It already feels like we’re back where we started (circa 1970s)

Gay and with a girl. A gay guy with a girl. Here in the Century of Insanity, it’s supposed to be a (closeted) gay guy with a chick holding hands and making out or where she’s giving him a blow job on an airliner due to society’s Breeder Brainwashing, where he can be seen talking with his bros about how “we’re trying to get pregnant.” Is that what they meant by “gay assimilation” (roll eyes, groan) after gay marriage became legal in the US? So gay guys worked years for the right to marry their boyfriend/partner. Then ultimately, many — due to Breeder Brainwashing — married females. Insanity.

Hola a todos. During the Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement — which by all indications ended when gay marriage became legal in the US of Insanity, see here and here — we Queers (GTQBLs) worked so hard for many thing over decades including coming out of the closet so that we could be ourselves, be true to ourselves and honest about ourselves with others. I don’t know why, but I had mistakenly thought this would be a permanent fixture to our society, that from that point on Queers would not be behaving as if they were living back in the 1940s-50s.

Yeah well. So much for that thinking. All of that seems to be passé now. I’ll write about this one more time for purposes of this article, but frankly I now feel about this topic and all Queer-related topics the same way I feel about the toxic topic of politics. I’m sick of all of it. I’m very turned off by all of it because of the dismal state of things. I don’t need my blood pressure rising to unhealthy levels because of this shit. So, I’m done with it after this article because only a few people care and the few of us who do care are not about to change the world or change anything with the corporatist, conformist “LGBT”-brainwashed sheeple. Fuck them. They don’t represent me at all. (Related: Lea DeLaria: The LGBTQIA+ acronym is divisive and it’s also revisionist history since lesbians did not lead the Movement as the “L” in first place implies). And I know they’re the conservative — regardless of D or R partisan-brainwashed affiliation — conformist majority. We’re not about to stop closet case gay guys from being with and marrying females in droves. (Related: More back to the 1950s: Gay guys marrying females in droves. Sad. This is what the Movement worked for for many decades, is it? Insanity!). Nearly every day mi amigo/my friend will be watching a video on U-toob and says to me, “Queer boy with female.” Ugh. I hesitate to go see his screen because I don’t need to see another closet case, but there he is: Yet another gay guy according to our gaydar with a female in a breeder relationship eating ice cream together or making out/sucking face in line while waiting to order their food. While making out, they make sure to make loud slurping sounds so that everybody hears them. They love the attention. Isn’t that why they make out in public? Exhibitionism? I’m well aware that needy, insecure and attention-demanding her has to be reassured every couple minutes that he still loves her. “Please kiss me to let me know you still love me and haven’t fallen out of love with me in the past 2 minutes when you kissed me one-half block away and I demand that you hold my hand otherwise you won’t get any pussy later.” (roll eyes, gay couple are so much more secure and mature in their relationships than the insecure breeders). The closet case has been brainwashed with society’s heteronormative Breeder Brainwashing which is: One must be straight to be “normal.” And the corporate media dutifully promote breeder brainwashing everywhere you look. It’s always images of “him and her.” He’s usually a minimum of 2 feet taller than her to dominate over submissive, non-feminist her. When they make out, he looks like he’s making out with a little girl, perhaps his daughter. Watching the corporate media, one would not know that gay marriage even exists in the States except for — the apparently more acceptable to bigots — conservative-looking white lesbian couples shown on the rarest occasion, when any Queer couple is shown. Gay male couples don’t exist based on what one sees from the corporate media, including the international corporate media from my observations. They’re just as bad. (Related: Breeder Brainwashing: Another gay guy marries a woman, and Gay guys are not equal). And if you happen to fleetingly find a gay male couple on the corporate media, are they allowed to make out before the cameras the way the pro-patriarchy him-tall-dominant/her-short-submissive breeder couples do, stopping short of having sex?

So it leaves me with this deep sense of sinking depression that comes over me when I see a 20-30 year old guy who — according to my reliable gaydar — is obviously a closet case and doesn’t have the cojones to come out of the closet bouncing down the sidewalk holding hands with some giddy 20-30 year old female as they head into San Francisco’s Castro. Reminds me of three articles I wrote sometime back:

1. Closeted Gays moving into San Francisco’s Castro.

2. “Best bar in Castro for Closeted Gays”

3. Are gays going back in the closet?

The Castro is the former Gay Mecca. But with The Castro’s deliberate over-saturation of Rainbow Flags intended to deceive tourists into thinking that it’s still a Gay Mecca, I suspect one is quite disappointed when one comes to the awareness that The Castro is now a Breeder Mecca. I suspect Queer tourists ask: “Where are all the gay guys, where are all the lesbians I expected to see here in The Gay Mecca?” Answer: They’re mostly gone, and the ones you do see can be visitors so don’t assume they live here. This Millennial couple (the closet case holding hands with the giddy female that I mentioned earlier) are likely going to The Castro to drink like all the other “breeder couples” we see, even though the guy looks gay to me, but he’s been Breeder Brainwashed. They’re going to get drunk and make out under Rainbow Flags — which is why some of us say that it feels like the breeders have hijacked the Rainbow Flag considering the way they love to make out under it (roll eyes) — and later have “breeder sex.” That’s typically what one sees in today’s Castro, excluding 1-2 bars which are still gay bars.

If I were straight, it would feel weird to me to be hanging out in an area saturated with Rainbow Flag symbolism and where there are still a few gay guys, regardless of where they really live (East Bay, South Bay, North Bay, Los Ángeles, the East Coast or elsewhere). I’d feel as though I were intruding on someone’s territory, and an area with a rich Queer history, even though The Castro looks nothing like it did. It’s like a faint museum relic of that today. My thinking as a straight person would be that we breeders have the entire world for rubbing our breeder sexuality into people’s faces whether they want to see it or not, so why do I need to hang out in or move to this little area that was once a special safe area for gay guys to live and hang out and where a few gay guys can still be seen on the odd occasion? Or is the breeder’s attitude similar to or the same as the straight guy we saw holding hands with a female recently where his shirt said: “Fuck you, homo.” (San Francisco’s Castro). Perhaps their thinking is: “We don’t give a fuck about your Rainbow Flags. We just ignore them because we’ve taken over this neighbourhood, in case you haven’t noticed.” Some of us remember when we were told by the conservatives — including the conservative Castro merchants who were in the process of sanitising The Castro to make it acceptable to the prudish conservative breeders with their screaming babies — that “Gay people can now live anywhere.” Of course that was absolute rubbish! As I’ve written many times, gay/Queer people can’t live anywhere even in the fucking closet. Sane people understand this. One has to be constantly watching one’s back depending upon where one lives. But the conservatives — regardless of their partisan-brainwashed political alignment — never let facts get in their way, such as these: The FBI Says Hate Crimes Are Soaring (November 2018) and here. I have found that the conservatives operate solely on emotion and with a deliberate willful-ignorance. Two conservatives I once had experience with come to mind. I corrected them on several things and gave them credible links to articles, yet they continued to ignore that information and spewed out their ignorance because they have an agenda. They are deliberately ignorant. When they were asked: Have you read the article I linked to contradicting what you have said repeatedly? The response: “Maybe I’m not interested in it.” Sigh. Someone like that prefers to be stupid and ignorant because the information I provided contradicts his right-wing agenda. I can’t stand people like that.

There is one aspect where it does not feel like we’re back where we started and that is because gay areas of cities are nothing like the way they were back then, such as San Francisco’s Castro, West Hollywood and Chelsea in Manhattan: Chelsea: The Death of a Gay Neighborhood, Murdered by Neo-Hetero-Homophobes. I’ve always had mixed feelings about The Castro. It was a wild barrio/neighbourhood and that was a good thing as far as I was concerned. “Anything goes here” was the way it was. It’s nothing like that now. It’s very conservative now to the extreme that awhile back there was a group interested in “Queering The Castro.” Can you believe that? That’s indicative of how far and how extreme The Castro has come from its Queer roots. I found The Castro to be very cliquish. It was very frustrating. Mi amigo/My friend says it’s still like that at his gym with the few Queer guys there. They only talk with each other and put their noses up in the air if you’re not part of their (elitist) group. I don’t have the patience for such childishness. With people, as far as I’m concerned we’re all equal. So I’ll pretty much talk with anybody regardless of their “social standing.” (Roll eyes) In The Castro, most of the guys I was interested in on a physical level had no interest in me. Over the years, I found The Castro to be class-ist with the homeowners versus the renters, even though many if not most homeowners were once renters themselves. It was on rare occasions that I felt accepted as a Queer person in The Castro, which makes me ask: Was there ever a genuine gay community? Just because a group of people were together on occasion for Queer events or had/have similar sexual interests doesn’t necessarily make them a genuine community when some are welcome if they look a certain way, act a certain way and have enough money, and others are not.

Then there’s today: Is The Castro the only place in San Francisco where breeders or closet cases come to make out and have “straight sex?” That’s honestly the way it appears. When I’m in Manhattan — that’s what I call San Francisco’s Financial District — I never see anyone making out there or holding hands. Even obnoxious breeder couples are not desperately making out there. And part of Breeder Brainwashing is that a guy is supposed to love the smell of pussy because that makes him a “real man.” Also, per Breeder Brainwashing a “real man” is also supposed to be into any and all discharges from pussy, including menstrual period discharges. I’m not making this up. That’s what I’ve read from guys claiming that that’s what “real men” like. Here’s The Ultimate Color Guide to Vaginal Discharge if you’d like to read up on that. But, per Breeder Brainwashing, a “real man” does not want to try to get rid of any rank musky odors from pussy because of course that contradicts the concept of being a “real man.” But I’ll provide the link anyway to be as thorough as possible: 7 Tips for Getting Rid of Vaginal Odor. Also, I should point out that despite how breeder sex is extremely over-hyped with words such as “pussy is amazing, awesome and paradise,” when you think about it, the vagina itself is in the wrong place. It should be at a place where a guy’s dick automatically stimulates the clitoris when he’s inside the vagina. But that’s not the case. It’s as if women are built wrong. That Christian god fellow who we are told supposedly made peoplekind didn’t seem to think that through. “He” didn’t put the opening of the vagina right at the clitoris so that the clit would automatically be stimulated when she’s getting fucked. Instead, the god fellow put the vagina way down at the bottom, near her anus, not near her clitoris. Consequently, with the female anatomy, the clit does not get stimulated at all when a guy is fucking her and there are very few nerve endings inside the vagina. So the woman is left being sexually unsatisfied while the guy is fucking her. Related: No pleasure during female sex. Also, pussy must not be all that hot for the guy either despite all the hype to the contrary because I can’t begin to count the number of breeder sex videos (also known as straight porn) I’ve watched where it takes the guy forever and a day to cum regardless of his age. He fucks her pussy nonstop and all kinds of positions to try to orgasm and it’s just not happening, and these are people who presumably like to get off on having sex before cameras, otherwise they wouldn’t do it! So it’s not as if they’re camera shy but rather exhibitionists since they willingly video record their sexual encounters. It can take up to 45 minutes or more for the guy to cum. In the end, he often jacks off. Something is wrong with that! If her pussy was as “hot” as pussy is marketed to be by our Breeder Brainwashed society, he would have cum within the first couple minutes, because again, we’re told that pussy is “amazing, awesome and paradise.” Mi amigo/My friend who started out with pussy before he came out of the closet, completely disagrees with that. He says pussy was no big deal, a turn-off in fact, and he couldn’t stand the smell no matter how much she washed it. A smell of some rankness is always there. He’s told me of how he and his guy friends were floating down a river on inner-tubes. They made sure the females were in front of them (or down-wind) so that their menstrual blood would flow down-river and not into the guy’s inner-tube. By the second day, he said the guys would have to stay up-wind from the females because it was a hot Summer week and the females were just wearing bathing suits. He also says that when he was in the army that the guys would use whipped cream if they had to eat pussy. At that time he says that Black guys didn’t eat pussy. It was just the young white guys that did that. He also said that in those days that there was no him-tall/her-short with breeder couples. That they were pretty much the same height as most gay couples are today and always have been. He also said that from his experience, because of a female’s emotional instability and where she acts like an emotional train wreck, he found a female to be the worst travel companion one can have.

Leaving his gym near The Castro the other morning, mi amigo/my friend said motorists couldn’t get into the underground garage near the gym because a Millennial breeder couple was standing in the middle of the entrance way desperately making out — if not having sex right there, he couldn’t tell which — on the sidewalk as if they had just met via their phone and couldn’t wait another minute. They seemed oblivious to anyone. Yes, that’s the typical behaviour of the breeders around here. Inconsiderate self-absorbed assholes. He said it was a repeat of what he saw in the gym a couple of weeks ago where a Millennial breeder couple was blocking the door entrance to the change room. People couldn’t get in and out of the change room easily, and this breeder couple had no intention of moving their telenovela-style make-out session to another location to be courteous to others. Courteous to others? What’s that, in the New San Francisco? That doesn’t seem to be something that the “I’m super special and it’s all about me” seemingly-lobotomised cold Millennial generation was taught. They don’t seem to have been taught much of anything (no people skills), other than phone.

Ironically, it wasn’t that long ago that breeders complained about and reprimanded Queers about “shoving your Queer sexuality in our breeder faces. We don’t want to see you kissing, making out and holding hands in public” they said. Well clearly it’s fine when they do it. Their blatant hypocrisy and homophobia is noted.

I have to say that, at this point, overall it feels like we Queers are back where we started — I’m thinking circa 1970 — and I don’t remember seeing this ridiculous behaviour of a female holding hands and making out with a closet case and pretending to be a breeder/straight couple and him and her pumping out babies in the Old City when San Francisco was a major, internationally-known Gay Mecca. Nor did I see that behaviour in my former home city, the District of Columbia. We saw a lot of things here in San Francisco during the Gay Mecca, but that wasn’t one of them. But I see it now and frequently, and often it depresses me because it honestly feels like we’re back where we started in the 1970s. Although as I said, I don’t remember seeing that scene with closet cases trying to be “straight” or pretending to be a breeder and making out with females. But that’s what we’re seeing in the Century of Insanity here in the US.

It’s hard to find anything that looks “Out and Proud” anymore. In fact, it looks the opposite. “Out and Proud” is long gone. Back in the closet is what we see today.

We’ve entered what appears to be a very dark time — in part because of the insane asylum known as the White House and the D and R government at the federal level — and the draconian policies we’re seeing these days. I brought this up with our little local group of Queers last week. Surprisingly they agreed with me. They said that what I described feels the same way to them, although each person said, “I try not to think about it because it depresses me too.” I had thought it was just me.

I ran into one of the Queer guys in my apartment building recently. We stopped and talked a bit about this. He said, “I don’t even go into The Castro anymore to the bars because of all the straight girls there.” Sigh. Then I mentioned all the straight guys in The Castro or those guys who want one to think they’re straight. He said, “Catch them on the right night they won’t be straight. They’ll be looking for sex with a guy ‘on the down low’ and ‘discreet.” He’s right and that’s about the extent of it. They’re not fooling anyone. Closet cases. And I used to see that all the time when I was reading CL men-seeking-men personals when that was around.

One thing I’ve noticed about the closet cases with females is how they go out of their way to convince everyone that they’re supposedly straight. For example, I went grocery shopping recently and saw this guy and instantly said to myself: Oh there’s a gay boy. I looked at him as we passed but he didn’t look at me. He sort of looked like a Castro Street clone from the 1970s, but a more modern version of that. Then, mi amigo/my friend walked over to me and asked: “Did you see that gay guy heavily making out with that chick over by the cakes? They were going at it for about 5 minutes. I thought they were going to fuck right there.” I quietly asked mi amigo: The gay guy right there? (Mi amigo later told me that he thought it was funny that we both knew the guy was Queer at first glance, but the guy may not even know that he’s Queer, or does and is completely closeted. I thought his behaviour was weird overall in that he never looked at anyone in the store as if his head didn’t turn left or right). Mi amigo said: “Yeah that’s the guy right there.” I said: Well, their make-out session which I fortunately missed must not have done anything for him because he doesn’t have a hard-on. Then, I saw the guy talking with his chick and thought: He’s into her? She’s the best he can get? I didn’t find her at all attractive. She acted ditzy, and dumbed-down. She looked prematurely “old.” She looked haggered for her age. Having been “well-banged?” They were the same height though amazingly. I watched them from a distance. He was doing his instinctual gay mannerisms with gay-clueless her but neither of them looked at anyone in the store. He had to give her peck-kisses every now and then to reassure Ms Needy-Insecure that he was still into her, supposedly. A few seconds later, they had the typical argument that straight couples are known for having usually caused by the female’s emotional swings. Even when they were talking at distances from each other (15 feet apart), their eyes never wandered from each other and acted oblivious to anyone else in the store. This is part of an act I’ve seen repeatedly from allegedly-straight couples. They pretend to be so into each other and oblivious to anyone else and the gay guy especially tries to go out of his way to convince everyone in the surroundings — not that anyone cares! — that he’s straight so they put on these heavy-duty, over-the-top exhibitionist type make-out scenes in grocery stores and elsewhere for the benefit of others. It’s surprising that they don’t sell tickets to their early morning, matinée and evening performances in stores. This gay guy only gave one performance with additional quick pecks on her lips that I saw as they stood right in the middle of the aisle. But he was your typical closet case trying to make other people think that he was straight. Another fucked-up gay guy. And of course he was a young and white conservative-looking Millennial. What is it with that fucked-up generation? She didn’t seem to possess a phone but he had to get on his phone at one point. When he was on his phone, I thought: You better watch it, you’re not giving Ms Needy your full attention. She’s going to wonder: Who is he talking with now and ignoring me on that phone? Is he fixing up a sex date with some guy after he just heavily made-out with me over here by the cakes?

It seems appropriate for this article that I conclude with this email I received from an acquaintance of mine. He’s from a former job where we were co-workers. He lives in Upper Market. It’s good to hear from him. He wrote:

“Read your site often. You wouldn’t recognize Upper Market today. Snotty as all hell! Not sure how often you get up here but it’s fucking annoying with gay guys with girl friends. They’re making out, holding hands and who knows what. A friend of mine told me he thinks these are gay guys seeing all the straight guys around here making out with girls and think they need to “go straight” too to fit in. You and I know that doesn’t work. They’ll figure that out that eventually. There are a few gay couples up here but they’re just as snotty and won’t even look at me. You’ve written about the tall-short him and her. Doesn’t that look ridiculous? Saw one yesterday. He was about 7 feet tall, no shit! She was about 4.5 feet tall. Looked like he was making out with a kid. He about toppled over on her trying to kiss her because she was not big enough to hold his weight. Like you say we’re living in insane times.”

See what I mean? These are some examples of why it feels like we are back where we started, circa 1970s. I appreciate his e-mail.

Yes, society’s Breeder Brainwashing which tries to talk everybody into being straight whether they are or not — is extremely effective, at least for awhile, until the closet cases have enough of that caca. I wonder how the closet cases are getting on with the smell of pussy and its discharges that I mentioned earlier. What excuses are being used for being repulsed by that? Some women are not stupid or in denial in this context and they know deep down that “their man” is gay but living a lie, such as this guy: This Gay Mormon Man Who Got Famous For Marrying A Straight Woman Is Getting Divorced. Fin. The End. Chau.—el barrio rosa

6 comments on “It already feels like we’re back where we started (circa 1970s)

  1. Queer boi

    I hope that LGBT INCORPORATED is happy with the way things have turned out. Those fuckheads deserve to all be fired. It used to be a gay guy with a gay guy. Today can be seen a gay guy with a chick and she’s not a “fag hag.” Gay guys like that make me sick. Likke another commenter said it’s a wasted life. Agree 1000%.

  2. strangetimes

    i see gay guys with women these days….part of the strange times we’re living through. i see these guys and think what a wasted life to not have the balls to come out of the closet, but…..that’s his head trip. as for pussy, it’s just another hole and it DOES smell and not pleasant. it can feel good if she doesn’t do or say something to spoil it for you ….but jo feels just as good if not better. there’s been this cultural mystique of turning women into “special creatures” because they have a vagina. there’s also the mystique of having a vagina and the mysteries of that. i’ve been around straight couples and gay couples and gay couples keep it real whereas straight couples have to play all of these games with each other….including head games, also part of the hetero dominant-submissive head trip.


  3. FedUp!

    You’re not alone pb. Count me in as one person who thought that what we worked for during the days of the movement were permanent. Guess we were foolish to thinjk that. They were only temporary…who knew? I’m just as fed up as you. I’ve started noticing wedding rings since you wrote about it. All these str8-pretending guys with left hand wedding rings. I had thought that most of youtube was queer but that doesn’t seem to be the case with so many straight-pretending guys there. Some guys have wedding rings on both hands 4th fingers. Should I even go there and ask what that means? Does that mean he’s married to a man and a woman even though that’s not legal? There will always be closet cases and I know that’s it’s especially ironic and galling to see closeted guys with women in places that not that long ago used to be gay meccas but there’s nothing we can do about that. Closeted guys have always been in str8 relationships. As you say, pb, “that’s their head trip” and fucked up life. It does feel like we’re back where we started in the big picture. It’s hard to express….it’s just the way it feels now and from what you, I and others see. I’ll stop rambling.

  4. Former San Franciscan

    Sounds like the Castro is worse now than when I last visited. I remember when they were predicting that the Castro would be the one and only gay mecca that would survive what you’ve written so much about. Shows what they know! On my last visit, what struck me were the people. I never thought that SF was that friendly when I lived there, but let’s just say that now I say it was super friendly compared to the awful people living there now. mostly the millennial age group. For me it’s mostly the people that make up a city and it would be interesting to where the new residents arrived from. One thing that stuck with me that you wrote was that some locals are saying that this new city sucks. One thing is for sure – they have ruined the Castro. There’s nothing there now. Even for the baby stroller crowd….how many sing alongs are they interested in going to at the movie theater or average overpriced dinners in a Castro greasy spoon restaurant?

  5. D8

    >>> Also, pussy must not be all that hot for the guy either despite all the hype to the contrary because I can’t begin to count the number of breeder sex videos (also known as straight porn) I’ve watched where it takes the guy forever and a day to cum regardless of his age. <<<

    lol. That is so true. I've noticed that too. But overall – agree that it does feel like we're back where we started. Read a story yesterday about 4 men charged in beating of gay couple in Texas. But, but, but, we were told that gay people could live anywhere!!!!!! Remember????????????? I know this won't surprise you and you would ask why is a gay couple living in Texas in the first place. Just wanted to help prove your point about the lie that conservatives tell that everything is hunky-dory for gay people. NOT. I'm just as fed up with this as you.

    Looking forward to your future music articles. 🙂

Fin. The End.