Millennials: Are they as miserable as they look?

Where did these constantly frowning, dopamine-phone-addicted assholes come from who have moved to San Francisco by the thousands in recent years? And what kind of people raised these people to turn out the way they did? (Or reared them, if you prefer).

Hola a todos. It seems to me that this is not the first time I’ve written about this absolutely dreadful, horrible group of people known as Millennials. What depressed-looking human beings. Well I would be depressed too if I wore all-black from head to toe every day of the year as they do. And who started that stupid colour-phobic fad? I’m glad I’m not of their age group because I would not want to be associated with these Millennial trash whatsoever. They are the opposite in personality and in genuine socials skills of myself and my amigos/friends when we were their age. And they don’t have the best reputation here in San Francisco, I can tell you that!

When I moved to San Francisco decades ago, I pretty much held the attitude that I was a guest in a new City, and I tried to be very respectful of the people here and longtime residents. I did not come in as if I owned the place and it was all about me, which is the way these arrogant Millennial/techie assholes have behaved as they have disrespected our neighbourhoods and cultures.

I can remember in my first apartment building after I moved to San Francisco, the landlord (who was gay) asked me at the first meeting, “where are you from?” I said: the District of Columbia. He said: “Oh that’s good. We have a couple of other gay tenants here in the building from DC. Very nice tenants. I was back there myself recently. It will be nice to have you here in the building.” That was good to hear and it told me I had gotten the apartment, as opposed to what he could have said: “Those people from the District are awful. Get out of here!”

I had originally thought that the Millennials are only horrid people to older people such as myself. That’s not true. Because I thought they can’t stand the Old City (pre-Tech Industrial Complex San Francisco) people — and they have realised that many of us can’t stand them and that they’re not welcome here — so they put on this frowny-faced snarly-look 24/7 to just older San Francisco residents. But that’s not true at all. I’ve noticed that these Millennials act just as nasty, snarly, frowning, and unfriendly to other Millennials. They’re just as snotty to others in their age group. How do they ever make any friends with that attitude? Or maybe they don’t! So while they’re bent over at the neck glued to that phone embedded in their hand (as if it’s another appendage) and getting another dopamine hit, they act just as cold, lobotomised and unfriendly towards other Millennials as they do to us Old City residents. I found that interesting. I didn’t know that until recently when I watched their behaviour.

Two former longtime San Francisco residents that I know (a gay couple) — who now live in Hawaii (which they say is “too conservative,”) — came back to visit San Francisco recently. I sensed they were sorry they returned to visit because they specifically mentioned their negative view of the nasty-attitude Millennials they had encountered while visiting. The Millennials seem to be the majority of the population now in the Tech Capital of San Francisco.

There’s also a direct correlation between the Millennials and the techie trash who have ruined San Francisco. They’re one in the same people for the most part. The majority of the techie trash are young and mostly white and extremely unfriendly. Many are anti-Queer and don’t like a gay guy even fleetingly looking at them. Obviously they’re not secure with their own sexuality otherwise they wouldn’t care who glanced at them. These people have turned this City into just another US city, as opposed to the unique and special City San Francisco was known for over past decades.

I should point out that the Tech Industrial ComplexTM is well-known for being ageist and sexist. It’s a very young and white male-dominated industry. And even though their tech corporations like to exploit annual corporate Queer/Gay parades, many of the techies are anti-Queer, or at least that’s the way they come off. Their corporations present one image of being pro-Queer (which many Queers fall for), yet the techies present an image to the contrary. When CL (the site I call ClosetList) was around and had sex personals in the US, I would see men-for-men sex ads from self-described techies. That right there was a mark against them as far as I was concerned. Their ads wanted everyone to know they were in tech, as if anyone cared! (roll eyes) These guys used the word “discreet” throughout their ad repeatedly. They wrote very closeted ads. I guess these closeted techies didn’t take part in the corporate Queer parades — in G**gle’s contingency, for example — because there’s nothing “discreet” about walking in a corporate Queer parade where thousands of people would see you.

But I keep wondering: Who reared these trash? Who reared these constantly-frowning, never-smiling, can’t say “hello,” can’t look at anyone, snarly-faced, nasty Millennials who seemingly have a grudge against the world with a chip on both shoulders? I assume they were taught: Never make eye contact with anybody you don’t already know. If you accidentally look at someone, quickly jerk your eyes away. Never smile. Always wear a slight or deep frown. Never say a word to anybody, never say “hello,” and never say “excuse me” even when you know damn-well that you’re at fault. Never speak any words of basic human decency and/or courtesy or politeness. And always wear your funeral all-black and/or black and grey clothing. Nothing else! If that black garb starts to look the least bit faded, immediately replace it. It must always be jet black.

My message to these Millennial trash:

Don’t come snarling at me with that nasty-looking, thuggish face you wear 24/7 where it looks like your face would break if you were to hint at a smile. It’s not my fault that you moved your self-entitled and self-absorbed elitist ass here and fell for that “San Francisco is the City of (Tech) Innovation” tech marketing bull shit that the techie trash corporations and corporate media spew out. It’s not my fault that you obviously hate that awful techie job down in Silicon Valley or in San Francisco — and you all look completely depressed and miserable as you’re lined up for another dreadful day to get on those 2-story tall techie shuttles with their blackened windows — and it’s not my fault that you spend hours commuting to that god-awful job (and have never learned of the concept of “living close to where you work”), and it’s not my fault that the only friend you have in this world is that phone cemented in your hand day and night. Maybe if you Millennial trash had some verbal social skills you could change that pathetic life of yours by actually talking with people (rather than typing to them), and you wouldn’t look so miserable and depressed 24/7. I mean, you do have vocal cords like the rest of us, which you rarely use. So if I say “hello” to you on the rare occasion, I expect a “hello” back. I don’t expect a frown or a snarl or even a “fuck you” response. Grunting is all that most of you seem capable of doing. What absolutely pathetic people.

I’ve done some research on the Millennial trash. I read that in their upbringing it has been drilled into them by their equally fucked-up parents that they are very special and deserving people, and that they deserve the best. Ha! I wasn’t reared that way and I don’t know anyone who was. This seems to be some newer parenting nonsense. One article said that their parents have even gone to their schools and tried to intimidate their teachers into giving their “special child” a higher grade than they deserved. Los pendejos.

And I always have to say this: I’m not talking about all Millennials here. I would imagine there are some Millennials somewhere (although I don’t know where they are) on the planet, that this article does not apply to. But I’ve not met any of them. I wonder where they are? They’re not in San Francisco in any large numbers. This article is about the Millennials that I and others have unfortunately experienced. Those frowning, depressed-looking, miserable, extremely unfriendly assholes.

Running errands one morning last week, mi amigo/my friend said that two Millennials — wearing the mandatory all-black clothing of course — were walking towards him on the sidewalk. (Related: The Millennials: The Generation with a Dress Code). Mi amigo made the mistake of smiling and saying, “Good morning” to them. They looked at him as if we were a criminal, a lunatic or a crazy person. They stuck their snooty noses into yet a higher notch in the air and refused to say anything to him. So quietly (but loud enough that they could still hear him), mi amigo said: “Yes, it is a lovely morning.” He answered himself in other words since these Millennial trash didn’t have the basic courtesy, human decency or social skills to give him a simple polite “hello.” Basura!

I’ve previously written sort of tongue-in-cheek that what’s known as “social media” is really the billionaire-owned Headquarters for those people without any genuine social skills. I’ve come to realise that that’s quite true.

Some people wonder why these Millennial trash waste their entire days/lives on so-called “social media?” Well why do you think? It’s because these assholes don’t have any genuine social skills. They can’t talk. They can’t even give a basic verbal “hello” to someone. All they know how to do is type to each other on a screen on some “social media” site and to help make more billions for that corporation. The most that Millennials can do in public is grunt or snarl. They seem to never use the vocal cords they came with or any facial muscles for smiling. I guess over time that evolution will remove facial muscles other than the muscles required for frowning and or snarls.

Again, who reared these people to be the anti-social trash they are? And it doesn’t matter whether they are Queer or breeder Millennials. They both act the same snarly way. I occasionally see Millennial Queer couples (Queer boys) and they’re just as snotty, snooty and unfriendly. Although I have seen some Millennial Queer couples quietly talking with each other. But when approaching anyone else, The Millennial Snarl/FrownTM is affixed across their faces.

What do these assholes think they accomplish by behaving this way?

Do they then go home where they sit by themselves feeling lonely and wonder why they feel lonely? I’ve read and heard that these Millennial trash (I’m referring to couples now) sit on the couch and text to each other sitting side-by-side. Yes, they text to the person sitting next to them rather than talking to each other. WTF? Loco./Crazy.

It’s time for the Millennial trash to learn some off-line interpersonal social skills; social skills having nothing to do with that cesspool called the internet! Humans have certainly ruined the internet. I don’t think there’s any question about that at this point in time. Don’t read the comments (unless you want an unhealthy spike in your blood pressure), except the ones here on pink barrio. They’re usually all right. And I allow commenters to pretty much say whatever they want to say, including when I don’t agree with them.

These Millennial trash are the worst of people and San Francisco is now full of them. Basura!

Consequently, and as one may have guessed by now, San Francisco has become a very unfriendly, lobotomised and even judgmental City. The Old City was not like this. It seems that these new residents came from very judgmental places (small towns and or small cities) where “everyone” looks alike. Ultimate conformity. Here in mayo/May 2018, San Francisco is a City of class warfare with the “haves” (the Bay Area is now known as Billionaire Bay) versus the “have nots” — and they’re often living right next to each other — with the wealthy and their frequent superficial “war on the homeless” which means merely moving the homeless around from one place to the other, not that that solves anything. But it is the “out of sight, out of mind” twisted mentality held by the super-wealthy (techie corporate owners) who think they are too good to see homeless people. The wealthy worship their status-symbol vehicles — which all look the same: boring black, grey or white in colour vehicles — and other materialistic overpriced junk, such as their drab black, grey and/or white sterile-looking and cheaply built, “Luxury Designer Condos” (Dahling).

“The City has lost its soul and character” is how many longtime residents describe San Francisco today. As I said, many of these new Millennial trash seem to come with this small-town, judgmental way of thinking in that if you’re not like them something is wrong with you. The proudly-radical and “Anything Goes” Old City of San Francisco held the opposite view. That’s how much this City has changed since the Tech Industrial ComplexTM was allowed to come in and ruin this City by giving these wealthy techie corporations corporate welfare (through generous tax breaks).

As I was completing this article, I took a break from proofing it. I stepped outside my apartment. A Millennial walked by: His head down and glued to his phone. I looked the opposite direction to avoid his permanent snarl. I then heard this noise and looked in his direction. He had just walked into the pole outside my apartment, not watching where he was going. That screen in his hand was more important. That explained the plastic hitting metal sound I had just heard. I heard a slight grunt from him (the only sound that Millennials can make). He then walked around the pole with some redness on his forehead where the pole struck his head, but he kept going. Stupid Millennial. It didn’t seem to phase him. He must walk into poles rather regularly around here. He never took his eyes off that precious screen. Phone-addicted Millennials. What pathetic people. Chau.—el barrio rosa

4 comments on “Millennials: Are they as miserable as they look?

  1. Linda

    It’s the same way over here in Marin with that age group. Snotty unhappy Millennials.

  2. rom sassafras

    Your friend was not in the wrong for saying hello to those Millennials. THat is the correct response for meeting one person to another. In societies that are like this, it’s very pleasant and stress levels are very low. Unfortunately in an era of hate and war profiteering it is now like a Klingon society where politeness is frowned upon.

  3. D8

    I definitely relate to your article and to what E in Sunnyvale said. I see the same thing up here in SF. The techies or Millennials are such bad drivvers. I live on a quiet narrow street in Upper Market….well it used to be quiet. The mornings and eveings are like a freeway on this small street. Drivers trying to bypass main arteries. It can be bumper to bumper. Horn honking. Rude people. Other times, they come flying through in their new cars with dealer tags. Not a care in the world for hitting anyone. Everyone on this street keeps their cats in nowdays so they won’t get hit. Many times I’ve felt like I was going to get hit. If I wreck this car I’ll just buy another one is how they think. Twin Peaks is now terrible on weekends – they’re up there partying. I used to walk up there sometimes but had close calls with cars so stoipped doing that.

  4. E in Sunnyvale

    Hola PB!
    Good article. I totally agree. But don’t forget, you can never tell a Millennial that they’re being anything other than a perfect, special little angel that can do no wrong. Their immense arrogance will prevent them from hearing a word of it. It’s like talking to a brick wall made of “special snowflakes”.

    Forgive me, but I must go on a bit of a highly-opinionated rant here – this is one of my “favorite” subjects to rant about. And though it may be opinionated, it is based on daily observation.

    I had originally thought that the Millennials are only horrid people to older people such as myself. That’s not true.

    I would say they are mostly horrid to older people, but yes, to each other to some degree as well. They make no secret of their contempt for age (and the wisdom and knowledge that sometimes come with it). There’s no question that incredible arrogance is a Millennial trait, and along with that comes the belief that they are somehow more “enlightened”. Apparently older, more experienced, and probably wiser people are no longer considered valid. We apparently do not fit into their right-wing libertarian utopian tech-infused world view.

    They think that it’s a GOOD thing if your internet-connected coffee maker spies on you and your thermostat sends your conversations off to G**gle…

    It’s perfectly OK to them if your autonomous self-driving $150k car kills a cyclist or pedestrian – they hate cyclists and pedestrians anyway. And they can just blame it on a “software bug” and get away with it.

    If a Millennial is having a miserable day (which, as you’ve mentioned, appears to be most of the time), then everyone else around them should be miserable too. And they make every effort to make the rest of us miserable with their snarky attitudes, greed, entitlement, and nuisance attention-seeking behavior.

    Maybe it’s my own generation’s (GenX) fault – we were the ones who brought the Millennials into the world. And we had our issues too: in our case, maybe it’s because our generation was raised by a television (echoes of Neil Postman’s “Amusing Ourselves to Death”?). The Millennials were raised by the Internet, along with the ever-present “Internet Hate Machine” (I think Neil was pretty spot-on!)

    But one difference in generations was that GenX were brought into the world by an older generation that was somewhat more disciplined. In my specific case, my grandparents and parents were “old-school” Norwegians who lived through WWII and a violent invasion and takeover of their country by the Germans. I learned early on to be wary of “authority” and to pay attention to what’s going on around me (literally and figuratively). I was also taught to behave in a certain way and to be respectful of other people – but disrespectful when warranted (ie: don’t let anybody give you any shit!). And if I didn’t behave and be respectful, you can bet I’d have got a hand across the face.

    Millennials, from how it appears, weren’t disciplined hardly at all. Like you said, they were always told that they were “special”:

    One article said that their parents have even gone to their schools and tried to intimidate their teachers into giving their “special child” a higher grade than they deserved.

    I have two acquaintances who are teachers; I’ve heard about that happening quite a bit. W.T.F.??? If I got a bad grade or score, I’d have got yelled at all night and into the next week about it… and “grounded”. Hey, I know, let’s just lower the standard of education even more because we don’t want to offend any special snowflakes with a bad grade because they are too busy on Farcebook to study.

    And I always have to say this: I’m not talking about all Millennials here. I would imagine there are some Millennials somewhere (although I don’t know where they are) on the planet, that this article does not apply to.

    They exist. I can say for certain that I count some of them among my friends; they’re not at all like the stereotypical Millennial. And they always say that they hate being referred to as Millennials because of their age – they don’t want the association. Interestingly, a couple of them have *only* older friends. Why? Because they can’t get along with Millennials.

    [Beware: random, unfocused rambling rant follows]:
    Do Millennials often try to out-do each other with arrogance or being a general nuisance? It sure seems that way based on the number of aggressive-driving Millennial twats that have taken over. Yes, I know California has a well-deserved reputation for “bad drivers”, but this is a whole new breed of “bad drivers”. They’re worse because they are incredibly arrogant and self-entitled. I hate driving as it is, but now, I have actual anxiety attacks when I have to drive someplace in traffic. Even going to the (now always crowded) grocery store is a challenge for me.

    I live on a formerly quiet residential street with a 25mph speed limit. We rarely used to get much traffic in the 9 years I’ve lived in this house, but the last 5 or 6 have seen a steady increase to the point where we now have actual traffic jams on my street every weekday morning around 8:30am. The rest of the day, especially around lunch, evening rush (which is roughly from 3:30pm until about 7pm…), we see high-speed techie trash driving rice-burner Hondas and Subarus with 8-inch wide exhaust “fart-pipes” and yuppie pricks in Mustangs and Chargers (with even *louder* nuisance exhaust) racing and doing burnouts at the cross-street just behind me. They will drive down the street at all hours, revving engines and deliberately trying to be a nuisance. It seems like literally every third car on the road now has a nuisance exhaust pipe – and it’s ALWAYS a crew-cut, button-down-black-and-grey-shirt-wearing Millennial driving it. Such attention whores. And of course, there seems to be absolutely ZERO enforcement of laws against loud pipes.

    I love peace and quiet. I crave it the way a junkie craves a fix. I need it, or I get irritable and angry and depressed and generally miserable. Peace and quiet simply do not exist in this area at all anymore. The only time that comes even close is sporadically during the middle of the night, and even then, you’re likely to hear some yuppie jackass in a tricked-out ride racing down the freeway 2 miles away.
    [End rant]

    Ok, I’ll stop now.
    Love yas,

Fin. The End.