LAX Plane Spotting Cults

Where everything is described as:

Awesome and amazing.

Even when it’s not, and quite ordinary.

The praise, glorification and idol worship of guys with cameras where their cultists feed on each other with their perpetual excessive gushing comments of constant over-the-top compliments and the glorification of their messiah figures with cameras is quite strange. These guys can do no wrong in the mind of their cultists. People who are doing something very valuable for society — such as the most esteemed medical doctors, scientists, esteemed musicians — never get this much adoration and praise, as do these guys with a camera following moving objects (planes). It is a very strange phenomenon here in the Century of Insanity.

A friend of mine had a casual interest in these guys, but recently told me: I no longer watch them. That is one weird bunch of people that those plane spotting guys attract. He was referring to the attention-seeking and needy people in the chat. Yes, I agree. And these guys absolutely know what they’re doing with their marketing gimmicks. They’re playing their viewers, but their viewers are too stupid to know they’re being played in the name of “my friend.”

This article is not so much about these guys with their expensive and well-chosen cameras — and no, they’re not about to tell anyone what camera they’re using so stop asking, idiots! — who plane spot at LAX, but rather about their adoring cultists who treat them like celebrities or rock stars, or as “my friend.” Even though the average person has never heard of these guys. I do not understand this mentality. I call these guys The Friends of the Friendless, and maybe that explains this. These immature, syrupy, lonely, needy, attention-seeking pathetic people in the chat and comments — including those “awesome and amazing mods” who obviously have no life of their own since they are available upon call — feel they have a new friend in these guys with cameras, in part, because of the marketing gimmicks these guys use to play/work their viewers. And the gullible viewers completely fall for the marketing gimmicks. I’ve never seen anything like this blind devotion, this cult-like behaviour — even down to nearly everyone using the same mandatory language of “awesome” and “amazing” — except in fundamentalist churches. It’s the same mentality in fundamentalist churches. It’s about the sheeple needing a messiah figure in their life. And these guys are that to them. Maybe that explains all the “praying hands” emojis one sees in nearly every useless, waste of time chat thing for lonely people online.

Update 9 October 2022: Not having watched either group of the LAX plane spotters in some time, in my mind I wondered: Are those silly cultists still writing the same copy and paste drivel in the comments that they were? I assumed so because that’s what cultists do. But I went and checked. And yes, there they were about “awesome” and “amazing” job and “have a well deserved dinner and well deserved rest.” Two cultists wrote the same thing, as usual. So these cultists don’t think that these guys have the sense to go eat dinner or to sleep so they feel the need to be parental with them? What is wrong with these pathetic people? I would feel embarrassed to write the same comment in every video comment section, but that’s what they do. Clearly these cultists have no shame….nor do they possess any creativity for that matter.

And these plane spotting guys see themselves as celebrities just because they’re on camera, and that’s how their devout cultists see them. But if you mentioned these guys to someone on the street, you’d get a blank stare along with “Who? Who are you talking about? Never heard of them.” Because most people don’t know these guys from Adam, as the expression goes. And they gave up jobs in the corporate media to do record/film planes landing and taking off?

I guess I’m supposed to say, “the awesome and amazing LAX Plane Spotting Cults.” But I don’t use the overused words awesome and amazing because both words have completely lost their original meaning from overuse and abuse, such as used by these guys and their cultists. Well I use the word amazing on the rare occasion when something is really amazing or stunning — which is not often — which plane spotting is not, no matter who does it.

“Best show ever!” is a frequent chant from the pathetic cultists. I don’t know for a fact, but don’t planes come into LAX on the same schedule each day or each week based on their arrival and departure times at other international airports? Or are they on different schedules? If so, if you’ve seen one “show” you’ve seen them all since it’s just a repeat of the last Sunday, for example. Since the airlines are on the same schedule. Even if they’re not on the same schedule, one has seen that brand of airline come into or depart from LAX how many times now? Probably hundreds of times before, so what’s the big deal? It’s like filming cars on the freeway. You’ll likely see the same cars over and over because the drivers take that route on a regular basis. What’s the appeal to make “the best show ever!”

So why does an interest in aviation, — excluding the professionals who work in aviation such as the pilots, the crew and flight attendants as well as airport personnel — and an interest in airports and an interest in plane spotting attract such syrupy and immature people? These are people who need a messiah figure in their life and who feel they must belong to a team by saying, “you’re the best” and other cult-like behaviour? Well, the fact is: There are a lot of lonely and needy people in the world who need all that and they show up to watch these plane spotting guys. The viewers and “mods” obviously have nothing else to do during their day.

One of the plane spotting guys refers to his videos and what he does as “a broadcast” and it’s all about “the channel.”  Sounds like he’s trying to make it out to be something that it’s not such as a corporate network.  What he does is no different than what thousands of other YT people do and their videos are not “a broadcast.”   They’re just videos. Video-recording something and talking in a microphone is not “a broadcast.”  A broadcast is what corporate networks do. Upon reflection, it sounds like he’s trying to pump himself up.  A bit pretentious.  Anyone on YT has “a channel.”  It’s not some corporate network, unless it’s a corporate network’s channel on YT.  The channel is nothing more than just a page with their chosen name on it and where their videos are found.  That’s all “the channel” is.  But many of their cultists are apparently ignorant of how YT work and come with very remedial computer skills (or none at all), and when they hear these guys talk about “the broadcast” and “the channel” the cultists make him out to be some celebrity or VIP just because he’s “on camera” and because of the marketing gimmicks he uses to promote his videos, such as “the broadcast” and “the channel.”

I hope that when the same plane spotting guy goes to Washington National Airport — which is across the Potomac River from the District — that he refers to the US nation’s capital City by its official name: the official name is the District of Columbia (look it up if you don’t believe me!), and not “Washington DC” which is what the sheeple and corporate media call it who probably don’t even know what the letters DC stand for, or where it is. Some idiots think the District of Columbia is in Canada or in Colombia (note different spelling). The locals say: the District or DC. I know because I used to live in the District. I don’t think I ever heard a local say “Washington DC” [cringe!] because they knew not to say that because it’s redundant. There is no “Washington” in DC. They mean the same thing. They’re synonymous. An analogy is that saying “Washington DC” is like saying San Francisco, San Francisco. That’s how it was explained to me when I moved to the District by a law student at Georgetown University.

Then there’s the problem with and disrespect for international languages:

Planes come in to LAX from all over the world. English language speakers — especially when US English is the only language the person can speak — are notorious for disrespecting other world languages, and these guys are no different. Some people even find it funny when they mangle words from other languages. What it shows is a lack of preparation or ignorance of other international languages. One group of these plane spotters is somewhat better than the other group with language. One group doesn’t even try to pronounce words in their original language correctly. One of the guys claims to have traveled throughout the EU, but apparently he didn’t learn anything in his travels about the languages of the EU since he consistently pronounces Frankfurt incorrectly, as one example. The “Frank” part is not like a guy’s name. With the other group, he started out pronouncing México correctly as it’s spoken in español, but stopped and now consistently mispronounces it as if it were an English word. It’s not. He pronounces France correctly — as it’s pronounced in the EU — but he doesn’t keep the same vowel sound for other words where the vowel sound used in France is the same as in other words. So there’s this inconsistency.

Back to “awesome and amazing:” The plane spotting guy is told, “Awesome stream today.” He responds with, “And awesome to meet you.” It’s “awesome” to meet someone? Not really. “Awesome and amazing, awesome and amazing, awesome and amazing, awesome and amazing, ” Please stop it! Learn some new vocabulary. That is a theme that will be repeated throughout this article because it’s the main theme with the plane spotting guys and their cultists. Everything (literally) is described as “Awesome and amazing,” including in the cultists’ gushing comments under the videos where they act like a paid cheer leading squad for these guys. They write stuff such as “Best Show Ever,” when really it was just another Sunday “show.” Not really any different than all the others. Planes landing and taking off. But the cultists feel the need to hype and gush over the most recent “stream” as if it were somehow better than all the previous “streams,” even when it wasn’t. Which implies that the previous “streams” were not the best they could be even though they too were hyped and gushed over as “the best show ever.” Do these cultists not think about what they write? Yes, the cultists need hype and drama and talk out of both sides of their mouth in their attempt to give sainthood status to their messiah plane spotting guys.

Then there’s the, “You guys are the best.” That’s the immature “team” mentality again. Why does there have to be a best? Why don’t the cultists have the maturity to say that both groups of plane spotters do a good job? Well, that requires maturity, which most of these people don’t have.

Some of the cultists live in Los Ángeles, but you wouldn’t know it because they have the small-town mentality of the fictional town called “Mayberry.” And in reality, nothing is awesome or amazing about the very mundane and boring task of showing planes landing and taking off for hours. Up to over 10 hours in some cases. I think that would get pretty boring to a camera person. Anybody with a camera and the proper gear could do it. But that’s how these two groups of plane spotters are described by their cultists.

Television news crews show planes landing and taking off on occasion but they’re never referred to as “awesome and amazing” or treated with celebrity/rock star status.

“Amazing” donuts?

*A guest of the plane spotters was asked how were the donuts at the top of the hotel he was plane spotting from. He said, “They were amazing.” Well, what else would they be? A donut is amazing? Why not awesome? How was the donut any more special than any other donut? It wasn’t delicious? Or tasty? Or excellent? Or very sweet? No, it had to be amazing, because everything is amazing and awesome with these pathetic people. The repeated use of both words require no thought process what-so-ever. Just blurt out “awesome and amazing” on cue.

Just like watching planes landing and taking off really requires no thought process either. Then one of the plane spotting guys said he needed to get back up to SFO. The guest from SFO said, “That would be awesome.” Of course, everything is awesome and amazing. Then there’s the stupid-is-in Valley Girl language of “like, like, like” said every other word which sounds illiterate. That’s used by some of these plane spotting guys. And rather than say “I said” it has to be “I go…” That’s how one of these plane spotting guys talks. Valley Girl. Why would anyone deliberately ruin their speech with ditsy, stupid-is-in Valley Girl speech? It doesn’t set a very good example for English language proficiency. So now in our stupid-is-in pop culture here in the Century of Insanity, there are only two words for describing everything:

Awesome and amazing.

*When really, very little in life these days is awesome or amazing. Most things are very mundane and predictable.

But thousands of people fall for these marketing gimmick of being referred to as “My friend” and we’re all part of a “[name of channel] family.” Most people fall for that gimmick used by the plane spotting guys because that gimmick is used because it’s their business. It is their income. Any donation they receive is called “awesome” and “amazing.” “Thank you for your amazing $5.00 Snapchat.”

The Friends of the Friendless.

In reality, that’s what these plane spotting guys are to their viewers when the truth be told. They are a “friend” to seemingly friendless people, who have nothing else to do in their day than to spend up to 10+ hours watching planes landing and taking off and talking with the other immature “adults” in the chat?

The Power-Trip Mods.

The same for those useless power-trip “mods” who obviously have no life of their own — otherwise they wouldn’t be available on cue whenever these guys plane spot which is not a set schedule — and who think they are such special people. The “mods” are also described as “amazing and awesome” and they are worshipped and glorified by the cultists. That’s their compensation since they are not paid for the hours they spend wasting their day deleting comments and “keeping it clean” (roll eyes) and reprimanding people. But that’s what these lonely and needy people in the chat remind me of: The Friends of the Friendless. From experience, I have little to no respect for most “moderators.” They have this over-inflated sense of self-worth. I think the cultists think that if they reside in the upper colon of the mods that the mods will leave them alone and allow them to say whatever they want, especially if the cultists type, “Awesome and amazing job, mods.” Sigh. What pathetic, immature people.

A brief aside: By the way, what is it about video chats? Every chat I go on is the same, no matter what the topic. Terribly annoying. I don’t have the patience for it. I now avoid reading the chats whenever possible because of the banal, childish, silly comments that people write. Some people have entire conversations with themselves only in the chat.

Again, for the thick people: These lonely and needy people think of these plane spotting guys as their “friend,” and in their mind that makes these guys and anything they do “awesome and amazing.” Yeah, those words again. Because they finally have a celebrity friend of rock star status — at least in their mind they have made these guys out to be celebrities just because they’re “on camera” in a YT video — even though most people in our society don’t know these guys from Adam and have never heard of them. BUT. If the cultists give money to these plane spotting guys, and don’t hear their name “on air,” they get pissed. Oh, so you only gave him money so you could hear your name “on air?” Needy, immature and attention-seeking, are we? If I gave them money, I wouldn’t want my name said “on air.” I don’t need that attention. I’d prefer to remain anonymous, which is a more mature approach, not needing attention. Then there are those in the chat who claim it’s their birthday — is it really or are they doing this for attention?; some people certainly do have a lot of birthdays, don’t they? — and they want happy birthday sung to them. (Oh brother!, roll eyes) Then there’s the “I’m going to be on that plane, will you show it?” Well yes, they will record the landing and or take-off of that plane, but “we” won’t know you from Adam. You won’t be visible to us on that plane. You’re just one of many people on the plane, so what’s the big deal about showing “your” plane? Sigh. More insanity.

Sometimes, one of the channels — along with the toddlers in the chat — spend more time talking about hamburgers and who has the best burgers than they do talking about planes.

Where do these needy, attention-seeking and lonely people come from who have to be told they are “my friend” and “family?” Again, that’s the marketing gimmick used by both groups of guys. Well they come from all over the world really. There are that many lonely and needy people in the world.

As for these guys who plane spot, they’re both good at what they do. I don’t consider one better than the other, although the cultists do and they have to “play teams” like it’s a sports team. Oh excuse me, I guess I’m supposed to say “they’re awesome and amazing.” A fly could be on the lens of the camera and it would be called “awesome and amazing.” No, there is nothing “awesome and amazing” about a fly on the lens of a camera or about anybody’s live show. Sigh.

The Team Mentality. “We do not talk about the other team.”

But of course the cultists in the chat have a high school “my team is better than your team” mentality — that’s about the maturity level of these people; they didn’t mature beyond high school — so they have to tell their guys, “You guys are the best.” Me personally, I don’t play teams, so objectively speaking, I don’t consider one group of plane spotting guys better than the other. They both do a good job of plane spotting. One group is considerably more mature than the other and they both do different things. Two of the guys are falsely accused of copying the other guys, but that’s rubbish. If the cultists were being honest and objective — which they don’t have the maturity to do because they immaturely feel they must play “teams,” — they would say: No, as of this writing they don’t copy each other. They both do different things. For example, one plane spots from the top of a corporate hotel near LAX on occasion. The other guys have never done that as of this writing.


These two groups of guys share the same interest in aviation, yet they’re rivals. Or should I say enemies? Strange. “We don’t talk about other channels” says those “mods” in the chat. They’re not allowed to talk about each other. Really weird when you consider that other businesses — and plane spotting is their business — who share a common interest talk about their “competition” and even promote them on occasion. But not these guys. If they had the maturity, they would promote each other because they share the same common interest. One would say about the other, “Make sure you watch them. They’ll be here tomorrow, I think. We’ll be back the next day.” That’s what I would do. I would support my colleagues, not childishly act like they are a forbidden enemy. I also would not have any silly chat area for viewers to ask each other how they are and what they had for lunch and when they’re coming back from the bathroom! Sigh. People! No wonder our society is so fucked up and insane.

In the chat, the immature people have to ask each other how they are, one by one. None of these people know each other. They’re all over the world. There are those who have to tell everyone what they’re eating and ask, “would you like some?” How do they propose to deliver that food to that person in another part of the world? Sigh. Others announce that they’re going to lunch and when they come back. “I’m back now everybody.” Who cares? Others announce that they have to go to bed. Who cares about any of this? Everyone thinks they are part of a “family” — “the airline family” — and have friends with each other because the plane spotting guys refer to them as “my friend” and “the family.” It’s their marketing scheme. And, most people want to believe they are part of this nebulous “family,” and they do.

Then the plane spotters go to other airports to plane spot. I don’t quite understand that when you’re already at the best airport, why go elsewhere? And there are usually plane spotters at other airports to begin with. Just watch their videos. Then there are those in the chat who aren’t very bright who suggest that the plane spotters come to their local podunk airport. What do they expect these guys to film there with the 1-2 planes arriving once a day? More Insanity.

LAX is very interesting to watch and can be relaxing to watch. It’s usually a very busy airport, it’s on the coast of Los Ángeles — it looks like it’s in the City and it is really — and it’s good to see scenes of Los Ángeles which they show, such as the Hollywood Hills or the famous Hollywood sign or downtown Los Ángeles and other areas. But watching it for hours? I don’t know about that. I have things to do during the day. It gets repetitive. Planes landing and taking off pretty much all look the same after awhile no matter what “awesome and amazing” guys are filming it.


A plane has a vagina? It does when watching airline videos.

Airline videos: Stop your English-only requirement.