Lea DeLaria: The LGBTQIA+ acronym is divisive

Hola a todos. No, tranquilo, I’m not going to rehash this topic again. Just the major points. I’m tired of talking about it since I don’t expect anything to ever change in this regard, or at least not any time soon. And rarely does anyone agree with me because the sheeple — including most Queers and breeders — have been so brainwashed to use their revisionist history “LGBT” nonsense.

Instead, I’ll direct readers here to read: The official acronym is now: LGBTQQICAPF2K+. Read that.

I always cringe when I see that “LGBT” thingy in article headlines that one sees all over the internet. One site after the other thinks they must use that “LGBT” thingy in order to conform and be like all the others to “fit in” and be accepted. The same with their readers and commenters. Despite my extensive research on this topic, I’ve never been able to find out who it was exactly — what idiot, what nut, although it must have been a lesbian devoid of any knowledge of our rich Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement history — that started this revisionist history “LGBT” acronym that the stridently conformist, corporatist and now-conservative Queer Community has adopted like a bunch of sheeple. My guess tells me it was one of those Queer media organisations — perhaps run by lesbians since the “L” is first — who arrogantly took it upon themselves to dictate to us Queers what we and the entire world must use when writing about Queer-related topics.

I read yet another reason for the “LGBT” acronym the other day, which went like this:

“Lesbians changed it to LGBT when huge numbers of gay men died from AIDS in the 80s.”

Well I must have missed that. That’s the first time I’ve read that. And who do lesbians think they are to make that change?!  It is extremely rude and disrespectful to the thousands of gay guys who led the Gay and Lesbian (GLBTQ) Rights Movement for lesbians to take it upon themselves to move themselves to first place in that “LGBT” acronym. I mean, if they had led and done most of the work of the Movement they would deserve first place. But they didn’t. Gay guys and trans individuals led the movement. While they were doing most of the work, lesbians were sitting on their ass on their hogs with a cigarette in one hand and a beer in the other partying. They think they deserve first place for that, do they? I. Don’t. Think. So.

Regardless, some of us don’t like that LGBTQIA+ mess, including actor and comedienne Lea DeLaria as you can read about here in a lengthy article.

Lea said:

“Part of me believes that this inclusivity of calling us the LGBTQQTY-whatever-LMNOP tends to stress our differences,” she explained. “And that’s why I refuse to do it. I say queer. Queer is everybody.” [Source].

I say Queer. Queer is everybody. You tell it, Lea. You go, girl! I’m right there with you. Right-on!

Lea claims this “LGBT” acronym is the most divisive issue we now have in the Queer Community (as of 2016). I wasn’t aware of that, since everybody is using it except me, Lea and a few others. And “LGBT(Q)” continues to appear on the sites that the article about her appears on, so she hasn’t had any influence on them either unfortunately. Also, I would think more divisive issues today would be:

1. Self-induced gay conversion
2. Gay guys going back in the closet and marrying females and pumping out babies as they try to be like the straight guys due to the order for “Gay Assimilation.”
3. Lesbians trying to look and act like straight women.
4. The death of the Gay Community.
5. “Are there no openly gay people in San Francisco anymore?”.
6. Gay Shame: A Sign of the Times
7. How many Queers can the closet hold?
8. Why do females marry gay guys?
9. The “Discreet” Gay Guys in New York City
10. The gay Jock Bros who reject gay guys
11. Gay Assimilation Has Backfired

To list some concerns I’ve written about.

Leah says that this LGBTQIA+ acronym stresses or puts emphasis on our differences — and divides of — rather than uniting us as Queers. I agree with that. It’s dividing us up into little cages by letters. (Breeders don’t have any letters defining them — they’re just called straight or breeders — and they have pretty much as many varied sexual interests as Queers do.) Maybe that’s another reason why the so-called Gay Community today does not have any feel or sense of “community” now. This may not be the case in some bars that are still genuine gay bars (as opposed to gay bars that breeders are hanging out in and taking over); there may be a feeling of “community” there if everyone is not glued to a phone and is instead talking in person with each other and interacting. But out and about, there’s no feel or sense of a “Gay Community” in San Francisco’s Castro anymore.

Anyway, I was pleased to see a prominent Queer female who understands this, since usually when I bring it up I’m dismissed by the corporatist and adamantly conformist Queers among us who say: It must be “LGBT” (note they leave off the Q). And if you’re not using “LGBT” something is wrong with you.

Conform! Obey! Wear black and grey and always use “LGBT” and vote for the corrupt and imperialistic right-wing Democratic Party, as you’ve been brainwashed to do.

That’s the entire package or slogan and that’s partly what is wrong with the Queer Community today.

With the “LGBT” conformists, what do they have against Queers that causes them to omit the “Q” on the end? By the way, what’s the difference between Gay and Queer? The “LGBT” conformists have no problem with the G (for Gay), but the Q (for Queer) seems to be more advanced for their mindset.

Someone recently told me in defending this alphabet soup mess that “Elgeebeetee” (“LGBT”) is the easiest to pronounce. Well no, Gay or Queer are the easiest to pronounce. They are already well-established words in our vocabulary, idiot. I take it that critical thinking skills are no longer taught in schools here in the shithole US.

Personally, as I’ve written before, I think the Queer community has become too conservative to adopt the word Queer. They couldn’t conceive of that. They would consider that way “too rad/radical” for their conservative tastes. How did the Gay Community become so conservative? WTF? So if anything, they would go with the word Gay. Or as someone told me the other day while I was writing this, “I’m non-heterosexual” because as he said “I’m sick of all these labels.” Yes, I am too. I agree. Many of them are meaningless these days.

But frankly, until one of those busy-bodied Queer organisations issues a Dictate for a one-word change to either Queer or Gay, I don’t see anything changing any time soon with this acronym mess. Just thought I’d pass along what Lea DeLaria said. Chau.—el barrio rosa

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  1. E in Sunnyvale

    Her snubbing of the infamous TERF-infused, bigoted and discriminatory MichFest definitely earns points in my book too. Right on, Lea!

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