Jill Stein Supporters: You’re Wasting Your Time With The Conservative SEP

I can assure you that you won’t see any rad, pretty tie-dye with the conservative Socialist Equality Party. Instead, one sees dark conservative colours and corporate-looking gray suits and ties. The SEP Cultists remind me of the Classical Music Snots. They come with that same holier-than-thou, nose-in-the-air, I’m-better-than-you superiority complex just because they call themselves a Marxist/comrade. It’s a site where the SEP Cult Members spend much of their day gushing over their writers whom they see as gods and profusely thanking each other. They’re so full of themselves. Or does the site write some of their own gushing comments to thank themselves? Perhaps that’s why some of their comments seem fake.

Hola a todos. Because of the articles I’ve written about Dra Jill Stein and the SEP, a reader suggested I read Jerry White’s recent article critical of Jill Stein and the Green Party on the wsws. Jerry is the SEP’s 2016 presidential candidate. So I went over there, not expecting much since I no longer have the same level of respect for them as I once did. His article was what I’ve come to expect from the SEP based on their previous articles about Dra Stein. I hesitantly went down to the comments — preparing myself to be pissed off — and saw that a few Stein supporters had showed up and chosen to waste their time there trying to convince the SEP Cultists to support Stein. The Stein supporters were responded to in the typical and predictable fashion I’ve come to expect from the smug, abrasive-like-sandpaper and above-reproach SEP Cultist asshole commenters. I felt like responding to one of the Stein supporters but thought it best to respond here on mi diario/my diary, writing here what I would have written over there, since that’s one of the reasons I began pink barrio. A place to say what I want and know that it will be posted.

First, the Stein supporter who identified as a “Liberal” (whatever that means these days) launched into gushing praise for the wsws. Then s/he complained about their blind spots (there are no shortage of those over there) and how they should be supporting Stein. The Stein supporter was very transparent. It was a case of: Begin by eating SEP ass, followed by criticism of them. I think that’s a tactic to “win people over” but it rarely works. The overall message of the Stein supporter was to urge the SEP Cult members to join the Stein campaign (yeah that’s likely to happen) and because the SEP is a liberal website they would want to do that.

Well, one of the SEP Cultists responded to the Stein supporter by saying:

“The WSWS is not a liberal web site. It is a revolutionary socialist one based on the international unity of the working class.”

WTF is that supposed to mean? What does their second sentence have to do with their first sentence? “Revolutionary socialists” are not liberals? (Whatever the word “liberal” means to them.) Well what are they then? And an “international unity of the working class” cannot be liberal? It’s conservative?

I thought that some of my commenters might have an interest in attempting to translate that foggy mess (that quote up above), if that’s possible.

Most of the SEP Cultists (commenters) are smug, abrasive and come with the SEP Superiority Complex. That appears to be a top requirement for being one of their Cult members. Many of them serve as rabid cheer-leaders for the SEP site.

The self-described “Liberal” supporter of Dra Stein had previously made several futile attempts trying to get the SEP and their devout Cult members to support Jill Stein. Of course that will never happen. Note to gullible, wishful-thinking Stein supporters: That ain’t going to happen. You’re wasting your time with the SEP and you should already know that.

Today, my opinion of the SEP/ICFI/wsws is the opposite of my positive opinion of them years ago and even that of a year ago. For years I thought that the wsws was a genuine progressive website (it’s not), because they shared many of my political views. But I realised in the last year or so that they’re not genuine progressives at all.

As well as being anti-feminists, I’ve certainly noticed their sexism/male chauvinism mindset. I had noticed this from some of their writers on occasion, but I’ve especially noticed it from the SEP Cult members. In a recent comment, one of the SEP Cult members seemed to be justifying and/or excusing rape as if it were the female’s fault if the female is young and walking alone and “provocatively dressed” (language used by SEP cultist) late a night. That’s the typical Blame The VictimTM Card. I would like to respond to that SEP Cult idiot here since I would not be allowed to say this on their site: Even if a female is walking around nude at 2.00am that gives no one the licence to rape her, you scum.] Others went along with that person’s comment. As I’ve said, their commenters — what a piece of work most of them are! — have helped reveal a lot to me about who and what they really are: Conservatives. But they go out of their way to avoid revealing who they really are. The labels they enjoy using for themselves include: Marxists, Trotskyists, Communist, comrades (which they say to each other: “Thank you comrade [insert name].” But none of those labels really tells me who they really are on the political spectrum. Nor does that quote up above tell me who they are, where they deny that the wsws is a liberal website.

For years, I had incorrectly thought that socialists were on the Left end of the political spectrum. That may be the case with some other variety of socialists, but that’s not at all the case with the SEP, or at least the basura that comment on the SEP website. From my extensive and unfortunately very negative experience with them, I’ve concluded that they are closet-case conservatives. They do more complaining about “the Left” and “Liberals” and “progressives” than anyone else. They do oppose both of the two corrupt Big Business parties here in The Cesspool/the US/los Estados Unidos and they also oppose the US Military Industrial Complex, and they are anti-imperialists.

One might think of socialists as wearing tie-dye clothing. That’s sort of the original image I had of them. Wrong. Now I don’t think that this SEP Cult would “be caught dead” in tie-dye. Despite all their talk about “revolution” they’re not the least bit rad (proudly radical). Many of the Cult members come across to me as elitists despite how they like to go on about “the working class.” One thing I’ve noticed from watching some of the SEP videos is that the SEP writers and their political candidates dress very, very conservatively. Such as one of their female candidates in her conformist funeral-black dress the other day. She looked very conservative and as if she were on her way to or coming back from a traditional funeral. One does not see bright, beautiful Latin colours from these conservative people. In their videos, the SEP writers are often in corporate-looking conservative dark or gray conformist suits and ties. Do they think they have to wear that boring and conformist corporate get-up in order to be taken seriously and to be taken credibly? Or when they’re dressed more casually in jeans, they’re usually in drab conservative bland and boring casket-gray or shades of dark blue shirts. Again, very conformist, while they go on about “revolution.” They’re not like any people I’ve ever known that have talked about revolution.

Their writing style is also very conservative and formal even among the rabid Cult member commenters. Even though Obama has been in office for years (unfortunately), they usually refer to him formally as “US President Barack Obama.” Is there more than one Obama in office that one needs to use Obama’s first name to differentiate him from the other Obama in office? No. Then why the repeated usage of his first name? I think most of el mundo/the world already knows his first name by now, don’t you?

Their female Cult member commenters are consistently a piece of work (think: Going Back to the Dark Ages). They range from anti-vegetarians to sexists. They rush to defend and support any sexism expressed in comments and challenged on the odd occasion by someone (such as mi amigo/my friend when he was commenting there). Very, very conservative backward thinking. Their female commenters also reveal their perpetual sexism by automatically assuming that the gender of another commenter is male (referring to the commenter as “Mr”) even when there is no gender identifier given by a commenter’s screen name. It’s as if many of the Cult members are living in a previous generation (maybe the 1940s?).

Also, they are sexual conservative prudes at the SEP. For example, when one of their writers quoted someone whom they interviewed and when the person being interviewed used a sexual word, these prudes felt the need to sanitise the sexual language, as they did the word fuck recently when someone used it. These prudes typed: “F—”. For those who don’t know, most website hosting companies have no problem with the word “fuck” being used on websites and I thought we were all adults here, no? And I suspect the SEP have their own server anyway. These SEP people have some major sexual hang-ups. But that’s typical of conservatives, isn’t it? It is from my experience. (For example, we have a conservative asshole gay politician in San Francisco who has major body image issues and is afraid of seeing the human body, and the conservatives in San Francisco installed a city-wide nudity ban because of their hang-ups). Most of the SEP Cult members come off to me as (as I’ve said) conservative, uptight, rigid, smug, elitist formal prudes while they claim to be supporting “the working class.” And the SEP Cultists (commenters) have this superiority complex that they’re better than other people (Dahling) because they call themselves Marxists. On one occasion, I was lectured to by one of their writers that I was slandering the working class by calling people stupid. (They’re very big on using the “Slandering” CardTM whenever they disagree with someone. He wrote that “people (the working class) are not stupid because they can operate their smartphones stupidphones.” As loco/crazy as that might sound, that’s what he told me. As expected, some Cult members rushed to the writer’s defence and told me that “people are stupid” is Ruling Class Thinking and that I had adopted Ruling Class Thinking. Anyone who knows me well knows that that’s ludicrous and these los pendejos know nothing about me. Well, while I was over there the other day, one of their regular Cult members wrote a comment about “people are too stupid….” I found that ironic to read considering I had previously been lectured to about that. If I were still commenting there I would have reminded her that “people are stupid is Ruling Class Thinking. That’s what I was told on their site by one of their writers that they adore.”

When I think of “revolutionary socialists” I think of the Far Left. I don’t think of conservatives. But these SEP Cult members are the opposite of the Far Left. They are also obsessed with the language “pseudo-left.” By “pseudo-left” they are referring to fake-progressives who are in the orbit of the misnamed “Democratic” Party and (for example) who protested the policies of illegitimate George W Bush, but have supported the same policies and expansion of those policies under Obama. Hypocrites, in other words. So with the language “pseudo-left” they’re talking about party-line Democrats who will go with whatever way the wind is blowing. It’s all about the party rather than standing for principles, assuming they have any.

Also, I should point out that out of one side of their mouth the SEP acknowledge that the 2000 election was stolen. Then out of the other side of their mouth they give George W Bush respect and make his regime legitimate by referring to him as “President George W Bush” with a capital P. This has been pointed out to them but they continue to respect Bush by writing his name in that way. Repugnant. I always type: illegitimate George W Bush.

From what I’ve seen from the SEP Cultists in the last year, to me they are among the most abrasive and arrogant conservative los pendejos around. One of their visiting commenters told them they were a very angry group of people. Some of them do come off as angry and superior. Most of the SEP Cultists come off as if they have a chip on both shoulders.

Their site is unusual in that it comes complete with its own daily SEP cheer-leading section such as these two cultists (see below). They are too much for me with their daily and constant gushing about the SEP writers and their articles. Some people such as mis amigos/my friends speculate that these type of comments are written by the site writers themselves to pump themselves up because we don’t read this daily gushing over articles on any other site. They seem like fake comments. Here are two examples of that were written to two of the writers:

thank you Katerina, for this detailed expose of the dangerous imbroglio that German politics has become. Moreover, thank you ICFI/PSG for remaining true to the one and only political program with any hope of fully liberating ‘the toilers and exploited through socialist revolution’.
End Quote

Thank you Joseph, for this most pertinent political lesson. It is a must read and act upon report for anyone who is truly opposed to exploitation, war and poverty.
End Quote

That person begins every single comment with gushing “thank you” praise for the article. Damn odd.

This from another gushing member of the cheer-leading squad with pom-poms:

Looking and sounding great Jerry! The SEP message is grounded in objective truth, it cannot fail to make an impact.
End Quote


Excellent Jerry! You are a man who stands like a Giant amongst the mice. Trump and Clinton are merely the Wicked Witches of decay. Their wailing is the wail of death… their death. For desperation has a distinctive smell. A pattern to its inner panic, as if it knows at a deeper level that the game is up. The frenetic high pitch of the liar. The hysterical call to arms in defence of the indefensible. The surest sign of a looser in the making. The cool calm of reason Jerry is your weapon. The legacy of a struggle nobly fought. Your day has come. Bask in the confidence that it is so. For you Niles and the WSWS have run the gauntlet of history. You have won the argument ….now win the war.
End Quote

I’d love to ask that cult member: What drugs are you on? Of course they would never post that comment either. That person usually writes gushingly, “Brilliant article, absolutely brilliant. Upward and onward.”

Get. A. Grip.

In the big scheme of things and despite their big heads and wishful-thinking (about their party), their party is never going to amount to anything. It will continue being a few people sitting around on a website doing what they’re doing now. Gushing over articles and cheer-leading and reminding each other what Marxists stand for. Despite their Big Heads and misplaced superiority complex about how important they are as a political party in the big scheme of things, I suspect for the 2016 US selection the SEP might get roughly 20 votes — if the easily-hackable electronic voting machines count them that is — and that would be the votes from their rabid Cult members, those who live in The Cesspool, if we even hear how many votes they supposedly receive. They live under this illusion that their “socialist revolution will sweep the world.” Yes, unfortunately many people have very delusional wishful-thinking thoughts. There’s a term for that in psychology. The other day, in an attempt to pump themselves up, one of their cult members wrote that the SEP is always accused of being a “spoiler” in selections. Liar. It’s the Green Party (Ralph Nader, for example) that has been accused of be a “spoiler,” not the SEP. Most people don’t even know what the SEP is nor have they ever heard of it. In the 2016 selection, if anyone will be called a “spoiler” it would be either Jill Stein (Green Party) or Gary Johnson (Libertarian).

Well, if you have any thoughts on what that quote above means, leave a comment about it, por favor. Gracias. Just thought I’d ask.

As I’m completing this article, Ms Hillary Clinton is having a health crisis. She has pneumonia and who knows what else. Well, her complicit MD knows what she has but I get the sense from the videos I’ve watched and from what I’ve read that it’s all being covered up — “Hillary is fine, you know, feeling great!” — so that Bill Clinton can have a third term, with Hillary as his puppet. Despicable people really, where it’s all about them. Self-absorbed people. Fuck the country and the rest of the world. From a video I watched, she has the classic signs of Parkinson’s disease. Don’t let that out! But anyone who speaks this is accused of being partisan and “hating on Hillary.” That’s what I can’t stand about partisans. They can rarely, if ever, be objective. It’s all about their useless team and their corrupt politicians. I won’t have it! I’m not sure that Bill will get a third term though. I read that DNC insiders are planning an emergency meeting to consider replacing Hillary as the nominee due to her (many?) health problems.

Also, as I’m completing this article I see they’re having a disagreement over there on the SEP site. Many of the SEP Cult members are disagreeing with their conservative Editorial Board and their pro-Establishment position over the inside job called 911. The Editorial Board has consumed the Oligarchy’s/Establishment’s kool-aid. They’ve swallowed the Official 911 Story from the authorities. The moderator stepped in and wrote this drivel:

It’s hardly surprising the overlap between some of the worst commenters, like folktruther and M Green, who never miss a chance to denigrate the working class and are opposed to revolutionary politics are also conspiracy theorists.

I can’t remember any moderator of a site that I’ve ever been on referring specifically to “the worst commenters” and then giving examples. That’s a bit much. Isn’t that “slandering” (one of your favourite words) your commenters? Hypocrites. And how does believing that 911 was an inside job “denigrate the working class?” And here we go again with their obsession with “denigrating the working class.” I guess the best commenters are the SEP Cultists who rarely if ever speak critically of the SEP and who eat SEP upper colon in lockstep on a daily basis.

Of course, no one brought up page 51 of The Project For The New American Century agenda which speaks of a “New Pearl Habour” (which 911 was) needed to unite USans behind The Empire’s agenda of US Empire building and world domination. And 911 has been used as the excuse for every draconian law put in place since. The Obama regime is still following PNAC to this day with the latest country being Syria. North Korea not too far behind. Chau.—el barrio rosa

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  1. D8

    I was just over there and they’re arguing over the controlled demolition of the buildings (911). This info is 15 years old and they’re still arguing about it.

  2. what is is

    isn’t it interesting how people will join a group and not know anything about it? the same way they grab on to a presidential candidate without knowing what he or she stands for. they just want to beloooooooong.

  3. Y

    It strikes me odd that they’re anti-imperialist and anti-military industrial complex but idolize a military guy – Trotsky. He was founder and leader of the Red Army with the title of People’s Commissar of Military and Naval Affairs.

Fin. The End.