Obama and the Transgender Activist

Obama: “You’re in my house.” WRONG Obama!

UPDATED (el 28 de junio de 2015): Hola. I made the mistake of glancing at las noticias/the news today (el 25 de junio de 2015). A Latina activista transgénero/transgender activist and undocumented immigrant interrupted messiah Obama (how dare she interrupt messiah!) while he was giving another boring speech to a group of GLBTQ sheeple en la casa blanca/in the white house. She asked Obama to stop the torture and abuse of trans women in US immigration detention centers. Transgender women are often housed among male populations, where they face repeated verbal and sexual assault and abuse. Doña Jennicet is also a founding member of Familia QTLM. That organisation works for an end to the detention and deportation of GLBTQ migrants. Obama refused to talk with her and said “no” to her more than twelve times. Messiah Obama arrogantly told the activist, Jennicet Gutiérrez, “You’re in my house” — no she’s not, Obama — and then he went on in his trademark arrogant/smug style to tell the activist to show respect in his house by not interrupting him. *roll eyes* (That’s not the way activism works, dumb ass. We were told by your rabid disciples during your first campaign that you’re a “Constitutional Scholar,” yet it sounds like you need to research the First Amendment to the US Constitution, Mr “Constitutional Scholar”). Doña Jennicet continued her very valid demands of messiah Obama and was shortly afterwards removed by Mr Security Bully from the room. Then the GLBTQ bootlickers in attendance began wildly cheering their messiah Obama for reprimanding the transgender activist. Many of the GLBTQ bootlickers got out their stupidphones (“smartphones” are transforming society into a sea of stupid) to “capture” the moment. They didn’t want to miss their messiah going off on a transgender person — who many (most?) GLBTQs like to minimise anyway — and this “straight” guy reprimanding a Queer person for speaking up. Those GLBTQs chose to support the arrogant “straight” guy rather than “one of their own.” Some people are the scum of the Earth. Who were these GLBTQs in that room anyway? I suspect they were wealthy donors of the thoroughly corrupt and misnamed “Democratic” party. A more appropriate and mature response would have been for the GLBTQ bootlickers in attendance to remain silent whether they agreed or disagreed with the activist, but the GLBTQ bootlickers felt the need to applaud their saviour Obama for reprimanding the transgender activist. It disgusted me. What it looked like to me was a room full of pro-Establishment GLBTQ Obamabots. Awhile back, a very similar thing happened with Ms Messiah (Ms Obama). She’s a piece of work too! An activist interrupted her and Ms Messiah felt the need to make some smug-assed comment back to the activist and the GLBTQ bootlickers at that event wildly applauded her too. One thing I’ve learned under the Obama regime is that many GLBTQs are suckers and purely mainstream, misinformed, shallow and superficial one-issue (GLBTQ being the issue) good little bootlickers and they really do need a messiah to worship when the corporate parasite has a “D” next his/her name. About a year ago I read a comment from a GLBTQ bootlicker who wrote that Obama should be president for life. Well, that person would live very comfortably in a dictatorship since that’s what a president for life is.

“Mr Constitutional Scholar” (as Obama was known during his first campaign) is quite ignorant. La casa blanca/the white house is The People’s House. It is a government structure. It is not Obama’s personal house for him to be referring to it as such. The white house belongs to We The People. Even on the white house website there is a page called: “Opening up the people’s house.” I guess messiah Obama hasn’t visited that page — too busy droning people to death I guess — to educate his ignorant self. But in The Empire’s corrupt Oligarchy, corporate parasites apparently see la casa blanca as their own house. Obama is just a temporary resident, fortunately, of la casa blanca. He doesn’t own the white house. I saw the interaction with the transgender activist on las noticias, and I won’t type what I said to my television screen. I felt sorry for the transgender activist because it looked like none of the GLBTQ bootlickers in attendance gave her any support at all. And Obama handled the interruption very poorly and immaturely and came off to me as a condescendingly smug bully on a power trip and unfortunately the GLBTQ sheeple in attendance were applauding their bully/saviour, as I’ve come to expect from them. I’ll be so glad when this man is out of office, only to be replaced with someone just as bad or worse of course. Overall, Obama has been much worse than illegitimate George W Bush ever was (and I couldn’t stand him either). Obama has continued and even expanded the despicable Bush/Cheney agenda. But Obama says the word “gay” on occasion as bait — to exploit gullible GLBTQs for campaign contributions — and that’s all it takes for simple-minded, one-issue GLBTQs to lick clean his boots and then they proceed on to his upper colon.

Some people like to erroneously credit Obama with same-gender marriage/gay marriage in the US of Hypocrisy. He is not responsible for same-gender marriage — the GLBTQ populace is responsible for that out of their past days of voluntary hard work — and he only jumped on the “gay marriage band wagon” after claiming to have “evolved,” in order to exploit the issue for (his) political/financial gain. So typical of sleazy politicians. In the end, the US Supreme Court is responsible for gay marriage being made legal in all states. Again, Obama had nothing to do with how the pro-Big Business injustices on the US Supreme Court would vote. He nominated two people to the US Supreme Court. He had nothing to do with their confirmation appointments. The senate votes to confirm or reject US Supreme Court nominees, not la casa blanca/the white house. Nor did Obama know how those two people he nominated would vote on same-gender marriage or any other issue. Therefore, he’s not responsible for same-gender marriage, but Obamabots like to give him that credit.

I don’t have an opinion on what Jennicet Gutiérrez did. She did what she felt she needed to do. Doña Jennicet said “In the tradition of how Pride started (New York City’s Stonewall Riots in 1969), I interrupted his speech because it is time for our issues and struggles to be heard.” Any rationale and reasonable white house resident — which excludes the current occupant — should expect to be interrupted as part of the job at any time because what other occasion — other than some waste-of-time scripted event with lame questions/lame remarks — does the “average person” have an opportunity to ask these scum-of-the-Earth corporate parasites a question and to tell them what we think? (Not that they care what we think because they don’t work for us).

What could Obama have done differently?

Well to begin with, he could have been “civil” and respectful — instead of smug and arrogant — regardless of how he thought the activist was coming off. If Obama had viewed the white house as The People’s House instead of his own house, he could have said: “Here in The People’s House we like to hear what The People have to say, so I’ll gladly give you a few moments to speak to those gathered here. The reason we are here is not about me. We are here because this is about GLBTQs, of which you are one.” Then after giving the activist a few moments (and even if Obama disagreed with everything the activist said), Obama could have politely invited the activist to speak with him privately after his own speech. What harm would that have done? But that’s not the way these arrogant corporatists on a power trip work in a corporatist Oligarchy.

I suspect the gay bootlickers in that room with Obama were of the mindset that, “you should have respect for the president.” Respect must be earned rather than automatically granted because of some lofty title next to a person’s name. And it’s most difficult to have respect for someone who — just like his predecessor — has no respect for the US Constitution and does as he pleases, and who has done nothing to earn one’s respect. He has been and continues to move this government away from its traditional system of checks and balances and toward a totalitarian/one-person-rule system, and there are many examples of that.

These corporate politicians in positions of power who have let their power go to their arrogant head expect and want a monologue when they speak their lies and Newspeak. They alone want to be heard and no one else. They want no interaction with We The People — whom they no longer work for since they all work for their corporate owners — nor do they want to hear from We The People, other than blanket applause and genuflecting. They only want one’s vote and dinero/money, which many people are still stupid enough to give them. Chau.—el barrio rosa


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“There was also an element of crass financial calculations in the decision to make the statement. On Wednesday, Obama sent out a message to supporters highlighting his new position on gay marriage and requesting donations. According to the Washington Post, the campaign received a “massive surge of contributions” in response.”

7 comments on “Obama and the Transgender Activist

  1. I'm the L in GLBTQ

    My message to the protester — You go girl!!!!!!!! I’m sorry I wasn’t in that room to cheer you on while other GLBTQ folk turned their backs on you.

  2. Ed in the Castro

    The president is no more responsible for gay marriage than he is for DADT being overturned. He signed DADT repeal after the Congress voted to overturn it. It was the Congress on that one. I was on a political site today and they were referring to him as a progressive. LOL. Progressives don’t bomb people and war around the world and threaten other nations with nuclear weapons. He’s done virtually nothing with the environment other than help to destroy it with bombs. He’s done nothing about the extreme homeless situation in the U.S. There’s so much more but that would fill a book.

    1. rosa_barrio Post author

      Hola Ed in the Castro, regarding DADT: From what I read awhile back, little to nothing has changed in the US military despite DADT being repealed. The anti-gay culture remains and many GLBTQs remain in the closet. When DADT was repealed, I and others said we suspected that little or nothing would change because of the macho/redneck/anti-gay mentality US military culture. It will take a long time to change the anti-gay culture in the US military. Gracias for your comment. Chau.

  3. strangetimes

    i saw bo’s interaction with the protester. fucking disgusting along with the crowd applauding him.

    i was watching rt this morning and they showed a picture of the white house lit up in rainbow colors after the supreme court ruling. it only took them how many decades to bring rainbow colors to the white house and for what purpose with a 5-4 decision? to get everyone on board to vote for democrats and hillary, after bo has exploited the issue. people, it only passed by one vote. the four justices that voted to not legalize gay marriage used the excuse of what does liberty mean and what does liberal mean? those people are disgusting. nothing is left to chance in politics people. everything is calculated and done for a reason including lighting up the white house in rainbow colors. to exploit people. strangetimes.

  4. SF-Resident

    I’ve gotten into a few arguments with some friends who have credited Obama with gay marriage. When I challenged them with the facts they slowly realized that he’s not responsible for that, just as you wrote…. He’s exploited the issue for self-serving political reasons. It was ugly how he treated the transgender activist.

  5. castro local

    agree completely. i like your ‘what obama could have done differently’ part. the problem is he doesn’t posses the maturity to do that otherwise he would have by instinct. i’m one gay guy who has never fallen for this slick guy. there aren’t many of us in that group.

  6. Alejandro

    Hooooooooola. Unlike Obama, I guess I remember my history classes pretty well because when he spoke those words about “you’re in my house” my reaction was the same as yours. Then I looked it up to make sure I remembered right. Sure enough the White House is the people’s house. I resented the way he responded to the trans activist. He wasn’t “presidential” in the way he handled it. More like a bully like you said. I wasn’t surprised by the way the gay audience reacted. It bothered me too & I’m glad you wrote about this….gives me a place to comment about it. Gracias.

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