Iran: Tehran Symphony Orchestra and Chorus perform Orff and Rachmaninov

Update (el 11 de mayo de 2018/11 May 2018): As of this writing, Israel is launching a terrorist attack on Iran-backed troops who are in Syria. Syria is Iran’s ally. They are fighting the Taliban and ISIS. The Cesspool/The US is taking the side of the Taliban and ISIS against Syria. The international bully (the deranged orange man-child) en la casa blanca wants to supply weaponry to the Taliban and ISIS to fight against Syria. He also withdrew the shithole US from the Iran nuclear deal and then imposed more sanctions against Iran and industry that supports Iran. The shithole US can have any and all nuclear weapons they want, and is the only despicable nation to have used them. With the US of Hypocrisy, the hypocrisy is once again glaring. In the eyes of the shithole US, they can do no wrong no matter what they do and no matter how heinous and barbaric their actions or how many countries they launch a terrorist attack on.

So, when the orange man-child and any other terrorist nations join him in launching a terrorist attack on Iran — pronounced E-rahn and not Eye-rack as the most proudly-ignorant among us pronounce it — that attack will be no different than another country launching a terrorist attack on one of the major US cities. Tehran is a very cosmopolitan City. They have a beautiful Metro and the Tehran Symphony Orchestra is superb. Check these things out down the page.

Not that he will read this, but I just want the asshole to know what he and his deranged accomplices are bombing, not that they care! When it comes to making dinero/money, the barbaric Military Industrial Complex doesn’t care what they destroy or how many lives.

Also, the new US ambassador to Deutschland/Germany — who is openly Queer and a conservative Log Cabin Republican type (they’re thought to be the self-hating Queers) — has already made an ass of himself: ‘Never tell host what to do’: Top German diplomat schools new US ambassador.

Now on to the Rachmaninov Piano Concerto No. 2 in c minor from Iran. Chau.—el barrio rosa

My original article from Feb 13, 2017 follows:

Hola a todos. I have to ask: What backwater cesspool of a redneck hick town do these proudly-ignorant, nearly-illiterate, stupid-is-in and know-nothing cult members of El Hombre Naranja/The Orange Man live in? It’s as if none of them made it past fifth grade, if that, and they are stuck vegetating in the 1940s. And I’m not just saying that, I’m serious. I honestly don’t recall ever encountering such an absolutely ignorant group of people in my life as the basura that boot-lick and rabidly support El Hombre Naranja in their hero worship of him. These people have never learned something as basic as “two wrongs don’t make a right.” So in their “mind” (the word “mind” used advisedly), if Obama did something that was wrong, it’s perfectly fine when El Hombre Naranja does the same. Loco.

The hate and ignorance for Iran is rabid and wide-spread among the robotic cultists of El Hombre Naranja, especially after president Bannon and his empty puppet, El Hombre Naranja, placed sanctions on Iran recently. Because of US hate for Iran, corporate media propaganda and willful-ignorance about Iran, one would think that all of Iran were an uncivilized mud pot with most Iranians living in caves. That’s the impression The Cesspool/the US tries to give to its ignorant sheeple. But that image is the opposite of reality.

By the way, Iran is pronounced “E-rahn,” and not “I ran” the way the ignorant, hick/redneck stupid US’ans (including the US corporate media and politicians) pronounce it.

I don’t agree with some of the policies of the Iranian government — nor am I interested in talking about them — just as I don’t agree with the policies of the US Oligarchy or some other world governments. But the government of Iran is not the people of Tehran/Iran. And the views of Muslims worldwide are as varied and diverse as that of Christians. But to hear the hateful bots of El Hombre Naranja, they think all Muslims think the same, which is ludicrous. And of course reason has no bearing on them. In their alternative universe, reason is “fake news.”

Iran’s capital city, Tehran, is a beautiful, very modern city with a population of about 9 million people in the City of Tehran and 16 million people in the greater Tehran Metropolitan Area. Tehran looks no different than a city in the US. See also here and here. Los Ángeles came to my mind while watching the tour of the Tehran video below. Tehran has a very nice and modern Metro, nicer than some Metros here in The Cesspool (nicer than San Francisco’s). Modern Life: 65 New Passenger cars added to Tehran subway system. And Mayor of Belgrade visit Tehran’s modern Metro system. Also: Modern Life (Home Page). Lovely, friendly people live there. I don’t see any homeless people in Tehran so apparently they take care of their people, unlike The Cesspool which chooses to treat homeless people like basura while The Cesspool pretends to be “A Christian Nation.” Tehran has an excellent Symphony Orchestra and Chorus which in 2015 performed Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony (“Choral”), just to give one example of their repertoire/skill level. I haven’t heard it but I have heard part of their performances of the Rachmaninov Piano Concerto No. 2 in c minor and also part of Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana (see videos below).

Some people have been asking: Will there be a false flag/inside job sometime soon similar to the 911 inside job at the beginning of the illegitimate Bush regime? (Cue the “Tin-Foil Hat” Card that will likely come from the far-right and others about now because I spoke of a false flag/inside job). A false flag (terrorist attack) would be launched to get the public opinion poll numbers of El Hombre Naranja soaring — as it did under the illegitimate Bush regime — by making the public even more afraid of their own shadow and to get the sheeple in lockstep behind El Hombre Naranja. This speculation of a false flag comes especially after El Hombre Naranja has been slapped down (twice now) by the US judicial system. He and/or president Bannon fail to understand that if one wants a court to more likely rule in one’s favour — since justices/judges are also human beings with emotions/feelings/personal opinions — one might more likely get a ruling in one’s favour by keeping one’s mouth shut rather than publicly railing against a court’s decision by calling it “disgraceful” and other pejoratives. But some people just don’t seem to possess basic sense.

El Hombre Naranja and his out-of-control and amateurish regime have turned the District of Columbia into utter chaos since he took office with even his Supreme Court nominee in disagreement with him over El Hombre Naranja and his stated disrespect for the US court system. I read that they’ve already interviewed another person to replace the current and abrasive White House spokesliar, and president Bannon and El Hombre Naranja haven’t even been in office a month.

A false flag worked for George W Bush. Jeb Bush and many of the Bush regime’s people were signatories to the neocon PNAC document, which on page 51 speaks of needing a “New Pearl Harbour” (which 911 was) to unite the people behind The Oligarchy’s goal of US imperialism and world domination. Would a false flag work for El Hombre Naranja? Two possible targets: North Korea and Tehran/Iran.

Although in the alternative universe that El Hombre Naranja and his cultists live in, he could just tweet that there was a terrorist attack someplace in The Cesspool — blaming it on North Korea or Iran — without there actually being one. Just like with the “Bowling Green Massacre” that they have been going on about that never happened. His gullible disciples would believe it because he said it. That would be the best kind of “terrorist attack” as no lives would be lost. Then again, in his alternative universe he could tweet that he has launched a nuclear attack on North Korea or Tehran without ever doing so. Again, no lives would be lost. The corporate media would report that no attacks occurred and El Hombre Naranja and cult would scream, “fake news, fake news.”

I can’t imagine (and don’t want to even think about it) any deranged person attacking/bombing Tehran. Only a completely insane person would do that, and that’s my concern because we have a completely off-the-latch, insane person(s) en la casa blanca/in the white house. El Hombre Naranja comes with no social or diplomacy skills whatsoever. He’s a dysfunctional, bullying child in an adult body always having to have his way. And from what I’ve read, he’s constantly livid over trivial things such as the bath towels in Air Force One not being soft enough. His devout cult followers rush to defend any and all things that he does and says. They spend every waking hour obsessing about and trolling about “libs” (they’ve never learned to spell the word liberal apparently) and how “libs lost and we won, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.” Children in adult bodies, assuming these are “adults.” All the problems in el mundo/the world are because of (according to them): “libs, libtards, libturds” and “DemoRATS.” Anyone who disagrees with them they automatically label “a Communist,” clearly ignorant of the definition of the word Communist. Their own Republican party is sacrosanct and above reproach and not responsible for any of our problems. If El Hombre Naranja bombed/destroyed Tehran (I can’t even think about that), it would be no different than destroying a major US city.

I thought about this: If the haters of Iran were to hear the Tehran Symphony Orchestra and Chorus, watch video tours of Tehran and of their Metro, their Persian food and rich culture, would that at all change their Dark Ages and willfully-ignorant view of Iran held by the cultists who worship El Hombre Naranja, as well as the views of El Hombre Naranja himself? Absolutely not. And to begin with, they wouldn’t watch any of these videos, just as no links are adequate to these basura unless it comes from their Fox News or Alex Jones or whoever they’re watching. El Hombre Naranja and his cultists prefers to remain ignorant. They would call all of these videos down below “fake news.” They prefer to wallow in their hate and ignorance rather than to educate themselves. To them, education is a very bad thing and education would get in their way of scapegoating people who are not identical to them.

In the first video below, a superb Iranian pianist (his name is not listed) is playing the Rachmaninov Piano Concerto No. 2 in c minor with the Tehran Symphony Orchestra (TSO) in this excerpt of his performance below. The TSO use the Bösendorfer piano, considered by many to be the finest pianos en el mundo/in the world and better than the Steinway (New York or Homburg). Their Bösendorfer has a beautiful sound. For this performance — and they may do so in general — the TSO uses the European seating arrangement with the violins seated on both sides of the orchestra and cellos seated inside the orchestra.

I read an article from a tourist from The Cesspool now living in Tehran who has spent over two years there. He loves Tehran and spoke about all the anti-Tehran lies, disinformation and propaganda constantly fed to the public about Tehran. He said that Tehran is a very safe city without exceptions and the people are very friendly. There’s also very few Western tourists there. He said there’s probably approximately five in the entire country.

For this performance (below) of the final chorus from Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana, the Tehran Symphony Chorus was excellent. It was clear to me — like with all well-prepared Orchestra Choruses — that the Chorus Director had brought in a language coach for the text/diction which is in Latin because I could understand every word, considering that the languages of Iran are:

Persian: 53% of the population
Azerbaijani and other Turkic dialects: 18%
Kurdish: 10%
Gilaki and Mazandarani: 7%
Luri: 6%
Arabic: 2%
Balochi: 2%
Other languages: comprise 1%, and they include Tati, Talysh, Georgian, Armenian, Circassian, Assyrian, Hebrew, and others.

Yet many stupid US’ans can even speak one language (US-English) correctly. Pathetic really, while they hallucinate about their supposed “greatest country” and other US-nationalistic ugliness. (Why does there have to be a “greatest country?” There are many great countries). You should see the sad writing skills of the cultists who worship El Hombre Naranja. And his are no better.

Back to the Tehran Symphony Chorus, I heard no annoying vibrato from any section of the Chorus, and they bowed at the end. I used the title above for this article because I wanted to credit the Symphony Chorus, even though they don’t perform in the Rachmaninov Piano Concerto No. 2 in c minor. Chau.—el barrio rosa

Related: Asked to ban female musicians, Tehran Symphony Orchestra cancels performance: “The authorities had pointed out that the female performers were not wearing appropriate hijab (head covering)…The women musicians were going to perform the country’s national anthem. Why shouldn’t they? I have said many times that I was born in this country and I know very well where the red lines are. As long as I’m the director of this orchestra, I will not allow this kind of treatment,” he [the orchestra's artistic director Ali Rahbari] added.

Here’s the excellent Tehran Symphony Orchestra and Chorus (Orff):

In this video, notice the modern traffic signals that let motorists know how many seconds remain before the light changes, for both red and green lights. We don’t have that in San Francisco and I’ve not seen that anywhere in The Cesspool, the so-called “greatest country.”

I enjoyed this video recorded on their Metro, although I would have preferred different music more authentic to the region:

A nice segment about the Metro and about the Persian food in this video. Someone was having jugo de zanahoria/carrot juice, like I make every day. Now that’s real food as opposed to coffee — nothing nutritious about that — that the typical US’an would be ordering. Those stuffed bell peppers look good to me:

Originally published on: Feb 13, 2017 @ 1:44

4 comments on “Iran: Tehran Symphony Orchestra and Chorus perform Orff and Rachmaninov

  1. Former San Franciscan

    Great music clips, thanks. They have some outstanding musicians in Iran. Learned a lot I didn’t know. Thanks.

  2. FedUp!

    Just want to say that from my experience with the cult of El Hombre Naranja, when Iran comes up they are the first to point out the anti-women and anti-gay policies of the Iranian government. In their own comments, they are anti-women and strongly anti-gay, so I would think they would like the Iranian government. Nope, they have to stay in lockstep with El Hombre Naranja. They take any opportunity to troll someone they don’t know with some anti-gay snide comment like this, “did you have a good time at the gay bathhouse last night?” or like the one I read the other day, “gay people are freaks.” The anti-gay sentiment out there is really ramping up. The cult is extremely anti-gay and think that women should be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen. I was no supporter of Obama but with him they wrote, “glad that gay monkey Obama and his trannie wife are leaving the White House. Will have to fumigate it for our pure Aryan president Trump coming in.” The cult have been writing about the anti-Trump protesters: “Where were these Communists when Obama was in office?” I asked a couple of them: What’s a Communist? Where were you? By your own admission you couldn’t stand Obama so why were you not in the streets? None of the cultists could answer those questions intelligently. They responded with troll-ish one-liners. All of this prejudice, ignorance, hatred and bigotry has been suppressed for years, well, compared to the way it is now, but now under El Hombre Naranja the cult feel confident and free to openly hate.

    Appreciate your well-researched article and enjoyed the music. Gracias, pink barrio.

  3. D8

    What a treat for this morning ! The Rachmaninov 2nd is one of my favorite piano concertos and the Tehran Symphony Orchestra and pianist are really excellent. Beautiful playing all around.. Love it. Too bad the clip is so short and was cut off before it was over. I hear what you mean about the piano and I see they took the lid off. Will get to the Orff later. You’re right – their Metro looks better than ours. Would love to visit Tehran. We have been fed so many lies and disinformation about Iran and other countries that it disgusts me. Looks like their Metro is well used.

Fin. The End.