Is everyone in San Francisco driving for Üb*r and L*ft ?

That’s the way it seems.

Hola a todos. Look at all the new cars still arriving on the streets of San Francisco, adding to our increasingly congested car culture. We’ve seen all the new cars on the streets for probably the last two years at least, even though most of them look just like the old cars. Both old and new are usually boring and conformist black, grey or white. No imagination at all with colours whatsoever. The conformists are just buying what everybody else has to fit in with the herd. I can see the conformists going to a car dealership and saying, “I want a large black, grey or white SUV like what everybody else has. I’m absolutely terrified of pretty colours in this drab black and grey conformist City. That’s why everything I’m wearing is always-ready-for-a-funeral-black, can’t you tell? I want to not be able to find my car when I go out to it parked on the street at night because it will look like the vehicle that everybody else has. Usually hearse black, so it will be nearly impossible for me to find my car because it will look just like all the other parked cars on my street. And I consider myself intelligent.”

These days, a new car looks very dirty after a week in San Francisco. And, I’m still seeing (dirty) new cars that haven’t received their licence plates yet. They almost look abandoned.

Mi amigo/My friend and I asked ourselves: How can people afford all of these new cars we’re seeing? Who has the dinero/money for that? These cars aren’t cheap. Well, it didn’t occur to us that many if not most of these new cars were likely being bought so that idiots/suckers could get sucked into driving for Üb*r and L*ft, the so-called “ride-share” corporations.

“Ride-share” is such a pretty name, isn’t it? Of course I’m being sarcastic. It sounds so, well, “wholesome” doesn’t it? (I can’t stand that word “wholesome”). How long did it take these corporatists to dream up that public relations name “ride-share?” I can see people sitting around a corporate conference room table with their corporate coffee cups from St*rb*cks trying to dream up this syrupy language to bamboozle the sheeple with. With someone sitting at the table saying, “Ride-share” is just nice people willing to give other nice people a ride and “share” a ride with others as “good Christians.” Just good friends all being kind and nice to each — in lobotomised and unfriendly San Francisco? What drugs are you on? — like we’re all in the fictional town of Mayberry [Unspoken: even though we're in snotty San Francisco].” I can’t begin to tell you how much it warms my heart when I hear all of this bull shit language about “ride-sharing.” It reminds me of the heart-warming and pretty named “social media” marketing language. Wasn’t it AOL that started the first online chatroom, which was essentially a message forum? Today, the same thing is marketed as “social media” and it’s a “platform.” When in reality it’s a data-mining and spy-machine message forum website, with both FB and Twi**er owned by billionaires and millionaires. And the only reason the latter is still in existence is probably because the insane thin-skinned, international embarrassment, the Orange Bully-Asshole is completely addicted to it and he’s allowed to say any damn thing he wants because the corporate basura that run Twi**er call his verbal diarrhea “newsworthy.” But if you or I wrote the same caca he writes on there, we’d be banned, put in jail and accused of threatening people with our “extremely inappropriate behaviour.” But this piece of basura en la casa blanca gets away with anything he wants to say, because he’s finally made that corporation (Twi**er) “relevant.” Check this out:

“One Analyst Estimates $2 Billion. Without Donald Tr*mp, Twi**er Inc. could lose almost a fifth of its value. That’s the conclusion of Monness Crespi Hardt & Co. analyst James Cakmak, who said that the social media company would see as much as $2 billion in market value wiped out if the current White House resident quit tweeting. Aug 17, 2017″

Also: “Just an Ass-Backward Tech Company”: How Twi**er Lost the Internet War.

So despite the pretty and heart-warming marketing propaganda that these predatory corporations (Üb*r and L*ft ) are known for, in reality we’re talking about nothing but greedy, parasitic, billionaire-owned corporations who don’t give a fuck about anybody but themselves. Period. That’s the bottom line. Let’s tell it like it is. And despite all the the bad new stories/bad publicity that both of these corporations have received, gullible people/suckers still get into these unregulated “ride-share” vehicles. I’ve been wondering: How many San Francisco residents get into these tech-app based vehicles while they complain about how the Tech Industrial Complex has ruined San Francisco? Hypocrites. I know a couple of people just like that, but I’m not about to get into anything with them about it. That would accomplish nothing. With one of them, she’s so damned dense to begin with that I would hit a wall of Denial. These people driving the thousands of (new) vehicles for these two tech corporations have helped turn San Francisco into a congested car culture City.

As for the new cars we’ve seen, from my research both corporations require a driver to have a vehicle that’s 2003 or newer. So that explains all the new cars, which for most of these drivers means a new luxury vehicle (Dahling) to try to “Keep Up Appearances” and try to outdo the other people who are driving for these corporations while making hardly any money.

And with the over-saturation of these drivers in San Francisco, how is anyone making any serious money by doing this?

A new car costs how much? Not cheap. How long does it take to pay off the new car before the driver starts earning any dinero/money from these two parasitic “ride-share” corporations. Most of these drivers seem to drive for both corporations. They have both corporate logos on their windshield. I presume that’s because they can’t make enough dinero by working for just one of them. Most of these new cars seem to be of the Prius type, which are very expensive. 2018 Prius models run from $27,300.00 and up.

I saw a L*yt vehicle the other day with a small US flag sticker on it and next to it a Christian cross on the back of the vehicle. Perhaps the driver is thinking: US nationalism and fake Christianity might bait some suckers into riding in my vehicle. I’ll give that a try. And I imagine some people would say: “Oh I want to ride with that driver because s/he is a good Christian and a ‘patriotic Amurkkkan.’” Sheeple. No, you’re just being baited/played by fake-Christianity and ugly US nationalism which have nothing to do with being “patriotic.” Don’t be such a sucker, moron. Don’t be so damned gullible.

It seems that most residents in San Francisco are driving for them, or at least half of the residents. I see these Üb*r and L*ft vehicles all the time.

The Sexism in the Tech Industry is also in the “Ride Share” Industry

Did you know that Women Make Less As Üb*r Drivers And That’s Bad News For The Gig Economy? Of course that would be perfectly fine with the SEP Cultists that I wrote about recently where some of the sexist SEP Cultist women make jokes about what’s known as “the glass ceiling.”

With the over-saturation of Üb*r and L*ft drivers in San Francisco, do any of them really make any dinero because they get so few requests? It’s similar to having too many taxis on the streets. These “ride-share” drivers have to pay their own insurance costs, their fuel, and maintenance costs while they’re glued to the phones on their dashboards, and distracted by their phones while driving?

Being a language person where I respect all international/world languages as they are originally written in their native language even when written in English language sentences (which most people don’t do), the word Üb*r is Deutsch/German. But unfortunately this corporation felt the need to disrespect the German language — which is so typical of US assholes and ignoramuses who love to sanitise and disrespect world languages — by removing the umlauts of the “U” of Üb*r. The umlauts are part of the word “Üb*r” when the word is written correctly in Deutsch. But one shouldn’t expect the corporatists at Üb*r to know that. Of course monolingual English language people — who fear other world languages — would expect and demand that their precious English be written correctly. The hypocrisy is noted. Or is this pure corporate ignorance? Basura.

My research also found that:

In the US, after six months, 63% of men who started with the company (Üb*r) have left. For women, it’s about 76%, which would make sense considering they’re paid less for doing the same job.

We’ve made such great strides, haven’t we? (roll eyes)

Both tech and “ride-sharing” are sexist industries. I’m not sure about “ride-sharing” — although I’ve not seen any older/senior drivers — but tech is also a very ageist industry.

Gender inequality is something that the Old City of San Francisco used to care about. By Old City, I’m referring to the proudly-radical and alternative San Francisco which had the Gay Mecca which I can assure you is long gone and being erased from our history as quickly as possible. Didn’t we have some labour laws in San Francisco against pay inequality in the Old City? Or there would have been some protests against pay inequality in the Old City. Protesting inequality is what this City was all about in those days. The New City of San Francisco — which many longtime locals say, “this New City sucks” — doesn’t give a fuck about anything. In fact, the New San Francisco runs from the reputation of the Old City as if trying to completely erase it from history and that’s especially true for the proudly-radical days of the former Gay Mecca. It’s as if this New City wants nothing to do with the Old City. As I’ve written many times before, other than some perfunctory Rainbow Flags in The Castro intended to give the illusion that The Castro is still a Gay Mecca for tourists dollars, forget the Gay Mecca ever existed. That seems to be the attitude of things today here.

So how much are these Üb*r and L*ft drivers making? Hardly anything. Hardly enough to buy a (vegan) brownie. That does define a sucker working for a corporation.

New Study Shows Pay Is Pathetic. $3.37!

That’s the paltry median hourly profit for Üb*r and L*ft drivers — after expenses are factored in — according to a new study. … The results indicate that the “median profit from driving is $3.37 per hour before taxes, and 74% of drivers earn less than the minimum wage in their state.” Mar 2, 2018 [Source]

I just don’t see how it’s worth it, and how long does it take to pay off their new vehicle?

Some of them drive like absolute reckless assholes, like lunatics in such a rush to make that $3.37 or less.

Whether it’s directly connected or not, I don’t see this “ride-share” scheme any differently than I see the predatory and data-mining Tech Industrial Complex which has ruined San Francisco. Both industries have helped to turn this City into a mostly snotty, cold (and I don’t mean the fog), unfriendly, soul-less lobotomised City of Millennial phone zombies in their conservative black and grey clothing attire, and a playground for the super-wealthy. Chau.—el barrio rosa


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  1. castro local

    yes, all the cars working for these 2 corps. …..sf is now a car culture, and so many people. there are too many people here now. i guess it’s because of tech. they keep coming and coming and coming….when is it going to end? some places i go there are never-ending streams of people. so fucking crowded. glad i’m not the only one to notice.

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