Military fly-overs to pay tribute to medical employees? WTF?

Hola a todos. Of course the Conservatory is still closed because of COVID-19 shelter-in-place orders. So I thought I would take the opportunity to say the following:

We are indeed living in insane times. The US Military Industrial Complex Killing Machine (commonly known as The Pentagon) is all about death and killing, correct? Correct. They don’t go anywhere to “save lives.” They go somewhere in the world to terrorise innocent people by dropping bombs on them and by droning them since the US is the world’s #1 terrorist nation on the planet, followed by Israel. There’s no disputing that. Their agenda is not about saving anyone’s life. They see people as “collateral damage.” Their agenda is always about what natural resources they can steal from that country? — while US politicians pretend to be Christians — or what politicians they can kill off in another country to replace with some favourable to the interests of US Imperialism and Empire building? Despicable behaviour.

So why are military jets doing fly-overs to allegedly paid tribute to medical-health care employees? That makes absolutely no sense to me. It’s an absolute contradiction of what the US military is about. WTF? I’ve seen two news stories about this in recent weeks, which causes me to write about it now.

About a week ago, I read that the so-called “Blue Angels” (if that isn’t a glaring oxymoron) was seen flying over the District of Columbia in tribute to the health care employees there. Well, as a former District resident, unless they’ve changed some laws since when I lived there, planes are not allowed to fly over the District because it is the seat of the US Oligarchy/government. The nation’s capital. Commercial airliners — when they’re in the air — must fly over the Potomac River to get to Washington National Airport, which is technically in Arlington Virginia (just like the Pentagon is in Arlington). Commercial airliners cannot fly over the District either.

The hypocrisy here is that the same barbaric US Military Killing Machine that has killed tens of thousands of innocent people around the world in the name of rank US Imperialism and US Empire building (PNAC document) is now allegedly interested in health care/medical employees “saving lives?” I. Don’t. Think. So. Who would believe that if one has been paying attention? They are allegedly interested in the lives that health care employees have saved during the COVID-19 pandemic? Hardly! The willfully-ignorant trash in the white house and the trash around him who dismiss science in favour of, “I have a feeling” and “I have a hunch” and “I’ve been right a lot of the time” certainly are not interested in saving lives otherwise they would be following the medical protocol suggested by the CDC and others including the renowned Johns Hopkins University Medical Centre and Johns Hopkins University, which includes the Peabody Conservatory/Peabody Institute by the way.

Or is this military flyover nonsense just an opportunity to display ugly and inappropriate “Rah, Rah, USA Military” drivel? I should think so. It’s another chest-pumping act paid for by US taxpayers for the fragile and delicate male ego, not that some women aren’t into it as well. The irony here is that’s the crowd — of redneck Tr*mp cultists — who consider COVID-19 a “hoax.” They don’t believe in it. They don’t believe in shelter-in-place. They don’t believe in wearing face masks. They don’t believe in social-distancing guidelines or any of the designated medical protocols. Therefore, why would they be celebrating medical/health care employees? These are some of the same trash who showed up with their guns and US flags and were screaming at employees of medical centres to protest science/medical COVID-19 designated protocol. Oh the hypocrisy! From what I read, 72 of those fuckheads are now infected with coronavirus. They were not wearing masks when they were screaming at the medical centre employees. And do these Tr*mp Cultists not remember that when their messiah ran for office that he campaigned against war and was going to end wars and US interventions? When of course he’s done just the opposite, which I guess they have not paid any attention to. They are not the brightest people. So why are allegedly anti-war people — the Tr*mp Cultists — for military “flyovers.”

And probably some of the same crowd are planning to violate quarantine restrictions and get together in-person with their mother for Mother’s Day. One is not supposed to be getting together with anyone who does not live with you, thick people. What about that do you not understand? But some self-absorbed and self-entitled people think they’re above it all and it doesn’t apply to them. How many of these people who are going to be visiting their mother in-person are currently infected with coronavirus and don’t know it and will pass it on to their mother? Or have they not thought of that? You can’t just call her or Skype her? Why is it so critically important and possibly even life-threatening (to one’s mother) that you see her on this day? It won’t surprise me if we hear about thousands of mothers dying sometime after Mother’s Day because of stupid people. And you can’t fix stupid. “There’s been a rash of elderly women dying lately. I wonder if that’s connected with Mother’s Day?”

And finally, cardiologist Ethan Weiss, MD, from the renowned UCSF Medical Center in San Francisco tweeted this: No social-distancing on a packed 747 from New York to San Francisco. He and his group of 25 nurses and doctors were returning to San Francisco from helping in NYC. Why are all of these other people traveling when they are supposed to be shelter-in-place? Dr Weiss wrote that most of the passengers were shocked and scared by this packed jetliner. He wrote: “This is the last time I’ll be flying again for a very long time,” (As COVID-19 cases continue to rise in the US). Reminds me of a relative I have. She’s a real idiot. She dismisses it all. To her it’s no big deal. She’s always lived in denial about nearly everything. She doesn’t pay attention to news or politics — she’s chooses constant denial — because it spoils her fun she says. If I were to tell her about it, her response would be, “Phew! Don’t tell me, it will spoil my fun (translation: getting drunk and partying) and besides how can I get sick from a hoax?” she would ask. Well, stupid is in. You can’t fix stupid. Link: COVID-19 Map from Johns Hopkins.


Mayor Breed: I think you’re going to have to close Dolores Park as you have threatened to do (this picture below taken Saturday, 9 May 2020). Looks like mostly Millennials who think it’s a hoax and they’re above it all, following their messiah Elon Musk? I don’t see any masks and all these people in groups can’t possibly live in the same household.

Again, from Dr Weiss at UCSF Medical Center: “This is not the fucking flu!” You tell it, Dr Weiss, right-on!


Muchas gracias for that. Thank you very much for that, Dr Weiss. I’m glad he wrote that.

Looking at Dolores Park again, stupid is in. I guess these idiots think they have natural immunity to coronavirus:


Most of the people I see walking by my place in San Francisco look like the people one sees in this image above. Most walk by my place with no masks and no so-distancing. Most are Millennials. They’re above it all. They’re self-entitled, self-absorbed, “it’s all about me and my fun” Millennials. Self-absorbed inconsiderate trash is another word for them, with few exceptions. That’s how I feel about them. There have got to be a few good Millennials somewhere. I’ve just never met any of them. Wherever they are, they didn’t choose to move to San Francisco. The bad ones did instead. Chau.—el barrio rosa

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[Note to brainwashed partisans: No, my opposition to the current white house occupant is not a case of “sour grapes” on my part. I did not support Hillary or messiah Obama. I’m non-partisan; I don’t wear a Team Jersey.]