LAX Plane Spotting Cults

They’ve become so immature, particularly with that “Later Tater” nonsense. It has to rhyme for the children in adult bodies. I swear, the teenager across the street from me is more mature than any of these people.

Who says this to people?: “Have a well-deserved dinner and a well-deserved rest.”—says at least three of the cultists (as of this writing) in every video comment to their cult leaders, the plane spotting guys, as if they have the most difficult “job” in the world. Even presidents and prime ministers are never told to, “have a well-deserved dinner and a well-deserved rest.” Oh brother! These people are insane. And these guys eat it up by putting a red heart by all the insipid, ass-eating comments. They love being a me$$iah figure to a lot of lonely, needy and many pathetic people in this free baby-sitting service, which is essentially what it is. They also love being out in extreme weather — is that intended to show “how tough I am”? or “how dedicated I am to my cultists”?– because they know that will generate even more praise, verbal genuflection and glorification of them by their devout cultists. It’s a strange phenomenon. A friend of mine who used to watch them — until they lost their way — asked me: I wonder if these guys originally intended to attract people of a cult mentality and religious nuts (which some of them are)? I don’t know, but they are certainly encouraging that now. These guys seem to attract the loneliest people, many of whom seem afraid of their own shadow. One female wrote, “You do all of this for us.” How naïve can she be? No, Ms Naïve, he does all this for his bank account and to pay the rent and other expenses because it’s his chosen job, his income. He’s self-employed in this job. He’s not doing this for you, other than for gullible you to give him money through the various means available on YT. So he does this as often as possible because when he doesn’t work, he doesn’t get paid, dense one. You’re just the gullible suckers who fall for it wanting to believe you have some best friend in these guys because they say your name on camera, and thinking that you know a “celebrity,” when most people have never heard of them. But to stupid people, anyone on camera these days seems to be seen as a “celebrity” just because they’re on camera. It never occurs to these pathetic people that anybody can buy a camera and connect it to YT and they are an instant “celebrity” when they treat their viewers with a, “you’re my best friend and we are a family” marketing gimmick. Most lonely people fall for it. These people are so gullible, so naïve (yes it was a female who said it; that’s why I used the feminine form of the word). I’ve never seen anyone on YT who is so worshipped and glorified with such ass-eating as these plane spotting guys. I think they need their own Nicene Creed, or do they already have one?! “We Believe In One God, the Plane Spotting God at LAX.” Of course that wouldn’t fit the narrative of the proselytising Christian cultists who are also plane spotting cultists. These cultists gush over how many subscribers he has, yet they never say that the number of views per video never comes close to matching the number of subscribers. The majority of the subscribers don’t watch on any certain day. The cultists conveniently leave that out because that doesn’t fit with their gushing, ass-eating narrative.

The LAX Plane Spotting Cults:  Where literally everything — even the most ordinary and mundane thing — is described as “awesome” and “amazing.” Or “epic” or “legendary.”  That’s the cultists’ extreme and limited vocabulary.  That’s what cultists do.  They all say the same thing using the same words as their cult leader in order to conform.  Originality has no place in cults/group-think. Want an example? The LAX Plane Spotting Cults: Where everyone’s support is described as “amazing.” Not “generous support” or “kind support” but the overused pop-culture word, “amazing” support. It’s a marketing tactic intended to generate more support from the person. Because when someone’s support is called “amazing support,” well, that’s a compliment and the person will likely want to be complimented/called “amazing” again so they will donate more and more money. That’s the intent. These guys know exactly what they’re doing; they’re playing their sheeple, their cultists. Similar to when someone is “gifted” a membership by “the channel.” It doesn’t cost “the channel” anything. That’s a marketing gimmick/tactic as well. That’s intended to get the person who was “gifted” a membership to ultimately pay for their own membership when the “gift” period ends. But those who are “gifted” a (temporary) membership seem clueless about how that works and don’t seem to have the intelligence to figure that out. So they profusely thank the person — the “channel?,” — responsible for their “gift” period. In reality, one hasn’t been gifted anything. It’s just a gimmick/ploy to get one to become a paid member at the new member’s expense when the “gift” period runs out.

These plane spotting guys have lost their way, especially when issuing titles to people such as “Executive Producer.” That’s very corporate. And their childish cultists referring to these guys as “you’re a rock star.” Rock stars are defined as such: “a famous and successful singer or performer of rock music; a person treated as a celebrity, especially in inspiring fanatical admiration.” That’s not what these guys are. Well they do inspire fanatical administration. That’s their cult.

That’s one way they have lost their way. They didn’t start out this way as cults. It started out very simply: as a love for aviation and they were fairly mature. But then — as it turned into a business — it slowly turned into being dumbed-down and childish all about the guys on camera with mics and their childish cultists worshipping and glorifying them and granting them celebrity status. I’ve seen this happen over and over where business interests ruined the original premise of something when it was started. Then came the marketing gimmicks and rank commercialism with childish emojis to entertain the children in adult bodies in that silly and banal chat. It’s morphed into more like a talk show to entertain/baby sit the children in adult bodies. It turned into “buy our merch” and the worshipping of the saint mods on their power trip (and obviously with no life of their own since they’re available on call and are not paid), the childish sound effects, singing “Happy Birthday” to all of the cultists (some people have more than one birthday a year; anything for attention), they donate just to hear their name spoken on mic (needy people), and the “You’re the best” with a high school sports team mentality. “You’re the best” is based on which cult one is an acolyte for. What does any of this have to do with a love for aviation? Nothing. Aviation is being used merely as the ploy, the tactic for the business strategy. But their cultists don’t have the intelligence to see that because they enjoy being baby-sat for free for hours by these guys who “entertain” them, their cultists. It’s essentially a free baby sitting service as a friend of mine says. One plane spotting cult refuses to watch or even acknowledge the other. That’s a real sign of maturity [sarcasm intended]. But they share the same interests and supposed love for aviation. That doesn’t matter when there’s money to be made involved, which is what this has become. The original premise has been ruined. So where are the planes and LAX in all this? They are still there but more like background music as it’s now all about “show biz” and the cultists gushing over who puts on the “Best Show Ever” and “The Big Show.” It’s also about who dances the best and has the best dance moves — again entertaining the sheeple — and dance parties in a corporate hotel, and “We love the brothers,” and where even the most standard/ordinary and mundane thing is described as “awesome” and “amazing” by the sheeple. What does any of that have to do with aviation or a supposed love for aviation? Nothing. To mature adults and thinking people, the “Best Show Ever” looks the same each time depending upon the planes landing and taking off at LAX. Because it’s the same international airport and pretty much the same airlines and the same guys and the same equipment whether they’re using 4K or not. Also, plane spotting guys: Learn to use a language translator. You’re not above that even though you think you are: Stop your backward redneck English-only requirement. The site you’re on (YT) is an international site without any language requirement. And you also seem blind to your own sexism: a plane has a vagina?

Yes, where everything is described as, “Awesome and amazing, awesome and amazing, awesome and amazing.” Don’t the cultists ever get tired of using those words? No they don’t because that’s part of the cult mindset. One will read those words countless times — sigh — in comments used by the cultists and their messiah figures on camera. They are the two buzzwords for the cults. One cultist wrote this drivel with my slight edits: “Everything about this stream was epic! The camera work, the commentary and mods are the best on YT. Extreme awesomeness.” Oh lord! How’s that for extreme? By the way, epic means heroic or legendary. There’s nothing about what these guys do that can accurately be described as heroic or legendary. Why the need to pump these guys up? Because that’s what cultists do for their messiah figure(s). These cultists use words for which they don’t even know the meaning just to hype these guys. “Epic” is their latest hype word that they’re misusing along with their ubiquitous “awesome” and “amazing.” As for the “best on YT” that too is an overly extreme statement, in part, because they haven’t seen all of YT or the “mods” on YT to accurately make that judgment. One can only say something is the best after reviewing “all the candidates” or everyone who does the same thing of the same genre, which they haven’t done because YT is too large of a site. These people are insane. In reality, nothing is awesome or amazing that the cultists describe as such. It’s really quite ordinary to experienced, thinking City people. They are just hype words used by the conformist sheeple — most of whom seem quite immature — who come to be part of the cult, free baby-sitting service offered by their messiah figures, the plane spotting guys. Cults use language to cast their spell, such as with emotionally charged buzzwords such as “awesome and amazing” and euphemisms, renamings, and even hashtags.

As I wrote above:

“Have a well-deserved dinner and a well-deserved rest.”

Who would say that to somebody every time they upload a video to YT? Pathetic. That’s how a friend of mine described the cultists. What is wrong with these people? It’s as if the cultists think that these plane spotting guys have the most difficult job in the world. Presidents and Prime Ministers are never told to, “Have a well-deserved dinner and a well-deserved rest.” What? Would you like to be told that by three or more of your devout syrupy cultists with their gushing praise — “Best Show Ever!! Awesome and Amazing” (required words) and glorification of you as their messiah figure — every time you upload a video to YouTube? And then about 10 other cultists give them a thumbs-up for that ludicrous dinner and rest comment. I’m not making this up. That happens for one group of the plane spotters at LAX. I’ve never seen that in the comments for anyone else on YT. These people are insane. Yes, all of these pathetic people drink the Kool-Aid. Their lonely cultists see these plane spotting guys as “celebrities” and VIPs (they’re neither), and engage in celebrity worship, yet most people have never heard of them. An acquaintance of mine found one of the “channels” I’ve written about.  He read the comments under their video and told me he thought:  “These people will be a mess when their parents die.”  Then he said that the plane spotting guy quit early because of rain and was apologising for that.  The cultists told him not to apologise and that it “breaks their heart” to see his equipment get wet (roll eyes, oh brother!) and that they (the cultists) will always be there when he is.  Well yeah, when one has no life of their own and has nothing to do but watch planes landing and taking off for over 9 hours a day and worships the life of the cult leader, they will always be there when he is because they have nothing else to do in their life, but to be baby-sat for hours by their messiah figure. Just like cultists; that is the behaviour of cultists. Sigh.  And of course there was the, “best stream ever.”  But I thought the last stream and the one before that and the one before that was the “best stream ever.”  As cultists, they write the same banal and cultist comments in every chat or comment section.  Gushing praise. You would think they would be accused of spamming. Frankly, I’d be embarrassed to do that, but then I’ve never been part of a cult.  But these cultists seem proud of their membership in these cult. Some (many?) of their moronic commenters use no punctuation at all, no commas or periods. Just long run-on sentences in their comments. Where did these people go to school? Or maybe they didn’t; perhaps that’s part of the problem. Someone commented that one of the plane spotters consistently mispronounces the name of one of the Asian airliner. I thought: Well that’s expected. I learned very quickly that he mispronounces pretty much any words that are not US English — it was one of the annoying things about him for me along with the childish emojis and other childish marketing gimmicks — including where he’s based in El Segundo (it’s Say-goon-doe, not Say-gun-doe). The word is español, not English. Only one person agreed with that person’s criticism because cultists never speak a word of criticism of their cult leader. You don’t do that. Only unconditional praise and adoration is allowed. Being objective and being critical when criticism is due does not apply to cults. The following was written in a comment to one of the plane spotting guys: “I wouldn’t watch anyone else.” And why is that? One should watch whomever they want to watch. But that comment was spoken like a good little immature blind-loyalist cultist. Are some of these people 6 years old? When anyone donates they are thanked for their “amazing (or awesome) support.”  What exactly is “amazing” or “awesome” about someone giving them money when that’s what the cultists do?  What’s “awesome” about that?  Rather than saying “thank you for your generous support” or “thank you for your kind support.”  No, the passwords for the cult are:  amazing and awesome.  Two of the fad words of our times. That’s like someone paying their bills and they are thanked by various companies. The company sends the payee an email saying, “thank you for your amazing and awesome payment.” (roll eyes) There are also the religious nuts who show up. Who knew that watching planes landing and taking off all day would attract religious nuts, especially on a Sunday? One such person had to leave a comment that he was off to church in Arizona and gave the name of the church. What does that have to do with plane spotting? I’m surprised he didn’t give the address, phone number and email address for the church in his attempt at proselytising. As I keep saying, this is one weird bunch of people. Finally, my source tells me that one of the plane spotters is now recording some videos in 4K. Despite all the hype about that and the gushing praise and predictable “awesome and amazing” remarks from the cultists about 4K, it’s clear that — despite their words — some cultists can’t tell the difference between 4K and the 1080p video quality. Because they’re writing comments on videos where 4K was not being used saying how they need a new monitor for watching that video (where 1080p was used). They would also need a new PC, not just a new monitor. The cultists don’t know how to tell what quality is being used on YT. The cultists are assuming that 4K is being used for all of this guy’s videos now. It’s not; and they can’t tell the difference despite their gushing over 4K. It’s being used selectively, probably because of the costs of the streaming of 4K, which is also quite controversial because one does need a new monitor and a new PC, and one has to pay the extra money for 4K streaming. My source tells me the quality upgrade difference to 4K is really negligible and he produces videos for YT himself, so he’s very experienced and knowledgeable about this. The plane spotting guys love being told “You’re the best.” (Why does there have to be a best and how is that determined, using what criteria?) They put a red heart by those comments. That’s a bit much. It’s supposed to be about the planes and LAX. That’s how this started out. It did not start out and it’s not supposed to about these guys who their cultists see as their cult leader, their messiah figure and “celebrity.” That’s the problem with this and what it has become. I would feel very uncomfortable if anyone told me, “You’re the best” because it’s not supposed to about me. It also comes off as self-absorbed and “it’s all about me.” And these guys can’t seem to get enough patting on the back. They’ve lost their way from the way this started out.

Yes, this is one strange cult or rather cults since there are at least two of them, but I’ve only watched two. I suspect there are other plane spotting cults, since people are people. I’ve never seen anything like this phenomenon before, or cults like these cults. Well, other than maybe the Jim Jones’s fundamentalist Pentecostal Peoples Temple Commune/Cult. That comes to mind. It’s the same blind-devotion as with all cults. In this case, the syrupy cultists — just like fundamentalist Christians — all think they are part of some nebulous “Family” because that’s the marketing gimmick used by the plane spotters to bamboozle their gullible and sheeple viewers. And they fall for it all the time because it works with syrupy, stupid, lonely and needy people, who need some messiah figure in their life. These plane spotters pretend to be the Friends of the Friendless. They provide a free baby-sitting service for a lot of lonely people. And their chat and comment section — like every other online chat and comment section — is where every nut in the world shows up. We’re living in weird times or what I call The Century of Insanity. It’s supposed to be all about the planes and LAX, but it’s really become all about making money, and the syrupy cultists seem too dense to realise that because they’re too raptured by their messiah figures, these guys with cameras who they see as “celebrities” or as “my friend.”  Now it’s all about “hit that Like button” and “hit the Subscribe button” — even though the number of subscribers never matches the number of views/viewers (most subscribers don’t come back according to the number of views it seems) — it’s all about childish emojis and “Welcome to First Class,” as these guys try to give the impression that their cultists are sitting in the First Class section of an airliner.  It’s also about memberships, and “Buy our merch” and the other things that make this a business.  One of their tactics to get permanent memberships is to give temporary free memberships to their naïf cultists and the syrupy cultists fall for it and gush over it.  (The syrupy aspect cannot be overstated; the cultists are syrupy sweet to each other.) The point of that is when the membership runs out (in 3 months?) the intent is to get the cultists to ultimately pay for the membership themselves. So that was the business tactic used there, and there will be others.  Then the syrupy cultists gush over the number of subscribers one of these guys has, “and growing every day.” He has 553,000 subs as of this writing.  But how many “views” does he have?  Only 76,000 for his last video of the 553,000.  So what’s the point of having loads of subs when most of the subs don’t come back or watch, you moronic syrupy cultist?  Do these cultist trash ever think anything through?  And not all the “views” are views.  Some people just click on the video for a few seconds or minutes and then leave as I do, but they are counted as “views.”  Of course these guys feed into it. What this cultist was going on about is really meaningless.  But they all love to paint a false picture other than reality because there’s not a problem in their world.  Which makes one wonder:  What drugs are these pathetic people on who live in such an altered-state of a utopian world? So where is LAX and the planes in all this?  They’re there, but often in the background — sort of like background music — because the business, business tactics and marketing gimmicks come first, as these guys try to come off as the best friend of all their syrupy cultists.  (That’s another tactic.) The cultists seem blind to all of this and if one were to tell them they’re easily manipulated, they would say, “Don’t tell me, I don’t want to know.  It will spoil my fun.  I don’t care what these guys do, I love these guys no matter what. They’re awesome and amazing, and epic.”  That’s blind devotion.  And that’s the definition of a cult. And I keep coming back to this: The two groups of plane spotters at LAX share the same interests in aviation yet they’re essentially enemies. “We don’t talk about other channels” is their mantra and that’s regurgitated by those useless “mods” when reprimanding others in the chat. It’s so childish and immature. In my field of music, we promote each other and each other’s performances, even those with business interests. We’re all in this together. But not these guys. They haven’t matured to that adult level of promoting others with the same interests, at least not those at LAX. A friend of mine who used to watch both groups of LAX plane spotters said, “If they had any humanity and not this “us versus them” mentality, the two guys who plane spotters would ask their cultists to help out the other group of plane spotters who had all their equipment allegedly stolen (see 7 January 2023 Update below) by contributing money to them to help them out so they can get back to plane spotting at LAX.” Well yeah, that’s the way it should work, but they don’t hold to the “We’re all in this together” way of thinking. They hold to the “We’re the Best. We’re #1. We’re the original…” As if anyone cares who was there first! That’s important, is it? Reminds me of elementary school, “I was here first!” One of the groups of plane spotting guys says that sexism is not allowed in their chat. They seem blind to their own sexism, as is often the case with sexists. They refer to planes as “she” and “the Queen…” This was pointed out to them when I was among their viewers, but they ignored it. Many people — particular some females — consider it sexist and quite outdated as well as conservative by giving a gender to an inanimate object, rather than referring to a plane as “it.These plane spotting guys get thanked by their international cultists for showing their plane landing at LAX. That’s important, is it? It is to lonely people. And then the cultists say to the plane spotters, “I can’t wait to meet you guys.” Really? Lonely people. I wouldn’t walk across the room to meet any of them. The plane spotting guys are just ordinary guys like anyone else — and they certainly know how to manipulate and play their cultist viewers, known as “the Family” ugh — and I know enough about these guys that I know we’d not have anything in common, especially on a maturity level.

Update 7 January 2023: Recently, one of the plane spotting groups stupidly left all of their equipment in their vehicle and then walked away to go do errands. And when they returned, all their equipment was gone. Imagine that. Who would leave expensive equipment in a vehicle in Los Ángeles or anywhere else for that matter? We’re not in “Mayberry.” They’re hoping the “family” and “we are family” (marketing gimmick) of viewers will replace it all. Why would anyone leave expensive camera gear in an unattended car? Well it might be because they’re naïf and live 3 hours away from Los Ángeles, but they still should know from being at LAX that you don’t leave valuable things in a vehicle. Their cultists responded in droves as expected — with over 600 (syrupy) comments thinking they are all part of some nebulous “family” — with their usual syrup as if they think they’re best friends with these guys, along with “thoughts and prayers” and god bless, and praying hand emojis (a bunch of religious nuts) and we all know that “prayers” will do it. They are praying to the same god who could have prevented this robbery from happening in the first place? Since we’re told “he” is “all powerful.” He certainly wasn’t that day/night! Then the plane spotting guy had to chest beat by talking about returning to LAX “stronger than ever” (ugh) which the cultists regurgitated on cue. Why the need for that? The mature thing would be to say, “We’ll be back after we replace our equipment.” Period. No need for any immature tough talk, but of course, the equally immature cultists/sheeple eat it all up whilst they want to believe they’re “family” with these guys. I find this story a bit suspect, and the way the plane spotting guy talked about it was sort of “Hollywood” in style. Since the plane spotting guys probably went to go eat unhealthy burgers or greasy pizza — since that’s pretty much all I ever heard them talk about when I watched them — and not knowing when these guys would return from their errands, who would risk trying to break into their vehicle (they didn’t leave it unlocked, did they?…he didn’t say) and then moving all of that equipment to steal it? That would be very time-consuming even if it were a group of guys stealing it, and wouldn’t some people see them moving all that equipment and questioning what they’re doing? And who wants “old” equipment or a specialty night camera for that matter? “Old” equipment doesn’t work that well for long with other up-to-date equipment. They’re incompatible. Then there’s the serial numbers on the equipment. Of course none of their cultists/viewers would think of any of this. Because they believe anything they are told by these plane spotting guys, their cult leaders/messiah figures. And anyone who would write what I’m saying here in their comments would be shunned because these guys are not to be questioned. Blind devotion is required with cults and that’s all that I saw in the comments that I scanned. Or did nothing happen to their equipment? Maybe they still have it all and they simply want some time off and used this story to try to get a “paid holiday” from the gullible cultists who will fall for anything without question — as they have done — and donate money to that link in the video description? And when these guys return to LAX for plane spotting, it will be with the same equipment they’ve been using, that they claimed was stolen. Nobody will know the difference because nobody knows what equipment they were using to begin with. They deliberately conceal such things as brand names so as to not give any information to viewers (or bystanders) about the equipment they’re using. That’s known as a “trade secret.”

Now on to the article, (short version):

Short version: The Friends of the Friendless. That’s what I call these guys and I think perhaps that explains this strange phenomenon. There are two groups of guys — two guys in each group — who plane spot at LAX (Los Ángeles International Airport) and they attract some of the most syrupy people, including religious nuts who proselytise in the chat with praying hands emojis and by telling others “blessings.” Ugh. What on Earth does religion have to do with plane spotting? The two groups of guys are there on different days usually, or sometimes on the same day but in different locations. LAX is large enough to accommodate multiple plane spotters. I watched both of the groups for awhile. LAX is my favourite international airport, in part, because it’s so busy and in a good location where you can see much of The City. Initially it was interesting — particularly seeing some of the scenes of Los Ángeles, the Santa Monica Mountain range, the Hollywood Hills, and Downtown area — but then it became the same thing over and over when it came to plane spotting, because that’s what it is. You’ll see the same brand name airlines landing and taking off each time pretty much. These guys are at an international airport with no language requirements and they’re on an international video site with no language requirements, yet these plane spotters have a language requirement.  Insanity. I was therefore quickly turned off by the outdated English-only language requirement — so typical US — in the plane spotters’ chat. I never said anything in the chat myself because I found it too banal, syrupy and childish. What’s with all the praying hands emojis at times? And I knew that anything I might write would likely be deleted no matter how politely I wrote it, or I would be banned by the power-trip “mods.” Having an English-only requirement feels very right-wing to me since the right-wing and far-right in the US are terrified of other international languages (especially español) other than their precious US English, which is the only language they can barely speak or remedially write correctly themselves. Maybe that’s why they are afraid of other world languages. Because of their willful-ignorance of other international languages, being afraid of what they don’t know. They might could learn other world languages if they took the initiative and had the intelligence. Whereas many people in the EU (that means European Union for the stupid people in the US) are often fluent in several world languages. They are taught early in school. The English-only requirement seemed very conservative, outdated-thinking to me. People worldwide should be able to write in the language they’re most comfortable writing in, and anyone can use a language translator to translate that text. These plane spotters can use a language translator just like anyone else, so why don’t they? Do they think they’re above that; too good for that? Well they’re not. They’re no better than the rest of us. I also got turned off by the childish rivalry — as if they’re enemies — between the two groups of plane spotting guys each having their own cult, but all four guys sharing the same interests in aviation, but not allowed to talk about each other especially in that chat. The power-trip “mods” who seem to have no life of their own since they always seem to be available for the plane spotters (the “mods” are not paid in money; their compensation is to call them “the awesome and amazing mods”) were constantly writing “English-only, English-only.” That is ludicrous. It’s so silly and childish. And I know what I wanted to tell them! Oh piss off, you useless, no-life of your own power-trip “mods!” The reality is that if they had a life of their own they wouldn’t have the time to sit online for up to 11 hours a day for days a week at the discretion, at the whelm of these plane spotting guys. The “mods” are on-call. Whenever these plane spotting guys decide to show up at LAX, the “mods” are there. Their only “salary” being to be verbally worshipped and glorified — and called (of course) “awesome and amazing (what else?) mods” — by the cultists and the plane spotting guys. Let’s tell it like it is, which none of the cultists or the plane spotting guys are about to do. These guys are delighted that they don’t have to pay “mods.” Just tell them how “awesome and amazing” (roll eyes) they are. And apparently the “mods” eat it up. Yes, there are thousands of gullible suckers around the world who thrive on compliments. As for the plane spotting guys, adults would be promoting each other as other adults do who are in the same business or interests. And what these guys do is a business. It’s their income. That’s why they use the “(we are) family” and other business marketing gimmicks on their gullible viewers. And the suckers/cultists fall for it all the time and every time. Because these guys are The Friends of the Friendless. They might want to be careful how much they use the marketing gimmick of “family” and “we are family” because most of the families I’ve been familiar have been quite dysfunctional. Not all families are lovey-dovey as these guys suggest. Then I noticed this cult-like thinking amongst many of the viewers. They needed a “team” — choose one group of plane spotting guys — to cheer lead for like it’s a sports game. They began to worship these guys with cameras. Why? That was a turn-off for me and the chat became more and more silly, banal, childish and infantile the more I watched. And this obsession with “keeping the chat clean.” WTF are they afraid of? That someone might write what I’m writing here, and they want lockstep GroupThink. Translation: Clean = sanitised; only say what we want you to say as a good little suckers/cultists. Then there was the redundant and overuse of the words “awesome” and “amazing” — as if they are the required and official words or passwords of the Plane Spotting Cult and of plane spotting — when really there is nothing “awesome” or “amazing” about anyone’s donation to these guys or about anything that these guys do. They’re just your average guys with expensive cameras video-recording planes. What’s “awesome and amazing” about that, using the original definition of both words? Corporate networks video record things and events all the time using expensive cameras and nobody ever calls them “awesome and amazing.” Pretty much anybody can plane spot. All one has to do is follow a moving object, called a plane. What’s so special about that? Nothing. So what’s the cultist nut that tells them “mission accomplished” as if they have the most difficult “job” in the world? This is really a cult, which is described as, “a misplaced or excessive admiration for a particular person or thing… a system of religious veneration and devotion directed toward a particular figure or object.” Maybe it should be called The Church of LAX. It’s one thing to have an interest in watching planes and the airport. It’s another thing to give sainthood status to the guys who video record the planes and the airport, and constantly gush over them with the required cult language of “awesome and amazing.” It’s insanity. There’s really nothing special about anyone who is video-recording anything these days because it’s so common place, yet these cultists call these guys “awesome” and “amazing.” They are probably the two most overused, misused and abused words of our day. And the cultists — as cultists do — all use the same language. They’re all really a bunch of sheeple. On one occasion, one of the cultists brought up Beethoven’s Für Elise and said, “I played that on the piano as a child.” Well what else would you play it on — doh! — since it was written for piano? And I suspect she only played the sheeple part or the “popular” part rather than learning the entire Bagatelle No. 25 in a minor for solo piano, as is typical with most piano students. But this cult became too much for me. I quickly lost interest. Then the cultists started using the word “Epic” to describe what these guys do. Clearly they have no idea what the word epic means. Because there’s nothing epic or heroic about what these guys do either. Why make these guys out to be something that they’re not? They’re no different or better than the rest of us. Why make them out to be the latest saviour figure? What is wrong with these cultists? I don’t understand the need to exaggerate and hype what these very average and ordinary guys do? Then it got even more weird.  Every “stream” — as they call it when it’s really just a video like anybody else has on YT — is described as “amazing.” Every video is “amazing?” Planes are now “awesome” and “breathtaking?” Whose breath is taken away by seeing a plane take off? I suspect that’s not the case for the air traffic controllers who see planes take off all the time. Do any of them lose their breath at the sight of a plane taking off — no matter what plane it is! — and need resuscitation at their desks? Has any human being for any reason ever lost their breath? That’s Hollywood shit. I’ve never lost my breath for anything. The stuff these cultists/sheeple come up with! They see it in Hollywood sets and believe it to be reality. The cultists are so full of themselves and their gushing, gushing, gushing over-hype as if there’s not a problem in their world. No reality is allowed. Everything is wonderful, “awesome and amazing” even when it’s not. They act as if they live in some fictional, alter-universe utopian world that doesn’t exist. Maybe that’s because they’re all insane, or drugged out on prescribed psych drugs? They seem to be on something! A bunch of nuts. I’d be embarrassed to be a plane spotter and have these people as my viewers, or following me or supporting me. It’s all a bit much to sane people. In every video comment section, there are at least 2 cultists who do a copy and paste of each other and feel the need to tell these guys how “amazing and awesome” they are (for the umpteenth time), and they tell them to have a well-deserved dinner and a well-deserved rest.  WTF?  Presidents and Prime Ministers are never told to “have a well-deserved dinner and a well-deserved rest.” Are these people nuts?  Clearly they are not all there mentally, and they feed on each other.  These cultists act as if these plane spotting guys have the most important and difficult job in the world. To be blunt: These people are fucked up in the head. It’s as if these cultists are trying to be the parents of these guys.  It also implies that these guys don’t have the basic sense to know that they should eat dinner and go to sleep.  Doh. Then yet another nut told them to go home and take a hot shower and wipe their equipment down (because it got wet).  These guys don’t know to do that either?  Sigh. It came to the point where I said: I can’t stand these people. Then a friend of mine said: Well, every online chat is like this from my experience. They all suck with the same type of people. It doesn’t matter what the topic is. Where do these lonely, needy and pathetic people come from who live under illusions that they are part of some nebulous “airline family?”  And plane spotting merits having a “well deserved dinner and well deserved rest?”  These are some of the nuttiest people.  A comedian couldn’t come up with this material. I’ve never seen anyone write that to anybody before, but, again, at least two of the cultists write that as a copy and paste in every video comment section.  Insanity. Someone told me that some of the pilots used to come around and visit these plane spotters, but they stopped doing that.  Well I can understand why. Might that be because of the type of people the plane spotters attract and their immaturity and mental state?  The airline industry is a very mature field and not conservative, unlike the plane spotters who do indeed come off as quite conservative, to the point of referring to planes using the female gender.  That too is very outdated, think the 1950s or before.  I refer to planes as “it” as in it’s landing now.  But the sexist plane spotting guys hold to this very conservative and outdated way of thinking that planes have a vagina and so they refer to planes as “she” and “her” and “The Queen of the Skies” and other rubbish.  Some female viewers have complained about this but were ignored.  The plane spotters favour the sexism.  An inanimate object — which is what a plane is — does not have a gender. During the early part of the COVID pandemic — which continues as of this writing by the way — one of the plane spotting groups refused to say the word COVID on camera. Very conservative. They used code language for it. Why? Because they didn’t want to offend their cultists who think that COVID is a “hoax?” The cultists also use words for which they don’t even know the meaning, just because the words sound hyped and good to use in their exaggeration of what these guys, their messiah figures do. Why the need to put these guys on pedestals? I don’t understand that either. Well, other than these cultists need a messiah figure in their life, they need a person they can see as “my friend” because they don’t have any friends? Again, I’ve called these guys The Friends of the Friendless. And I think that’s a pretty accurate description for this cultist phenomenon. These cultists seem to have illusions that they are personal friends with these guys when really these guys don’t know most of these suckers — nor would they want to know them! — from Adam. These guys are not VIPs — some sucker called them VIPs in trying to exaggerate their importance — and they are not celebrities as their cultists want to believe. Just because someone is on camera on a regular basis doesn’t make them a celebrity. Most people in our society have never heard of these guys or the business of plane spotting. Someone would ask:

“What’s plane spotting? You mean they video-record planes — oh excuse me, I mean “stream” — for hours and suckers watch that and give them money? Are you kidding me? Damn. That’s pretty stupid.”

So what do you do for a living? “I’m a plane spotter.” A what? You make money off of doing what? “Yeah, there are a sufficient number of suckers/stupid people out there who fall for anything, including the marketing gimmicks I use and it makes a living for me surprisingly. And people are getting more and more stupid by the day, so, that’s in my favour. Just tell these gullible suckers that they are part of a “family” and tell them that they are “awesome and amazing, and the best” and you’ve got them hooked. That’s all it takes.”

Then I told a friend of mine about them. He watched for a bit and said the following about it:

“It’s a free baby-sitting service for a lot of lonely and pathetic people. I mean, look at the junk that they write in that chat. It’s embarrassing, and all the fawning they do over these guys just because they plane spot.”

That’s how he describes it.

Also, one of these groups seem obsessed with Air Force 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (or how many of them there are!) and its arrival and take off at LAX. Who cares?! The cultists with no life of their own care. I couldn’t care less about AF1 or any of them. When I lived in the District of Columbia and was on the Metrobus and we rode down Pennsylvania Avenue by the White House, no one looked in the direction of the White House, including myself, in part, because we lived there and saw it all the time. If one wants to see Biden or Harris, they are much easier seen on television or search Biden or Harris on YT and you can see them there. Who cares about the plane that either are on? You can’t see them through the walls of the plane! Even if one could see through the plane to see them, I wouldn’t be looking at them. Again, I see enough of them on television without any concern about the plane that they are. Why do so many shallow people engage in celebrity worship? I don’t worship anybody, including politicians. And of course, the cultists have this elementary school mentality of, “my team is better than your team, na nana na na” so whatever group of plane spotters they watch and or give money to, they are always, “You’re the best, you’re #1.” No matter what they do. They are the messiah figure for those cultists. In reality: Does there have to be a best when they are both skilled at what they do? No, there does not have to be a best for mature people. Mature people can like them both. I watched them both. I didn’t have a “team” nor did I want one. Then there are the toddlers in the chat who have a birthday once a week and want the plane spotters to give them more attention because, “It’s my birthday. Can you sing Happy Birthday to me on air?” Sigh. Is it really their birthday or more need for attention? Some people certainly do have a lot of birthdays. “Can you say my name on air? You didn’t say my name when I gave you a donation.” So you only gave him a donation so needy and attention-seeking immature you could hear your name spoken “on air?” If I gave a donation, I’d prefer to remain anonymous. I don’t need that attention “on air” or anywhere else. I ultimately found that it was best to watch both groups of plane spotters with the sound muted and the chat hidden to avoid getting annoyed — unless one enjoys a lot of immaturity which I have zero patience for — by all the banal chat, emoji fad obsession, silly noises and other childish rubbish from the plane spotter guys themselves as they try to “entertain” their cultists. Other than the plane spotting itself, the rest of it is really pretty childish. I can understand why pilots don’t come around often. The plane spotting guys play to the lowest common denominator in their “entertaining” and baby-sitting of the syrupy, gullible suckers who watch them. End of Short Version.

Long Version:

Yeah, these plane spotting guys know how to work/play their viewers by calling them “family” and where every donation is “awesome and amazing.” They know what they’re doing. It’s just that their viewers are too stupid to realise they’re being played. What a bunch of suckers. There are thousands of suckers all over the world who are very easily manipulated just like these suckers. Especially those “mods” with their over-inflated sense of self worth and with clearly no life of their own, otherwise they wouldn’t be available at-the-ready to sit online without pay for up to half a day in some cases on their power trip.

These cultists need a messiah figure in their life and they see these plane spotting guys as rock stars and “celebrities” just because they’re on camera and they feel they are friends with a celebrity. “He said my name on air!” And that’s important, is it? It is to immature and shallow people. These cultists worship their celebrity and feel the need to tell him after every “show” how “awesome and amazing” — using those required words — it was, even though it was just like the last “show” and the one before that and the one before that and the one before that. Because pretty much the same planes come in and take off from LAX each time. These guys serve as the Friend of the Friendless. These cultists are very gullible people who see themselves as “Family” because that’s the marketing gimmick these guys use on it. And these suckers/cultists fall for it. There are millions of suckers all over the world. They’ll believe anything they’re told especially from someone on camera.

Amazing live stream! Incredible views. Thank you for another amazing show. Please get a well deserved dinner and some well deserved rest..”

You’ll read that in every video comment section written by one or two people. Weird. Whoever says that to anybody on a regular basis? These are some of the strangest people who reside in the upper colon of the plane spotting guys. One of the guys who writes that drivel is a “mod.” Everyone genuflect to the “mods” on their power trip and call them “awesome and amazing.” That’s their pay. These are some of the most pathetic people you’ll find anywhere. These cultists act as if these plane spotting guys have the most difficult and important job on the planet. That quote above is written in every video comment section by two of the cultists to the plane spotting guy. Like a copy and paste of each other. Are these people insane? Well, they’re definitely off-the-latch.

With these plane spotting cults, everything is repeatedly described as:

Awesome and amazing.

Even when nothing is awesome, or amazing. There’s nothing awesome or amazing when any person with a camera video records planes landing and taking off. Let’s get real here. The little boy who used to live across the street from me was doing it with his dad. They went out to near SFO a few days and his son showed me his footage one day. I asked him: Did you find it difficult to do? He said, “Oh there’s nothing to it after you know your camera.” He said he found it boring. Why? Because there is nothing to it. It’s the same thing over and over. Just follow the moving object. Yet these plane spotting cultists treat these plane spotters as if they are gods. Their messiah figures.

I think most of these people are nuts.  They have to tell these guys what to do as if they are their children.  “Go home and take a shower and then wipe all of that equipment down….”  They don’t know to do that?  Doh.  Of course there’s the “best show ever.”  Well that was said about the last show, and the show before that and the show before that, so I guess the last show lost that accolade.  But these guys eat it up, all of these preachy comments from their cultists.  They try to be so cute in their comments, such as “Later, Tater” and other childish nonsense.  These are children in adult bodies who have never matured. One of the cultists wrote, “I take my hat off to you for all of your hard work…” Yeah, so many people wear hats these days don’t they? But he’s getting paid by suckers like you for all of his “hard work.”

Being a cult, they’re all alike in the way they talk, in the words and language they use.  They copy each other in worship of their messiah figure, the plane spotting guys.  I’ve never seen anything like this other than in fundamentalist churches where it’s the same cult-like behaviour. Who would have ever thought that just because a guy buys an expensive camera and shows up to video record planes landing and taking off for hours, that this would make him a celebrity to a bunch of nutty, needy and lonely people so they can worship and glorify him. It’s insanity. It’s really just a long-term fad.  How much longer will it last? Where they all feel as if they are part of some “family” because they’ve been brainwashed with that by these guys and their marketing gimmicks.

These cultists — also known as Sheeple 101 — are some of the most gullible people you’ll find anywhere. One of these plane spotting sites — oh excuse me they call it a “channel” as if they think they are a television network — uses a marketing gimmick of giving some viewers a temporary free Membership to the site. The intent is to increase their membership by the viewer ultimately paying for their own membership. So one guy was gushing about, “while I was away someone gave me a free membership to this channel. I LOVE THIS FAMILY.” (roll eyes). Relax dude, there is no “family” and the membership is temporary. The intent is for YOU to pay for the membership you have when your temporary membership given to you by the site expires. Get it? You will then feel an obligation to the site to then pay for your membership yourself because you have fallen for this “we are family” gimmick. And that’s the entire purpose/gimmick of this so-called “free” membership. In reality, nobody has really given you anything. It’s a ploy/way of ultimately making you become a paying member. It’s a marketing gimmick, dense one. This gimmick was probably thought up by their “Executive Producer.” And they know that some people — especially their cultists — will fall for anything, as you did. Other businesses call it a “free trial.” And plane spotting is indeed their business, and that’s the case for all of these plane spotting guys. They’re there to make money, not to hold your hand and be your “friend.” It’s their income. In reality, they don’t know you from Adam.

It’s the strangest phenomenon I’ve ever seen, which makes me wonder: Are these people “all there?” Especially those “mods” on their power-trip who sit on there for up to 10-11-12 hours at a time. Obviously they have no life of their own since they’re not paid to be there and are on there at the whim-schedule of the plane spotting guys. (Related: Airline videos: Learn to use a language translator like anybody else).

Then one of these plane spotting “teams” went to a US East Coast airport in “blizzard” conditions, seemingly trying to prove how they could withstand such conditions. Stupid is what that is, yet some cultists gave them the praise and adoration they were looking for. These guys seem to have lost their purpose which is plane spotting. Not to prove how tough (and stupid) they are for subjecting themselves to freezing weather conditions that could negatively affect their health. Insane.

I got this comment from reader Sean about this article:

“Your post about the LAX plane spotting cult is right on. About time somebody said it. One of the teams of guys has lost their purpose. They went to JFK Int. Airport in New York for the blizzard. Plane spotting during a blizzard? I think it was to show how tough and “dedicated” they are and to get mercy from people. They got what you’d expect from their cult group.

I also read your post about Happy Holidays. I agree. The cult is all “Merry Christmas” to these guys instead of Happy Holidays. Nothing inclusive about these people. They’re pretty damn conservative, imo.”

The “We are family” Marketing Gimmick.

And all of these viewers have fallen for the “We are a family” marketing gimmick used by these guys. Are there really that many people around the world who are that needy to be part of some fictitious “family” that they want to feel they are apart of where nobody really knows anybody other than their online persona, which can all be made up? I’ve never felt that way about anything online. Even my closest friends don’t talk about us being “family” other than their close relatives, of which I’m not one.

Update (December 2022): It was brought to my attention that there is now a new plane spotting guy at LAX. I bet the other two “teams” love that. So they’re not the only ones now. That makes a total of three different and rival “channels.” The newer guy had done a 7+ hour video. He had one comment under his video referring to “the amazing stream.” Looks like they’re going to start that “amazing and awesome” hype with him. Nobody had told him to have a well-deserved dinner and get some well-deserved rest. At least not yet. He was profusely thanking his mods. Oh here we go with the mod worship! I recognised the name of one of them. One of his mods is also a mod for one of the other “channels.” Wouldn’t that be perceived as a conflict of interest in loyalty and “teams”/cults? As I’ve said, these mods must not have any life of their own because they are available on call — because these plane spotting guys don’t have any regular set schedule of when they’re at LAX — and the mods are not paid. They have nothing better to do all day and into the night than to sit online “moderating” for free that silly and banal chat of these airline videos. Their pay or “salary” is to be called “amazing and awesome mods” as often as possible. That’s all they need apparently. With this particular mod, she has two rival “channels” that she’s moderator with. Clearly no life of her own. One wasn’t enough, huh? But I thought the mods loyalty had to be to one specific “channel?”

Update: After reading this article, a reader told me that the cultists are now using two new words to describe what their plane spotting guy messiah is doing: Epic and stunning. Epic means heroic. I guess they don’t know that. There’s nothing that any of these plane spotting guys with cameras do that can be considered “heroic” or stunning. Some nut said that the planes all looked “stunning.” Well that’s not true either. Why do these insane people have to exaggerate and hype what these plane spotting guys do? The sad thing about all this is that these two groups of plane spotting guys refuse to even mention or support the other guys who plane spot and who share the same interest in aviation. They’re enemies, or that’s the appearance.  So their cultists choose “teams” and have this “my team is better than your team, which is so childish. These pathetic people haven’t matured past their teenage years. Upon reflection, childish and immature do seem to be a requirement for this niche. (End of Update)

With these plane spotting guys, a plane has a vagina. Did you know that? Yes, it does when watching airline videos. Some women have rightfully asked: Why is the female gender attached to an inanimate object here in 2022? It’s offensive. Do these guys enjoy being sexist? Does it come naturally for them, or do they have to work at it? But none of their (conservative?) cultists seem to be offended by it. Instead, they go along with it and refer to some planes as the Queen of the skies. Other people are rightly offended by their English-only requirement. Can’t these guys learn to use a language translator like anybody else?

Their cultists say about “the Sunday Show,” “it’s so much fun.”  What’s “fun” about watching planes land and take off all day and into the night in some cases?  It’s the same thing every time.  It’s like watching cars go by. But it’s really not about that. It’s about the narration into the mic. Someone wrote to me after reading this article and said that one of these plane spotters has so dumbed-down his “show” that he is the “star” — well isn’t that really the intent? — and the planes are secondary.  So the “fun” that the cultists are talking about is the plane spotters’ childishness, immaturity and the dumbed-down content narration for the sheeple viewers. Where he entertains these lonely, silly people with “stupid” and “funny” and telling stories. Immature people love that stuff. The cultists have also commented on one of the plane spotter’s “dance moves” when he dances to copyrighted music that they play (without permission supposedly). Anything to entertain the sheeple is what it’s about, no matter how banal it is. It’s “fun.” I cannot relate to these children in adult bodies.

The praise, glorification and idol worship of guys with cameras/mics where their cultists feed on each other with their perpetual excessive gushing comments of constant over-the-top compliments and the glorification of their messiah figures with cameras is really quite strange. These guys can do no wrong in the mind of their cultists. People who are doing something very valuable for society — such as the most esteemed medical doctors, scientists, esteemed musicians — never get this much adoration and praise, as do these guys with a camera following moving objects (planes). It is a very strange phenomenon here in the Century of Insanity.

A friend of mine had a casual interest in these guys, but recently told me: I no longer watch them. That is one weird bunch of people that those plane spotting guys attract. He was referring to the attention-seeking and needy people in the chat. Yes, I agree. And these guys absolutely know what they’re doing with their marketing gimmicks. They’re playing their viewers, but their viewers are too stupid to know they’re being played in the name of “my friend.”

Watching the plane spotters spot planes:

This article is not so much about these guys with their expensive and well-chosen cameras — and no, they’re not about to tell anyone what camera they’re using so stop asking, idiots! — who plane spot at LAX, but rather about their adoring cultists who treat them like celebrities or rock stars, or as “my friend.” Even though the average person has never heard of these guys. I do not understand this mentality. I call these guys The Friends of the Friendless, and maybe that explains this. These immature, syrupy, lonely, needy, attention-seeking pathetic people in the English-only chat and comments (the airline guys can use a language translator just like anybody else, but seem to think they are above doing so) — including those “awesome and amazing mods” (on their power trip and who seem to think they are such special people) who obviously have no life of their own since they are available upon call — feel they have a new friend in these guys with cameras, in part, because of the marketing gimmicks these guys use to play/work their viewers. And the gullible viewers completely fall for the marketing gimmicks. I’ve never seen anything like this blind devotion, this cult-like behaviour — even down to nearly everyone using the same mandatory language of, “awesome” and “amazing” to describe everything — except in fundamentalist churches. It’s the same mentality in fundamentalist churches. It’s about the sheeple (and that’s what these cultists are) needing a messiah figure in their life. And these guys are that to them. Maybe that explains all the “praying hands” emojis one sees in nearly every useless, waste of time chat thing for lonely people online.

Update 9 October 2022: Not having watched either group of the LAX plane spotters in some time, in my mind I wondered: Are those silly cultists still writing the same copy and paste drivel in the comments that they were? I assumed so because that’s what cultists do. But I went and checked. And yes, there they were about, “Best show ever” and “Good job” and “awesome” and “amazing” and “have a well deserved dinner and well deserved rest.” Two cultists wrote the same thing, as usual. So these cultists don’t think that these guys with cameras and mics have the sense to go eat dinner or to sleep so they feel the need to be parental with them? What is wrong with these pathetic cultists? People with important jobs are never told that. (Plane spotting is not an important job). I would feel embarrassed to write the same comment in every video comment section, but that’s what they do. Clearly these cultists have no shame…. nor do they possess any creativity for that matter. Their abilities are limited to copy and paste.

And these plane spotting guys — who apparently think planes have a vagina; rather outdated thinking, guys — see themselves as celebrities just because they’re on camera, and that’s how their devout cultists see them. But if you mentioned these guys to someone on the street, you’d get a blank stare along with “Who? Who are you talking about? Never heard of them.” Because most people don’t know these guys from Adam, as the expression goes. And they gave up jobs in the corporate media to do record/film planes landing and taking off?

I guess I’m supposed to say, “the awesome and amazing LAX Plane Spotting Cults.” But I don’t use the overused words awesome and amazing because both words have completely lost their original meaning from overuse and abuse, such as used by these guys and their cultists. Well I use the word amazing on the rare occasion when something is really amazing or stunning — which is not often — which plane spotting is not, no matter who does it.

“Best show ever!” is a frequent chant from the pathetic cultists. I don’t know for a fact, but don’t planes come into LAX on the same schedule each day or each week based on their arrival and departure times at other international airports? Or are they on different schedules? If so, if you’ve seen one “show” you’ve seen them all since it’s just a repeat of the last Sunday, for example. Since the airlines are on the same schedule. Even if they’re not on the same schedule, one has seen that brand of airline come into or depart from LAX how many times now? Probably hundreds of times before, so what’s the big deal? It’s like filming cars on the freeway. You’ll likely see the same cars over and over because the drivers take that route on a regular basis. What’s the appeal to make “the best show ever!”

So why does an interest in aviation, — excluding the professionals who work in aviation such as the pilots, the crew and flight attendants as well as airport personnel — and an interest in airports and an interest in plane spotting attract such syrupy and immature people? These are people who need a messiah figure in their life and who feel they must belong to a team by saying, “you’re the best” and other cult-like behaviour? Well, the fact is: There are a lot of lonely and needy people in the world who need all that and they show up to watch these plane spotting guys. The viewers and “mods” obviously have nothing else to do during their day.

One of the plane spotting guys refers to his videos and what he does as “a broadcast” and it’s all about “the channel.”  Sounds like he’s trying to make it out to be something that it’s not such as a corporate network.  What he does is no different than what thousands of other YT people do and their videos are not “a broadcast.”   They’re just videos. Video-recording something and talking in a microphone is not “a broadcast.”  A broadcast is what corporate networks do. Upon reflection, it sounds like he’s trying to pump himself up.  A bit pretentious.  Anyone on YT has “a channel.”  It’s not some corporate network, unless it’s a corporate network’s channel on YT.  The channel is nothing more than just a page with their chosen name on it and where their videos are found.  That’s all “the channel” is.  But many of their cultists are apparently ignorant of how YT work and come with very remedial computer skills (or none at all), and when they hear these guys talk about “the broadcast” and “the channel” the cultists make him out to be some celebrity or VIP just because he’s “on camera” and because of the marketing gimmicks he uses to promote his videos, such as “the broadcast” and “the channel.”

I hope that when the same plane spotting guy goes to Washington National Airport — which is across the Potomac River from the District — that he refers to the US nation’s capital City by its official name: the official name is the District of Columbia (look it up if you don’t believe me!), and not “Washington DC” which is what the sheeple and corporate media call it who probably don’t even know what the letters DC stand for, or where it is. Some idiots think the District of Columbia is in Canada or in Colombia (note different spelling). The locals say: the District or DC. I know because I used to live in the District. I don’t think I ever heard a local say “Washington DC” [cringe!] because they knew not to say that because it’s redundant. There is no “Washington” in DC. They mean the same thing. They’re synonymous. An analogy is that saying “Washington DC” is like saying San Francisco, San Francisco. That’s how it was explained to me when I moved to the District by a law student at Georgetown University.

Then there’s the problem with and disrespect for international languages:

Planes come in to LAX from all over the world. English language speakers — especially when US English is the only language the person can speak — are notorious for disrespecting other world languages, and these guys are no different. Some people even find it funny when they mangle words from other languages. What it shows is a lack of preparation or ignorance of other international languages. One group of these plane spotters is somewhat better than the other group with language. One group doesn’t even try to pronounce words in their original language correctly. One of the guys claims to have traveled throughout the EU, but apparently he didn’t learn anything in his travels about the languages of the EU since he consistently pronounces Frankfurt incorrectly, as one example. The “Frank” part is not like a guy’s name. With the other group, he started out pronouncing México correctly as it’s spoken in español, but stopped and now consistently mispronounces it as if it were an English word. It’s not. He pronounces France correctly — as it’s pronounced in the EU — but he doesn’t keep the same vowel sound for other words where the vowel sound used in France is the same as in other words. So there’s this inconsistency.

Back to “awesome and amazing:” The plane spotting guy is told, “Awesome stream today.” He responds with, “And awesome to meet you.” It’s “awesome” to meet someone? Not really. “Awesome and amazing, awesome and amazing, awesome and amazing, awesome and amazing, ” Please stop it! Learn some new vocabulary. That is a theme that will be repeated throughout this article because it’s the main theme with the plane spotting guys and their cultists. Everything (literally) is described as “Awesome and amazing,” including in the cultists’ gushing comments under the videos where they act like a paid cheer leading squad for these guys. They write stuff such as “Best Show Ever,” when really it was just another Sunday “show.” Not really any different than all the others. Planes landing and taking off. But the cultists feel the need to hype and gush over the most recent “stream” as if it were somehow better than all the previous “streams,” even when it wasn’t. Which implies that the previous “streams” were not the best they could be even though they too were hyped and gushed over as “the best show ever.” Do these cultists not think about what they write? Yes, the cultists need hype and drama and talk out of both sides of their mouth in their attempt to give sainthood status to their messiah plane spotting guys.

Then there’s the, “You guys are the best.” That’s the immature “team” mentality again. Why does there have to be a best? Why don’t the cultists have the maturity to say that both groups of plane spotters do a good job? Well, that requires maturity, which most of these people don’t have.

Some of the cultists live in Los Ángeles, but you wouldn’t know it because they have the small-town mentality of the fictional town called “Mayberry.” And in reality, nothing is awesome or amazing about the very mundane and boring task of showing planes landing and taking off for hours. Up to over 10 hours in some cases. I think that would get pretty boring to a camera person. Anybody with a camera and the proper gear could do it. But that’s how these two groups of plane spotters are described by their cultists.

Television news crews show planes landing and taking off on occasion but they’re never referred to as “awesome and amazing” or treated with celebrity/rock star status.

“Amazing” donuts?

*A guest of the plane spotters was asked how were the donuts at the top of the hotel he was plane spotting from. He said, “They were amazing.” Well, what else would they be? A donut is amazing? Why not awesome? How was the donut any more special than any other donut? It wasn’t delicious? Or tasty? Or excellent? Or very sweet? No, it had to be amazing, because everything is amazing and awesome with these pathetic people. The repeated use of both words require no thought process what-so-ever. Just blurt out “awesome and amazing” on cue.

Just like watching planes landing and taking off really requires no thought process either. Then one of the plane spotting guys said he needed to get back up to SFO. The guest from SFO said, “That would be awesome.” Of course, everything is awesome and amazing. Then there’s the stupid-is-in Valley Girl language of “like, like, like” said every other word which sounds illiterate. That’s used by some of these plane spotting guys. And rather than say “I said” it has to be “I go…” That’s how one of these plane spotting guys talks. Valley Girl. Why would anyone deliberately ruin their speech with ditsy, stupid-is-in Valley Girl speech? It doesn’t set a very good example for English language proficiency. So now in our stupid-is-in pop culture here in the Century of Insanity, there are only two words for describing everything:

Awesome and amazing.

*When really, very little in life these days is awesome or amazing. Most things are very mundane and predictable.

But thousands of people fall for these marketing gimmick of being referred to as “My friend” and we’re all part of a “[name of channel] family.” Most people fall for that gimmick used by the plane spotting guys because that gimmick is used because it’s their business. It is their income. Any donation they receive is called “awesome” and “amazing.” “Thank you for your amazing $5.00 Snapchat.”

The Friends of the Friendless.

In reality, that’s what these plane spotting guys are to their viewers when the truth be told. They are a “friend” to seemingly friendless people, who have nothing else to do in their day than to spend up to 10+ hours watching planes landing and taking off and talking with the other immature “adults” in the chat?

The Power-Trip Mods.

The same for those useless power-trip “mods” who obviously have no life of their own — otherwise they wouldn’t be available on cue whenever these guys plane spot which is not a set schedule — and who think they are such special people. The “mods” are also described as “amazing and awesome” and they are worshipped and glorified by the cultists. That’s their compensation since they are not paid for the hours they spend wasting their day deleting comments and “keeping it clean” (roll eyes) and reprimanding people. But that’s what these lonely and needy people in the chat remind me of: The Friends of the Friendless. From experience, I have little to no respect for most “moderators.” They have this over-inflated sense of self-worth. I think the cultists think that if they reside in the upper colon of the mods that the mods will leave them alone and allow them to say whatever they want, especially if the cultists type, “Awesome and amazing job, mods.” Sigh. What pathetic, immature people.

A brief aside: By the way, what is it about video chats? Every chat I go on is the same, no matter what the topic. Terribly annoying. I don’t have the patience for it. I now avoid reading the chats whenever possible because of the banal, childish, silly comments that people write. Some people have entire conversations with themselves only in the chat.

Again, for the thick people: These lonely and needy people think of these plane spotting guys as their “friend,” and in their mind that makes these guys and anything they do “awesome and amazing.” Yeah, those words again. Because they finally have a celebrity friend of rock star status — at least in their mind they have made these guys out to be celebrities just because they’re “on camera” in a YT video — even though most people in our society don’t know these guys from Adam and have never heard of them. BUT. If the cultists give money to these plane spotting guys, and don’t hear their name “on air,” they get pissed. Oh, so you only gave him money so you could hear your name “on air?” Needy, immature and attention-seeking, are we? If I gave them money, I wouldn’t want my name said “on air.” I don’t need that attention. I’d prefer to remain anonymous, which is a more mature approach, not needing attention. Then there are those in the chat who claim it’s their birthday — is it really or are they doing this for attention?; some people certainly do have a lot of birthdays, don’t they? — and they want happy birthday sung to them. (Oh brother!, roll eyes) Then there’s the “I’m going to be on that plane, will you show it?” Well yes, they will record the landing and or take-off of that plane, but “we” won’t know you from Adam. You won’t be visible to us on that plane. You’re just one of many people on the plane, so what’s the big deal about showing “your” plane? Sigh. More insanity.

Sometimes, one of the channels — along with the toddlers in the chat — spend more time talking about hamburgers and who has the best burgers than they do talking about planes.

Where do these needy, attention-seeking and lonely people come from who have to be told they are “my friend” and “family?” Again, that’s the marketing gimmick used by both groups of guys. Well they come from all over the world really. There are that many lonely and needy people in the world.

As for these guys who plane spot, they’re both good at what they do. I don’t consider one better than the other, although the cultists do and they have to “play teams” like it’s a sports team. Oh excuse me, I guess I’m supposed to say “they’re awesome and amazing.” A fly could be on the lens of the camera and it would be called “awesome and amazing.” No, there is nothing “awesome and amazing” about a fly on the lens of a camera or about anybody’s live show. Sigh.

The Team Mentality. “We do not talk about the other team.”

But of course the cultists in the chat have a high school “my team is better than your team” mentality — that’s about the maturity level of these people; they didn’t mature beyond high school — so they have to tell their guys, “You guys are the best.” Me personally, I don’t play teams, so objectively speaking, I don’t consider one group of plane spotting guys better than the other. They both do a good job of plane spotting. One group is considerably more mature than the other and they both do different things. Two of the guys are falsely accused of copying the other guys, but that’s rubbish. If the cultists were being honest and objective — which they don’t have the maturity to do because they immaturely feel they must play “teams,” — they would say: No, as of this writing they don’t copy each other. They both do different things. For example, one plane spots from the top of a corporate hotel near LAX on occasion. The other guys have never done that as of this writing.


These two groups of guys share the same interest in aviation, yet they’re rivals. Or should I say enemies? Strange. “We don’t talk about other channels” says those “mods” in the chat. They’re not allowed to talk about each other. Really weird when you consider that other businesses — and plane spotting is their business — who share a common interest talk about their “competition” and even promote them on occasion. But not these guys. If they had the maturity, they would promote each other because they share the same common interest. One would say about the other, “Make sure you watch them. They’ll be here tomorrow, I think. We’ll be back the next day.” That’s what I would do. I would support my colleagues, not childishly act like they are a forbidden enemy. I also would not have any silly chat area for viewers to ask each other how they are and what they had for lunch and when they’re coming back from the bathroom! Sigh. People! No wonder our society is so fucked up and insane.

In the chat, the immature people have to ask each other how they are, one by one. None of these people know each other. They’re all over the world. There are those who have to tell everyone what they’re eating and ask, “would you like some?” How do they propose to deliver that food to that person in another part of the world? Sigh. Others announce that they’re going to lunch and when they come back. “I’m back now everybody.” Who cares? Others announce that they have to go to bed. Who cares about any of this? Everyone thinks they are part of a “family” — “the airline family” — and have friends with each other because the plane spotting guys refer to them as “my friend” and “the family.” It’s their marketing scheme. And, most people want to believe they are part of this nebulous “family,” and they do.

Then the plane spotters go to other airports to plane spot. I don’t quite understand that when you’re already at the best airport, why go elsewhere? And there are usually plane spotters at other airports to begin with. Just watch their videos. Then there are those in the chat who aren’t very bright who suggest that the plane spotters come to their local podunk airport. What do they expect these guys to film there with the 1-2 planes arriving once a day? More Insanity.

LAX is very interesting to watch and can be relaxing to watch. It’s usually a very busy airport, it’s on the coast of Los Ángeles — it looks like it’s in the City and it is really — and it’s good to see scenes of Los Ángeles which they show, such as the Hollywood Hills or the famous Hollywood sign or downtown Los Ángeles and other areas. But watching it for hours? I don’t know about that. I have things to do during the day. It gets repetitive. Planes landing and taking off pretty much all look the same after awhile no matter what “awesome and amazing” guys are filming it.