Jill Stein should have won

Hola a todos. A brainwashed Democratic partisan sent me this e-mail which I thought I’d respond to here:

“I read your articles about Dr Jill Stein. She was not the “logical” choice if you were in a swing state. If Hillary got elected net neutrality would not be in repealed, we would be in the Paris Agreement, this shitty tax plan wouldn’t be passed, etc.”

My response:

If one chose to take part in our completely corrupt election/voting system here in The Cesspool/Los Estados Unidos/the US — where the conservative state of Virginia recently decertified their touch screens because of hacking concerns before the 2017 “s-election” (this is not “tin-foil hat/loony conspiracy” stuff) and if one could also dismiss/forget Jill Stein seemingly trying to help “independent”-to-Democrat Bernie Sanders (a “moderate” at best) at one point during the 2016 campaign where Sanders endorsed war criminal Hillary instead of Jill Stein — then Jill Stein was the logical choice in 2016, regardless of where you live, including swing states.

The Democratic Party Cult partisan brainwashed spew we hear every corrupt election cycle is: “You can’t vote for a Green Party presidential candidate (a Jill Stein) because there are no Green Party members in the US House or Senate. And what does that have to do with anything? I would like to point out that the corrupt corporatist Democrats in congress frequently “cross over the aisle” and work with and vote with their Republican amigos and their White House occupant who essentially serve as the Democratic Party’s employers much of the time. So what’s keeping the Democrats in congress from frequently “crossing over the aisle” and voting with a Green Party president Jill Stein? Nothing is stopping them from doing that, that I can think of. Again, the Democrats work with and eat the ass of a Republican Party Cult White House resident all the time, and seemingly with immense pleasure. All smiles and holding hands. The two right-wing parties, Democrats and Republicans, are best of friends despite their charades of opposition on occasion to appease their gullible and extremely naïve brainwashed supporters.

The Republicans are corporate capitalist scum just like the Democrats.

Most recently, the Democrats in the US House of Representatives voted in the majority with the House Republicans against articles of impeachment for the insane orange child-bully. That move against impeachment was led by whom? Democrat Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco. Just like during the illegitimate George W Bush regime years when Democrat Nancy Pelosi took impeachment of Bush “off the table.” Also, that conservative piece of work known as “the senior senator” Democrat Dianne Feinstein has urged us to expect that the international troll (the orange child-bully) will serve his full term and that she thinks he could be a good “president” if he changes some. Loca. Does she plan to do all she can in her power to make that happen? Therefore, one gets the impression that Democrats Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein are among two of the current White House occupant’s best protectors and enablers.

And what’s keeping brainwashed Democratic voters (devout voters of the Democratic Faith/Religion) from voting for Green Party candidates? Again, nothing, if they really wanted to do so, aside from re-registering their party affiliation, and that’s no big deal. It’s just that most Democrats have been brainwashed practically from childhood to vote D-party-line no matter what, and unfortunately they don’t possess the intelligence, intellect or foresight to vote for a candidate — such as Dra Jill Stein — who would better serve the genuine progressive interests they pretend to have, and the interests of all of us y el mundo/and the world.

It should also be pointed out that the word Democrat is not synonymous with the words liberal or progressive, as many people mistakenly think. For example, a genuine progressive would want nothing to do with the corrupt, imperialistic, and corporatist Democratic Party. Many people these days charade as “liberal” and “progressive” and then at s-election time they betray themselves and those labels and vote for the right-wing Democratic Party and the corporatist trash they put up as their candidates every s-election cycle. The Democratic Party is a right-wing party just like the Republican Party, and a genuine progressive would never vote for either.

I’d like to also point out this hypocrisy: Again, many Democrats claim to be a “progressive” or “liberal” or on “the left” while they eat dead animals/meat (and they are not about to stop doing so I can tell you that!). They pretend to be concerned about our environment but only an extent where they don’t have to change their own behaviour and stop eating meat. And by eating meat they are complicit and enabling in the harm that the barbaric Meat Industrial ComplexTM is doing to our planet. (Related: UN urges global move to meat and dairy-free diet. Lesser consumption of animal products is necessary to save the world from the worst impacts of climate change, UN report says). Of course they won’t want to hear any of this because it’s the truth, and the truth makes many people very uncomfortable, so they choose Denial instead. Also, by choosing Denial, one does not need to make any changes in one’s own behaviour, and getting most people to change their behaviour is nearly impossible. Most people will eat meat until the day they die even if it kills them, literally speaking. They don’t care. And in these loco days, there is a move away from vegetarian-vegan food back to eating dead animals. “More meat, more meat.” Well it’s your health idiots. But Dembots (devoutly partisan brainwashed Democrats) carry their self-described fake-”progressive” beliefs only so far, often just in rhetoric while they vote for right-wing Democrats. They’re really progressive in name only. This also goes for some self-described independent/non-partisan voters. Some of them are no different. I have found that people call themselves anything these days whether it has any basis in reality or not. They betray their own professed “progressive thinking” and interests at s-election time when they turn around and campaign for, send dinero/money to, serve as shills and hacks for and vote for the corrupt corporatist parasites of the right-wing Democratic Party rut, and make endless lame excuses for doing so. They’re really quite pathetic to observe and they will never change.

The Dembots always say, “Jill Stein can’t win.” (Translation: I, as a brainwashed Democrat, am not about to vote for her because she doesn’t have a “D” next to her name and that’s what it’s all about, and I’m a brainwashed Democratic Party partisan).

As for “Jill Stein can’t win,” that goes for any candidate if the thick voters don’t vote for them, and what the Dembots are really saying is that they have no intention of voting for her. Instead, as fake-progressives and fake-liberals they vote for whatever piece of right-wing corrupt corporate trash their corrupt right-wing party puts up as the nominee, and they frequently scream, “You don’t want the Republican candidate, do you?!!!!” That’s The Fear CardTM they drag out every s-election cycle. Related: The Lesser-Evil Card (US Presidential Selections).

While writing this article, an amigo suggested I visit a political website he found and he asked me to read the comments. He thought I might want to add the comment themes to this article, which I’ve done. The comments, as he said, demonstrated the brainwashed status of Democrats in that they never learn, even from past experience. The comments were all from brainwashed partisan Democrats blaming every and all problems on those nasty Republicans and taking no ownership or responsibility for their own corrupt right-wing Democratic party being complicit and enabling the Republicans in many of the problems. I quickly noticed that in the comments, any fact-based criticism of the Democrats was met with complete silence by the brainwashed Democrats. That’s the mentality that Democrats hold where they’ve been brainwashed to think they must not be critical of their own team. Then there were those who were saying “We need to work within the party to push the party to the left.” What drugs are you on? I’ve been reading that pabulum about “push the party to the left” since at least 2000 and your corrupt party has only moved farther and farther to the right since then. The majority of brainwashed Democratic commenters refuse to see that the US government is an Oligarchy. They refuse to see that their corrupt politicians are corporatists. They still live under the illusion that we have a democracy and that these corporatist politicians work for us and care what we think, when just the opposite is the reality. I had thought that most people had moved on past this pabulum and had matured some, but my visit to that site showed me otherwise. Today, brainwashed Democrats are writing the same shit they were writing 17 years ago. They haven’t learned a thing over the past 17 years, and this told me that they’re not about to.

Others were saying: “Nancy Pelosi has a plan. She’ll bring up impeachment again, you’ll see!” What do you mean by “again?” She didn’t bring up impeachment the first time, idiot. Again, I’ve been reading comments from these brainwashed Democratic idiots about “Nancy Pelosi’s plan” for the last 17 years and I see the state of things today. “Nancy Pelosi’s plan” is to promote Nancy Pelosi. Period. One Democratic brainwashed partisan was excusing Pelosi for taking impeachment off the table for the current resident of la casa blanca.

In the comments, there were a couple of brainwashed Democrats who were going on about the “holier than thou, sanctimonious” Jill Stein supporters. Do these brainwashed Democratic Party sheeple not own any mirrors when they speak about “holier than thou and sanctimonious?” The gall of some people! They were blaming their messiah Hillary’s loss on Jill Stein. Brainwashed Democrats love to play the blame game. Of course, once again, they refuse to take any ownership or responsibility for Hillary being a dismally pathetic candidate to begin with. But your Hillary didn’t lose, idiots. Apparently these fools with their short-term memory forget that their saviour and war criminal Hillary won the popular vote by at least 3 MILLION votes that we know of. In other words, she received far more votes than did the basura occupying la casa blanca. He only got in there through the archaic electoral college.

On the same political website, I also read the perfunctory, “We must do….” comments as it relates to working for their corrupt Democratic Party. Of course, these commenters never say how they expect to do anything or where they’re supposedly going to do whatever it is they’re talking about (such as that “pushing the party to the left” nonsense). And we never see any of this “we must do…” pabulum put into action. It’s just talk. Wishful-thinking. It’s more like mindless cheer-leading. Rather than constantly typing “we must do….” why don’t these brainwashed Democratic fucks get their ass out there and actually do it? Oh but then again, that would require really doing something — it’s much easier to sit and type about it and tell other people to do it with this royal “We” — and expecting your useless party to give a fuck about what you’re doing. When in reality, they don’t care about any of you. All they want is your vote and your dinero/money (which many people are stupid enough to send them; in some cases Dembots send money to millionaire politicians), and for one to keep being a brainwashed Democrat. And I know that to be a fact from personal experience and the decades I and mi amigo/my friend spent being political activists.

The sheeple get talked into Democratic and Republican partisan devotion and that’s it. It’s complete brainwashing. One cannot move on from brainwashing. Brainwashing also erases any critical thinking skills one might have possessed to begin with.

If La Doctora Jill Stein were the US president today, things would be very different. There would not be the constant aura of gloom over the US and planet as is the case under the current occupant of la casa blanca. Net neutrality would not be repealed, Los Estados Unidos/the US would be in the Paris Accord, and the list of what would be different in a positive direction would be vastly different. Under Jill Stein, the US would gain credibility and respect around the world and her administration would not operate like a dysfunctional-chaotic emotional daily telenovela, nor would she look finger-pointing angry every day as if about to have a stroke, or completely out-of-control like an insane lunatic, and I don’t think she would be addicted to so-called “social media.” She would not be bullying 조선민주주의인민공화국, Chosŏn Minjujuŭi Inmin Konghwaguk (the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea) or any other nation. Also, Jill is not the type of person who needs and thrives on constant attention, nor is she narcissistic. She’s very intelligent. She’s a medical doctor for those who don’t know.

If one is into voting in our utterly corrupt system, it’s time that people vote their convictions — assuming they have any other than empty platitudes — but one gets the impression that the only conviction most voters possess are their convictions of Democratic or Republican party-line loyalty, and we see the rut where that’s landed us. Although I live under no illusions that most people will ever vote their best interests — they certainly haven’t so far! — nor will they abandon both corrupt big business/corporatist parties. Instead, they will continue to make excuses for their corrupt cults (Democratic and Republican parties) which are really like a religion for them. That’s why I sometimes refer to the Democratic and Republican Faiths/Religions/Cults. That’s the mentality of brainwashed partisans.

So this nonsense that one hears from Dembots every election cycle about, “if you’re in a swing state” is merely another lame excuse for people to keep doing what they’re doing and remaining rutted in the Democratic Party Cult cesspool.

Speaking of the 2016 s-election, I wasn’t about to watch the video but pro-Democratic Party Establishment Obamabot/millionaire El*en had war criminal Hillary on her show recently. (roll eyes). I can just imagine that one was sickening, ass-eating fest, which is why I didn’t watch it. I’m not into shallow celebrity culture shit. Can’t you just hear the studio audience high-pitched screaming and gushing over these two millionaire corporatist Dembot celebrities? One would hope that the sheeple would have higher standards. But this is the US/The Cesspool after all where “stupid is in,” so I guess it’s expected. Chau.—el barrio rosa

2 comments on “Jill Stein should have won

  1. strangetimes

    jill was the best candidate out there. don’t have anything to add that hasn’t already been said. brainwashing is a very powerful tool to keep people in line and in the rut they’re in to keep doing what theyre doing.


  2. D8

    You’re the only nonpartisan and real progressive I know of that’s really nonpartisan and really progressive, and your positions are consistent. What’s wrong with you? :-) So rare these days. I’ve spent yrs on political forums although much less nowadays due to burnout. I’ve seen the same things you have – these commenters with the word liberal or progressive as part of their screen name. All year they talk about how nonpartisan they are, then bamm, November comes and they’re “we must support the Dems.” Damn hypocrites. I challenged some of them and point out their hypocrisy and either get no response or like you say excuses.

    No offense but I’m surprised I enjoyed reading your article – well it’s politics which I’m more and more turned off by but I enjoyed it because ofwhat I said up in my first sentence. Good points made in your article and I do agree that Jill should have won and things would be sooooooooooooooo very different today in a good way if she had. I can dream can’t I?

Fin. The End.