Why did they disband the Cathedral Choir at La Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris?

Hola a todos. I suppose the disbanding of their Cathedral Choir had to do with dinero/money. That’s usually the case with budget priorities/cuts, although I don’t know why they’re tight on dinero (if that’s the case) since the Nave at Notre-Dame is full every Domingo/Sunday for their High Church Messe/Mass. One expense they have is the heating of La Cathédrale since according to Titulaire Organist Olivier Latry, Notre-Dame is the only church in France that’s heated, although it must not be that heated since most people wear their jackets, coats and scarves during the Messe.

So why do they no longer have a Cathedral Choir at Notre-Dame or a Choir each Domingo? One would think that an internationally-known cathedral such a Notre-Dame would have a renowned Cathedral Choir, no? They did have a larger Choir for the first Sunday after Epiphany 2017, but that was the first time I’ve seen that in some time.

Back in 2013 they had a Chorus of approximately 32-voices. But most of the time their huge Choir area rarely gets used for a Choir. It usually remains empty or priests sit there for special Liturgies where large groups of priests are in attendance. For their Sunday Messe, they usually have a small group of choristers: It can be one person (a cantor) providing and leading the service music. Or it’s a quartet (4 voices). Or an 8-voice Choir, something like that.

From my research and assuming this information is still current, they have a Choir School at Notre-Dame — Maîtrise/a pre-college music school in Paris– yet most of the time a Choir does not sing for the Messe/Mass on Domingo/Sunday morning, which is unusual. I find that odd considering the Anglican cathedrals I know of with Choir Schools as well as St Thomas Church Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, the Choir of Men and Boys sing regularly throughout the Liturgical Year, excluding the Summer months when the Choir School is closed. Sometimes the boys/trebles will be out and just the Men of the Choir sing. Or if they also have girl choristers, they will alternate with the boys so the boys sing approximately twice a month, or both the boys and girls sing together on some occasions. But why would they disband their Cathedral Choir at Notre-Dame when they supposedly have a Choir School? The Choir School — assuming it still exists — is composed of Le Chœur d’Enfants/The Children’s Choir (they perform the most and they’re quite good; I enjoy them), the Young Ensemble, the Adult Choir of choristers receiving professional training, and the Gregorian Ensemble). I have heard a small Women’s Chorus on one occasion (it was maybe 12-14 voices, I forget how many choristers I counted at the time) and a small Men’s Chorus (about the same size as the Women’s Chorus as I recall) performing for the Messe on a couple of occasions. But mostly it’s The Children’s Choir that sings when a Choir is there, as in this Liturgy below from enero/January 2017. And what an invaluable experience for these boys and girls to have the opportunity to perform in one of the greatest cathedrals of el mundo/the world. Mi amigo/My friend remarked on how young some of the boys look to be able to read music of the difficulty used in these Liturgies. For example:

The organ improvisation (is that Olivier Latry playing?) at the beginning of this Liturgy is glorious with the High Church procession/incense.

In one of the videos below, they had an excellent Chorus Director, Lionel Sow, who is currently the Chorus Director for the Paris Philharmonic Symphony Chorus. I don’t think he’s at Notre-Dame any longer, or does he still serve as the assistant director of the Children’s Chorus?

They have six superb and highly-regarded organists: 3 Titulaire Organists who alternate through the year playing the Grande Orgue high up in the back of the Nave and then they have 3 Choeur Organists who play the smaller orgue in the Choeur area for accompanying the choristers. Does the salary of the 6 organists take up most of the budget/dinero of the Music Department?

What they do at Notre-Dame they do well with the small group of mic’d choristers they have. And someone might say that they don’t need/require a larger Chorus, which is true if one is being objective about it. But that’s not the point. With a larger Chorus they are able to do more elaborate and beautiful repertoire. Also, the descants and added harmonies for the service music — such as the “Al-lé-luia” that they sing before the reading of The Gospel — can’t be done well with a few choristers where it sounds the way it’s supposed to sound. I’ve heard a couple of sopranos sing the descant for the “Al-lé-luia” and even though I appreciated that they sang it, it didn’t sound the way it’s supposed to sound — because it sounded too thin since it was only two voices — and not full and more lush as it does when they have a larger soprano section of a Chorus singing the same parts. A larger Chorus makes the Liturgy richer, gives the Liturgy a richer sound and it’s more interesting musically speaking. When making budget cuts in parish and cathedral churches, it’s the Music Department that is the first place thought of to make cuts because of the lack of respect for the music, arts and culture. Although at Notre-Dame, they seem to respect the music. Their Liturgy is full of music. As mi amigo/my friend often says when watching the Liturgies with me, “they put on a good show at Notre-Dame!” Yes, Notre-Dame has the best High Church Liturgy I’ve ever seen. They make the Anglican Liturgy — of the ones I’ve seen and previously written about — look like a cheap imitation, frankly. Other than the Homily and the readings, their Messe is pretty much all music and it’s all about the music. Their organists are constantly busy with the service music/responses — their organists really have to pay attention during the Liturgy because they’re always “on” as it’s called — they play improvisations, psalm settings and music/improvisations accompanying the procession for The Gospel reading. And they have to play at the correct time.

At Notre-Dame, they sing all the parts of the Messe setting in Latin (Kyrie, Gloria, Credo and so forth) rather than the boring way of speaking/mumbling them. The settings they use (meaning the music used for the Kyrie, Gloria and so forth) are not like the ones used by some churches which I would describe as “little ditties.” The only lack of respect for the music is with the television network (KTO-TV) which video records their Liturgies. They don’t allow the viewers to hear all of the organist’s Prelude or improvisation. For some mysterious reason, KTO-TV always cut off the Organ Sortie/Organ Voluntary/improvisation at the end of the Messe which many viewers have complained about but nothing has changed in that regard. As far as expense, they do have many priests to pay.

For Noël 2016/Navidad/The Twelve Days of Christmas beginning on el 25 diciembre/December – el 5 enero/January/Epiphany, I had expected to see a large Chorus in the Choir area. But that was not the case. They had three Masses (that I know of and each different in style) and only one of them had a larger Chorus and that was again the Children’s Chorus for what was called the “Family Mass.” The other two Masses had a smaller group of choristers. Fortunately, none of their Masses for Noël were the typical Mass that one is accustomed to seeing in los Estados Unidos/the US for Navidad and fortunately their music was not the typical “Christmas music” that is played every holiday season in the US that I’m sick of hearing, frankly. They did use a couple of Sir David Willcocks’ descants for two of the well-known carols. Descants are not difficult to write so I don’t understand why someone hasn’t written some new descants for these carols to add some variety? It would have to be someone well-known — such as a John Rutter, for example — otherwise they would likely not sell or be used because they wouldn’t have the composer’s “celebrity status” attached to them in the same way that the Sir David Willcocks’ descants did when they were first released back in the 1970s and still have today. But at Notre-Dame, I was pleased that their Liturgies for Noël were not what one has come to expect to hear in Anglican parishes or cathedral churches for the Twelve Days of Christmas. They sang Adeste, Fideles for Epiphany which I’ve not heard sung before for that season of the church year, but I thought it was interesting and it made sense liturgically speaking.

They used to have a large Cathedral Choir which from older videos looks like about 32-voices. So what happened? It would be interesting to know.

On another matter, although related to Notre-Dame: Is KTO-TV going to ruin the experience for online viewers of watching the Liturgies from Notre-Dame? As it is now, they already rudely cut off the organ improvisation at the end of the Messe. They also don’t begin recording the Messe when the organist begins his improvisation. Why is that? They had a special Liturgy at Notre-Dame recently that I wanted to see, but the KTO-TV announcer talked over the entire organ improvisation at the beginning and continued talking over the entire procession. He didn’t shut up until most of the priests had reached the Sanctuary area. With this announcer talking, it was the same as standing beside some inconsiderate person in the Nave who felt the need to tell the person beside him what was taking place when we could all see what’s taking place. We’re not stupid. So CÁLLATE/SHUT UP, POR FAVOR. He was extremely annoying. It was difficult to hear the organ and to get the authentic feel of being in the Nave with the congregation. Experiencing what the congregation experiences, isn’t that the intent? I should think so. I still haven’t gone back to watch that Liturgy and am hesitant to do so because what else did he talk over in the Liturgy? I just clicked off I was so annoyed by the whole thing. That announcer’s inconsiderate behaviour is the same type of inconsiderate nonsense that the BBC does with state ceremonies where the Queen and Royal Family are in attendance. The BBC feel the need to talk over it and talk throughout it as if we’re all stupid and don’t have a clue what’s going on. They even talk over the Choir’s anthems (TAIS-TOI/SHUT UP!). Chau.—el barrio rosa:

Related videos:

The excellent Chorus Director: Lionel Sow

Iran: Tehran Symphony Orchestra and Chorus perform Orff and Rachmaninov

Hola a todos. I have to ask: What backwater cesspool of a redneck hick town do these proudly-ignorant, nearly-illiterate, stupid-is-in and know-nothing cult members of El Hombre Naranja/The Orange Man live in? It’s as if none of them made it past fifth grade, if that, and they are stuck vegetating in the 1940s. And I’m not just saying that, I’m serious. I honestly don’t recall ever encountering such an absolutely ignorant group of people in my life as the basura that boot-lick and rabidly support El Hombre Naranja in their hero worship of him. These people have never learned something as basic as “two wrongs don’t make a right.” So in their “mind” (the word “mind” used advisedly), if Obama did something that was wrong, it’s perfectly fine when El Hombre Naranja does the same. Loco.

The hate and ignorance for Iran is rabid and wide-spread among the robotic cultists of El Hombre Naranja, especially after president Bannon and his empty puppet, El Hombre Naranja, placed sanctions on Iran recently. Because of US hate for Iran, corporate media propaganda and willful-ignorance about Iran, one would think that all of Iran were an uncivilized mud pot with most Iranians living in caves. That’s the impression The Cesspool/the US tries to give to its ignorant sheeple. But that image is the opposite of reality.

By the way, Iran is pronounced “E-rahn,” and not “I ran” the way the ignorant, hick/redneck stupid US’ans (including the US corporate media and politicians) pronounce it.

I don’t agree with some of the policies of the Iranian government — nor am I interested in talking about them — just as I don’t agree with the policies of the US Oligarchy or some other world governments. But the government of Iran is not the people of Tehran/Iran. And the views of Muslims worldwide are as varied and diverse as that of Christians. But to hear the hateful bots of El Hombre Naranja, they think all Muslims think the same, which is ludicrous. And of course reason has no bearing on them. In their alternative universe, reason is “fake news.”

Iran’s capital city, Tehran, is a beautiful, very modern city with a population of about 9 million people in the City of Tehran and 16 million people in the greater Tehran Metropolitan Area. Tehran looks no different than a city in the US. See also here and here. Los Ángeles came to my mind while watching the tour of the Tehran video below. Tehran has a very nice and modern Metro, nicer than some Metros here in The Cesspool (nicer than San Francisco’s). Modern Life: 65 New Passenger cars added to Tehran subway system. And Mayor of Belgrade visit Tehran’s modern Metro system. Also: Modern Life (Home Page). Lovely, friendly people live there. I don’t see any homeless people in Tehran so apparently they take care of their people, unlike The Cesspool which chooses to treat homeless people like basura while The Cesspool pretends to be “A Christian Nation.” Tehran has an excellent Symphony Orchestra and Chorus which in 2015 performed Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony (“Choral”), just to give one example of their repertoire/skill level. I haven’t heard it but I have heard part of their performances of the Rachmaninov Piano Concerto No. 2 in c minor and also part of Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana (see videos below).

Some people have been asking: Will there be a false flag/inside job sometime soon similar to the 911 inside job at the beginning of the illegitimate Bush regime? (Cue the “Tin-Foil Hat” Card that will likely come from the far-right and others about now because I spoke of a false flag/inside job). A false flag (terrorist attack) would be launched to get the public opinion poll numbers of El Hombre Naranja soaring — as it did under the illegitimate Bush regime — by making the public even more afraid of their own shadow and to get the sheeple in lockstep behind El Hombre Naranja. This speculation of a false flag comes especially after El Hombre Naranja has been slapped down (twice now) by the US judicial system. He and/or president Bannon fail to understand that if one wants a court to more likely rule in one’s favour — since justices/judges are also human beings with emotions/feelings/personal opinions — one might more likely get a ruling in one’s favour by keeping one’s mouth shut rather than publicly railing against a court’s decision by calling it “disgraceful” and other pejoratives. But some people just don’t seem to possess basic sense.

El Hombre Naranja and his out-of-control and amateurish regime have turned the District of Columbia into utter chaos since he took office with even his Supreme Court nominee in disagreement with him over El Hombre Naranja and his stated disrespect for the US court system. I read that they’ve already interviewed another person to replace the current and abrasive White House spokesliar, and president Bannon and El Hombre Naranja haven’t even been in office a month.

A false flag worked for George W Bush. Jeb Bush and many of the Bush regime’s people were signatories to the neocon PNAC document, which on page 51 speaks of needing a “New Pearl Harbour” (which 911 was) to unite the people behind The Oligarchy’s goal of US imperialism and world domination. Would a false flag work for El Hombre Naranja? Two possible targets: North Korea and Tehran/Iran.

Although in the alternative universe that El Hombre Naranja and his cultists live in, he could just tweet that there was a terrorist attack someplace in The Cesspool — blaming it on North Korea or Iran — without there actually being one. Just like with the “Bowling Green Massacre” that they have been going on about that never happened. His gullible disciples would believe it because he said it. That would be the best kind of “terrorist attack” as no lives would be lost. Then again, in his alternative universe he could tweet that he has launched a nuclear attack on North Korea or Tehran without ever doing so. Again, no lives would be lost. The corporate media would report that no attacks occurred and El Hombre Naranja and cult would scream, “fake news, fake news.”

I can’t imagine (and don’t want to even think about it) any deranged person attacking/bombing Tehran. Only a completely insane person would do that, and that’s my concern because we have a completely off-the-latch, insane person(s) en la casa blanca/in the white house. El Hombre Naranja comes with no social or diplomacy skills whatsoever. He’s a dysfunctional, bullying child in an adult body always having to have his way. And from what I’ve read, he’s constantly livid over trivial things such as the bath towels in Air Force One not being soft enough. His devout cult followers rush to defend any and all things that he does and says. They spend every waking hour obsessing about and trolling about “libs” (they’ve never learned to spell the word liberal apparently) and how “libs lost and we won, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.” Children in adult bodies, assuming these are “adults.” All the problems in el mundo/the world are because of (according to them): “libs, libtards, libturds” and “DemoRATS.” Anyone who disagrees with them they automatically label “a Communist,” clearly ignorant of the definition of the word Communist. Their own Republican party is sacrosanct and above reproach and not responsible for any of our problems. If El Hombre Naranja bombed/destroyed Tehran (I can’t even think about that), it would be no different than destroying a major US city.

I thought about this: If the haters of Iran were to hear the Tehran Symphony Orchestra and Chorus, watch video tours of Tehran and of their Metro, their Persian food and rich culture, would that at all change their Dark Ages and willfully-ignorant view of Iran held by the cultists who worship El Hombre Naranja, as well as the views of El Hombre Naranja himself? Absolutely not. And to begin with, they wouldn’t watch any of these videos, just as no links are adequate to these basura unless it comes from their Fox News or Alex Jones or whoever they’re watching. El Hombre Naranja and his cultists prefers to remain ignorant. They would call all of these videos down below “fake news.” They prefer to wallow in their hate and ignorance rather than to educate themselves. To them, education is a very bad thing and education would get in their way of scapegoating people who are not identical to them.

In the first video below, a superb Iranian pianist (his name is not listed) is playing the Rachmaninov Piano Concerto No. 2 in c minor with the Tehran Symphony Orchestra (TSO) in this excerpt of his performance below. The TSO use the Bösendorfer piano, considered by many to be the finest pianos en el mundo/in the world and better than the Steinway (New York or Homburg). Their Bösendorfer has a beautiful sound. For this performance — and they may do so in general — the TSO uses the European seating arrangement with the violins seated on both sides of the orchestra and cellos seated inside the orchestra.

I read an article from a tourist from The Cesspool now living in Tehran who has spent over two years there. He loves Tehran and spoke about all the anti-Tehran lies, disinformation and propaganda constantly fed to the public about Tehran. He said that Tehran is a very safe city without exceptions and the people are very friendly. There’s also very few Western tourists there. He said there’s probably approximately five in the entire country.

For this performance (below) of the final chorus from Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana, the Tehran Symphony Chorus was excellent. It was clear to me — like with all well-prepared Orchestra Choruses — that the Chorus Director had brought in a language coach for the text/diction which is in Latin because I could understand every word, considering that the languages of Iran are:

Persian: 53% of the population
Azerbaijani and other Turkic dialects: 18%
Kurdish: 10%
Gilaki and Mazandarani: 7%
Luri: 6%
Arabic: 2%
Balochi: 2%
Other languages: comprise 1%, and they include Tati, Talysh, Georgian, Armenian, Circassian, Assyrian, Hebrew, and others.

Yet many stupid US’ans can even speak one language (US-English) correctly. Pathetic really, while they hallucinate about their supposed “greatest country” and other US-nationalistic ugliness. (Why does there have to be a “greatest country?” There are many great countries). You should see the sad writing skills of the cultists who worship El Hombre Naranja. And his are no better.

Back to the Tehran Symphony Chorus, I heard no annoying vibrato from any section of the Chorus, and they bowed at the end. I used the title above for this article because I wanted to credit the Symphony Chorus, even though they don’t perform in the Rachmaninov Piano Concerto No. 2 in c minor. Chau.—el barrio rosa

Related: Asked to ban female musicians, Tehran Symphony Orchestra cancels performance: “The authorities had pointed out that the female performers were not wearing appropriate hijab (head covering)…The women musicians were going to perform the country’s national anthem. Why shouldn’t they? I have said many times that I was born in this country and I know very well where the red lines are. As long as I’m the director of this orchestra, I will not allow this kind of treatment,” he [the orchestra's artistic director Ali Rahbari] added.

Here’s the excellent Tehran Symphony Orchestra and Chorus (Orff):

In this video, notice the modern traffic signals that let motorists know how many seconds remain before the light changes, for both red and green lights. We don’t have that in San Francisco and I’ve not seen that anywhere in The Cesspool, the so-called “greatest country.”

I enjoyed this video recorded on their Metro, although I would have preferred different music more authentic to the region:

A nice segment about the Metro and about the Persian food in this video. Someone was having jugo de zanahoria/carrot juice, like I make every day. Now that’s real food as opposed to coffee — nothing nutritious about that — that the typical US’an would be ordering. Those stuffed bell peppers look good to me:

A World Without Borders: I advocate for open borders

Hola a todos. I live under no illusion that el mundo/the world will ever see open borders between countries. But the Earth was created without borders. In my opinion, people should be able to live wherever they want to live on the planet and should be allowed to move freely from place to place. Immature humans are responsible for the borders imposed on the Earth and borders have been nothing but a problem since. War$ have been fought over borders. Borders remind me of a child’s mentality where the child feels the need to “chalk off” their little area/territory and then say, “This is my playground here. You stay out. You stay over in your playground. Nan, nan, nan, nan, nan.” And frankly we’ve not matured any since.

The cultists who hero-worship El Hombre Naranja/The Orange Man en la casa blanca/in the white house have made themselves absolutely insane — or maybe they came that way — because of their hate for los inmigrantes/immigrants. On sites that I visit, even though the article they’re commenting on may use the non-emotional and neutral language “undocumented immigrant(s),” because of their rabid hate for people of a darker-skin pigmentation these haters feel the need to scream the hateful “illegal” word in all caps. It’s as if they think people can’t read lower case even though the rest of their hateful drivel is in lower case. But they’re not alone in this regard. Some fake-liberals and fake-progressives use the same hateful “illegal” language. I’ve read from them: “I consider myself a Democrat and a liberal…” Yeah, many people consider themselves all sorts of things even though it has no basis in reality. These fake-liberals and fake-progressives then proceed to launch in on the same type of hateful spew using the word “illegal” that one reads from the hateful cultists of El Hombre Naranja.

No human being is “illegal.” La Estatua de la Libertad/The Statue of Liberty and the words on it means nothing to the hate-filled cultists of El Hombre Naranja. Therefore, it’s time to begin dismantling the Statue of Liberty, crate it up and ship it back to France with a note on it saying that it no longer means anything to the US of Hate. Hate, hate, hate and scapegoating one group or another for all the many problems in our society is all that The Cesspool knows anymore. El Hombre Naranja and his cultists’s hate for los inmigrantes is all that matters. And president Bannon wants a “white nation.” Although The Cesspool (Los Estados Unidos/the US) is a nation of immigrants.

There are many white Latinos/Latinas. In fact one of my complaints is that young model-type white Latinos saturate the español language networks. Univisión (pronounced uniβiˈsjon, and not “You-nah-vision” the way español-illiterates pronounce it), Telemundo, Televisa and Azteca (the latter two being based in la Ciudad de México/México City) come to mind. One media writer awhile back wrote that Univisión is the whitest network on television. I’d agree with that. It’s a corporate network of mostly young, perfect-looking white models, females and males. And their studio lighting attempts to make their on-camera network darlings look at light-skinned/white as possible. If white Latinos were the dominant migrant group coming into The Cesspool, I suspect this topic of immigration wouldn’t even be a concern. I think the hate for los inmigrantes coming from south of the US border is solely because of migrant’s darker skin-pigmentation.

I support immigrants all over the world, and I especially support inmigrantes indocumentados/undocumented immigrants. I have a special sympathy for them. They are doing what they feel they must do in order to survive — and the hypocritical white basura and others who hate on them in The Cesspool would do the exact same thing if put in their situation — often having to leave and or split of their families and leave their amigos. Los inmigrantes are certainly suffering from a lot of hate directed at them these days, unfortunately. But to repeat myself for the thick and stupid-is-in people, in my opinion the hate for immigrants is not because they are undocumented. It is because of their ethnicity (a more brown-skin pigmentation) and that’s a major problem for anti-ethnic/racist people who hero worship El Hombre Naranja, who is the empty puppet of president Bannon en la casa blanca. These white supremacists (some are proud Nazis) want an all-white nation, even though there are many white Latinos/Latinas and they often look no differently really than the white people (mainly) in The Cesspool who are hating on los inmigrantes.

Who is going to pick your fruits and vegetables?

Migrant workers put in hours and hours of back-breaking labour in the fields. I can’t imagine doing that work. It would make my back ache from being all bent over constantly and very painful in a very short time. These fine migrant workers harvest white people’s fruits and vegetables. (Yes, I know they pick everyone’s fruits and vegetables, but I’m making a point). The same white people who hate on them. After migrants are kicked out of The Cesspool, these short-sighted and hateful white trash (let’s tell it like it is) and nearly-illiterate rednecks who are disciples of El Hombre Naranja will begin complaining vehemently about the prices of fruits and vegetables at their local grocery store. Or do they only eat raw meat/dead animals? There will be no one to harvest their fruits and vegetables, assuming they eat any. Are these white basura going to get out in the hot fields to pick their own food for the same cheap labour salary that the hard-working migrant workers were paid?

Respected journalist Jorge Ramos of Noticiero Univisión (pronounced: notiˈsjeɾo uniβiˈsjon) pointed out in a recent article that 40% of los inmigrantes coming from México don’t come across the border. They fly into a US airport and overstay their visas, so a wall at the border between Los Estados Unidos y México would have no effect at all on them. (Related: Jorge Ramos: Donald Trump’s Wall Is Totally Useless).

In the past week (the week of el 6 de febrero de 2017/the 6th of February 2017), the disciples of El Hombre Naranja have been writing screaming (in their usual all caps) such things as “DEPORTATIONS HAVE BEGUN, THANK YOU PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP. WE WIN! WE WIN! YOU LIBS LOSE. HA, HA, HA, HA, HA!!!!!” According to ICE, the recent raids on los inmigrantes in California and the deportation of a Latina were planned for awhile and are not tied to your hero El Hombre Naranja.

I appreciate the many contributions of los inmigrantes (both documented and inmigrantes indocumentados) to The Cesspool and I stand in solidarity with them, and thank them for their many contributions to Los Estados Unidos. Muchas gracias. Chau.—el barrio rosa

Why people are wearing all black (and looking like white nationalists)

Hola a todos. I’ve written about this before, but not in this context. I had one of the shopping networks on the other night — I find shopping networks to be the least obnoxious, annoying and least juvenile programming one can find on television — because all the español language networks were running the same informercials they’ve been running for (what seems like) months now. I glanced at the television at one point and saw yet another guest on the shopping network wearing all black. I’ve seen this so many times before. They are obsessed with black (as well as gray and white) on there, but they’ve gone overboard with black. I’ve seen many of the show hosts wearing all black, or black and gray. I thought to myself: There has got to be more to this ridiculous all-black fad than some moda/fashion statement nonsense. After a bit of research, I realised that people have been urged to wear all black because of Führer Trump being in office as a way of showing that they’re mourning. (roll eyes) The article I read about it was devoutly Democratic partisan. The writer stopped short of saying: Wear black to mourn Obama not being in office any longer. Well, Obama served his two 4-year terms so he would be out of office regardless of what D or R corporate parasite came next. I can’t stand Führer Trump and couldn’t stand Obama either, therefore I see no reason to look like an non-creative black zombie by wearing all black.

San Francisco, which is a Democratic-partisan City, has turned into a City of Black Zombies. By that I mean most people — especially guys — are wearing all black or black and gray, as if it’s their “uniform.” The partisan article I read said: Wear black to show that you “mourn the loss of a truly sophisticated, graceful, and intelligent president Barack Obama.” Oh good lord! I doubt that the thousands of innocent people that Mr Nobel Peace Prize Obama killed in his many wars — he left office with 8 wars in progress — would consider him to be “sophisticated, graceful” or intelligent.” And that’s because sophisticated and graceful people don’t kill other people. Barbarians and dysfunctional people do that and they feel no sense of remorse, just like messiah Obama clearly felt no sense of remorse for all the innocent people killed on “his watch.” And Obama didn’t seem that intelligent when Mr Constitutional Scholar declared Chelsea Manning guilty before she had even gone on trial. Obama wasn’t intelligent when he expanded on the vile policies of the illegitimate Bush/Cheney regime. I would guess that writer knows nothing about any of this, so that writer would likely say, “Who cares?!” Well, if Obama had a R (for Republican) next to his name you would care. But with partisan Democratic hypocrites, war is only bad when it’s a Republican in office. The writer also wrote: Wear black to mourn the death of our democracy with Trump being in office. Apparently this writer didn’t know that our democracy died long before Trump’s arrival. Our democracy (although the US is technically a Democratic Republic) died in 2000, if not before, the night of the Judicial Coup when illegitimate George W Bush was selected by Bush Family friends on the US Supreme Court. So claiming that we had democracy when Obama was in office is incorrect too. Apparently that writer had not read the Northwestern and Princeton Universities’ study of 2014 which said that the US is an Oligarchy, not a democracy:

“A new study from Princeton and Northwestern Universities has found that the United States’ government more closely resembles an Oligarchy or a Corporatocracy than a Republic or Democracy….The researchers write, “The central point that emerges from our research is that economic elites and organized groups representing business interests have substantial independent impacts on U.S. government policy, while mass-based interest groups and average citizens have little or no independent influence.”—Princeton and Northwestern Universities’ study (2014)

So why weren’t all these conformist sheeple wearing black during the heinous policies of the Obama regime or the Bush regime? I think the answer to that is quite clear: Because they’re hypocritical partisan Democrats.

To the shallow sheeple, it seems that it’s easier to wear an all-black “uniform” on a daily basis than to actually do something of substance that might have a positive effect on something politically, such as voting with your dinero/money (for example) and stop supporting corporations and corporatists D and R politicians. Because in reality, wearing all-black isn’t going to do a damn thing — other than make dinero/money for the corporations that sell black clothing — and people aren’t going to know what “wear black clothing” is for anyway, just as I didn’t until I researched it.

This all-black clothing fad is not new. It really started years ago. I first noticed it when I saw a sea of black at the 2014 Latin Grammy Awards Ceremony. Some people were asking that night at the awards ceremony, “Who died?” Since then, I’ve seen complete saturation of black clothing along with black, gray and white especially on the corporate networks I monitor. So again, most people won’t know what this decree for people to wear all-black clothing is for. I’ve also noticed how many (if not most) Latinos/Hispanos/mexicanos have abandoned wearing beautiful Latin colours to conform with the all-black clothing herd. I’ve even seen Latin musical groups wearing all-black or black and gray when they used to wear beautiful colours. Sigh. From my observations, most musicians (I’m talking about non-classical musicians) are wearing all black. I saw a clip of the Rolling Stones while writing this and they too were wearing all black.

Apparently Ivanka Trump doesn’t know what this fad is for either because I saw a picture of her while writing this article. She was wearing all black and her toddler son was wearing a gray shirt and black pants. Does she not know that the all-black clothing fad is in protest of Donald Trump?

Another observation: In researching the white nationalists’ movement since Führer Trump took office, I’ve noticed that most of the white nationalists wear all-black (examples – give these a few seconds to go to the correct image: here, here or black and tan/white as seen in this picture here. I find that quite ironic since they can’t stand Black people or other ethnic groups with a dark(er) skin pigmentation.

But I think this better explains the complete saturation of black clothing, no matter where I look or what network it is, with people usually wearing all black, or black and gray or black and white or a combination of all three (drab hearse-black, ashtray gray and boring white).

This silly and depressed-looking fad seems to be worldwide, but it’s especially here in The Cesspool/the US/los Estados Unidos. As I see it, it’s really a fad for shallow, conformist and Democratic-partisan people (mourning their messiah Obama/Bush II no longer being in office). If one wanted to effect positive change politically — if that’s even possible at this point considering the dismal state of things (and as far as I’m concerned it’s all over for this country) — one has to do a lot more than putting on some black clothing. (roll eyes). I suppose some of these black clothing zombies do more than just wear black/gray clothing, but I suspect that what they do is in a devoutly Democratic partisan sense, and therefore I have no use for that at all. Democratic partisans (whom I can’t stand because of their hypocrisy) are part of the problem. And I always have to say this for the stupid people: I can’t stand Republicans either. Both Democrats and Republicans are part of “The Swamp.” And “The Swamp” is what Führer Trump promised to drain while he packs his elitist cabinet with white millionaires and billionaires and (closeted) white nationalists, and puts one of them on the National Security Council. More hypocrisy in and from the US of Hypocrisy. Chau.—el barrio rosa

Musicians need to stand for something!

Hola a todos. Musicians all over el mundo/the world need to stand for something, despite any possible consequences. Just as concert pianist Valentina Lisitsa did when she expressed her pro-Russian feelings. After making her views known, her scheduled performance with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra was cancelled for her 2015 soloist engagement to perform the Rachmaninov Piano Concerto No. 2 in c minor. You can hear her play the Rachmaninov with another orchestra in the video below. I have no details on this performance (which orchestra?) as they are not listed in the video description. One of my commenters (Conservatory Student) refreshed my memory about this story which I too had read about sometime back having to do with the cancellation of Valentina’s performance with the TSO. Valentina was taking a stand for her principles and convictions. Also in 2015, there was another musician, pianist and conductor Daniel Barenboim announced his plans to take his Berlin orchestra, The Staatskapelle Berlin, to Iran despite protests from the #2 Terrorist State on the planet, Israel. One might be asking: “Who’s the #1 Terrorist State on the planet?” That would be Los Estados Unidos/The United States, the World’s #1 Arrogant Bully and World Police Operative. The US is constantly dictating to other nations what they will and will not do usually from a place of blatant hypocrisy. That’s because the US often lectures/makes demands of other countries not to do what the US has been doing for decades. One example of that: The US demands: “You must get rid of your nuclear weapons,” while the US has the largest stockpile of nuclear weapons in el mundo and with no intention of getting rid of them and the US is the only nation to have ever used nuclear weapons on a civilian population while pretending to be a christian nation. The US of Hypocrisy is such a barbaric nation! A third example of a musician standing for his principles and convictions was when Pianist Evgeny Kissin protested against BBC’s anti-Israel bias.

These days, most musicians don’t seem to possess the integrity, principles and convictions of the three musicians I’ve listed. Most musicians are the “go with the flow” type of sheeple. They follow the herd and therefore are part of problem. They are wet-doilies. They are the spineless musicians who stand for nothing like what one finds at Washington National Cathedral. Musicians such as organists Benjamin Straley, George Fergus, the Director of Music/Choirmaster Michael McCarthy and the Men of the Cathedral Choir along with the parents of the Boy and Girl Choristers, all of whom could have refused to perform for the vile and repugnant Führer Trump, (the parents could have refused to allow their child to perform for that basura). But the musicians of Washington National Cathedral stood for nothing as I wrote about in this article.

World history shows that revolutions happen, in part, because of musicians and music. Here en los Estados Unidos/in the US, the 1960s revolution — the most recent revolution here — was in major part because of artists and musicians of all genres, from the classical music tradition to the rock field. Related: The Sixties and Protest Music.

The world would not have pacifist Benjamin Britten’s War Requiem if he had held to the ludicrous view that politics must be completely separate/divorced from music. I’m well aware that the Classical Music Snots (whom I can’t stand) like to divorce music and politics. I know of one art’s writer in Turkey where bombs could be falling outside her window but she wouldn’t dare bring herself to write about it because she’s of this backward thinking that politics and art have no connection. Utterly moronic. Apparently la mujer/the woman never learned that much of music and art is indeed inspired by and connected to politics and what was going on in the lives of composers when they wrote their music and the artists who performed them.

During the Vietnam War Era, we had radical Leftist — and I’m using that language in a very positive sense — composer and conductor Leonard Bernstein. He wasn’t shy about standing for his convictions. But unfortunately, the musicians at Washington National Cathedral have chosen not to emulate Queer boys Leonard Bernstein or Benjamin Britten.

In the District of Columbia where I used to live, Richard Nixon was inaugurated as US president and there was an inauguration concert in the Kennedy Center Concert Hall. There’s a story connected with that:

The Anti-War University of Maryland Chorus

The following is from David Taylor, assistant conductor of the University of Maryland Chorus at that time:

“Although my day job is now lawyering for the CFTC, in those days I was a graduate student in conducting at the University of Maryland and assistant conductor of the University of Maryland Chorus. Your post brought to my mind an experience I had involving president Nixon, Leonard Bernstein, and the Nixon inauguration in 1973, that I thought you might find of interest. In 1973 and throughout most of the 1970s, the University of Maryland Chorus performed several times each year with the National Symphony under its great music director Antal Doráti. In January of that year, the Chorus sang four performances with the NSO of Beethoven’s great Missa Solemnis (an amazing musical experience I will never forget). Given the times, those performances intersected with both president Nixon, the Vietnam War, and Leonard Bernstein. As luck would have it, our Beethoven performances were slated for the week of the inauguration. It had been a tradition for decades that during the week of each Presidential inauguration the NSO played (outside its normal subscription season) what was labeled the Inaugural Concert, as part of the festivities of inauguration week. The performance was usually attended by the president-elect, and after the building of the Kennedy Center it always took place there. Normally, this would have had nothing to do with the Beethoven concerts. However, it turned out that president Nixon had been a life-long fan of the Philadelphia Orchestra, and for what was going to be his final inauguration he expressed a wish to have the Philadelphia play the Inaugural Concert, which they did. The NSO leadership was very gracious about this change, and responded by dedicating the week’s regular NSO subscription concerts to the inauguration of the president. Of course, the anti-war movement, further fueled by the developing Watergate affair, wanted to protest the Nixon inauguration. One musical consequence of this, as you may remember, was the hasty arranging of a sort of “Anti-Inaugural Concert” consisting of a performance of Franz Joseph Haydn’s Mass in Time of War at the National Cathedral by a large chorus (I believe it was either the Cathedral Choral Society, the Choral Arts Society of Washington, or parts of both) and a pick-up orchestra, conducted by none other than that famous musical leftist, Leonard Bernstein. I was not present, since we were singing Beethoven at Kennedy Center, but was told by people who did attend that the Bernstein performance drew a huge attendance, including 2000+ inside the Cathedral and thousands more listening on loudspeakers outside. There were also nearly consequences for our Beethoven performances. A significant number of the approximately 140 members of the University of Maryland Chorus shared the sentiments of the anti-war, anti-Nixon protesters and were upset that the NSO had dedicated the Beethoven concerts to the president’s inauguration. Quite a few of them initially refused to go onstage to sing something dedicated to president Nixon. Paul Traver, the conductor of the UMD Chorus (and my major teacher) and I had to do a considerable amount of fast talking to convince them that they owed it to the Chorus, to Maestro Doráti, and to Beethoven to sing as scheduled. In the end that view prevailed, and the Missa Solemnis—one of humanity’s greatest choral treasures, and a work that dwarfs Bernstein’s Mass into utter insignificance—went forward magnificently and without incident. But it was a close-run thing.”—David Taylor, University of Maryland Chorus

I have always had the highest regard for the late Dr Traver as a choral director and founder and director of the University of Maryland Chorus. He achieved superb results with his Maryland Chorus just like Margaret Hillis (Chicago Symphony Orchestra Chorus) and Robert Shaw (Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Chorus) achieved with their highly-regarded Orchestra Choruses. And from what I know about Richard Nixon, he was no fascist and no hate-filled arrogant bully like Donald Trump turning the presidency into a dictatorship ruling by executive orders essentially dissolving congress. But regardless, in this situation with Nixon, Dr Traver was wrong in my opinion and he refused to take a stand unfortunately and I strongly disagree with his decision. The University of Maryland Chorus should have refused to go on stage to perform for and in the presence of Richard Nixon. They should have boycotted this event. Let’s tell it like it is: This concert was about Nixon. It was not about The Maryland Chorus or Beethoven or Doráti as the Chorus was led to believe. The concert would have been cancelled because the Philadelphia Orchestra could not perform Beethoven’s Missa Solemnis without The Maryland Chorus. And with the audience seated in the Kennedy Center Concert Hall, there would have been no time to find another Orchestra Chorus in the District prepared to perform the monumental Missa Solemnis. Some of the audience would have been pissed — but they would get over it! — with the UMD Chorus for standing for their anti-war convictions, while others would have applauded them for standing for what they believed. I knew nothing about this incident when I sang with them. I learned about this while writing my tribute article to them.

A brief aside: Years later, while I was a chorister in Norman Scribner’s Choral Arts Society of Washington, I heard the University of Maryland Chorus perform the Missa Solemnis with the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra Amsterdam with Claudio Abbado conducting in the Kennedy Center Concert Hall. Their performance was glorious. They were superb. Their performance reminded me of the performance by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra Chorus under Margaret Hillis. The following day on the local classical music station WGMS, they interviewed the soprano soloist for the performance, Sheila Armstrong. She said in the interview, “this is one of the finest Choruses I’ve ever heard.”

I have considered this: Had the UMD Chorus refused to perform for this concert with the Philadelphia Orchestra in the presence of and for Nixon, would that have been the end of future engagement invitations with the National Symphony Orchestra and guest international orchestras? I doubt it, because they were Doráti’s favourite Chorus and he invited them to perform with the NSO as often as possible. From what I know about him, he too was an anti-war person and stood for peace. Although he didn’t initiate or suggest a boycott of these performances as conductor, he may have supported them in their decision. We’ll never know. It’s much easier for an individual to stand for what s/he believes than a (large) group of people, as in the case of The Maryland Chorus, where some choristers wanted to perform for Nixon and others didn’t. What does one do in that case? Well, the decision to perform or not is decided by the Chorus Director. If only the choristers who wanted to perform went on stage, it would have been a much smaller Chorus — perhaps more the size of a Chamber Chorus — and in that case the Philadelphia Orchestra would have been too large and needed to have been reduced in size so as not to overpower the Chorus. And there may have been problems with downsizing the Orchestra, such as union issues with the orchestra. I have heard a performance with a smaller Orchestra and Chorus such as in this historically-informed superb performance from Europe: Beethoven – Missa Solemnis in D major, Op.123 | Philippe Herreweghe conducting: La Chapelle Royale & Collegium Vocale Gent (combined Choruses, from Belgium) accompanied by Orchestre des Champs-Élysées (Paris).

It disgusted me all during the Obama years to read about musician after musician and other corporate media television talking heads going to the Kennedy Center for the annual “Kennedy Center Honours” event with the Obamas in attendance as well as to la casa blanca/the white house to rub shoulders with war criminal Mr Nobel Peace Prize Obama who had killed thousands of innocent people — including wedding parties — with his many wars without shedding a tear. But that along with Obama’s expansion of most of the illegitimate Bush regime’s despicable agenda didn’t matter to these musicians, most of whom were probably Democratic partisan. Obama had no trouble turning on fake tears for corporate media network cameras after some gun-violence tragedy in the US. Yet I never saw him tear up over his own violence through his barbaric wars killing thousands of innocent men, women, pregnant women and children. He pretended to be pro-GLBTQ while killing innocent GLBTQs around the world through his many wars — for the thick people: gay people/GLBTQs live all over the world — which is something the shallow GLBTQ Obamabots never considered. He’s a terribly hypocritical human being. But one devoutly partisan Democratic Party disciple after the other swarmed to the white house to perform for him and/or to speak in his presence.

Other than some Latino/Hispano/mexicano musicians and actors who stand up against hate directed at inmigrantes indocumentados/undocumented immigrants/migrant workers, it seems that most musicians and actors don’t stand for anything these days. And when they do, it’s too often based on partisan nonsense, rather than being objective and what is the right thing to do. For example, if one is being objective: war is wrong. As opposed to being a partisan Democrat: War is okay when a Democrat is in office, which was/is the thinking of the Obamabots. I recently asked one shallow and superficial Obamabot about his Obama’s 8 wars and his response to me was, “Who cares!” Yet these hypocritical basura protested illegitimate George W Bush (as I did) over the same reprehensible policies.

It disgusts me whenever I see musicians of all genres and actors performing before these scum of the Earth trash politicians just because they’re on television and considered a celebrity in our shallow pop culture. I suspect many of these musicians and actors would come up with the lame excuse, “I like to rise above politics.” Translation: And stand for nothing. Just be this empty vessel as if one has been lobotomised. “I like to rise above politics” is nothing but an easy-out for shallow people where one doesn’t have to stand for anything. Politics greatly effect our lives, so this BS about, “I like to rise above politics” is just a pathetic excuse for weak people who don’t have any convictions or principles, and I can’t stand people like that. El mundo/The world needs a lot more people like pianist Valentina Lisitsa and conductor Daniel Barenboim and others that I’ve mentioned and linked to in this article. Chau.—el barrio rosa


Neil Young asks Obama to stop ‘violent aggression’ at Dakota pipeline protest

When Musicians Boycott to Protest Politics

122 musicians sign letter to president Obama about Standing Rock protests

Protest Music for the Trump Era

The musicians who refused to perform for Trump’s inaguration

Hola a todos. Readers may know that most musicians who were asked to perform for the Trump-Pence coronation/inauguration said “NO!” One-by-one they refused. Good for them. They stood on some principles. They had their integrity, self-respect and dignity.

Then there are other musicians whom I’ve lost all respect for and that’s because there was another event that was part of the inauguration where the musicians did not refuse to perform for Trump-Pence, and that’s what this article is about.

I would like to make a statement about the Presidential Inaugural Prayer Service held at Washington National Cathedral (WNC) in the District of Columbia on el 21 de enero de 2017/the 21st of January 2017:

To begin with, why is there a Presidential Inaugural Prayer Service in a nation where there is supposed to be a separation of church-religion and state? I wasn’t about to watch this Presidential Inaugural Prayer Service video just as I didn’t watch the coronation/inauguration. This prayer service should have been included as part of the “Boycott the Inauguration” movement. But that would have required possessing some principles and convictions on the part of the staff at WNC. I scanned through their video of this prayer service and saw enough of it with the sound off to comment on it. I have lost all respect for everyone at Washington National Cathedral who took part in this Presidential Inaugural Prayer Service and that’s because they stand for nothing. That is so typical of Democrats, and I suspect most (if not all) of the staff at WNC are Democrats considering that the District is a city of mostly Democrats and devout Hillarybots/Obamabots.

For this prayer service, the Nave was packed with most people wearing conservative and conformist black. It looked more like a traditional funeral. I saw members of the Military Industrial ComplexTM there, including military musicians. When did Jesus stand for the military? Jesus was about peace and love, and not about the violence and barbarism of the US Military Industrial Complex Killing Machine and its neocon Project For The New American Century (PNAC) agenda of US global imperialism and world domination. Or have the staff at WNC never contemplated this concept? With Democrats, war is only bad when a Republican is in office. I saw the cathedral clergy there including the Bishop for the District of Columbia-Diocese of Washington. The Cathedral Choir of Men, Boys and Girls as well as the two organists performed for these basura Trump/Pence. It’s disgusting that these musicians including the Choirmaster-Director of Music and the Organist and Associate Director of Music from Washington National Cathedral did not possess the integrity, the self-respect and dignity of the many musicians who said “NO!!” to performing for Trump’s inauguration, and this prayer service was part of the inaugural festivities. That’s why it was called the Presidential Inaugural Prayer Service. All the musicians who performed in WNC were performing in Trump’s presence which is no different than performing in his presence at the inauguration. And again, that’s why musician after musician refused to perform in his presence at the inauguration. I guess Trump didn’t know that all he needed to do was to contact “We Stand For Nothing” Washington National Cathedral and he could have easily had the full Cathedral Choir, organists Benjamin Straley and George Fergus performing for his inauguration, with Benjamin and George performing on a Digital Organ or piano. I found this disgusting and appalling behaviour on the part of WNC. I know nothing about George’s politics, but I know a little bit about Benjamin’s. Would Benjamin have been fired if he had taken a stand and gone to the Director of Music and told him that he would have to boycott this event? It’s doubtful that he would have been fired for that. Even if the cathedral was adamant about hosting this event to honour Trump-Pence, Benjamin could have called in a substitute organist to fill in for him as he has done on occasion in the past, such as for this Liturgy on the Day of Pentecost 2016. In fact, that substitute organist — who was superb; I loved his High Church playing — filled in for Benjamin on two occasions that I’m aware of. From my understanding, this Inaugural Prayer Service was nationally televised over the US corporate media. Did Benjamin want to play for this prayer service to get national television exposure? He has contacts in the AGO. I have no doubt that some of the substitute organists available from the AGO (the American Guild of Organists-District of Columbia Chapter) would have been delighted to play the Cathedral’s Great Organ and some of them might even be Trump-Pence supporters so they would have had no problem playing there in the presence of the Führer. Or, not being Trump supporters, maybe they too have no principles and convictions. Many people don’t, such as the Men of the Cathedral Choir as another example. But the point is, Benjamin would not have had to lower himself to the cesspool. Yet that’s what he chose to do. And the Men of the Cathedral Choir (they’re paid per call/per Liturgy) who were there for this prayer service deliberately chose to do this service. The Men of the Cathedral Choir — who have other musical engagements and commitments in and around the District, Maryland and Virginia — are “on-call” depending upon which men choristers are available for a Liturgy at WNC. In other words, they are not a permanent group of choristers. Some of the guys come and go from week-to-week. Whereas with some of the other men, I’ve seen them there for an extended period of time. It just depends. When I was watching their Liturgies, there would generally be a different group of men there from week-to-week, depending upon who was available from their roster of “on-call” choristers called “the professional singers.” My point is that the men who performed for this prayer service, chose to be there rather than boycott it. (Sigh. It disgusts me that some people stand for nothing!) I saw how the clergy and others paused to give respect to Führer Trump by smiling and shaking his hand as they recessed. The only thing they didn’t do was to genuflect to him and bless themselves. It was a disgusting spectacle. This basura Trump deserves no respect. Why respect an arrogant bully with an enormous narcissistic ego? This guy is not “all there.” He’s off the latch. He’s absolutely repugnant and a pathetic specimen of a human being. This immature man boy in an adult body who behaves like an angry, out-of-control, elementary schoolyard bully deserves no respect at all. Respect must be earned regardless of one’s position of authority or office held and Trump has done nothing to earn anyone’s respect. His low-information, know-nothing, stupid-is-in, childish supporters are just as ugly, nasty, vile and despicable as their messiah Trump from reading their comments on message forums. (Related: The Trump Cult). Some of them are proud Nazis. Some of them write about “the niggers” or “negrows [sic].” Two comments I read from the Trumpbots while writing this article read: “It’s good to have a pure Aryan in the White House” and “It’s good to have a white man back in the White House who doesn’t have a tranny wife.” (Sigh.) The Trump disciples are anti-GLBTQ and they write hateful comments about “the trannies” as you see above. The Trumpbots are full of hate. They would have lived very comfortably in Nazi Germany and they come with this Dark Ages’ mentality. They’re constantly writing comments about “libtards, libturds and DemoRATS.” They hate on anyone who is not Republican, white, with blue-eyes and with blond hair, and they make baseless assumptions about commenters they know absolutely nothing about. They are the scum of the Earth, just like their Führer.

This despicable Führer Trump was recorded back in 2005 bragging about grabbing women “by the pussy … you can do anything … grab them by the pussy.”

He said:

“I moved on her like a bitch, but I couldn’t get there, and she was married. Then all of a sudden I see her, she’s now got the big phony tits and everything.” (It’s not clear who Trump was talking about.)

“I’m automatically attracted to beautiful [women]—I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star they let you do it. You can do anything … Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything.” [Source: Trump Was Recorded in 2005 Bragging About Grabbing Women “by the Pussy”]

This is the basura they honoured/hosted at Washington National Cathedral and for whom their musicians performed. Have they no standards or sense of right and wrong at all?! This was just wrong. It was repugnant! He has made sexist and misogynistic comments, he and Pence are anti-GLBTQ, he’s talked about los mexicanos being rapists and murderers and building a type of “Berlin Wall” at la frontera/the border between the US and México. I could go on listing his despicable and vile comments made during the septic 2016 US presidential campaign. His comments are well-documented. Yet this basura was honoured/hosted at WNC under the guise of a Presidential Inaugural Prayer Service. Outrageous.

Führer Trump is clearly dividing the US in half as if preparing for civil war, and he’s heavily attacking the US corporate media which are supposed to be protected under the First and Fourth Amendments to the US Constitution. On his first day in office he talked about relaxing torture restrictions. Is torture what Jesus would do? Not from what I’ve learned about Jesus and from what I’ve heard them say about Jesus at WNC, so why was Trump/Pence being honoured/hosted in Washington National Cathedral around the same time that he made the torture comment? It was reported that the Trump-Pence regime plan to end The National Endowment For The Arts and The National Endowment For the Humanities. Yet this cathedral church (WNC) hosts these two pieces of basura. Washington National Cathedral stand for nothing; they are without convictions despite sweet-word rhetoric to the contrary. As I’ve written before and to be blunt, they are ass-eaters and boot lickers for the Establishment no matter how heinous and despicable The Establishment. Just one example: They have hosted this piece of basura (among many others) in their forum conversations at WNC:

The hypocrites at Washington National Cathedral could have stood up, stood for something, and released a firmly-worded statement that this prayer service would not be held in Washington National Cathedral with the suggestion that it be moved to the Kennedy Center Concert Hall with the entire staff of WNC refusing to have anything to do with it because of their supposed-professed principles and convictions. Ha! What principles and convictions do these Establishment boot lickers have?

At the Kennedy Center, Führer Trump could have had his Inaugural Prayer Team conduct the service which would have included Franklin Graham (the son of right-wing evangelical Billy Graham) with Franklin Graham’s long track record of anti-GLBTQ statements and frequent attacks on Muslims. Did Trump’s Inaugural Prayer Team attend the service at WNC? (Related: Here’s A Look At Trump’s Inaugural Prayer Team). The Kennedy Center Concert Hall — which comes with a fairly new pipe organ built by Casavant Frères, installed in 2012 and which could be used for a prayer service — would have been a much better venue and a secular venue for this prayer service. That’s because again (for the thick people) there is supposed to be a separation of church and state en los Estados Unidos/in the United States and this event was about celebrating the US Oligarchy/The Establishment or as Führer Trump calls it, “The Swamp” with his cabinet full of millionaires and billionaires.

What was also galling about this spectacle was to see people of various ethnic backgrounds in attendance wearing broad smiles and honouring these two far-right repugnant candidates who lost the popular vote by nearly 3 million votes that we know of. (Disclosure: I did not support war criminal Hillary Clinton and I’m not a Democrat so this is not “sour grapes” or a “sore loser” on my part as the Trumpbots like to allege.) This event should not have been held in a cathedral church of the Anglican Commmunion which claims to be pro-GLBTQ. Yet I would point out that the new Dean is a “straight” white guy, just like the former Dean and the one before him. WNC pretends/claims to stand for peace, love, equality, social justice, what Jesus taught, and other sweet word claims. Then they host this prayer service with members of the US Military Industrial ComplexTM in attendance and honouring Trump/Pence seated in the front row of the Nave. Incredible. And was that the US Army Choir I saw standing in the Sanctuary/Quire area of this Anglican cathedral?

I stopped watching the Liturgies at Washington National Cathedral at the beginning of November 2016 having become thoroughly turned off by them and what they were doing there (and probably still are) which I have written about in articles, the links of which are down the page at this link. I’m glad I’ve moved on to High Church La Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris. It’s a much better and more pleasing Liturgy at Notre-Dame (I love it! although I’m not at all religious), and I’ve not seen any military on the sacred grounds of Notre-Dame where you might actually find someone like a Jesus there. Shame, Shame, Shame on you Washington National Cathedral! Chau.— el barrio rosa

Pavel Chesnekov – “We Praise Thee” – performed by the St Petersburg Chamber Choir (Russia)

Hola a todos. Below is a performance of “We Praise Thee” from The Russian Liturgy by the Russian composer, Pavel Grigorievich Chesnokov (in Russian: Павел Григорьевич Чесноков). This piece is performed superbly by the St Petersburg Chamber Choir of Russia and conducted by Nikolai Korniev.

Chesnekov lived during the years 1877-1944, approximately the same time as Sergei Rachmaninov, 1873-1943. And because of the style and harmonies of this piece, if one didn’t know otherwise, one might think it was written by Rachmaninov.

I played this for mi amigo/my friend and his first comment was about those Russian basses you will hear. They are known as Oktavist basses which are basso profondo (from italiano) basses with an exceptionally low (on the scale) range. They are usually the older men of the Chorus and this is especially typical of Russian Orthodox choral music. When I was a chorister in Norman Scribner’s Choral Arts Society of Washington we performed Sergei Rachmaninov’s choral symphony Колокола, Kolokola/The Bells, Op. 35, in the Kennedy Center Concert Hall with (I think it was) the resident National Symphony Orchestra — as opposed to a guest international orchestra — with either Norman conducting or Mstislav Rostropovich (I forget which, considering it was awhile ago). I think it was Norman; my memory sees him conducting that. But anyway, Norman worked on having our bass section sound authentically Russian for that performance, and it did, very much like what you’ll hear in the performance below. In Chesnekov’s choral music, he focused on the bass section in his writing generally dividing the bass section into six groups with baritones being the higher-ranged voices and the deep and powerful Oktavists basses at the bottom.

This music feels very appropriate for the dark times we’re living in as we proceed deeper into Dark Ages II. Chau.—el barrio rosa