New Year’s Resolutioners

New Year’s Resolutioners are corporate media brainwashed sheeple.

Hola a todos. It’s the beginning of 2019. No big deal as far as I’m concerned. It’s not as if all the problems of 2018 got erased when the clock moved over into another year. It’s just another day, or in this case another year. So what?

I know that’s not how I’m supposed to look at this. It’s supposed to be a big deal where sheeple make (major) changes in their pathetic lives. Well, one can make positive substantive changes any time of year in one’s life. Doing so just because the clock moved somewhere into another year seems silly to me. But the corporate media brainwash the sheeple into this nonsense and they even give the sheeple suggestions of what to do: “Maybe begin that gym membership you’ve thought about doing and lose those extra pounds.” That’s followed by a commercial for a fat-filled corporate “fast-food” chain urging the viewer to eat there. That shows how seriously the corporate media take all this.

Mi amigo told me this morning that he was going to the gym and because it was raining out, in the low 50s and Domingo/Sunday, “no one will be there.” I said: Well have a good time at the breeder-Millennial gym where everybody wears all-black clothing as if they’re all depressed. I call it the “breeder-Millennial gym” because it’s no longer a Queer gym as it used to be when there was a gay mecca here. Like much of the New Techie San Francisco, since the Tech Industrial Complex wrecking crew came in and raped The City — while these millionaire/billionaire run corporations receive corporate welfare from The City — the clientele of this gym changed as well. Every time mi amigo goes to the gym he sees lobotomised Millennials (mostly) all glued to their phone. They think they’re “working out at the gym” but their full attention is on that phone, so they’re not getting much of any workout because to do anything well one’s full attention should be on that. It’s their phone they’re working out, not their body. Sitting on their ass on a piece of equipment looking at their phone is not “working out.”

So mi amigo got to the gym and the dressing room was packed. He didn’t understand why. He was able to “steal” someone’s locker because they were distracted by their phone and didn’t notice that mi amigo had slid in. The gym had — what looked like — 250 new people. “Why,” he asked himself. Then it occurred to him that these were the corporate media-brainwashed New Year’s Resolutioners (NYRs) sheeple. These newbie NYRs were dropping the weights and being obnoxious. (Do they just drop things at home no matter what it is rather than put them down respectfully?) Some macho jock bros tried to drop the weights louder than another obnoxious macho jock bro to try to “out-macho” him. The maturity level of these people is right down there with the orange despot man-child. The front desk had to continually keep making nonstop announcements to these stupid NYRs about the noise they were making and the equipment. “Stop dropping the weights. It damages our equipment.” Of course, most NYRs had earbuds in glued to their phone so they likely never heard the announcements. There were those NYRs obnoxious jocks who were worried about how they were posing in the gym and what kind of jock bro “walk” they were doing so that they looked “hard-assed and tough” like the next guy. As I said, the maturity level? There were other inconsiderate assholes who were using the gym equipment as their personal phone library, so that no one else could use the equipment.

Mi amigo went to the bathroom to pee and there was another guy supposedly peeing at the urinal next to him. Mi amigo was thinking, “This guy is slower than I am at peeing.” He was holding his dick with the right hand and this phone was in his face with his left hand. It looked like he had probably stopped peeing an hour ago and he was still frozen in that position glued to his phone.

In passing, one of the gym regulars asked mi amigo: “Why are all these people here all of a sudden?” Mi amigo said: I think they’re the NYRs. The guy said: “Oh of course, that’s what this is about. Geezus.” Mi amigo said: They’ll be gone in a week or two when they realise there’s real work involved.

True, unless they only use the gym as a phone library, although I suspect the gym’s management would eventually step in on that. But that’s pretty much the way it is with anything and it’s also why this NYRs shit is such nonsense. It’s just a quick fad for shallow people who don’t think things through. They want instant gratification through their compulsive shopping mentality, which New Year’s resolutions are part of. Although I guess it was good for the gym to get another 250 memberships — with the majority of them never to be used again or maybe for only a couple more visits — since this gym seemed to be hurting lately as gym memberships in general seem to be way down in the Breeder Mecca (the former Gay Mecca known as San Francisco’s Castro). It seems that “working out” was just a long-term fad for many in the former Gay Mecca because mi amigo has seen many guys who used to go to his gym that he no longer sees there and he almost doesn’t recognise them. They’ve changed so much by letting their bodies go/deteriorate compared to how they were once very concerned about their toned-body and health.

He hadn’t said so I asked him: Were the NYRs Milleneal breeders? He said: “Yes, everyone of them.” There may have been one Queer guy who was Asian but he was very stuck on himself, but yes, it was all breeders or gay closet cases pretending to be straight. (Sadly, the norm around here now). I asked: Were they all in black? He said: No, the NYRs didn’t know that they’re supposed to be wearing all-black to be conformist at this gym, so there was some colour. I guess that will change should they come back again.

Mi amigo said: I think the New Year’s resolution thing bothers people a lot. They think they must come up with some resolution or something to do as a change in their life.

I’m not one of these NYRs or even one who wishes anyone “Happy New Year.” I find it all very silly. It’s just the date changing. The same old shit continues or gets worse. So when someone says to me — and I know the person well enough to respond like this — when they say, “Happy New Year,” I respond: Happy New Year? What drugs are you on? Chau.—el barrio rosa


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  1. Former San Franciscan

    “Happy New Year? What drugs are you on?”

    That gave me a big laugh and it’s so true. I’m going to use that from now on. Thanks for that.

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