The Anti-Gay and Sexist Orthodox Anglicans

Hola. I really didn’t know anything about them and hadn’t paid much attention to the Orthodox Anglicans (OA) until recently when they rushed to defend one of the organists who had been fired at Washington National Cathedral (WNC) this past Fall season by the Bishop of Washington (District of Columbia). None of the OA mentioned that they had ever heard this organist play or watched him conduct. They based their support of him solely on his background listed in the article on the OA website. The former organist’s background does look good on paper. However, if the OA had heard him play on a somewhat regular basis they might have a different opinion of him. Having followed the music programme at WNC for years, neither his playing style or his conducting did anything for me. “Dry as dust” is how I described his hymn playing awhile back. It was very unimaginative and “by the book.” The organist the Bishop fired looked very uptight and rigid when he played — not at all relaxed the way Benjamin Straley looks — and he looked like he was afraid of the organ. In my opinion, the Bishop chose the correct organist to be fired. Organist Benjamin Straley, was/is by far the better organist there and he was promoted to Organist and Associate Director of Music upon the actions of the Bishop. Muy bien. Felicidades, Benjamin. Very well deserved. Benjamin should have been the Principal Organist since Day One.

During my research about the Orthodox Anglicans (OA), I noticed one consistent pattern with them: They enjoy whining, moaning and complaining about Washington National Cathedral (WNC). The OA are in such a distraught emotional state much of the time it seems. They are Low Church (ugh), conservative, bigoted, prejudiced and backward so-called “christians,” just like many other so-called “christians” who are christian in name-only.

Fortunately, Washington National Cathedral is not a conservative cathedral church.  For years they’ve had women priests and the cathedral staff is pro-GLBTQ, and that’s something the Orthodox Anglicans can’t stand.

The OA are fundamentalists so-called “christians,” and here is some of the nonsense they believe:

The bible is god’s word written. The holy scriptures of the old and new testaments are divinely inspired, and contain all things necessary to salvation through faith in jesus christ alone.

(roll eyes)

The written word and the holy Sacraments are joined together and rightly proclaimed in the classic editions of The Book of Common Prayer. (Editions 1928, 1662, and the Scottish 1929.)

So I take it that the OA don’t use or believe in the revised 1982 Book of Common Prayer widely used in the US?

Marriage is a sacred bond between a man and a woman.

BULLSHIT! What backward thinking. I have no patience for anti-GLBTQ basura. With an over 50% “straight” divorce rate in the US, how can these mentally-twisted hicks still possibly believe in that outdated nonsense about a “sacred bond between a man and woman?”

The Ordained Ministry of the Church is reserved to godly men only because they act in persona Christi Capitis, in the person of Christ, the head of His body, the church.

“…godly men only?” What are “godly men?” How are they defined? So, the OA are not only anti-gay, but they’re also sexist by opposing female priests. Well aren’t they a backward-thinking piece of work?!

From what I can tell about the OA, they’re just a bunch of fundamentalist so-called “christian” nuts who (like so many other so-called “christians”) typically come with this superiority complex that their religious beliefs are superior to others. In this instance, they feel superior to the worldwide Anglican Communion which they broke away from. And that superiority complex is what turns so many people off to organised religion in general. Since the OA broke away from the world-wide Anglican Communion, why do they care what the Anglican Communion is doing? And why are they so concerned about Washington National Cathedral? Do any of these OA worship there? I would guess not. I would think they wouldn’t dream of being seen there. The reason they are obsessed/fixated with WNC is because they would like to control (power trip) Washington National Cathedral and turn the clock back to the 1940s-50s or before. They can’t stand that WNC has women priests and that the cathedral staff welcomes/accepts Queer boys and other GLBTQs. And until the OA do control WNC — which hopefully they never will — these childish basura called Orthodox Anglicans will whine about WNC like spoiled little jealous children having a temper tantrum.

I read bits of a discussion with OA on one message forum. As I said, the OA try to act all superior to Anglicans while claiming to be “the legitimate church,” when in reality they’re no better than anybody else. They remind me of the arrogant and pompous Roman Catholics, some (many?) of whom don’t consider the Anglican Church a legitimate church, and royal weddings held in St Paul’s Cathedral or Westminster Abbey are not legal, according to them (I’ve read that nonsense in some message forums). Loco./Crazy. Pretty much any church out there is “legitimate” whether one agrees or disagree with their beliefs/theology. Stop the nose-in-the air arrogance, Orthodox Anglicans. Mature people — which would appear not to include you — don’t spend their time caring what a church they disagree with theologically is doing. I have no use for most churches out there and I don’t spend any time thinking about them either. But these Orthodox Anglican basura do. They’re loco.

There must be something in the agua/water.

Then on the OA website, I noticed that the “moderator” of their comment section is anti-gay, which has come to mean a closet case trying to hide his own gay identity. That’s because “straight” people who are secure with themselves and their own sexuality are not anti-gay. They also don’t hide behind the, “Obeying Scripture Passages and Trusting God’s WordTM” Card to justify their bigotry and prejudices.

The OA had an article about the firing of the organist at WNC. This is what they wrote: (I’ve made slight edits for copyright purposes):

Spiritual malaise lies behind all of these problems. The Bishop’s homilies give little gospel hope. Instead, when listening to her homilies, she spews New Age ideas and quotes from David Whyte. She talks about gender issues and other ideas that are a dime a dozen all over the Internet. For those interested in that, let them go find them. Christians want to hear the gospel of jesus christ. The Bishop speaks little to none of that.

I would point out that the “gospel of jesus christ” is “a dime a dozen all over the internet” too, Orthodox Anglicans. I just did a search and lots came up about it. I used two different search engines and one of them brought up 74,600,000 results for “the gospel of jesus.” And you arrogant and bigoted basura don’t and can’t speak for all so-called “christians” and what “christians” want to hear. You can only speak for yourselves. I think it’s good that the Bishop of Washington speaks about none of that because there are already thousands of churches out there who rattle on and on about the gospel of jesus every week. Therefore, since we have complete saturation of that I think it’s good that we have a cathedral church in the District of Columbia that takes a different approach, don’t you? I’m sure you would agree! I’m an Anglican Atheist so I don’t really give a rip about the gospel of jesus. I’ve already heard all of that stuff many times before. And how many times do these conservative so-called “christian” Orthodox Anglicans need to have the gospel of jesus regurgitated for them? Didn’t they grasp it the first time around and the time after that and the time after that? They didn’t retain any of it? Are these conservative Orthodox Anglicans really that damn thick? Well upon reflection, they’re fundamentalists so that answers that. And I would point out that often these nuts who go on and on about the gospel of jesus and what so-called christians supposedly want to hear (according to them), don’t at all live the gospel of jesus in their own hypocritical lives.

When I watch an Anglican Liturgy, I’m there for the music, the rituals, and “the theatre” of the Liturgy. I’m not there for the god stuff or “the gospel of jesus,” in fact, I tune all that out.

I don’t think that the Orthodox Anglicans have heard that the Dean of WNC has announced his retirement effective the end of this year with two years remaining on his contract. Chisme caliente. I’m sure they’ll be gossiping about that for days weeks, if not months. Chau.—el barrio rosa


To Be a Christian
[Ed. I think it was very good for WNC to have a Muslim Prayer Service at the cathedral. I fully support that. I’m also sick to death of the Terror CardTM being played 24-hours a day by US-imperialistic, self-serving corporate parasite D and R politicians and their imperialistic stenographers called the US corporate media to keep the gullible public in a constant, perpetual, permanent state of fear. Loco.]

Bishop Mariann Budde on the Muslim prayer service at the National Cathedral