His shirt said, “Fuck you, homo.” (San Francisco’s Castro)

Hola a todos. Some of the breeders are getting pretty bold with their homophobia in San Francisco’s Castro. Mi amigo/My friend and I were standing at the corner of Castro and Market Streets in San Francisco (also known as Harvey Milk Plaza). We saw a “him and her” couple cross Castro Street. He looked more like an old biker-type guy. She wasn’t exactly young. Probably 40s. But I guess she agreed with the message on his shirt. They were holding hands. Channeling Harvey Milk, I guess he was rolling in his grave upon reading this guy’s shirt.

The breeder couple got near me and his black tee-shirt said in white letters, “Fuck you, homo” as they walked along the Milk Plaza. Rather bold to be wearing that around here. I’ve noticed that two of the current pejoratives/hateful terms against Queers these days online are “homo” and “faggot.” That was especially the case when Tumb*r sex sites were around (until recently). So this shirt was not using the word “homo” in a kind way.

Surprisingly, we saw quite a few young Queer boys on this visit. That was good to see. I even saw two Queer male couples making out down at 18th and Castro. Rare to see that around here these days in the Breeder Mecca.

I guess this bigoted biker guy felt the need to come to a former Gay Mecca — if he doesn’t live here — and tell the current residents and visitors how anti-Queer he is, and then he had to go and show how hetero he is by holding hands with a female in The Castro. Why would someone wear something like that in The Castro, even if it were an entirely straight area now? I have read about anti-Queer comments being made late at night as the neighbourhood has changed to a Breeder Mecca. Mi amigo said: Fortunately, I don’t think most people take the time to read what is on people’s shirts. He can’t think of the last time he read someone’s shirt. I only did so as he got closer to me.

Other than that, it was a mostly pleasant visit.

His shirt reminds me of this new hate that’s here in the US of Insanity that is very much “in your face.” Whether it be the deranged/insane orange despot and his obsessional hate against migrants/brown-skinned people from below the US border or his hate against Black people such as Obama, and his endless finger signs of white power every time he gets camera time. Hate and bullying are what this out-of-control toddler in an adult body is all about, and the US of Insanity is emulating his hatred in our faces now. This orange despot supposedly has a 37% approval rating as of this writing. Does that mean that 37% agree with (t)his hate in our faces? Chau.—el barrio rosa


Chelsea: The Death of a Gay Neighborhood, Murdered by Neo-Hetero-Homophobes

2 comments on “His shirt said, “Fuck you, homo.” (San Francisco’s Castro)

  1. E in Sunnyvale

    Sounds like another red-state transplanted Tr*mpist.

    “Remember kids, it’s your civic duty to punch nazis.”

  2. Former San Franciscan

    I’m shocked to read you saw that in the Castro. I used to live there. My, has that neighborhood changed….for the worse.

    Re your last paragraph, wanted to add this….

    “Tr**p’s border wall was never just about security. It’s meant to remind all Latinos that we’re unwelcome.” (I almost forgot that you don’t want his name on your site but I caught myself just in time and put in the asterisks).

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