It’s not called Trump Foreign Golf Club ?

Hola a todos. I’m shocked! (Not really). How could that happen? How could it happen that the literally-insane, out-of-control, chaotic, and bullying occupant of la casa blanca/the white house named his golf club:

“Trump International Golf Club ?”

And not: “Trump Foreign Golf Club.”

Yes, El Hombre Naranja/The Orange Man named his golf club “Trump International Golf Club” and it’s located in West Palm Beach. It’s where he’s spending his weekends these days. But it is amazing he didn’t name it “Trump Foreign Golf Club” considering the obsession with the word “foreign” these days as we go into Dark Ages II.

Nearly everywhere, I read the word “foreign” used these days. Some examples:

Nearly everybody mindlessly writes and speaks about a country’s “foreign policy.” Why don’t they call it a country’s “international policy?”

Nearly everybody mindlessly writes and speaks about a “foreign country.” Why don’t they call it an “international country,” or just “another country” without smearing it with the pejorative word “foreign.”

Nearly everybody mindlessly speaks and writes pejoratively about “foreigners,” which they often pronounce as “ferrrrrners.” Why don’t they refer to such people as internationals?

In the age of the internet where there’s a plethora of information about the people of el mundo/the world and their countries, what is “foreign” about them? Foreign implies a (willfull-)ignorance of something. A “foreign country” implies an ignorance of and about said country. It’s easy to look up information about a country so there’s no reason for one to be ignorant about it.

Another example of what I’m talking about is this article below where they used the word “Foreign” in the title, but used the word “international” throughout the article. At least they did that, but why didn’t they keep the title consistent with the language in the article by using the word “International” in the title? So I’ll change it to the way it should read:

Amid ‘Trump Effect’ Fear, 40% of Colleges See Dip in Foreign International Applicants

Dear reader: It’s time to replace the outdated, derogatory and pejorative word “foreign” with the word international. But I live under no illusion that anyone is about to do that because I realise that most people will likely disagree with me. Some/many people would disagree, in part, because using the words international(s) would require them to change their behaviour and the way they think.

Not. Likely. To. Happen. In. My. Lifetime.

In fact, we’re headed in the exact opposite direction — backwards towards the 1940s-1950s, where I read this language constantly:

“Foreign countries.”
“Foreign leaders.”
“Foreign Minister.”
“Foreign policy.”
“Foreign exchange rates.”
And other “foreign” language rhetoric.

The word “foreign” and “foreigner” originates from a time where people had limited access to information about internationals — people around the world — and their countries.

Even some international governments still have a department they call “The Foreign Office” instead of The International Office which deals with foreign other countries and their people around el mundo.

But this is 2017 — or is it the 1940s-50 as some people would like it to be? — so why are people and the so-called “liberal” (yeah right!) corporate media still using these outdated words, which speak of the ignorance of past generations?

As an adult, I’ve never liked the word “foreign” because it’s most often used as a pejorative which I assume is the reason why many — what used to be called — “Foreign Exchange Student Programmes” have changed their name to “International Exchange Student Programmes,” likely because of the derogatory implications with the word “foreign” and “foreigner.” The name “International Exchange Student Programmes” and their schools make a lot more sense because students attending these schools come from internationally, meaning from around the world.

I’ve noticed that some political websites have these categories:

Energy & Environment
National Security

But despite the “International” category you see up above, the same sites constantly use the word “foreign” in their articles instead of the word “international” for which they have a category. Sigh. It’s hopeless. That’s why I don’t expect anyone to change their language.

Well, I and the people I know will continue to use the words international(s). But other than the few of us, I’m afraid nothing is going to change in this regard. Most people won’t/don’t give a fuck and/or they will go out of their way to justify and support the continued use of the word “foreign.”

If the reader decides to begin using the words international(s) on a permanent basis, muchas gracias to you. Chau.—el barrio rosa

P.S. Oh and by the way this came to mind: From what I’m seeing, sexist/chauvinistic language has also made a very strong comeback. In political comments I never see anyone using the word congressperson anymore. I see the sexist word congressmen used. One gets the impression that the entire US congress consists of white men. I wonder how Dianne Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Lee and Maxine Waters, as four examples, feel about being called congressmen? Then there are the commenters with the word “progressive” in their screen name who refer to “congressmen and senators.” Sigh. Oh here we go again with that sloppy language, or do these fake-”progressive” people writing this stuff not know that the senate is part of congress and not a separate/outside body? What they should be writing is Representatives (as in The House of Representatives) and Senators (as in The Senate) because both Representatives and Senators (the House and Senate) are all congresspersons. Again, for the thick people, Senators are congresspersons. But this is a common mistake I frequently see. I’m also seeing nothing but “mankind,” “man-made” and other “man-based sexist words. The nonsexist word Humankind used for decades is no longer used by most people. And it’s best not to correct the sexist morons using this language because they don’t give a fuck about this either. If they did, they wouldn’t be using this language. They will rush to defend their sexism and attack the person correcting them using the decades-old “Attack The Messenger” Card/routine. I’m only writing about it here on mi diario/my diary because that’s what one writes in one’s diary. One often vents and writes about things that one would not write anywhere else in one’s diary, living under no illusion that anything is about to change for the positive.