How many Queers can the closet hold?

Well, it seems pretty packed at this point. There are no vacancies left.

Hola a todos. Someone who had read some of mi diario/my diary, pink barrio, asked me if I thought that most gay people are now out of the closet here in 2018 and asked for my thoughts on that.

Are most gay people out of the closet? Good heavens, no! Just the opposite is the case. The overwhelming majority of Queers worldwide are in the closet. And because of their gay shame, a lot of gay guys are married to females with families (children). On the odd occasion, one will get tired of the whole farce and come out of the closet like the LDS guy. But he’s rare. With all the other thousands and thousands, they’re going through that charade of pretending to be straight/a breeder. They’re dishonouring themselves and their gay sexual orientation by catering to their (anti-gay?) families’ heteronormative expectations of them. In plain language, they’re living a lie. And as of this writing, more and more “discreet” and “down low” (closeted) gay guys have gone back in the closet — judging by their personal sex ads — or are continuing to go back in the closet as that seems to be the latest mind-fuck fad. It’s a case of gay guys pretending to be straight to be like the breeders, “assimilating” with the breeders.

While watching the Classic Arts Showcase — the best programming on television; it’s on Channel 32 in the Bay Area — they showed a clip of a well-known concert pianist. I won’t mention his name. Mi amigo/My friend asked me, “Isn’t he a Queer boy?” I said: Online there’s been some speculation about him being gay. I think he is. After doing a bit of research, I learned that this pianist has followed the predictable route of most closeted gay guys. Yes, there was a picture online of him at his wedding where he had married a female. But of course! I’ve come to expect that at this point. Who else would a Queer boy marry these days?! Certainly not another Queer boy. That’s not according to the latest mind-fuck fad, with the exception being some Queer celebrity we hear about on the rare occasion who has married his or her partner. Never mind that Queers/GTQBLs worked for gay marriage for years and years and then after accomplishing that ultimate goal many gay guys decided to marry a female in the end so they could pretend to be straight to “assimilate” with the breeders. Loco. You can’t make this shit up! Related: More back to the 1950s: Gay guys marrying females in droves. Sad.

In reality, I think the Queer/Gay community worldwide is huge. It’s much, much larger than we are led to believe by the corporate media et al because of all the closet cases in the world, including (as I said earlier) those gay guys married to females. And that closet is pretty packed at this point in time. There are no vacancies because unfortunately there is no shortage of gay guys who are still ashamed of their gay sexual orientation.

People allow themselves to fall for fads because of their own insecurity and immaturity. Secure and mature people don’t fall for silly US pop culture fads. People need to be who they are for their own sanity. Forget all of these silly fads and bull shit. For example, every year we have something called New Years’ resolutions. But after the first week in January, most sheeple have completely forgotten about their chosen resolution(s) they had planned to do. People need to accept themselves for who they are and reject destructive fads, such as going back in or staying in the closet. What exactly does that accomplish? I’ve heard some Queers say that they have to stay in the closet because of or for their family’s benefit. Oh, so your family’s life is more important than your life and being a person of sound integrity? That’s what you’re essentially saying with that unhealthy thinking by giving preference to your prejudiced and bigoted family and catering to them. It’s always good to cater to prejudice and bigotry [sarcasm intended]. People like that need therapy, but rarely pursue it. It is not healthy behaviour to not be who you are. It is not healthy to be a fraud, to lie about who you are and be deceitful about your sexual orientation (with the one exception being that someone is about to harm you or be violent with you because of your gay sexual orientation). That’s a sign of a very unhealthy and ashamed Queer community.

Unfortunately, the “Out and Proud” days of the Queer community are a thing of the past, with the one exception being one Sunday each year known as (corporate) Pride. But the well-off corporatists among us have turned Gay Pride into one big corporate commercial promoting corporations, corporate banks, corporate car companies, corporate hotel chains, corporate techie corporations, corporate sports teams — while comments and jokes about “faggots” are made in the locker rooms — and in some cases military recruitment to promote the pro-war imperialistic agenda of the US Military Industrial Complex, the opposite view and politics of the original Gay & Lesbian Rights Movement. Related: Why do Queers want to kill other Queers? And from what I’ve heard and read, San Francisco Pride is now mostly a touristy event and just another opportunity for the well-off breeders to party. It’s nothing like it used to be. I don’t think most locals go. Chau.—el barrio rosa


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