Oprah to run for US president in 2020 ? Oh good lord.

Oprah to run for US president in 2020 ? Oh good lord. (And I’m an atheist.) I guess if El*en were a breeder/straight, some nuts would want her to run. I can hear it now, “Run, El*en, run.” (roll eyes).

Hola a todos. I think the requirements for running for US president need to be immediately revised and credible standards/requirements established, other than the current lame requirements which are as follows:

The US Constitution gives three eligibility requirements to be president: one must be 35 years of age, a resident “within the United States” for 14 years, and a “natural born Citizen,” a term not defined in the Constitution.

As it is now, any insane and deranged immature fool can run for US president under the current pathetic standards, and they do, and many in our stupid-is-in society vote for them, often based on emotional reasons based in prejudice and bigotry.

An independent psychological/psychiatric thorough examination of someone filing papers to run for president should be part of the new requirements as well as an advanced degree in Political Science. We don’t need any more stagnant career politicians however. That’s what we have now. Also, an advanced law degree (JD) should be part of the new requirements. That should also be a requirement for members of the House and Senate. (Related: Wouldn’t you think that a “lawmaker” would have a law degree?) Also, for president: An advanced degree in Science and a degree in Music Education, Performance, and/or The Performing Arts, so that the US president will have a thorough understanding and knowledge that Music and The Arts are part of the world (and not “fluff” to be dismissed), and that music is the international language. And during his/her studies, s/he should learn and become fluent in multiple major world languages, as is the case with other world leaders. For example, Deutscher Bundeskanzler/German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, speaks three international languages: German, English and Russian. I’ve heard Angela speak English before the British Parliament and she speaks English superbly (Queen’s English) even though her first language is Deutsch/German. A person cannot run for US president until s/he is 35 years old, so the potential candidate has until they’re 35 years old to acquire this necessary education and degrees, if s/he is truly sincere and serious about running for the position. We have had enough ill-educated, corrupt basura in the office of president — many of whom can barely string two English sentences together — and it’s time to end that.

Of course I don’t expect any of these new requirements I’ve listed for US president to ever become reality. No, that’s delusional dreaming. These requirements would require intelligence and foresight and a desire to be educated, and not the usual low-level goal of merely being part of the cesspool called US politics and to get in one’s desired position by any means possible, including through corruption. The US Oligarchy is not about intelligence and foresight. No, The Cesspool/the US will continue in the same stagnant rut it’s been in for decades.

It is being speculated that Oprah Winfrey might run for US president in 2020. That’s almost laughable, isn’t it? How many international languages does she speak fluently? What does she know about international policies? Why don’t these self-absorbed, self-entitled celebrities go away? They really can’t get enough camera time and attention, can they, even after having their own shows for years?

With Oprah as president, of course that would be Obama’s third term in office since Oprah worships and adores the Obamas, who seem hell-bent not to get out of the spotlight. They refuse to go away, being stuck on themselves thinking that “everyone loves us.” They are absolutely enamored with themselves. I suspect Michelle would be Oprah’s running mate. Don’t think that can’t happen!

Speaking of Obama, I read that former British PM David Cameron said that he didn’t have any “bromance” with Obama and that he found him to be narcissistic. Well I can believe that, as well as terribly pompous and arrogant. I can tell Obama is in love with himself. The same with her. They see themselves as the ever-popular celebrities. The brainwashed Democratic voters stopped just short of genuflecting to both of them when he was in office. Most of these celebrities are narcissists, with enormous heads and egos and very stuck on themselves. This is all part of our shallow and superficial US pop culture. The public is very much to blame for this by gushing over these wealthy millionaire celebrities at every opportunity as if they are their messiah figure. Ask the public about Obama’s record in office in detail during his two terms and I suspect they couldn’t tell you much of anything about what he did including how many wars he left office with. Mr Nobel Peace Prize indeed.

What exactly does Oprah know about being president? But upon reflection, under the current dismal standards, I guess she doesn’t need to know anything about the job — since the current White House occupant is absolutely clueless about it — and she can just get on her phone and her saviour and messiah Obama will tell her what to do, that is, should the archaic electoral college select her, like they did the current resident of la casa blanca. I don’t know that the popular vote would choose Oprah. I think it might be a repeat of Hillary all over again, although in the case of Hillary the popular vote did choose her.

Then Rosanne Barr, she’s a supporter of el hombre naranja/the orange man (loca/crazy), popped up to give herself attention by saying that she would be a better president than Oprah. I didn’t bother to click on the article to read “how” Rosanne figures that. It doesn’t matter. I guess we should suspect other narcissistic celebrities to pop up and say they’re running too.

In 2020, it won’t surprise me if the electoral college goes with el hombre naranja/the orange man once again for a second term, if he hasn’t had a stroke before then. A second term would most assuredly please Democrats Dianne Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi, two of his fondest enablers and accomplices: Feinstein thinks he can be a good “president” if he changes a little and has assured us that we should expect him to serve his full term (with her help?). And last month Pelosi took impeachment “off the table” (just like she did for illegitimate George W Bush) as the majority of Democrats in the House of Representatives voted with their Republican amigos against impeachment of el hombre naranja. Chau.—el barrio rosa

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  1. FedUp!

    I get the impression that Oprah thinks that just because of her talk show and because she’s “well-connected” to the Obamas and is loaded with money that this somehow qualifies her to be president. I read she had the room in tears at that awards ceremony the other night. I guess she thinks that bringing a room to tears also qualifies her for president in these “this is what we’ve come down to” days. It worked for Obama. His acting abilities and hope and change stardom rhetoric saw tears flowing down the faces of easily-emotionally manipulated sheep. Then when he got in office the tears sort of dried up and questions started being asked, “is this left over from Bush” when he was continuing Bush policies. People were Duped again. I can see the same marketing techniques being used by Oprah. She’ll play the people just like Obama did, but with people’s short-term memories it will all be new to them.

  2. D8

    Excellent new requirements for president, but like you say…. will.never happen. Won’t surprise me if the Dems put up Oprah and Michelle.

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