National Public Radio feeds into, “Don’t say gay.”

Stop sanitising and codifying the word gay by using the alphabet.

Hola a todos. I had mistakenly thought that National Public Radio (npr) with their headquarters in the District of Columbia was considered “alternative media” and would sound like such. Wishful-thinking on my part. I think it was at one time. The same with other “alternative media” these days such as DN! or here. They sound the same as npr in the language department. These days, “alternative” isn’t very alternative. They’ve become rather watered-down, compared to what they used to be. They’re really quite conformist to be like all others especially in the language they use, such as the hyped and corporate conformist language they all use: “deadly, significant, impact, significant, dramatic, significant, if-you-will, significant” and other corporate fad language of these times. Everyone thinks they have to use the same words, language and alphabet soup to fit in with the conformist herd. The corporatists have their conformist language which one can hear on any network according to a friend of mine, and stupid-is-in US pop culture have theirs. Clearly the Thesaurus — anyone know what that is? — is now dead in favour of using the conformist language.

These days, I avoid listening to any news outlet in the US because of choppy poor-speaking styles, slurring words, uptalking (ending all sentences “up” as if asking a question when it’s not a question), the mispronouncing of words and sloppy language, unprepared but well-paid people parked at microphones which have become common place, such as mispronouncing: Iraq, Iran, Iranian, Univisión, as well as Latino/Hispano names, as well as other non-English language words that most people don’t bother to try to say authentically…I won’t bore you with the entire list. I also mute my television when a gay-related story appears on the screen because I don’t want to be annoyed by hearing the alphabet repeated over and over, and the Alphabet Cult’s revisionist history and ubiquitous cookie-cutter, “LGBT(Q)(+)” — or one of the many versions of that nonsense (they can’t just say “gay”?????) — with all of those letters slurred over 20 times for the next minute or so in the broadcast. So I get my international news from networks in the EU, which on occasion also resemble networks in the US and where one can still hear people parked at microphones with a US accent sounding like Mr or Ms Hick right off their field tractor from the Midwest part of the US. And whenever a news topic about something gay comes up, it’s most rare that any news outlet around the world will use the word gay. The media world-wide got their orders from The Gay Agenda. They avoid the word gay by sanitising it and instead use the code language for gay by catering to the Alphabet Cult.

I stopped listening to npr back in the days when Cokie Roberts was on the phone with host Bob Edwards one morning during Morning Edition. She was gushing over what an “attractive candidate George W Bush is” when he was running for US president. (Had the woman been drinking that early?) That’s when npr lost me, among other reasons. It wasn’t just that. I didn’t find anything “attractive” about Bush. Around the same time, some frustrated listeners were referring to the network as National Pentagon Radio since there was no war or US military action that npr didn’t cheer lead for. Other annoyed listeners referred to npr as Nice Polite Republicans. This was during the days before Bob Edwards (host of Morning Edition) was shown the door and when Sean Collins (one of the production guys of Morning Edition and his excellent taste in bumper music) and Bob Boyland (Director of ATC) were still there along with the distinctive and memorable voice of Ann Taylor (who read the news for ATC; “From National Public Radio News in Washington, I’m Ann Taylor”) and who became one of the signature voices for All Things Considered. Ann later retired and moved (back) to New York City from what I read.

Having tired of the classical music station for its limited, repetitive programming and banal chat, and having tired of the jazz station for being told by a certain host how “great, great and wonderful” every piece they played is, the other day I thought to myself, with some hesitation: Why don’t you try listening to npr again to see what they sound like these days — they usually played good bumper music so it would be interesting to hear the current set — so I went to the local npr member station that I used to listen to which is connected with the local school district. Well, I lasted about 20 seconds. I found npr on the dial and immediately heard the ATC host going on about a story whilst using the excessively-used and conformist, “LGBTQ” alphabet train as she slurred over all those letters. I thought: Ugh. The woman can’t say the word “gay?” That’s what all those letters mean; just say gay and forget all those letters. I thought: No, she can’t say the word gay because that would not be conforming with The Gay Agenda and the corporate media worldwide feel they must absolutely conform with The Gay Agenda/Gay Incorporated, and do what everybody else is doing. It’s as if Gay Inc. sent out a memo to every media organisation in the world demanding that they become a member of the Alphabet Cult — or they will risk being called “homophobic” — and when broadcasting any gay-related story, they must use the increasingly long alphabet soup and slur over all of those letters. The npr segment was a story about Russia which I was already familiar with, but the alphabet soup repeated two more times within a period of about 10 seconds or so. I couldn’t take it. I clicked off in disgust. I thought: National Public Radio is part of the problem. I couldn’t even get through one story of All Things Considered. I asked in a pleading manner: Can’t they just say the word gay? (Answer: No, because the word gay might offend people, so “we” need to sanitise it with letters).

Say the word Gay or Queer. Why is that so difficult for people to do? Abandon the reciting of the alphabet in speech and in print. Stop using code language for gay. It’s insane. It feeds into “Don’t say gay.” Why can’t people understand this?

I said to myself: So “alternative media” — along with all others — are supporting the Alphabet Cult of The Gay Agenda which you can read about at that link. They’re feeding into, “Don’t say gay.” Does everyone know what I’m referring to? I’m talking about that “Don’t say gay,” law from the US state of Florida. Does the Alphabet Cult not realise that’s what they’re all doing? Anytime anyone spews out all those letters one is feeding into, “Don’t say gay.” What all those letters do is to sanitise gay. It’s code language. The right-wing/far-right don’t want to hear the word gay, and all media these days are catering to the bigots by not saying the word gay, but instead using this code language of letters: “LGBTQ+” (Which is revisionist history because the G was originally first, not the L). There are many versions of this rubbish, but the official version is this nonsense below. You might think I’m making this up because it’s so ludicrous.

This is the official version: “LGBTQQICAPF2K+.”

I’m not making this up. That’s an example of insanity. All of those letters and plus signs are beginning to look like a type of product bar code. Can these people not say the word Queer or Gay (if you prefer that) instead of reciting the entire alphabet? And how many times do they plan to repeat the alphabet? There are already two Qs in that insanity. Sigh.

By the way, why was the “L” moved to first place? Nobody seems to know and I’ve researched this extensively. It was originally GLB. They are the only three letters that are needed when it comes to same-gender attraction which is what gay is about. Gay and Lesbian. Not Lesbian and Gay. I remember the Gay and Lesbian March on Washington. Gay guys in the thousands led the Movement, not lesbians. But it seems that self-entitled and self-absorbed lesbians decided to move themselves to first place after thousands of gay guys had died of HIV/AIDS. What a way to honour the decades of work gay guys had done for the Movement by sliding gay guys over to second place. How terribly disrespectful. I also read that the L was moved to first place, “to show that we support women’s rights.” Well doh. You claim to support everybody else’s rights too, but you never move them over to first place, do you? No. The L first is sexist because it comes with this “ladies go first” mentality. Has no one thought of that? Then one of the Alphabet Cultists told me, “The L was moved to first place because “LGBT” rolls off the tongue easier than GLB.” Really? I don’t know what’s wrong with his tongue, but my tongue has never had a problem with GLB rolling off of it. So now we’re going to change things based on how they “roll off the tongue” and roll off people’s tongues? And since everyone’s tongue/mouth is different and some people have trouble pronouncing certain words to begin with, “LGBT(Q)” won’t roll off their tongue easily. What a ludicrous reason to defend this change. Some people will come up with anything to get in lockstep with The Alphabet Cult and The Gay Agenda.

Queer comedian and actor Lea DeLaria said, “By the time you get through all those letters, the parade is over.” Indeed, Lea. She refuses to be a part of the Alphabet Cult, because she says all of those letters are divisive. The letters do not unite us; the letters divide us all into little groups leading to infighting. She’s correct. She uses the word Queer. She says the word Queer unites everyone as one people. I am seeing a few more individuals use the word Queer, but not the corporate media. They are absolutely obedient to The Gay Agenda, having gotten their orders presumably. And again, at the rate the Alphabet Cult is going, in a few years they will have repeated the entire alphabet a few times. Insanity.

My queer friend who also cannot stand what gay has become under The Gay Agenda told me he was trying to read an article about something queer on a corporate news website. He said he gave up. They too couldn’t say the word gay in the article or the title. He counted the use of “LGBTQ” over 30 times in the article. The article was saturated with it. He said, “In my mind when I see that, I replace all those letters with the word gay, but I just got so tired of seeing it so I gave up on reading the article.” Understandably so. I wouldn’t have the patience either. I have had it up to here with this rubbish which I see everywhere I go. People are such conformist sheeple these days — especially the 20s and 30s age group — and feel they must conform and use what everybody else is using in order to fit in with the herd and to be “politically correct” (and part of the problem). I refuse to do that.

Upon reflection, things were much better before the corporatists and lesbians hijacked the Movement and ultimately killed it after gay marriage became legal. Gay marriage was the end of the Movement, although no one knew that at the time it seems. I didn’t. Who knew that gay marriage was the ultimate goal? I never heard that. These days, lesbians and trans are the face of the gay so-called “community.” Gay guys have been kicked under the corporate bus or relegated to the back of the bus. When anything about “LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ+++++WEURIOPWEIUROUJ38720962OIRWEUOEUWR” is shown on television these days from what I’ve seen — I’m referring to newscasts specifically — it’s always about females: lesbians or trans, as if they’re the latest fad of Gay Inc. As if gay guys no longer exists in the minds of the corporate media who got their orders from The Gay Agenda.

Why is trans part of the gay so-called “community?”

Being gay is about same-gender attraction. Period. Being gay is not about feeling you’re the wrong gender in the body you were born with. Period. So why is trans part of the gay/queer so-called “community?(**See Footnote). Some trans people have said they were not sexually attracted to either gender, which I found difficult to understand. I had a discussion with a gay guy on YT a couple of years ago about this. He, too, questioned why trans was part of the gay so-called “community” when being gay is not about nor does it have anything to do with wanting to change one’s gender. What he said was very logical and rationale. As I told him: Well, I don’t see that changing. Trans is already cemented in and part of the dogma of Gay Incorporated and The Gay Agenda. In fact, these days, lesbians and trans are the “face”/poster girls of the gay so-called “community.” (Related: Here).

“Pride” also sanitises gay.

Has no one thought of that? I’ve seen different “Pride” events around the world particularly in the EU. It was mostly a sea of females in the street. I saw lesbians and trans, jumping up and down among rainbow flags. They were/are the face of Gay Inc. The word “Pride” is also used to sanitise gay. It’s another code word for gay because rarely does anyone say “Gay Pride.” Instead it’s just “Pride.” And people have to be familiar with “Pride” and it being a code word for gay to even know what the subject is or what you’re talking about. Why all of this code language? One foot in the closet, corporatists? Historically, “Pride” is a relatively recent addition to the code language. It began as “Gay Pride,” but in recent years the word gay has been deleted so as to sanitise gay even more, as in “Don’t say gay.” So now it’s just “Pride.” San Francisco’s event is called “San Francisco Pride” — notice that the word gay is no where to be found — which sounds like an event for San Francisco residents to celebrate the pride they have in their City. Question: why would one be proud of or have “Pride” in their innate sexuality or the gender of the person they have sex with? Loco./Crazy. Does one have “pride” in one’s hair or eye colour? There’s not an entire month for those “prides.” “Pride” is the wrong word, like most everything else Gay Inc. and the corporate idiots of The Gay Agenda have dreamed up. Do these corporate morons of The Gay Agenda and Gay Inc. ever think anything through to their ultimate conclusion? The original event — which is now called “Pride” — was originally called Gay Freedom Day and Festival, as in freedom from oppression and discrimination. That makes far more sense than this “Pride” nonsense. I guess the corporatists who hijacked the Movement and The Gay Agenda found Gay Freedom Day too radical for their conservative, sanitise-gay agenda, so they felt the need to sanitise that too. So “Pride” became their new code word for gay. One gets the impression that the basura who run Gay Incorporated and The Gay Agenda have one foot in the closet. I have come to have absolutely no respect for these corporatist basura what-so-ever. Go on some of their websites and you’ll find rows and rows of corporate logos. They have completely lost their way and their purpose and sold out to corporate interests with “the official corporate hotel” and “the official corporate car” for their “Pride” events. And if one has seen one “Pride” you’ve pretty much seen them all.

As for trans, I have never known any gay guy or lesbian who wanted to change their gender. Someone might ask, “But what about drag queens?” Most drag queens are not interested in changing their gender. They are men who enjoy dressing up like women and making fun of women, but they are very content being males. No different really than the straight guys known as cross-dressers who have this sexual fetish of dressing up in women’s clothing. But they too have no interest in changing their gender.

I know insane Gay Inc. want everyone in their Alphabet Cult — including hetero$exual$ for their money — and including people who have sex with the kitchen sink as a fetish so they can add another letter or two to the alphabet soup mess for them (either a K or S for kitchen or sink), but trans should be their own thing. And since some/many trans ultimately end up living hetero lives, they already had a group. It’s called straight.

Here in the Century of Insanity, you might find it interesting — if not just as ludicrous — to know there are now eleven genders (although some people say there are thirteen genders) according to The Gay Agenda/Gay Incorporated. Really? Although scientists are not in agreement about there being eleven genders. Or thirteen genders for that matter. In my view, there are two genders: male and female.

Why “identify?” Stop this “identifying” rubbish.

I read this whilst writing this article: “I’ve identified as gay all my life.” Oh, so you’ve been gay all your life, but you couldn’t bring yourself to say that. One foot in the closet? That’s what that “identifying” rubbish is. It’s a way of distancing oneself from one’s sexuality, but The Gay Agenda is too dense to understand that. Or, they do understand that and are supporting gay guys being in the closet by “identifying.” Why couldn’t he say I’ve been gay all my life?” Because he’s a conformist cultist of The Gay Agenda which has brainwashed mindless people particularly in their 20s and 30s to say “I identify as gay” rather than say who they are. Again, it’s also yet another way of having one foot in the closet. Because the person doesn’t come right out and say “I’m gay.” NO! You can’t say that because that’s “too in your face, and will offend many delicate people.” That can offend homophobic people and we like to cater to homophobic people’s comfort level. So you have to now sanitise your gay sexuality and instead distance yourself from it by saying, “I identify as gay,” even though you may not be gay since a person can “identify” as anything and make it up as they go along. This “identifying” nonsense doesn’t have to have any relationship with the truth at all. During the Movement, no one “identified.” They simply said what they were: I’m gay. A person can “identify” as anything and make it up as they go along. You don’t actually have to be anything. What will someone “identify” as next week? As a fire hydrant? So someone says, “I identify as gay,” but I’m really bi (or straight). There’s no need for “identifying.” Simply say what you are: I’m gay. I’m bi. I’m straight. Pretty basic stuff. Omit the needless and wordy “identifying.” I have no idea who started this “identifying” rubbish, but I can take a guess. Gay Incorporated/The Gay Agenda. Recently I read this: “I identify as a tea drinker.” Ugh. The guy couldn’t say: I drink tea. No, he had to “identify” as a tea drinker. Sigh. Someone can say, “I identify as a Chorus Director, but I’ve never studied music.”

Here’s my suggestion: Say the word gay, regardless of who is offended by it. If someone is offended by the word gay, that their problem.

Some of us can’t stand what gay and the conformist, conservative gay so-called “community” have become under Gay Incorporated. Some of us can’t stand the alphabet soup because, again, it’s sanitising gay, using code language in order to imply gay without saying the word gay, so as not to be offensive to those delicate people who don’t want to hear it. It’s always good to cater to bigotry isn’t it? [sarcasm intended]. As my friend asked: But how many listeners to npr know what all those letters stand for of the various variations used? I don’t know what some of them stand for either, and frankly at this point I couldn’t care less. I’m burned out on all this stuff. I’m sick of it and disgusted with what gay has become, and I’m not alone. I really can’t think about it much because it, “boils my blood.” I don’t go along with Gay Incorporated and their Gay Agenda. And how many people know what “binary” and “nonbinary” mean and all these other ludicrous terms that The Gay Agenda dreamed up promotes? Instead of dreaming up new sexuality terms to replace some of the terms that have served us well for decades, of course they could have more wisely used their time to help homeless queers, for example, but Gay Inc./The Gay Agenda are only interested in queers of their same income bracket or higher, and honouring tech billionaires and other celebrities at their lavish USD$500+/plate dinners. I can’t stand these people and what they have done. (An Open Letter to Gay Incorporated/The Gay Agenda: the Queer organisations at the state and national levels in the United States of North America) And from what I’ve seen, the so-called gay “community” — wherever that is — has blindly gone along with all of it without question.

So npr certainly is going along with The Gay Agenda and Alphabet Cult and catering to the bigots — I wasn’t aware that the bigots listen to npr — not to offend them when talking about a gay-related stories, so npr uses the code language. Click off. I knew that the same story would be repeated in 2 hours on ATC with the second feed from the network and possibly a third feed if the local station has the same programming schedule they did when I was listening to them. I didn’t cared to be annoyed a second or third time, so off they went.

Do I expect any of this to change towards sanity? No. Absolutely not. The Gay Agenda has now become too engrained/brainwashed worldwide. Gay Inc. haven’t paid any attention to Lea DeLaria and she has a much larger audience than I do, so she can’t make a dent in The Gay Agenda. Therefore, I live under no illusions that they will pay any attention to me. But that doesn’t stop me from writing about the insanity of all of this. And I don’t expect npr to change anything either. Like all media worldwide, they got their orders. Chau.

** (Footnote): By the way, where is this gay so-called “community” that people go on about? I don’t see it where I live anymore so than I see a Black community. Are a couple of Black people together considered “the Black community?” Or are a couple of gay guys together considered “the gay community?” Both seem to be something that people just say without their brain engaged.