“Nelson Freire’s wife” and “Nelson Freire homosexual”

Hola a todos. Well first it was organist Diane Bish that people became fascinated with and who would show up here looking for information about her sexual orientation. She’s still a hot item by the way. Nearly every day someone comes to pink barrio in search of information about Diane Bish’s sexual orientation. The search words are usually: “Is Diane Bish married?” Of course they mean is she married to a man. I think it’s accurate to say that the crowd that listens to and appreciates Diane’s superb organ playing is mostly anti-gay/fundamentalist Christians who hold to the bigoted belief that “marriage is between a man and a woman,” (roll eyes) — with their over 50% divorce rate here in the US — which is why I took them on here in this article. I’d had enough of them. Los pendejos.

Well, lately Brasileño pianist Nelson Freire has been coming up in my search words too with people wondering about his sexual orientation. The search words used for him are: “Nelson Freire’s wife” and “Nelson Freire homosexual.” Note that they use the clinical word “homosexual” instead of gay. That tells me it was probably one of the bigoted and prejudiced Classical Music Snots searching for information about him.

Why is it so important to some heteronormative (and bigoted/anti-gay?) people that pianist Nelson Freire have a wife? What’s that about? Why must he have a wife? Why does he have to be a breeder/straight? Suppose he’s a Queer boy/gay? Would knowing that destroy people’s image of him and would they lose all respect for Nelson if they learned that he’s gay. It would certainly expose people’s anti-gay prejudices and bigotry.

To my knowledge Nelson doesn’t have a wife or need one quite frankly! The only pictures I’ve seen of him with a female have been with his longtime friend and concert pianist Marta Argerich.

Of the interviews I’ve read with Nelson, he’s a lovely guy. Very down-to-Earth. He’s certainly not narcissistic. Quite the opposite. He doesn’t make his music all about him. In fact, he doesn’t like attention, and I sense that his agent — who gets concert engagements for him — has had some problem with that aspect of his personality.

I don’t know if he’s gay or not and it doesn’t really matter. I can take a guess. But sometimes it’s very difficult to tell — even with the most reliable Gaydar — until one talks with the person a bit, and then one gets a better feel for them.

It’s just that no one ends up here by searching, “Nelson Freire’s boyfriend” or “Nelson Freire’s partner.” No, in the typical world-wide Breeder Agenda, it’s always the word “wife” that the anti-gay, heteronormative prejudiced bigots use, which is rather typical of many in the classical music audience — even though many classical musicians are Queer — as I wrote about in my article about Diane Bish and people’s obsession with her sexuality.

I might as well talk about Diane a little bit. I think she has retired from performing. Would Diane’s fan-base be crushed if they learned she’s la lesbiana? Some would. Some already have written despairingly about her because of her alleged lesbian sexual orientation. I can hear them now: “I’ll never listen to her again or watch The Joy of Music.” I’m sure Diane will be absolutely crushed to hear that. [sarcasm intended]. Who cares what you do?! Then use that time that you would have used to watch Diane and go get yourself some psychotherapy to work through your unhealthy anti-Queer prejudices and bigotry, okay? Do we understand each other? Basura. I can’t stand these trash.

Nelson is still performing and he’s an outstanding pianist, although I doubt that he’s still playing the Saint-Saëns’s Piano Concerto No. 2 in g these days. If he is, he’s probably not playing it quite like he played it back in the 1980s (see videos below). I say that because he’s 73 years old as of this writing. The aging process is so cruel. The last piece I saw him perform was the Schumann Piano Concerto in a in The Royal Concertgebouw in Amsterdam (I think that’s where it was; am I remembering that performance correctly?) in the Nederlands. By the way, a little geography instruction: Please don’t refer to Nederlanden/the Nederlands as “Holland.” That is incorrect. Holland is only 2 provinces — Noord-Holland and Zuid-Holland (North and South) — in the Nederlands so it’s incorrect to refer to the 12 provinces known as Koninkrijk der Nederlanden/the Kingdom of the Nederlands as “Holland.” I would think that the Dutch people would get tired of hearing that and would probably think to themselves, “Where did these stupid people go to school; didn’t they ever open a world geography book?” Most likely they’re from the stupid-is-in US, and don’t know the difference! Because I suspect that many people from the US couldn’t find the US on a world map, and I’ve talked with some people in the US who don’t believe in maps. That’s true.

I think this interesting and tour de force performance by Nelson of the Saint-Saëns PC2 is probably from the 1980s. Chau.—el barrio rosa

Cristina Ortíz y Nelson Freire play Momoprécoce by Héctor Villa-Lobos

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  1. Bill

    Hope you don’t mind me commenting on Diane instead of Nelson. I watched the Joy of Music for years and still watch the videos on youtube. You wrote that Diane is no longer performing. Sometime ago I saw a video of her playing for a church service and I truly felt sorry for her. She was playing some of the organ pieces she was known for and had probasbly played hundreds of times in concert but during that church service she looked like she was having problems with them. She was playing them slower and intently looking at the music almost like she had never played them before. It made me think that her mental faculties were not all there due to age. It would be one thing if she hadn’t used her mind and kept alert but th’ats not the case with Diane. She’s kept active with her music. So sorry to see that in her. She still played well but it was not the same Diane that I had seen fly through these same pieces for yeras. If she’s a lesbian, more power to her! I hope she’s enjoying her retirement. Well deserved. She’s added to my quality of life throughout the yeras.

Fin. The End.