In the US, violence is acceptable but sex language isn’t

Human beings created the English language, but some words are off limits. They’re not to be used or spoken because they result in the person using them to be called, “foul-mouthed” and “using vulgar language.” So why create words that are not/never to be spoken or written? That’s stupid. Humans have some really weird thinking and do some really weird shit.

Hola a todos. What causes more harm, death and destruction: Violence or sex language? Violence, of course. But in the US of Hypocrisy, violence is quite acceptable — it’s even encouraged — but the use of sex language (which doesn’t cause any harm other than to prudish ears) is not acceptable and it’s approached with a childish mentality by prudes, often with sexual issues/hang-ups of their own. People who use sex language are often called having a “a potty mouth.” (roll eyes) How did sex language become known as “potty?” That’s very childish and immature-sounding. As in, “do you have to go potty?” That’s what parents say to a toddler. So sex language is “potty?” Does that mean that sex language can only be spoken when one is “going potty” or on the toilet? Is that what these immature prudes are saying? Then, there are those ignorant prudes who say that someone’s mouth needs to be washed out with soap for being “a potty mouth.” And what good would washing someone’s mouth out with soap do when the source of language thoughts is the brain, morons. I guess these morons have never thought that through.

I have a very short fuse for prudes. Can’t stand them. Prudes need psychotherapy. But I know they’re not about to get therapy because they often come with this superior, holier-than-thou sacrosanct mentality about themselves. We have a nation of what seems to be mostly children in adult bodies who have never matured to a level where they have the maturity to use or to hear sex language, in part, because many people have been indoctrinated with the fucked-up thinking that sex is “bad” and “naughty.” WTF is “naughty” about sex, people? Don’t most of these people pretend to be a “Christian” and their Christian God — according to them — made the penis and the vagina, correct? Correct. And their God is perfect, according to them. So how could your “perfect” Christian God have made something “bad” or “naughty” or “evil” when he made the penis and vagina? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm? Have you idiotic prudes never thought about that? No, I suppose you haven’t. Yet these fake-”Christians” view the penis, vagina, anus and women’s breasts as “bad, evil, vulgar and naughty.” The Prudish US of Hypocrisy (a.k.a. The Cesspool.)

It’s good that the US has its priorities in order. As the reader probably knows, The Cesspool/the septic US is a very violent nation. Violence is our #1 export when the truth be told including the selling of weapons of mass destruction to other nations for the ultimate goal of installing a government favourable to The Cesspool and its rotten-to-the-core US Oligarchy. The current utterly deranged, disgusting and septic trashy-resident of la casa blanca encourages violence of undocumented immigrants. This from an insane man-child that says that, “Amurrrrrrrrrkkka worships god.” Hardly! He didn’t specify which Amurrrrrrrrrkkka — North, Central or South — or which god he was rambling on about. By its own actions, the United States of Amurrrrrrrrrkkka does not worship any god. We have a separation of church and state in the US, or are supposed to. But just like his know-nothing supporters, El Hombre Naranja/The Orange Man seems completely ignorant on much of our system of governance. This from the same fake-”Christian” whose Nave and High Altar seems to be a golf course on Domingo/Sunday. This hypocrite said back in 2016, “I have no time for golf” while criticising messiah Obama for golfing. Meanwhile, security costs for his trips to his church (golf clubs) are currently at more than $6 MILLION US TAX DOLLARS. This fake-”Christian” who says that “Amurrrrrrrrrkkka worships god” doesn’t go to church — except twice a year for the perfunctory two major High Holy days, not that he has a clue what a High Holy day is, mind you — nor are any of his actions and words “Christ-like.” Like most political basura, he exploits the Christian religion and stupid people’s emotions for political purposes in order to pacify his damned stupid disciples. From what we’ve been told about Jesus, he was about love and called the “prince of peace.” The Orange Man’s actions and policies are based in various forms of hate, not love. The US and its corporate media celebrate violence. D and R politicians support violence, in part, through their “yea” votes in support of the terrorist attacks launched by the US Military Industrial Complex on other nations.

Someone (his initials: AS) who only lasted 10 days in the regime of El Hombre Naranja/The Orange Man used some sexual language (including the words “cock” and “fuck,”) in an interview with a New York publication. The corporate media described the comments from AS as “a profanity-laced rant.” As I said earlier, AS has since been fired at the request of a fake-”Christian” evangelical piece of trash who complained to The Orange Man about AS having “a potty mouth.” (roll eyes). “Potty mouth?” Are we toddlers here, Mr Evangelical Fake-”Christian?” I read that El Hombre Naranja approved of the sexual language that AS used in the interview and thought it was funny.

I don’t use the word “profanity” because — according to The Cambridge Dictionary — profane is defined as: “showing no respect for a god or a religion, often through language.” Well, as an atheist, I have no problem with (what’s called) “profanity,” but I don’t call it that. I call it what it is: Sex language, and I don’t see anything “vulgar” or “bad” or “profane” or “potty” or “naughty” or “evil” about sexual language. Just like with the fear of seeing the human body, the fear of “profanity” is religion-based in my opinion. The fake-”Christians” are the first to scream about the use of “profanity”/sex language while they support all kinds of heinous policies of their partisan corporate politicians that are directly against the teachings of Jesus, from what we’ve been told about Jesus.

Mi amiga/My friend told me about her brief commenting experience on a major corporate news site recently on this topic after AS gave the interview to the New York publication. As expected, all the (fake-”Christian”?) prudes — many of whom probably call themselves a liberal (ha!) — showed up in the comments on the article to hate on AS and to say that his language was “reprehensible and disgusting.”

I would not have said what he said in the context of an interview because I know how sexually fucked-up people are in the US and what fucking prudes they are, and I know I would be subsequently hated on (as AS was), but I can think of many things that are “reprehensible and disgusting” and saying the word “fuck” and “cock” are not among them. It’s not as if he killed anybody, people. Get. A. Fucking. Grip. Nobody died because he used the words “fuck” and “cock.” And don’t most of the people whining about his use of the words “fuck” and “cock” use both words on occasion? I suspect so. Their hypocrisy is noted.

Mi amiga wrote a comment on that corporate news site that she didn’t care what language AS used as long as everyone got the point he was making, and that sometimes one has to abandon so-called “decorum” and tell it like it is. Well, her comment went over most people’s heads. These were all very conservative pro-Establishment Democrats, status-quo prudes based on what they said in their comments. AS later described his language as “colourful.” Mi amiga knew no one would agree with her. They didn’t, just as they wouldn’t agree with me. Because we live in the prudish US, a nation that can’t bear to hear sex language from the English language, while many, if not most, people use sex language themselves. Then as expected, two commenters had to drag out the perfunctory, “What About The Children?” CardTM and went on about morals, morality and ethics. As mi amiga told them: I suspect no children watched this interview with AS but even if they did, these days children often know more about sex and sex language than their prudish parents. Exactamente. One often wonders how many children were ever conceived — using a turkey baster? — considering how anti-sex/prudish their parents became after having the first child. WTF happens to breeders after they start breeding? Mi amiga asked one commenter why he was sanitising the word “fuck” in his comment when the word fuck was printed in the article? Her comment about that was not posted. Another commenter wrote about “busting his fucking face” with the word “fuck” sanitised with asterisks. Mi amiga wasn’t sure what that comment was about or which person it was directed at but she pointed out it was inciting violence, which the moderators of the site allowed. Mi amiga wrote that it was interesting that this corporate news site owned by a billionaire allows comments suggesting violence against someone — whether sarcastically or not — and that 3 people had agreed with the violent-natured comment, but the same people couldn’t bear to read or hear the words fuck or cock. Her comment about that was not posted either. It appeared she had been banned at that point for questioning the status-quo and the hypocrisy of fake-”Christians.” So she left the site. Fin./The End. Hasn’t been back since.

Her point, which I agree with: Here in The Cesspool, suggestions of violence are perfectly acceptable and even encouraged, but using sex language such as “fuck” or “cock” — gasp with mouth wide open and eyes bugged out! — is extremely frowned upon. Meanwhile, most corporate networks have no problem showing violent programming for rating purposes because of most people’s craving for content of a violent nature. But they are required to bleep out any sexual language unless it’s a clinical term such as penis, vagina or anus. One wonders how those three words made it through the approval process.

I read that two female members of the family of El Hombre Naranja — his esposa/wife and daughter specifically — said they found the comments from AS, “disgusting” and they used another adjective. That’s odd. They didn’t make a similar comment about finding El Hombre Naranja and his comment about grabbing women by their pussy “disgusting.” Their hypocrisy is also noted.

El Hombre Naranja encourages acts of violence

El Hombre Naranja recently bloviated before a group of la policía and told them not to “be too nice” to undocumented immigrants and others during arrests. He urged la policía not to protect the heads of “criminals” (his word) when putting them into the cop car. El Pendejo. Yes, he referred to people being arrested as “criminals.” They are suspected criminals because a trial has not been held to determine their guilt or innocence. He doesn’t seem to understand our system of (in)justice. Under his twisted-thinking, one is guilty until proven innocent. That’s the opposite of the way our system is supposed to work. He also seems to think that all Latinos, Hispanos and mexicanos are involved in the MS-13 gang. (The president of the United States is explicitly encouraging police violence). I read that the police group he spoke to later issued a statement disagreeing with him, even though many of them shamed themselves by laughing and applauding at the moron’s comments encouraging suspects to be “roughed up.” Related: El Hombre Naranja encourages acts of violence.

Oh and by the way, feel free to use any sex language you want in the comments. No need to sanitise sex words here with asterisks. I use sex language all the time, why shouldn’t you, if you want to? I don’t have any sex words in the spam filter so your comment should go on immediately. If your comment goes into “moderation” it will be for some other reason — such as using the official/real name of The Orange Man — and it’s the system doing that, not me. Chau.—el barrio rosa

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  1. FedUp!

    Your diary is a place where “foul-mouthed, vulgar language, naughty words, profanity, and potty mouth” (tongue-in-cheek) is allowed? and the word fuck doesn’t require asterisks?

    Good….my kind of place. :-)

    Read a headline before heading over here having to do with a politico who said “I don’t give a shit whether I’m re-elected or not.” The excerpt of the article said his remarks were “profanity-laced.” Just because he used the word shit. :-(

    Was he supposed to say “I don’t give a feces or excrement whether I’m re-elected or not?” Have to say that just doesn’t have the same ring to it. Or would they call feces and excrement profanity too? Won’t surprise me at the rate things are going.

    Thanks for your article. I related quite well to it. Could have written it myself.

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