How to respond to “Democratic” Party Cultists

Hola a todos. Our little local group of San Francisco Queers got together this past week, and one of our topics for discussion was the cesspool called US politics. Ugh. The question raised was: How to respond to “Democratic” Party Cultists here in The Cesspool/Los Estados Unidos/the US.

I don’t usually say much at our get-togethers — I take notes because our group has come to expect me to write about our meetings here on pink barrio — because I’m the only one of us with a website. So I think to myself: Everybody probably already knows what I think anyway from their reading my site, so I’ll let others do the talking and I’ll mostly just listen.

Well, that approach didn’t work this time. They specifically asked for my opinion on this topic first thing. Point blank, they asked me: How do you respond (or do you?) to “Democratic” Party Cultists who are only critical of the Republican Party, when often what the Cultists are complaining about with the Republicans can also be said about their own party, but they refuse to do so out of partisan devotion?

I said: Both corporate, pro-war, right-wing parties are like cults, and both have their cultist disciples or blind followers. How do I respond to the “Democratic” Party Cultists? I don’t. It’s a waste of time. It will accomplish nothing and I say that from years of experience having wasted literally hundreds of hours of my time over years responding to those “Democratic” partisan-brainwashed idiots. Nothing you say to them matters. They dismiss it or make excuses for their stagnant celebrity right-wing corporate career politicians. Nothing you say to them will change their mind. So why bother?

My position is: At this point in time here in 2018, “one either gets it or they don’t.” And if they don’t “get it” by now, they’re not about to it seems to me. People are too damn stupid and thick with partisan brainwashing, and it’s the same brainwashing methods used with fundamentalist religious fanatics. The cultists of both right-wing parties have been thoroughly brainwashed with this thinking of “my party right or wrong,” meaning they will defend and stay with their corrupt trashy party no matter what they do, even when they’re wrong, and even when the “Democratic” Party is eating the upper colon of the Republican Party and voting with them.

The cultists don’t care about anything you say in opposition to their partisan brainwashing. They only want criticism of the other right-wing “team”/party (the Republicans). With their profound lack of self-respect, they (the “Democratic” Party Cultists) permanently reside in the cesspool called the “Democratic” Party and defend them no matter what they do. Either that, or they remain silent having been brainwashed that they must never criticise one of their own or their own “team.” And because of their silencio/silence and complicity with their corrupt right-wing party, they serve as enablers to the right-wing “Democratic” Party while charading as “liberals” and “progressives.” In reality, they are fake-liberals and fake-progressives.

Because when one supports a pro-war, imperialistic, corrupt corporate right-wing party one is right-wing whether one acknowledges that or not and regardless of how one labels oneself. Period. A genuine progressive and genuine liberal would never support the right-wing “Democratic” Party or the Republican Party because that would be a glaring contradiction in terms and in one’s principles/convictions. But one should not expect the brainwashed partisans to ever understand this. They love to play The Blame GameTM — rather than blaming themselves for their poor decisions of continually supporting pathetic, corrupt, hawkish corporate candidates — and by accusing anyone who does not support their trashy party of having “ideological purity.” As for what they call “ideological purity,” let me say that at least some people stand for something. At least some people have some principles and convictions, which cannot at all be said about the “Democratic” Party Cultists and their brainwashed party-line devotion.

Partisans (both “Democrats” and Republicans) have been thoroughly brainwashed, and with few exceptions, there’s nothing one can say to them to penetrate that partisan wall. I can vouch for that. That wall is thicker than cement, I know from experience. The experience is no different than talking with a religious fundamentalist fanatic. With brainwashed partisans, it’s all the other “team’s” fault. They once again play the victim, and The Blame GameTM and lay all of their s-election problems on being the fault of third parties. Even though they rattle on about “democracy” from time-to-time, clearly “Democratic” Party Cultists don’t believe in democracy. Their dislike/hate for third parties and anyone who is not in fascist lockstep with their “team” demonstrates that, by their blaming third parties for their losses, instead of laying the blame where it belong: with their corrupt corporate party and its horrible candidates. And they never have the maturity to take any ownership or responsibility for their own party’s failures. With “Democratic” Party Cultists, it’s always the Republicans and others who are to blame in their demented, brainwashed thinking. Frankly, I can’t stand them.

I’ve found that when you bring up the facts about their team, they don’t want to hear it, they completely ignore them, remain silent about them and go back to their usual theme, “…but the Republicans…” Either that, or they accuse one of “attacking” their messiah politicians. For example, when Obama was in office, anytime one stated the facts about Obama that his Cultists didn’t want to hear, they screamed, “Why are you attacking Obama?” I remember asking the fools: How is presenting his record from the senate “attacking Obama?” Of course they never answered that and instead went off on, “But the Republicans…” Sigh.

“Democratic” Party Cultists are so predictable in their response. I remember writing to them: We’re not talking about the Republicans right now. Pay attention. Stay on topic. They’re so childish and so tiresome, and such a waste of time. That’s why I say fuck them. They’re not about to change, so why bother wasting any time on the basura.

And the fake-progressive sites — which are merely front sites for the corrupt “Democratic” Party especially at s-election time — are currently banning anyone who is not in authoritarian lockstep as cheer leaders for the “Democratic” Party. These sites are taking the same measures as some so-called “social media” sites where one is seen as “trying to influence the election.” Billionaire-owned and pretty-named “social media” sites are deleting accounts. On the fake-progressive sites, if you’re not in authoritarian lockstep with the “Democratic” Party Cultists, you’re seen as “trying to influence the s-election (for Russia)” and for the other corrupt pro-war team (the Republicans), whom the “Democrats” often work for, vote with and enable.1

The “Democratic” Party Cultists resort to labeling anyone not in authoritarian lockstep with their brainwashed thinking as “a Russian operative” and then they add, “What are the hotel rates tonight in Moscow (or St Petersburg)?” They think that sounds cute and is such a stab. That’s their latest childish trolling rhetoric as of this writing. Compare that to during the Obama regime years, anyone who disagreed with their messiah Obama, the “Democratic” Party Cultists labeled, “a [Karl] Rove Operative” or “a Republican Operative.”

The Bottom Line: In other words, the average person can’t have an opposing view to theirs. One is always an “operative” to them and someone to blame for their many failures. Because in the insipid mind (the word “mind” used advisedly) of the “Democratic” Cultists, you have to be up to no good as a “Russian Operative” and an orange nazi man-child supporter to speak a word of criticism about their sacrosanct “Democratic” Party. Their authoritarian Cultists — which includes the fake-progressive and fake-liberal sites themselves (of the ones I’m aware of which shall remain nameless) — demand lockstep obedience and “Democratic” partisan devotion. They and their fake-progressive sites are good little fascists.

One of the Queerboys in our group spoke up and said:

“Good little fascists? Exactly, they are good little fascists. I was banned from two sites recently because I wasn’t in fascistic lockstep with the “Democratic” Party Cultists, as you accurately call them. I wasn’t rude or crude to anyone. They banned me because they didn’t like my message which was in response to their lie that “Hillary lost because of Jill Stein and Gary Johnson.” They’ve resurrected that lie material for the 2018 midterms. I commented that Hillary ‘lost’ — even though she won the popular vote which they all seem to forget — because she was a terrible candidate. I wasn’t in agreement with the ‘Democratic’ partisan cultists.”

I asked him: So they used the old “Attack the Messenger” routine on you? He said: Exactly. They attacked me for telling the truth that they didn’t want to hear and then banned me. Yes, that’s very common at this time of year before midterms. Here in the myth called the “Land of the Free” (ha!), according to the “Democratic” Party Cultists one is not to exercise the freedom to vote for the candidate of one’s choice per one’s principles and convictions. One is to be in authoritarian lockstep with the corrupt “Democratic” Party.

So again, my position is: Why bother responding to them? I go so far as to say: Why bother even paying any attention to this political theatre BS or reading their partisan-brainwashed comments? And especially at this time before the 2018 midterms because the content on their sites will be geared to “rallying the troops” — meaning anyone reading their site and any less-than-devout and disillusioned “Democrats” sitting on the fence — to get them in lockstep to support the corporate, imperialistic, pro-war, right-wing parasites who have a D next their name. Fuck them. That’s how I feel about it.

As I’ve written many times before:

The “Democratic” Party could have every seat in the House and Senate and they would still work for the right-wing (Republican) agenda, and the “Democratic” Cultists would dutifully continue to make excuses and apologies for them, proceeded by, “but the Republicans…”

One would hear some of them timidly say:

Quote: Well this is not at all meant as a criticism because I love my party and I love our distinguished politicians [Ed. "Distinguished?" You consider corporate trash "distinguished," do you? You wouldn't if you were not wallowing in the gutter with them as their enabler.] but forgive me for saying this, but I don’t understand why our Democrats are not doing more and standing tall against those nasty, evil Republicans. End Quote.

While others will scream back to that person by saying:

Quote: You must be new to politics. Welcome to our team. Glad to have you aboard as a good and proud Democrat. You have to give them tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime. Just be patient. Just give them tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime, and welcome aboard. End Quote.

Does one remember all that pabulum we heard during the illegitimate George W Bush years and during the Obama years? For the first 1.5 years of the Obama regime, we heard “Democratic” Party Cultists say, “You have to give him tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime. He inherited a mess.” No one but me said: I would like to point out that your messiah Obama asked to “inherit the mess,” correct? Yes. He begged for the job. No one forced the job of president on him. Again, he begged for it, remember? So stop make fucking lame excuses for your messiah Obama. You embarrass yourself, if that’s possible. Basura. Then, about 1.5 – 2 years into Obama’s first term, the “Democratic” Party Cultists finally realised they had been duped once again for the umpteenth time by yet another lying corrupt “Democratic” politician. The dreamy and delusional policies based in wishful-thinking that the “Democratic” Party Cultists had projected onto Mr “Hope” and “Change We Can Believe In” instead became an expansion of the illegitimate Bush/Cheney regime’s policies, along with Obama’s, “We must look forward and not backwards,” meaning he had no intention whatsoever of “going after the Bush regime” as the gullible fools known as the “Democratic” Party Cultists had assured of us that their messiah Obama would do. Fooled again, idiots!

And unfortunately, their partisan brainwashing prevents the fools from learning from the past to change their future behaviour. Not. About. To. Happen. So instead, they keep doing the same thing over and over every s-election cycle and expecting different results. That’s the definition of insanity.

Speaking of insane, mi amigo/my friend and I used to listen to this “Democratic” Party Cultist talk show host. This was years ago. I no longer listen to him — I don’t have the patience to listen to brainwashed partisans — but mi amigo listens to him occasionally just to see if the guy has changed. Of course he hasn’t. That’s impossible. He doesn’t have the ability to change. He’s like a broken record on his show as he has been for decades. He’s another brainwashed “Democrat.” His initials are MM, by the way. Mi amigo tells me that this guy still constantly complains about the misnamed “Democratic” Party all throughout the year. Then, every s-election cycle he gets in authoritarian lockstep and says the same thing he always says before a s-election which is: “We must get Democrats in; we must vote for Democrats.” Mind you, this comes after he’s complained about them all year because they work for their employer, the Republicans. Fucking Insane. Hearing him, it almost sounds like the script he was brainwashed with decades ago, and he’s still repeating it verbatim.

As for the Republican Party Cultists, their campaign slogan seems to be: “For 2018 and Beyond.” I’ve noticed that the insane orange nazi man-child cultists are campaigning against a certain politician no longer in office. Can you guess who it is? They’re campaigning against Obama. Now keep in mind Obama hasn’t been in office for just short of 2 years now. But Obama is all they have to run on. As for the “Democrats,” they’re running on the orange nazi and the Russian connection to the 2016 s-election. In other words, as usual, they have no platform of their own to run on, particularly none of any progressive nature. Heavens no! Wouldn’t dream of it! And should the Republican-enabling “Democrats” happen to gain any seats in the House or Senate — which they absolutely don’t deserve to be rewarded with — one should expect them to give the insane orange nazi/international bully anything he wants. It will be the “Democrats” way of feeling sorry for him because his “team” (and their employer, the Republicans) lost seats in the midterm. Just like they did for illegitimate George W Bush. They gave Bush anything he wanted including Nancy Pelosi taking impeachment “off the table.” Remember that? Shortly after, we saw a picture of Bush and Pelosi walking together holding hands — what did Pelosi’s husband think about that? — as if best of friends, if not more than that. Please check out that picture, por favor. Does that look like someone to you (I’m speaking of Pelosi in that picture) who looks like she’s part of an alleged “opposition party?” LOL. Laughable.

Yet every two years, the “Democratic” Party Cultists in San Francisco who vote continue to put that woman (Pelosi) in office no matter what she does for the Republicans. I suspect most of voters in San Francisco couldn’t tell you a thing she’s done. They merely vote for her based on that “D” for Democrat next to her name, as well as her name recognition and because, “I’ve seen her on television a lot, so I’ll vote for her, and you know I love those pearls around her neck.” (roll eyes, superficial/shallow people)

While writing this article, I read an article about the partisan brainwashing among the orange nazi’s cultists. They can’t distinguish between the truth and lies. Not surprising considering they’re such stupid and proudly-ignorant “people.” And just like the brainwashed “Democrats,” they believe everything that their side says in authoritarian lockstep as well. This blind-faith mentality and cultist behaviour of the orange nazi cultists is no different than what we saw with the Obamabots when they were adoring over their new-found saviour Obama, especially during his first presidential campaign run. (Related: Obama Messiah).

Someone from Ireland wrote the following comment:

“All we see from the far side of the ocean is the US embracing stupidity. You have collectively endorsed President Stupid. Go democracy!”

Well it is true that the US Congress has collectively endorsed him, despite some political theatre and theatrics to the contrary before corporate network cameras for the benefit of the most gullible among us and to pacify their gullible, stupid and partisan-brainwashed base (both D and R). The US Congress has essentially relegated themselves to ceremonial status under the orange nazi. As usual and as predictable, the “Democratic” Party Cultists continue to excuse and rush to apologise for their big business corporate parasites in congress by labeling them “powerless.” Ha! They’re not powerless at all when they vote with the Republicans as they have been doing to give the orange nazi more surveillance powers. Or with Nancy Pelosi taking impeachment “off the table” at least three times now. And I should point out that 41 senate “Democrats” recently enabled the Republicans once again by voting (87-10) for the obscene $708 BILLION spending bill for the US Military Industrial Complex. I don’t call any of that “powerless.” If it were a “Democrat” trying to get such a military bill through, not one Republican would vote for it. The stupid “Democratic” Party Cultists also used that “powerless” excuse when illegitimate George W Bush was in office. One might remember that the “Democrats” gave Bush anything he wanted (including Pelosi taking impeachment of Bush “off the table” as well), as they are doing under the orange nazi man-child. The “Democratic” Party Cultists (meaning the voters) continue to oppose the insane orange-nazi man-child and international bully, but I suspect if he called himself a “Democrat” tomorrow they would flip overnight en masse and begin supporting him and make excuses for him. It all really does come down to brainwashed partisanship and partisan devotion. That’s why I sometimes refer to the “Democratic” and Republican Religions/Faiths. Both are like cults.

The Cesspool/Los Estados Unidos/the US is a country completely divided due to partisan brainwashing, and there’s no way possible to change that. Chau.—el barrio rosa


Democrats Cave, Agree To Fast Track Tr*mp’s Corporate Judges

1 Such as Pelosi taking impeachment of the insane orange nazi man-child “off the table” at least three times now. She’s a good little enabler.

Here are two examples I mentioned above of the “Democratic” Party enabling the Republican Party. There are many more I could list:

“Now is not the time to consider articles of impeachment,” Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi and Minority Whip Steny Hoyer said in a joint statement, shortly after Green introduced his articles of impeachment.” [Source]

Orange nazi-enabling “Democrats” handed him more domestic surveillance powers.

And on 1 August 2018, 41 senate “Democrats” enabled the Republicans by voting (87-10) for the obscene $708 BILLION spending bill for the US Military Industrial Complex. “Gotta get Dems in, gotta get Dems in.” (roll eyes)


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28 comments on “How to respond to “Democratic” Party Cultists

  1. Former San Franciscan

    I, too, appreciate your leaving all these comments on, pink barrio. Even the ones that turn my stomach. I’m an adult, I can take it.

    I think most political parties are like cults but agree totally with your article. The one exception is the Green Party where I haven’t noticed any cult-like behavior or thinking from them. They come off as less cult like to me.

    I was paying attention to the SEP but they grate me to high heaven. You’ve called them a cult and I can’t disagree there. They act just like the Dems with their thin skin and their cultist commenters, phew!! It disgusts me the way they pooh-pooh queer issues as “identity politics” and not to be discussed. Everything is about class is their theme song. If they were queer they wouldn’t think that way. Leaves me thinking they’re all heterosexual or in the closet, white, mostly male and come with that privilege. Last time I was there they were still denying any Russian collusion in getting tr**p in office. If anyone is a Russian operative, it’s the SEP. They bend over backwards to defend Russia. They’re doing the same with Julian Assange, a tr**p supporter. He had secret correspondence with the tr**p campaign. I read that e-mails have been revealed showing Julian Assange to be racist, antisemetic, homophobic, transphobic, etc. The SEP says their party is on the left….. Not like any left I’ve ever known.

    Good article.

    1. E in Sunnyvale

      They’re doing the same with Julian Assange, a tr**p supporter. He had secret correspondence with the tr**p campaign. I read that e-mails have been revealed showing Julian Assange to be racist, antisemetic, homophobic, transphobic, etc.

      And here I thought that the wikileaks platform was possibly a force for good – at least at one time. Turns out to be just another partisan political tool and ASS*nge can hang from the gallows for all I care, considering his direct role in handing a so-called election to that orange creature (even though the orange creature LOST by over 3 million votes – at least).

      As for the SEP, the constant and unwavering support for (extremely right-wing anti-queer) Russia has been apparent for a long time. I don’t see how anyone calling themselves a leftist/socialist can support them.


      1. FedUp!

        Thanks for that. Considering how long the SEP’s been around, they’ve done little. They want an echo chamber and they’re really, really stuck on themselves. I always thought they were conservatives. In the last year some of their writers wrote about how g**gle “is censoring left wing website sites like the SEP.” Surprised me they were calling themselves “left wing.” Let’s keep it all simple and make it only about class. Simple-minded. It’s just a way of making things so simple that they can get anybody to follow them when life really isn’t that simple.

        1. Tess

          I read the headlines on the sep site and sometimes skip down to comments until I see they’re the same old same old I’ve read before from the same cultiist commenters. They’ve slammed the Russian meddling saying the claims are “ludicrous” and slammed the #metoo movement…. don’t seem to believe any of the women who have come forward. You can’t tell me all these woman are lying.

          1. FedUp!

            Glad you brought that up. As pb has pointed out many times, the SEP is sexist, chauvinistic and mysognistic with their women commenters leading the way. One woman commenter over there was making fun of the glass ceiling. I got the drift that the SEP was taking on the #metoo movement after reading part of their first article on that. Got turned off and haven’t read any others. As always with them, it’s the CLASS that these women are from. “Upper class” and “well-heeled” is how the SEP puts it, that makes their claims not legit?

          2. strangetimes

            i stopped by there today and on their assange article some commenter was saying that they had never expected to see the sep in agreement with the orange man and putin….”strange bedfellows” they said.


    1. D8

      Most definitely. The article talks about other sites being authoritarian and fascist by only allowing comments of a certain view point….pro Dem Party. pb is definitely no hypocrite considering the tone of many of the comments here which pb could delete, but allows. pb has pretty tough skin. :-)

  2. DamnStraight

    Get over it!!!!!!!!! Hillllllllllllllllary lost!!!!!!!!!!

    We’re winning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Connor

    This article is so disrespectful to the fine men and women of the Democratic Party. I’m sure Pelosi has a plan and very good reasons for taking impeachment off the table. I love Diane Feinstein. She should be Senator for life. All good Democrats. We need more like them.

  4. Eve

    What a disgusting article. As a lifelong Democrat, I will always support my party. I agree with others that your ties to Russia have many tenacles.

    1. AndyChrist

      Thx for that link over here. This site leaves no questions that they love Drumpf & Russia.

    2. Nickster

      Probably Moscow so he can be close to Putin if you get my drift. (‿ˠ‿) You know the gay thing.

  5. D8

    Judging by some of these comments, unlike the Dems, pink barrio doesn’t require authoritarian lockstep and seems to take the approach that if you don’t feed them they’ll go away…. and they seem to go away. Bye, bye/


  6. Russian operative?

    I resent the way you talk about my party and call us cultists. You must love the Repugs. Are you be a Russian operative?

    1. FedUp!

      Truth hurts doesn’t it?

      ” You must love the Repugs. Are you be a Russian operative? ”

      Re-read the article. Stupid, you proved what the article says.

  7. Deplorable

    Give our Republicans a try. We’re winning and winning and winning. W’ere not tired of winning. Be on the winning team.

  8. FedUp!

    I’m surprised no one has come along and asked you “don’t you think you should give the democrats another chance?” Whenever some jerk asks me that I unload on them. They don’t know what hit them. I guess people know better than to ask you that! Excellent article BTW.

    1. ak4*

      hey man, whites are coming to power. you notiice that our pres. constantly gives the wp hand sign. we all know what it means….to give us reassureance that he’s on our side. we’re sick of all this riff raff floating around. the democrasts are as much as cult as all of us peole here in the great state of tx. one cult can easily tell another cult and you notice that everytime the republicans are in office the democrast just kinda shut up cuz they know who the true leaders are.

Fin. The End.