Is Obama Responsible For Gay Marriage?

Ugh. The Cesspool Called Politics.

Hola, over the months many people have e-mailed me asking: “How can you be opposed to president Obama when he has given us gay rights and has expanded gay rights?”

Well, to begin with: Obama has not given us gay rights and he has not expanded gay rights. That is a myth promoted by Obamabots/Dembots who like to believe that bull shit even though it’s not the reality. Secondly, even if Obama had “given us gay rights and had expanded gay rights,” I’m not a one-issue person — I look at his entire despicable and barbaric record which is worse overall than that of illegitimate George W Bush — and it’s most unfortunate that other people are one-issue people. I would think that los amigos and familia of Queer people in the Middle East and elsewhere that your messiah Obama has bombed to death and droned don’t consider him any “saviour” of gay rights. I suspect they consider Obama a war criminal which is what he is (just like illegitimate George W Bush), but because of what you mistakenly think he has done for gay rights, you only see what you want to see. I would think that all the Queer homeless youth here in The Cesspool/The US don’t consider him any messiah of gay rights when he’s more interested in throwing dinero/money at the Military Industrial Complex — Obama’s 2016 budget is $4.1 trillion final annual budget proposal to Congress with $1.2 trillion in spending going to the Pentagon. That’s quadrupling of funding for US military for 2016 — than in solving the national homeless problem. $1.2 trillion dollars would easily solve the homeless problem in The Cesspool, but this man doesn’t give a fuck about the homeless. He’s part of the bourgeois elite ruling class. His priority is US Imperialism and killing people — including GLBTQs — in the Middle East and elsewhere.  Related:  Why do Queers want to kill other Queers?

People write me saying: “But he’s made some GLBTQ appointments.” He’s made some token appointment$, which many GLBTQ jump up and down about in their excitement. He’s made far more “straight” appointments than he has GLBTQ appointments. Again, for the thick people (meaning Dembots/Obamabots), he certainly hasn’t cared about the many GLBTQs and their rights that he’s killed with his drones and his barbarism — his expansion of the illegitimate Bush regime — in the Middle East and elsewhere. Or are most GLBTQs completely unaware of any of that or choose to remain silent about that because they don’t feel they should criticise their messiah Obama because he from their thoroughly corrupt and septic undemocratic Democratic Party?

As far as Obama having supposedly “evolved,” one can find out just how far this man has “evolved” by asking him — if he had a choice — would he prefer that his daughters be “straight” or be lesbians and see what his answer is. Someone who has “evolved” would answer that by saying: It wouldn’t matter to me one way or the other. I suspect if gays and lesbians got out on the white house lawn and had a “kiss in” Obama would be uncomfortable with that, although if “straight” couples did the same, he’d have no problem with it. And the general public has only “evolved” to a limited amount: US public: Gay legal rights = good, gays kissing = bad. As un amigo/my friend said the other day: “Gay will never be mainstream,” and I agree with that. People have too many hangups about it, often based in fucked up, bigoted and prejudiced religious beliefs.

Is Obama responsible for gay marriage? No, he not. But he is responsible for exploiting the topic of gay marriage for his political purpo$e$, and unfortunately many gullible Queers have fallen it, as usual. Read this article (link below) and you’ll understand what I’m talking about, unless one allows one’s D-partisan blinders to get in one’s way:

Obama backs gay marriage

From the article:

“There was also an element of crass financial calculations in the decision to make the statement. On Wednesday, Obama sent out a message to supporters highlighting his new position on gay marriage and requesting donations. According to the Washington Post, the campaign received a “massive surge of contributions” in response.

On Thursday evening, Obama was in Hollywood for a fundraiser at the home of actor George Clooney, expecting to net the campaign a record-setting $15 million in a single day.

I can hear the GLBTQ screams now: But he appointed those two “progressive” justices who voted to legalise gay marriage. I have read that repeatedly from ignorant Dembots. He nominated two conservative people — they’re not “progressives” — to the US Supreme Court and the conservative senate confirmed them. Would anyone expect the conservative senate to confirm a truly progressive candidate to the US Supreme Court? If so, what drugs are you on? So it’s the conservative cesspool called the senate that the credit goes to and not Obama following the senate’s confirmation hearing. The senate could have rejected both of your messiah Obama’s nominees/appointments. And again, neither “justice” is a “progressive.” They are both corporatists, and a real progressive is not a corporatist. But since Obamabots label their messiah as a “progressive” (which he’s not; he too is a corporatist) they automatically label his two nominees/appointments as “progressives,” which they’re not. And from what I’ve observed, both of his nominees have rubber-stamped anything he has wanted when it has come to their decisions on the court. It’s the standard political: “You rub my back, I’ll rub yours. You nominated us so we’ll give you whatever we think you want.” They’ve obviously felt obligated to give him whatever they perceived he has wanted for his political exploitation and goals. Also, when your messiah Obama nominated those two “justices” to the court, like with any other president he presumably did not know how they would vote on any issue, including the topic of same-gender/gay marriage after he claimed to have “evolved” on the issue (roll eyes).

But GLBTQ suckers have completely fallen for el hombre (Obama). Fellow Queers: Do you not remember anti-gay Rick Warren who took part in your messiah’s first inauguration/coronation ceremony? Interesting how Mr Hope and Change We Can Believe In “evolved” after he realised he could get some political mileage and some Queer dinero/money by “evolving” and exploiting the issue and the gay community. And from what I’ve seen, it doesn’t matter to most GLBTQs what else he has done (if they even know) — and Obama’s despicable record is worse overall than that of illegitimate George W Bush whom you and I both despised — as long as your Obama continues to exploit TGLBQ by saying the word “gay” and/or “transgender” on the odd occasion to the loud roars of applause and genuflections from GLBTQ Obamabots suckers. Damn, some of my fellow Queers are pathetically gullible and naïve these days. What happened to your keen bull shit detectors — that you had for decades — that now allow you to fall for any corporate hack political parasite just because they are a member of your “Democratic” political cult/party?

People also ask: Why do you think the two people he nominated voted in his favour of gay marriage and on (what I call) messiahcare, more commonly known as Obamacare. Well why do you think? Again, to give him what he wanted since he nominated them. These corporate parasites scratch each other’s back.

The House and Senate: Representatives and Senators

And finally, to all the people who write me and refer to “the congress and senate.” Would you please stop that? I’m so tired of reading that mistake. Okay class, now pay attention: The senate is part of congress, people. It’s the upper body. What you mean to say is the house and senate. Not “the congress and senate” because the senate is in the congress; it’s part of the congress. The way you write it (“congress and senate”) makes it sound as though the senate is not part of congress but rather a separate body. The congress consists of two bodies:

1) the house (those basura are called “representatives” and they represent their corporate owners for whom they work)
2) the senate (those basura are called “senators” and they also work for their corporate owners just like the “representatives” over in the house).

Now I hope that resolves this.
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So let’s review. What have we learned today, class? We’ve learned that Obama is not responsible for gay marriage (even though I know that the Obamabots will continue to spew that lie/bull shit/myth.) I’ve learned that lying about his record and willful-ignorance are among two requirements for being an Obamabot; the same tactics that the Bush supporters used. And we’ve learned that the congress is comprised of two bodies: the house and senate, known as representatives and senators. So no one will ever say, “the congress and senate” again, right? (Yes I’m sure). Chau.—el barrio rosa


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