Obama a “Centrist?” WTF?

An e-mail I received the other day:

I know from reading your blog that you don’t like talking about politics. You’ve written that politics makes you ill. I understand. I also know you’re staunchly nonpartisan, which I respect. I’m writing you because I don’t know anyone else who is nonpartisan. I’m nonpartisan as well. On a political website I hang out on most people on there who say they’re nonpartisan are really closet Democrats when it comes down to election time. I wanted to run this by you: What do you say to Dembots who call Obama a “centrist?” It outrages me whenever I hear them say that considering his record. Thanks for your time.—Cynthia

Hola Cynthia, what do I say to Dembots who call Obama a “centrist?” Well, not much really. I just walk away from them. They’re a complete waste of one’s time. Since they’re still clinging like a magnet to that misnamed “Democratic” Big Business Party, that should tell one that they’re not about to change their mind on anything and they will remain in that septic brainwashed partisan rut they’re in for the rest of their lives, so why bother wasting one’s time with them?

But for rationale people, I’d respond to that by saying: Most of Obama’s policies are to the right of Bush and those who have been paying attention know that. Did the D-bots call Bush a “centrist?” Hell no. He and Cheney were called what they are: right-wing/conservative neocons. So to thinking/rationale people that should tell one what Obama is. But to D-bots (meaning “Democratic” partisan hacks and shills), they like to use Newspeak and call their right-wing neocons “centrist.” It makes them feel better supporting their messiah Obama, no matter what he does. It’s their way of sanitising their saviour and making themselves feel more comfortable to continue in their unconditional blind support of him and their thoroughly corrupt “Democratic” Party and its politicians, even when said party and politicians are the same as or worse than the Republicans (Bush et al).

Also, your experience matches mine. From my experience, most people who claim to be nonpartisans/independents are partisans. There’s a local writer whom I no longer have any respect for and he wears the “independent” and “progressive” labels, but he wrote that re-registers every election cycle with the “Democratic” Party so he can vote for them. Why the fuck bother being an independent then? He’s just another faux-independent/closet Democrat, like many (most?) others. Gracias for your comment. Chau.—el barrio rosa


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  1. D8

    I no longer do so (like you say a waste of time) but I used to challenge people when they’d call Obama a centrist and I’d ask the same question – did you call Bush a centrist? I’d never once got a response from them.

    I think no matter how far to the right they are, when it’s a Democrat they’re called a centrist. Period. But if the same person were a Republican they’d be called right-wing and conservative. Like that shirt says at the top of this article, “a proud hypocrite.” That perfectly describes the supporters of the Dem Party.

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