More of “Gay is now Mainstream”

Hola. Because “gay is now mainsteam,” I am delighted with what I’ve been seeing on corporate network television these days. It doesn’t matter which canal/channel I turn to — even though I’m usually on the español language networks — I see nothing but GLBTQ couples and singles on every programme. All corporate network programming is now GLBTQ-based. Isn’t that wonderful?! Wow, this is a good time! Before gay became “mainstream,” I saw nothing but “straight”-based/heteronormative programming no matter which canal I turned to. I would see nothing but “straight” couples sucking face, holding hands, arms around each other, the typical tall him and short her making out — or is that his little daughter he’s leaning way down to make out with?…how can one tell? — I would see “straight” couples arguing and having yet another dysfunction and then moments later about to have sex or that’s the impression they like to give before the camera moves away. Thank goodness for that camera moving away. I don’t think I could stand to watch that spectacle because “straight” couples look like they’re paired off wrong to begin with! He should be with un muchacho and she should be with una muchacha. But when I see dos/two Queer boys making out they look like they’re paired off correctly and the same goes for dos lesbianas. Yes, there’s been this 180-degree drastic change in corporate network programming and it’s all because “gay is now mainstream,” (we’re told), which someone declared — I don’t know who it was — after the US Supreme Court’s recent ruling on same-gender marriage. I’m pleased to say I haven’t seen a “straight” couple sucking face or being in my face with their sexuality in weeks. This is a good time!

(Now back to reality)

I was reading an article on the WSWS and it brought to mind what I’d previously written. “Gay is now mainstream,” is what some wishful-thinking, delusional GLBTQs have been spewing in San Francisco following the US Supreme Court’s recent ruling legalising same-gender marriage in all 50 states of The Cesspool/the US. Apparently these people who spew that “gay is now mainstream” nonsense don’t watch any television at all to observe the constant stream of heteromorative-saturated programming and commercials on corporate networks where el hombre/the man is always making out with una mujer/a woman, or holding hands with una mujer, or has his arm around her or is kissing una mujer. Then I walk out my front door these days in The Castro of San Francisco — the former Gay Mecca — and I see the same type of thing I see on television. Apparently these “gay is now mainstream” idiots also don’t read any heteronormative men’s health magazines which automatically assume that all of their readers are “straight” because the magazine goes on about, “How to Please Her Sexually.” Ugh.

Then some conservative, wishful-thinking basura in San Francisco also say, “gays can now live anywhere.” Yeah, we can in the closet idiot as has always been the case, but even that’s questionable depending upon where one lives. And consider the continued violence directed at TGLBQs with transgender killings on the rise (at least 17 transgender las mujeres/women have been killed in 2015. Or this: A study has found that people are more supportive of gay rights than they are of same-sex public displays of affection. *roll eyes* (If that isn’t some fucked up thinking!) The reason the class-warfare conservatives claim that “gays can now live anywhere” is because the conservatives have never liked gay meccas to begin with. They’ve called them “ghettos.” HA! How many “ghettos” have you seen with One-Million Dollar homes in it and status-symbol/expensive vehicles in it? As I’ve written before, the conservatives (including GLBTQ conservatives) are all for “straights” taking over former gay areas and making them “straight,” (is there some self-hate going on there?) such as in San Francisco’s Castro barrio, West Hollywood, the Village in Manhattan and other places.

One of these busy-bodied conservative homeowners’ groups (neighbourhood associations) in San Francisco recently wrote that The Castro is “evolving.” Someone might ask: What the fuck does that mean? They just couldn’t bring themselves to type that The Castro is becoming “straight” and losing its GLBTQ identify. So instead these basura had to use the code language, “evolving”. They also wrote that these new residents are very young and do not “identify” as GLBTQ. They’re talking about the techie basura — but they couldn’t bring themselves to type that either — who have raped the city and who are mostly young, white and “straight” and who clearly don’t believe in any form of birth control whatsoever considering the many fleets of condominium-sized baby strollers one sees around here clogging up the sidewalks with eardrum-piercing, high-decibel screaming children.

These articles (links below) from the WSWS are representative of just how “gay is now mainstream:”

The reactionary campaign around Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis

Six Republican presidential candidates back defiance of gay marriage ruling.

I wonder if these wishful-thinking GLBTQ idiots are paying any attention to this stuff? Or are they still living in their delusional “gay is now mainstream” Utopian Dreamland?

I guess you heard about that piece of so-called “christian” fundamentalist basura — I can’t stand fundamentalist “christians” — in Kentucky who went to jail because she refused to acknowledge the ruling from the US Supreme Court making same-gender marriage legal in all 50 states of The Cesspool/the US/los Estados Unidos. Her bigoted ass sat in jail for 5 days until she agreed to not interfere with her deputies marrying GLBTQ couples. I had thought that la muchacha might rot in jail but la basura is out now, unfortunately. You can read about it those two links above. I just wanted to bring this to people’s attention. Chau.—el barrio rosa

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  1. Iván

    I think of all the gay guys out there who are wasting their time and their lives “fronting” with women. They’re married to women or dating women & the guy know he’s gay but stays closeted. Sometimes the women suspects he’s gay. There’s also the guys who say they’re bi but are really gay. I’ve had some experience with that type. I don’t see gay as being mainstream. I think that’s an exaggeration. It’s received more attention in recent years but I wouldn’t call it mainstream. I read the same ads on CL you read and judging by the closeted way guys write their personal ads they don’t think it’s mainstream either.

  2. SF-Resident

    Wanted to ask you this: Have you paid any attention to local blogger T.R. ? You know who I’m talking about? He is -still- talking about our “housing crisis.” Every time he writes about it he leaves out the key word affordable. What’s his problem? Sorry I’m off topic.

    1. rosa_barrio Post author

      Hola SF-Resident, no I try not to read what he writes. That’s one of the reasons I stopped reading his blog. I was just there for about 5 seconds long enough to scan his top article which referred to “housing crisis.” But the image he used was of a protester’s sign which read, “AFFORDABLE housing.” But he can’t bring himself to type the words “affordable housing crisis.” He knows what he’s doing. He’s part of The Establishment — he’s just a Dembot and a closet case hack and shill for the useless Big Business “Democratic” Party — while he pretends to be a so-called “progressive.” (The “Democratic” Party is the graveyard where all “progressive” movements go to die.) He deliberately repeats the conservatives/developers lie that we have a “housing crisis.” We don’t have a housing crisis, we have an AFFORDABLE housing crisis. Two very different things. Go to any corporate real estate site locally and one will see there is no shortage of homes/housing for sale for the wealthy, and that’s all that’s being built here now as well: Luxury Designer Condos (Dahling). I lost respect for that timid, mealy-mouthed TR when he was in his previous job at the BG. Gracias for your comment. Chau.

      1. SF-Resident

        Thanks/gracias for allowing me to be off-topic. Not to drag this on but wasn’t all the BG staff “Dembots?” That’s was my impression.

        1. rosa_barrio Post author

          Hola, oh absolutely. They were all Dembots and Obamabots. They were very partisan. They were critical of the Repugs but couldn’t bring themselves to tell the truth/record of their own despicable party. STJ claimed to be an “independent” but then re-registered every election cycle so that he could vote for Dem corporate parasites. WTF? Why be an independent then? It was just for show. Their last election endorsement they endorsed that repugnant conservative gay supervisor — the one I call “The Holy and Indivisible Trinity” because that’s how his rabid supporters see him — responsible for helping to ruin San Francisco and The Castro. They claim they endorsed him because of one issue. In reality, they endorsed him because they were becoming chummy amigos with him because he always accepted their invitation to come to their public forums. Ugh. It’s just as well that the BG went out of business considering what they had become. Gracias for your comment. Chau.

  3. castro local

    “gay is now mainstream?” oh come off it! i’ve noticed some friction in the castro between straights and queers, especially in some restaurants. some straight servers prefer straights being here and they give them preference in restaurants over the queer customers which has caused some problems in restaurants. you’re not alone in your disdain for straights. i can’t stand them either and they often act clueless to why we can’t stand them. not everyone is happy with the new castro.

  4. rosa_barrio Post author

    Hola, Telemundo’s telenovela had a lesbian scene in it the other night. I saw it as I walked by la televisión. Una mujer/A woman on her knees on the bed in a bra and panties was giving una mujer who was lying face down on the bed a massage. Rather tame. I thought when seeing that: Why isn’t it two guys, Telemundo? Well, we all know why that is. Because Telemundo thought a scene with las lesbianas was “safer” to show to their delicate audience than dos muchachos. That’s why. Would the audience have all turned to another canal/channel if it had been dos muchachos? I doubt it, because we have been told that “gay is now mainstream” right? Most of the audience would have watched the Queer boy scene especially the Queer boys and las lesbianas and the gay closet cases (pretending to be “straight”) watching the programme. But Telemundo couldn’t bring themselves to show the audience dos muchachos in such a tame scene. (Sigh). Chau.

      1. D8

        I didn’t mean to sound flippant so I suppose I should explain what I mean by that.

        Part of the gay community has replaced activism with becoming sports jocks and trying to be like heterosexuals. A large portion of the gay community has given up any activism at all for tech – phones and sex apps. Arts and culture which the gay community was a major part of during the gay activism years, have been abandoned. The thing that boils me is that they’re helping tech through their phones and buying all these apps. Tech is responsible for expelling the non-wealthy folks of the gay community from SF. The wealthy of the gay community are perfectly fine with this. It’s the class warfare this site has written about.

        1. Y

          Sad isn’t it?

          Gay people should have the same rights as straight people, period, and I’ve never been one for turning the clock back but I have to say that looking at the lame gay community today makes me want to go back to the proud radical protest days before the gay community became this washed-out, lifeless, conservative group and before conservative military and conservative marriage became the only goals. It disgusts me. Cancel the whole thing is what I say to friends and let’s go back to the way it was when they bring up gay marriage and military. I’ve had arguments with them about it but after I explain it to them they sorta get it.

          1. rosa_barrio Post author

            Hola Y, I agree. I’ve said the same thing in different words. It’s as if the GLBTQ populace said: We’ll do anything if you “straights” will accept us. We’ll abandon our past and almost apologise for it and seem embarrassed by it, we’ll sanitise ourselves and our neighbourhoods and go along with making them “straight” and you can come into our bars and make out and do anything you want in our neighbourhoods including take them over as long as we can be like you, as conservative and as prudish as you, all of that we promise you we will do if you will only accept us. We beg of you!!

            Ugh. Fuck that shit! Gracias for your comment. Chau.

  5. Alejandro

    Hoooooooooooola. I look forward to the day that I see your first paragraph of this article become reality on network television, but something tells me we’ll never see that even though we should because that would be representative of society rather than all-str8 programming. As a gay guy, I’m as turned off by str8 programming as you. Then there’s this – I had Telemundo on last night and was disgusted to see what they’re doing in one of their telenovelas. Guns, more guns, cigarette smoking and alcohol. I thought smoking on television was a thing of the past? So they’re bringing that back for ratings. 🙁 Gracias.

  6. FormerSanFranciscan

    I appreciate the article. I think many people who think gay is now mainstream need to come out of their very sheltered cocoons. Just because gay marriage is legal in all 50 states and is occasionally on a newscast does not mean that gay is now mainstream. As this article astutely points out there’s a long way to go before gay is mainstream, and from what I’ve observed the gay community has closed up shop thinking all has been accomplished.

  7. E in Sunnyvale

    As the “T in GLBTQ”, I still encounter tremendous bias and hatred about trans people everywhere. Just yesterday, I was listening to some willfully ignorant idiot spew hatred about Caitlyn Jenner. In a way, I really kind of wish these high profile people like Jenner would stop throwing the spotlight on this subject. It really brings the haters out from under their rocks. I’m so sick to death of hearing The Stupid. When are they just going to accept the facts that a) we’re here, b) we’ve always been here, and c) we ain’t going away… Better get used to it, haters; all you’re doing is making yourselves angry for no good reason.

    Thanks again for another great article – take care!

    ~Ha det!

    1. rosa_barrio Post author

      Hola E in Sunnyvale,

      “As the “T in GLBTQ”, I still encounter tremendous bias and hatred about trans people everywhere.”

      I’m so sorry to hear that. But I know it’s true, from what I’ve observed online especially. I too am sick of hearing The Stupid, which seems to be all that’s out there at least here in The Dumbed-Down Cesspool. Muchas gracias for your comment. Chau.

Fin. The End.