Queer and breeder prudes who have moved into the area — with the determination to change the area to the way they want it (think: Walnut Creek, California) and those who have become conservatives after becoming a homeowner. Mark, the manager of Rock Hard, has been vigilant in keeping the store true to itself in catering to Queers. (Is RH under new management? Or did they just change things around recently? Something’s going on there.)

Another sex store in The Castro which shall remain nameless is one store that annoys me. I’ve always considered it a tacky-looking sex store. Their window display is now currently nearly all-breeder based (meaning heterosexual) in its content. But the thing that got me was this: They have two small naked dolls in the front of the window as you go into the store. One doll is a female with oversized boobs. She’s standing reared back appearing to be in ecstasy because the naked guy doll facing her is down on his knees eating her vagina. Is this what one would expect to see in The Castro, the former Queer Mecca? It’s what one should expect to see in the new Breeder Mecca (The Castro) today. When I moved here at the height of the Gay Mecca I wouldn’t have dreamed of ever seeing this doll scene in the Castro. Well it’s there now. And because of that I would not promote that store even if I liked the store.

Also, don’t the conservative prudes (Queers and breeders) in The Castro have a problem with this doll display? In the past, the conservative prudes in The Castro have moaned, whined and complained about Rock Hard’s video covers showing sexually-explicit scenes. These busy-bodied prudes called the cops on Rock Hard and other sex stores and the stores were forced to put white stickers over sexually-explicit scenes on their video covers displayed in their window. You might think I’m making this up, or that I’m talking about a sex store in Topeka Kansas or some backwards place. But no, I’m talking about sex stores in so-called “Liberal San Francisco.” Ha! Yeah right. Those days are in the distant past. Well, there’s no more “sexually-explicit” scene than a male doll down on his knees with his mouth at the female doll’s vagina.



“What about the children” is what the sexually-repressed prudes in The Castro have screamed for years in their rabid desire to sanitise The Castro and turn it into another Walnut Creek, California.

To begin with, I never see children near the sex stores or their windows but you can’t tell that to the conservative prudes because they have all of these imagery, outrageous stories dreamed up in their sexually-repressed/fucked-up heads about children staring in sex store windows. I’ve never seen that.

Well, this vagina-eating doll scene in the window is right at the eye level of a small child. In reality, a child probably wouldn’t even notice this display (or any of the displays in the sex stores as I’ve pointed out before), but that’s not the point. My point here is about the prudes and their (scream:) “WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN ?” fake concerns. What about it, you scum of the Earth prudes? Aren’t you going to march into this sex store and complain about this breeder scene in the window, and call the cops on this store and demand that it be removed? If not, why not, hypocrites? If it were two male dolls engaged in a similar sex scene in Rock Hard’s window, you pendejos would be at Rock Hard’s door immediately screaming at them. Or is this breeder sex scene perfectly acceptable in your twisted minds because it’s promoting heteronormative breeder sex and not Queer sex? I suspect that’s what it has to do with and your hypocrisy is noted, you prudish conservative basura. I can’t stand the conservative basura who have ruined The Castro. You’re the scum of the Earth. If you want(ed) to live in Walnut Creek, then fucking move there, pendejos.

The fact of the matter is that children wouldn’t even notice the windows of the sex stores just as they don’t really notice any other store windows. And the children that I see in The Castro are always with some adult. Historically, it’s the children in adult bodies who have the problem with the sex store windows: those prudish conservative adults who have helped to ruin The Castro.

While on my walk, I saw a total of maybe 4 small children. They were each holding the hand of a guy they were walking with. It caused me to think: During the Gay Mecca days, I can’t remember ever seeing children in The Castro. One mostly saw Queer guys in The Castro and occasionally Lesbians. Seeing the children on my walk reminded me of how very sanitised The Castro has become, and deliberately so. The conservative residents and merchants have gone out of their way to make el barrio/the neighbourhood so-called “Family Friendly.” (gag/roll eyes) This was partly done so that Queers could be more heteronormative and try to be just like the breeders that many Queers have tried so hard to emulate. During the Gay Mecca days, we Queers had no interest in being like the breeders. Personally, I still don’t, which is why I have difficulty in relating to today’s conservative, heteronormative (discreet, down-low, closeted) and phone-addicted Queer zombies. The conservative prudes (which includes most of the Castro merchants) and the prudish and now-conservative Queer “community” fully supported sanitising the area. Today, The Castro looks like any other area of The City, minus the Rainbow Flags which are there to give a false impression to gullible and uninformed tourists who might still think that The Castro is a Gay Mecca. Ha! But seeing the children on my walk reminded me that the area is nothing like it was, which was sad to think about.

What else did I see on my Castro walk? Not much really. I saw lots of guys with beards wearing zombie and conformist all-black. Are these people depressed? The younger crowd was engaged in their adult pacifiers (phones). The older crowd had better things to do such as looking at where they were going and looking at the sights of The City, something the younger crowd never see because they never look up. They only see that screen in their hand.

I did see what looked like a young Queer guy (according to my Queerdar) holding the hand of a female on Market Street. I guess he was pretending to be a breeder, until he comes out of the closet. The wobbling 2-story tall, blackened-window luxury (Dahling) tech shuttles hauling the lobotomised techie basura back to The City from Mountain View/Silicon Valley started rolling in. Then as I was about to leave The Castro, a younger breeder couple (that’s how they wanted to appear) holding hands went into the Queer bar there on the corner at Castro/Market. That bar is historically a bar for older Queer guys. While I was waiting to cross Castro at Market Street, I thought to myself: I guess they (the breeder couple) went into the Queer bar to put on a make-out scene and show the Queer guys who are still frequenting there how to make out with a female. (roll eyes) I also wondered: Are all the breeder bars in The City closed today? Is that why this breeder couple felt the need to go into a Queer bar? That’s something I’ll never understand. I’ve never had any interest in going into a breeder bar so that’s why I don’t understand why breeders enjoy going into Queer bars. WTF is that about? Or was one of these breeders really Queer and in the closet? Maybe he’s a Queer boy but hasn’t come out yet and came over to The Castro with her tagging along so he could check out the guys out of the corner of his eye when she’s not looking? Because what other reason would a breeder couple be interested in hanging out in a Queer bar? Loco.

Then yesterday afternoon (el 15 de abril de 2017), mi amigo and I were in The Castro. The San Francisco Film Festival is currently underway. It was very crowded. As we were standing over by the parking meters, this young him-tall/her-short (the typical breeder couple) wearing the conformist black and gray “uniform” that one sees around here came down the sidewalk hand-in-hand/arm-in-arm. Of course they had to stop right near us to put on a show. They went into this absolutely desperate-looking make-out scene on Castro Street as if they were going to have sex right there. It didn’t matter to them that the sidewalk was very crowded and people wouldn’t get around them. I suspect they both got off on the attention and being watched, and it was clear that he planned to drill her as soon as he could. Mi amigo/My friend and I then went up to Milk Plaza. Mi amigo commented on the barrio/neighbourhood. He said: Just look around, The Castro has been so Disney-fied. It also reminds me of the Powell Street cable care turnout area where everyone pretty much looks the same. There’s nothing that gives a clue that someone is Queer. Everyone looks homogeneous. I said: Well the intent of the conservatives (including the merchants) has been to turn The Castro into another Walnut Creek, California. There’s nothing unique or special about Castro anymore that you won’t see anywhere else.

Maybe it’s best that I stay out of The Castro. I’m the least annoyed when I do. Mi amigo says he no longer feels comfortable or even accepted in The Castro as it becomes more and more The Breeder Party Mecca. The Castro is a place for obnoxious breeders to come to hold hands, make-out, him feel her up, her feel his butt, party, get drunk and throw up on the sidewalk and on the windows of store fronts of the businesses. And to hold hands and make out in front of the (what’s left of them) Queer boys still here and hang out in the Queer bars. I see quite a few guys in The Castro sometimes still (such as yesterday on the weekend) but because of how people have conformed and sanitised themselves, there’s no way to know who’s Queer and who’s a breeder. And historically that’s the way it’s been when Queers are in the closet. Whereas in the former Gay Mecca days, Queers were proudly out and proud. There was no doubt whatsoever who was Queer. But those days are gone and that’s why I and the people I know say that it appears that most Queers are back in the closet, including here in San Francisco’s Castro. Chau.—el barrio rosa


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4 comments on “Him eating her out in San Francisco’s Castro

  1. Alejandro

    Hoooooooooooola. I was in the Castro yesterday and saw a Queer guy I knew from my old gym holding hands with a young woman as they were walking down Market St. He’s around 50s or so and she’s much younger but the way they were holding hands it was definitely a boyfriend-girlfriend thing. Queer guys are still going back in the closet and trying to be breeders or act like breeders, but the whole Castro itself is sorta dying.

    Gracias y saludos.

    1. Ed in the Castro

      The gym I go to near the Castro is almost all str8. I was there yesterday and overheard these two str8 guys talking about their bitches and fucking pussy. One told the other, “that bitch stunk, I told her to go in there and wash that pussy before I’d fuck her.” Every other word out of their mouth was “like”. They went over to talk with this hard-ass jock guy for awhile and when they came back to where I was they had to put on this heavy macho act the way str8 guys do where they’re trying to outdo each other with “macho” and dropping weights.. My gym used to never be like this but since the breeders moved in it’s really changed for the worse. I can’t stand some of the people who live here now.

  2. D8

    I used to spend more time in the Castro but since they ruined it it’s just not that inviting anymore. I can see breeders anywhere.

  3. All the closet cases

    “I can’t stand the conservative basura who have ruined The Castro. You’re the scum of the Earth. If you want(ed) to live in Walnut Creek, then fucking move there, pendejos.”


    Couldn’t agree more.

Fin. The End.