Homophobia is required for the Tango

Hola a todos. I was talking with some of the students in the Conservatory’s Dance Division this past week about something I saw on television. Shortly after turning my television on, the network I had on showed a headline: “International Tango Championship.” I thought: I don’t even want to see that because I know what that will be about: Him and Her. It’s always him and her. Where some of the guys look queer and are queer but are dancing with females to give the illusion they are straight. More closet cases? It’s quite a misrepresentation of the reality.

The female competitors look like mannequins/Barbie Dolls. As if the guy is dancing with a mannequin he picked up on his way over from a store window with a stiff case of rigor mortis. And check out the female’s extremely robotic, mechanical, head-snapping gestures while dancing the tango. I would think that some female tango dancers would have nerve damage/problems later in life.

Some of the students from the Conservatory’s Queer Alliance are in the Dance Division. They said they had seen what I had just described countless times and feel as I do. “After all this time, there’s such an inequality with gay males required to be paired with females” one of them told me. The Conservatory students from the Dance Division told me, “We’re allowed to dance with whomever we want here in our dance classes. The professor usually doesn’t pair of us up. We have quite a few same-gender couples in our dance class dancing together.” Excelente. As I told them: In these competitions, you can’t tell me there are not some lesbian dancers and they’re dancing with guys, and in some cases queer guys in the closet. What a misrepresentation, a distortion of reality.

The homophobic rules and homophobic people running tango dance competitions and heteronormative dance competitions in general require all dancers to be paired off as breeders/straight — always him and her — even when one or both of the dancers are queer. But watching these competitions, one gets the impression there are no queers in the world. But it’s not just tango. It’s the same on corporate network dance competitions. Queers are required to dance with the opposite gender to give the impression — to their bigoted, prejudiced and anti-gay basura in the audience? — that all the dancers are straight in our 24/7 heteronormative brainwashed society even when it is blatantly obvious that some of the dancers are queer.

In the case of this competition I mentioned at the beginning, the competitors were from anti-queer Russia and the competition was held in Buenos Aires, “The Birthplace of Tango.” But it’s always the same — him and her — regardless of where the competition is held.

The only time you’ll see guys dancing together is in line dancing where they don’t look like they’re dancing together, just standing in one, two or three lines and they’re not touching each other. No, you can’t have guys touching each other! Good heavens no! What will people think?! Yet it’s perfectly acceptable for females to touch each other and hold hands while walking and kissing because “that’s what girls do” says our heteronormative brainwashed society. (roll eyes) But guys?! No way! We can’t have that! (It’s always good to cater to prejudiced and bigoted people, isn’t it?). That’s when the hate starts and terms such as “faggot” and “fag” are screamed at guys. But guys can wrestle and fight and beat each other up, and engage in violence where they’re touching each other all over and sometimes on top of each other and the public love to see that. In fact, they can’t get enough of male-on-male violence. But touching each other in an affectionate way or in any other context? We can’t have that! Wouldn’t dream of it!

Ballroom dancing competitions on television are no different. Dance competitions on television require that no same-gender couples be allowed. Their intent is to give the message that “Everyone here is straight and normal.” Are you implying that queers are not “normal,” Mr/Ms Heteronormative Bigot? Who wants to be boring “normal,” whatever “normal” means, even when half of the guys look or are queer. And I should add that so often the anti-queer heteronormative bigots among us are closet cases themselves with their immense gay shame and self-hate because of their very real queer sexuality as they pretend to straight.

Repeating what I’ve written countless times before: There are still so many inequalities between queers and breeders, but sadly the corporatist basura among us — at those wealthy arrogant and elitist queer organisations at the federal and state level who live under the illusion that they know what is best for queers (of a certain wealthier income bracket of course; those who can afford to attend lavish galas with $250-500+/plate dinners) — decided that gay marriage and being (supposedly openly queer) in the US Military Killing Machine was the ultimate goal of the Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement, something I never knew. Frankly, I could have thought of much more important and pressing concerns than those two heteronormative goals of trying to emulate the straights as much as possible. And why would queers who initially stood for peace, social justice and strongly opposed militarism now want to be part of militarism and the US Military Industrial Complex Killing Machine and US Empire Building and World Domination? Queers have done a complete reversal. Do queers not realise that the person they injure or kill somewhere “in the line of duty” may be queer? So why do queers want to go kill other queers? Or do you plan to ask before you shoot, “Excuse me, but are you straight or gay?” Or if the person is somewhere in the middle and bi, would decision do you make there? Or have queers never considered any of this? Because not all of our chosen “Enemies of the Day” are straight you know.

Mi amigo/My friend sarcastically asked me: So why aren’t queers screaming about this inequality in dance competitions? I said: What drugs are you on? I realise you’re joking because as you well know, queers aren’t screaming about anything now. In fact, most seem to be back in the closet having willingly gone there including some marrying females to try to give the impression that they’re straight. So perhaps they’re quite comfortable with this back to the 1950s era and portrait of closeted queers in the tango and other dance competitions.

So there’s nothing else to do, such as remedying what I just described with dance competitions. There’s nothing else to work on. The thinking today seems to be that “all has been accomplished for queer equality” based on the behaviour of the now-dead so-called “queer community” in the non-United States. Nothing to see here. Moving along here in these Orwellian days. The Movement and serious queer activism is clearly over; complicit with the status quo. Well activism of any kind really is clearly over in the non-United States, other than the occasional flash-in-the-pan stuff. My point is: One should not expect to see the absolutely vigilant and very creative activism one has seen in Hong Kong happen here in the non-United States. Not. Going. To. Happen.

Muchas gracias to the Conservatory students I spoke with for their input. Chau.—el barrio rosa