Dore Alley Street Fair 2017 (San Francisco)

Hola. Mi amigo/My friend went to the 2017 Dore Alley Street Fair yesterday. The Muni Metro (San Francisco’s subway system) was closed for some odd reason so he had to take the Muni bus. What he saw when he went to take the bus at Castro and Market Streets was “Breeder Sunday.” Herds of the usual him-tall/her-short breeder couples complete with baby stroller up and down Market Street and into The Castro. When he finally got to the fair, it was definitely different. It just wasn’t the same as in past years. He said he thinks the fair is dying because the Queer community no longer lives here — mostly because they’ve either been forced out due to techie gentrification, Ellis Act evictions, or moved because they could no longer afford to live here — so there are not as many Queer people here to attend this event. From what he could tell, very few people from The Castro went because he was the only person at the Muni bus stop waiting headed to the fair. He saw very few phones at the fair. Now that’s new. In past years, it was like a phone fair with phone zombies. He heard multiple people say that their amigos/friends had left the fair and that “there’s not much gay anything left in this City anymore.” That’s true. I’m glad some people have finally noticed. Certainly took them awhile. He had expected some sort of protests of El Hombre Naranja/The Orange Man at the fair, but there was nothing like that. There was one breeder couple around his area and he doesn’t think they were prepared for the fair and what they were getting into. She said to him (her partner): “Let’s leave, it smells like guys in here.” WTF? So they left. Good. Go away. Why the fuck did you move here to begin with?

It took mi amigo forever to get back home — again, the Metro was closed which made it much more difficult for people to get to and from the fair — and the way the bus driver was driving, mi amigo got the sense that the driver was anti-Queer and possibly giving a bit of revenge since most people on the packed bus were coming back from the fair but not necessarily from The Castro. The driver was driving at about a walking speed the entire route and there was no reason for that as well as continually jerking the bus, trying to throw people around it seemed on the packed bus. The driver refused to stop at Castro (which is a main stop) and she didn’t seem to know the route or where she was going, so mi amigo ended up walking about 2 hours (from West Portal) to get back home. Outrageous. Chau.—el barrio rosa

Why do Queers want to kill other Queers ?

The Orange Man announced on el 26 de julio de 2017/the 26th of July 2017 that transgender people cannot serve in the US Military in “any capacity.”

Hola a todos. To begin with, why would Queers (which includes trans) want to serve in the US Military Industrial Complex?

Part of the job includes killing innocent people, including other Queers, in parts of el mundo/the world for US Imperiali$m. Why would Queers want to do that? By serving in the US military, one is being an accomplice to the stealing of oil (I’m thinking about the US terrorist attack on Iraq for oil despite the lies told as the reasons for that attack; Saddam Hussein’s nonexistent weapons of mass destruction), the stealing of precious minerals of Afghanistan (I’m thinking of the US terrorist attack on Afghanistan and the lies told for that), the stealing of the natural resources of other countries per the PNAC agenda, as well as many heinous and barbaric acts of violence around the world caused by the US Military Industrial Complex. The PNAC agenda is the neocon’s blueprint for US Empire building and world domination particularly in the Middle East.

Why would Queers want anything to do with that? Or have they never considered this?

Do Queers really want to kill other innocent Queers in combat? Queers live all over el mundo/the world — including the closet cases with wives and children — and one should never assume that when one kills someone in combat that they are killing a breeder. A gay serviceperson says to himself: “Damn, I just killed another gay boy; a member of the Queer community. How could I possibly do that? What is wrong with me? What has happened to my moral compass?” Is that a question that Queers ever ask themselves in the US military? I suspect the Queer community has never thought about any of this.

All they’ve thought about is trying to be more and more like the breeders — with marriage and military being the main goals of the corporate-hijacked former Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement — and in this instance, joining the barbaric US Military Industrial Complex Killing Machine. Related: What was the ultimate goal of the Gay Rights Movement?

Contrary to “mainstream” D and R partisan thinking, being part of the US Military Industrial Complex has nothing to do with “patriotism” or “protecting the country” or “being a more full-fledged Amurrrrrrrrrkkkan” (ugly nationalism) or “protecting our freedoms” (our remaining freedoms are guaranteed in the US Constitution), or “protecting the flag” or any of that feel-good pabulum that the sheeple are fed by corrupt D and R corporate parasite politicians. Being part of the military and that macho environment has to do with US Imperiali$m and Empire building and nothing more, which partisans can’t bear to hear because they have fallen for the feel-good pabulum spewed by their corporate and imperialistic parties. And since 2000, The Terror CardTM has been the main marketing tool to keep the gullible public afraid of their own shadow in the name of “Terror, Terror, Terror” 24 hours a day. The Terror CardTM is played constantly so that the sheeple will continue in their support of a bloated military budget (pouring billions down a bottomless pit while the nation crumbles from within), their support of draconian laws, policies and the erosion of human rights and civil liberties worldwide.

What happened to Queers’ keen bull-shit detectors that they had throughout the decades of the former Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement? In those days, Queers didn’t fall for this shit. They saw right through it for what it was. Queers of the original Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement wanted nothing whatsoever to do with the US Military Industrial Complex. They/We were for peace, not the barbarism of US Empire building and world domination.

But the thinking these days seems to be: “If I describe myself as ‘normal’ and use that offensive word from the past (which implies that some Queers are not ‘normal’), and if I do my best to ‘act straight,’ and not remotely ‘radical’ in any way or ‘fem’ and try my best to be one of the obnoxious (and often drunk) breeder jock bros, maybe the straights will then accept me.” (roll eyes). Queers: please go back to being yourselves rather than this phony jock bro act many of you like to put on. And stop calling yourself “normal,” which for some guys is code for masculine. These days even with my very reliable gaydar, it’s not easy for me to tell who is Queer and who’s a breeder because Queers are trying to “act straight.” And by “acting straight,” Queers are telling the world that in their mind being straight/a breeder is the preferred sexuality, which is nonsense, otherwise Queers wouldn’t be trying to “act straight.” Have you never considered that either?

Because of our history, Queers have been through a lot with our struggles and are often more mature than breeders, which is why I find Queers who are seemingly desperate to be part of the US Military Industrial Complex barbarism quite suspect, shallow, and their thinking is not very well thought out. What happened? What caused such a major seismic shift change in the Queer community? It’s as if Queers are trying to erase their past — as if ashamed of it — and their struggles in order to be accepted by the “mainstream”/by breeders.

It seems that the main goals of the former Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement — after it was hijacked by corporatists — was marriage and military. Well, some of us Queers don’t support marriage or military because both are conservative “institutions.”

A peaceful protest at Castro/Market Streets in San Francisco

Surprisingly, there was a protest against this policy barring transgenders from being able to serve in the MIC. I say “surprisingly” because protesters were shunned, highly frowned upon and sneered at in the conservative Castro during the years of the Obama regime. I personally witnessed that. The thinking was solely partisan and the unspoken message was: “We must not be critical of our messiah Obama.” During the Obama years, I asked here on mi diario/my diary pink barrio: What will happen when a Republican is back en la casa blanca? Will the protests resume?

Estimates I saw for this protest last night were that “hundreds” showed up. It looked rather large from different angles, but after I got a closer look the crowd I saw listening to feel-good speeches mostly filled the Harvey Milk Plaza and that was it. Castro Street next to the plaza stayed open even though a little bit of the crowd spilled onto the street and down the sidewalk. It was a mix of guys and females, about half and half. It was a “scripted”/planned protest with (what I call) “canned” applause, the type of protest that turns me and others off where people applaud on cue. The “host” speaker introduced one guest speaker after the other who pumped up the crowd with feel-good pabulum. An example:

Referring to the gathered protesters: “We are very special people.” Cheering and applause.
“I’d like to introduce [Democratic Party politician's name].” Cheering and applause.

Someone gave a personal testimonial followed by applause.

It went like that. It was as if they were trying to counter something bad that had happened with positive, feel-good clichés followed by perfunctory applause. My thought about it was: Something bad has happened today yet the atmosphere here doesn’t feel like that. This is very strange. The atmosphere did not feel depressed at all to me. Odd.

When I arrived I heard a guy, a senior citizen, say to a woman, also a senior citizen, “There are more of us than there are them.” (roll eyes). Sigh. Oh lord. I’ve heard that cliché so many times. And considering his age, I would have hoped he would have known better. I didn’t hear any response from her. It’s such a meaningless cliché in this situation because “they” are the ones in power, meaning El Hombre Naranja/The Orange Man and his despicable regime. So it doesn’t matter how many there are of us when they establish the policies. Their guns are far more powerful than ours. So this nonsense about “there are more of us than there are them” is moot. It’s as ludicrous as that slogan, “Love always wins.” That cliché is best reserved for a greeting card, because I see no sign of that in reality. History shows that just the opposite is the case. More feel-good pabulum.

There were cops all over the place for this peaceful protest. As the crowd began their walk down Market Street, I left when I heard the tired and overused: “Whose streets?” Response: “Our streets.” The concept of whose streets they were/are didn’t make any sense in this context. As I recall, that chant was used during the protests against the police “back in the day.” That chant would have been appropriate if one were protesting the police, but not for a transgender ban in the military. Whose streets they are has nothing to do with this transgender ban. And if the streets were truly “our streets” we wouldn’t need to buy a permit or permission from the City government to protest. The crowd for this protest looked and sounded like the usual “scripted” protest crowd who enjoys listening to empty feel-good clichés intended to pump them up.

A sign in the window of one gay bar read, “The T in LGBT is not silent.”

In a way, the protest felt more like the Old City. It felt less heteronormative than usual with some gay guys holding hands, something I don’t see much of around here anymore. But some of us are so tired of hearing immature-sounding “scripted,” pabulum protests. I’ve been to a few protests like that — “tell the children what they want to hear” is how it comes off, and I and the people I know have no interest or patience for that — with perfunctory on-cue applause merely intended to pump up the crowd. Then the protesters begin walking down Market Street to the empty Federal Building in Civic Center at around 7pm at night during the workweek when nobody is there except the cleaning crew. So what exactly is that going to accomplish? It certainly won’t change this new policy from El Hombre Naranja.

Had Obama done this, there would have been no protests because what I heard of this protest was very partisan. Where were these protesters during the 8 years of the Obama regime? They were mostly silent (which is what I can’t stand about Democrats), no matter what Obama did — they felt they couldn’t be critical of their Obama, or they became hypocrites and approved of what he was doing even though they opposed the same policies under illegitimate George W Bush. And these protesters are still mostly silent. They only protest when it’s Queer/GTBQL-related, and something major such as this transgender ban. To my knowledge, there have been about two protests like this one in six months despite all that’s happened during time under El Hombre Naranja.

But if someone took away people’s phones/the Millennials’ phones, there would be millions and millions in the streets. But two hundred or so people aren’t going to do anything. There needs to be millions and millions. And how many of these protesters are supporting major corporations and corporate banks with their spending habits? I suspect most are. They are feeding the corporation$.

This act banning transgender people from the US military is just the beginning, probably to appease the closet cases of the regime of El Hombre Naranja. I have no doubt that the rest of the gay community is next to be banned from the MIC, perhaps soon or before the end of this year (2017). And when will this regime start coming for GTBQL couples who are married? All the regime would need to do is to get copies of marriage licence certificates, which is one of the reasons why some of us — who looked to the future of what could happen — had no interest in same-sex marriage for ourselves. Related: Breeder Marriage Proposals.

Can El Hombre Naranja dissolve all gay marriages by executive order? Can he end gay marriage in the US by executive order? One should put nothing past these basura.

It looks like Sessions is trying to salvage his job as Attorney General: Justice Department brief argues against protections for LGBTQ Queer/GTBQL workers. Chau.—el barrio rosa


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What is an Obamabot?

Eight years of non-stop confirmation hearings

Hola a todos. As you may have heard, it looks like that piece of work Sessions is on his way out as US Attorney General. Next up Giuliani (another piece of work for the next 6 months, plus or minus)? Well, it looks like 8 years of non-stop confirmation hearings under the literally-insane El Hombre Naranja/The Orange Man, because nobody can work with him. A regime of constant chaos and dysfunction, most recently including man-child El Hombre Naranja publicly humiliating Sessions on multiple occasions. Unprecedented. Tillerson, he’s Secretary of State, may be on his way out too; he’s supposedly thinking about it. He described El Hombre Naranja as “unprofessional” particularly in his approach to Sessions. I read that Priebus is on his way out as Chief of Staff en la casa blanca, although that position doesn’t involve senate confirmation.

Senate confirmation hearings are really waste-of-time, purely rubber-stamp spectacles realistically speaking. Senators — who represent corporate interests, the military industrial complex and US Imperialism — just going through the motions. Protocol. Confirmation hearings are for the conservative nominee to tell the conservative senate what they want to hear after the perfunctory and seemingly required hour-long genuflecting session to the nominee at the beginning of every hearing. One senator after the other feels the need to say: “Your distinguished worship, thank you for coming here today” (and other extended ass-eating), and “I wish to thank my distinguished colleague who hails from the great state of [fill in the blank].” Will they ever stop that bull shit? What a waste of time. You are as “distinguished” as the swamp you sit in, basura. (No disrespect intended to swamps or District residents, my former hometown: the District of Columbia). Get over yourselves, senators! Most of the country (74%) can’t stand any of you. That 74% from mayo/May 2017 refers to the congress’s (house and senate) disapproval rating.

I’d like to ask the reader: When you’re at your job, do you get such a nice rim-job every time you show up at work? Are you thanked profusely and called “our distinguished employee?” I suspect not.

The senate confirmed another piece of work, Gorsuch, to the US Supreme Court, so that pretty much indicates that they will confirm anybody — any piece of basura is now the standard — with the help of the Republican-enabling Democrats. Chau.—el barrio rosa

[Note to commenters: Please don’t type The Orange Man’s real name in your comments. I don’t care to pollute mi diario/my diary (pink barrio) with that man-child’s name. Gracias.]

What are the thousands of techie dooshes doing down in Mountain View ?

Hola a todos. Mi amigo/My friend told me he saw fleets of two-story tall white techie shuttles lined up on Market Street (San Francisco) the other morning headed down to Mountain View, the home of predatory G**gle, which owns and has ruined YT. Question: WTF are these thousands of techie dooshes doing down there to earn the exorbitant salaries they are paid? I’ve often wondered: What are they programming or doing — or are these Millennial phone addicts allowed to play on their phones at work all day and get paid for that? — when nothing changes with G**gle or YT? Other than to become worse than it was, such as obnoxious corporate ads saturated all over the place for stupid people to click on. Maybe this tech stuff is so flaky that they have to keep redoing/re-programming what they’ve already programmed hundreds or thousands of times before. It’s just that you don’t see anything changing — in a positive way — so one starts to wonder what are these thousands and thousands of tech dooshes doing down there every day?

If anyone has tried to play a video on YT for some time you know how pathetic videos play now. And the Millennial techie dooshes at G**gle are doing nothing about it. Constant buffering. You try to back up to re-hear a section and chaos occurs. What has been already buffered is completely erased and you have to sit there and wait for it to re-buffer using the pause button. No memory exists, other than maybe 1-2 minutes. There is this new half-circle thing in the middle of the screen (indicating that the video is re-loading) that keeps spinning and spinning and spinning to the point where you think the system is frozen. The video plays a couple of seconds, then stops, plays a couple more seconds, then stops, plays/stops, plays/stops, plays/stops. How many months did these techie dooshes work on that cosmetic, useless spinning thing rather than fixing YT so that it works properly even when using the HD settings (which I’ve learned to rarely use)? I usually use the 480 setting for music videos so I can see the performance and so it’s not blurry. You have to sit there on the pause button for minutes to get a video to re-load. Absolutely useless. And these Millennial techie doosh basura are paid how much annually to afford their pretentious, sterile-looking and overpriced million-dollars-plus “Luxury Designer Condos” (Dahing) and big-tank-sized status-symbol vehicles and their $10.00+ toast and coffee? Dinero/Money means nothing to them. These Millennial basura enjoy throwing dinero down on a hole on over-priced shit based in corporate greed. Los Pendejos.

Oh, and one of these “G**gle shuttles” says on the back that (if I remember correctly): “This bus removes 122 cars off the streets.” That’s a lie. That’s green-washing. Because the bus only has seats for approximately 50 passengers (2 seats per row with 25 rows on each side). During the protests here against — what’s known as — “the G**gle shuttles,” when the door was open I was able to see enough of that shuttle’s interior from the sidewalk to determine the seating arrangement and rows, and I counted approximately 50 seats. Just wanted to point that out. So I have no idea how they figure that they are removing 122 cars from the streets when the bus only holds approximately 50 people. Corporate Liars. Chau.—el barrio rosa

Closeted Gay Guy Seeking Wing-Woman

Hola. There was this personal ad in the men-for-women category on ClosetList (that’s my nickname for the site) in San Francisco recently. The ad has now expired but I found it interesting in a rather sad and pathetic way.

The gay guy who wrote the ad is in the closet. He was looking for a “wing-woman,” a female to serve as his “cover” should he be seen or found hanging out in a gay bar by his amigos or co-workers. He wrote that, “I’m into guys, but San Francisco is unfortunately a very small town and I’m not quite ready to come out of the closet.” Well, when will you be ready to come out, chico? Even as much as San Francisco has changed to where it’s nothing like the former Gay Mecca, if you can’t come out of the closet here there’s no hope for you. You won’t be able to come out anywhere. He wrote that if seen or found in a gay bar, that he would tell his friends or co-workers — as if he’s required to explain to them why he’s in a gay bar that they too are in — that he’s there with this “amazing lady” (pointing to his “wing-woman” sitting next to him). In other words, he would lie to his amigos and co-workers and pretend to be a breeder.

All of this energy put in to making up lies about himself. Wouldn’t it be easier to come out of the closet, chico? That only takes a few minutes. I think he’ll be surprised at how easy that is — should he ever come out — versus all the time and energy spent in making up stories and trying to keep the stories straight, dishonesty, deceit, lies and being a fraud. And it’s most difficult to place any trust in a person like that.

He’s another fucked-up Millennial (he said he’s 28 years old), and there’s no shortage of them.

There was a time — during the days of the Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement — when Queers moved to major cities where we could be anonymous to come out of the closet, not to stay in the closet, or go back in the closet. In a major city, who cares that some guy is Queer or what he does sexually? Nobody. But in these fucked-up days, even in major cities many gay guys can’t find it within their weak selves to be honest about who they are. They don’t have the strength to come out. In 2017, they are ashamed they are gay so they want a female accomplice with them so she can pretend to be “the gf” (the girlfriend) of Mr Closet Case. As I’ve written before, in Closetlist ads the “gf” is predictably always out of town and that’s because she doesn’t exist. So why isn’t this “amazing lady” who is posing as his “gf” out of town with all the other “gf’s” that are out of town in personal ads, huh? This guy’s ad was written as if he’s living in some small anti-Queer hick town with prying eyes instead of San Francisco.

I’d like to ask this guy: If a friend or co-worker came into the same gay bar he’s in, wouldn’t that clue him in that they are gay too? So then what’s the problem with him being there? Why any need for an explanation? What are they doing there if they are not gay too since there is no shortage of straight bars around? Would he grill them on why they are there? Breeders don’t usually make a point of going to gay bars unless they are closet cases themselves.

This guy is so obsessed with what people think, which is one sign of immaturity. One cannot control what people think; people will think what they want. His ad implied that this “amazing lady,” (that he was looking for) brought him to this gay bar and that’s why he’s there. But why is she there and not in a straight bar? Or is she a lesbian, or bisexual? If she’s a lesbian, what is he doing with her? What is she doing with breeder him as his alleged “gf” in a gay bar? Why aren’t they in a straight bar where most straight couples go? Do people not think their lies out carefully? Lying and dishonesty take a lot of work. Or is she really a “fag hag” to a closeted gay boy? Or is this more of that straight people invading/going to gay bars just like they’re invading former gay neighourhoods and giving performances in straight exhibitionism?

Apparently Mr Closeted Millennial thought of none of this when he wrote his gay shame ad and the possible questions that his amigos and co-workers could have based on the message of his ad, which was: “I’m straight and in this gay bar with this ‘amazing (straight) lady’ and I want everyone to believe that.”

The bottom line: El chico and others just like him need some psychotherapy from a credible Queer/GTBQL psychotherapist to deal with his gay shame issues so he and others just like him can feel free to go openly and unashamedly wherever they want to go. Maybe his job will pay for his therapy, no?

There’s only one answer to why you’re in a gay bar. Chau.—el barrio rosa


With Bi and Str8 guys the GF is always out of town

Holding Her Hand, GF Away

“Straights” come to the Castro to cheat

Straight Exhibitionism in The Castro (San Francisco)

“Let’s go make-out in The Castro and annoy the remaining Queers here.” Is that what straight couples say among themselves these days? It seems that way to many people. Why do breeders get a thrill out of making out in The Castro? That’s something some of us cannot understand.

Hola a todos. Some regular readers of pink barrio are probably saying to themselves about now: “Oh not this again. When are you going to get over this, pink barrio? When are you going to let this go?” Answer: Never, probably. I don’t think I’ll ever get over the annoying sight of seeing obnoxious breeders — nearly always Millennials — engaged in their Straight Exhibitionism by making out in what remains of the former gay area known as The Castro.

What do these Millennial breeders think the Rainbow Flags around here are for? Or are they trying to take over the Rainbow Flag too?

We don’t see Straight Exhibitionism anywhere else in The City or Bay Area. It’s just in The Castro, on Market Street near Castro and in Upper Market. Why The Castro? And that is why this Straight Exhibitionism makes no sense to some of us. But these obnoxious breeders absolutely love coming over here to The Castro and giving their morning, matinée and evening performances in Straight Exhibitionism, considering the number of breeder couples that give performances here.

Nearly every time we’re in or around The Castro we see it. For example, there was a breeder couple at the corner of 18th and Castro — “ground-zero” of what was once The Gay Mecca — last Domingo/Sunday afternoon (el 16 de julio de 2017/16 July 2017) giving a matinée on the corner for everyone to see. The usual him-tall/her-short Millennial couple beginning their Straight Exhibitionism display. Their performance began with a drippy make-out session right there on the North-West corner. There they were inconsiderately standing in people’s way and seemingly utterly oblivious to that. Needy-her needed attention once again and immediately so. As she gazed up at him with limpid eyes and he looked way down at her — wouldn’t it be easier if you pendejos were the same height like most gay couples?! — with droopy, limpid eyes and with a slight back and forth head shake, they began their delicate but cautious telenovela-style approach to their quivering lips for a long beso/kiss at the corner of 18th and Castro. Ugh. I WON’T HAVE IT!

The irony here is that for years breeders whined about Queers. They said, “why do ‘the gays’ have to shove their sexuality in our faces?” The reality was that Queers were not “shoving our sexuality in their faces.” We were not barging into straight areas to make-out in front of them because we knew it would not be safe to do so. But for years now, breeder Millennials have been coming over here to The Castro especially on weekends into our own little gay area (what’s left of it) in what seems to be a very deliberate and concerted campaign in Straight Exhibitionism to “shove their straight sexuality in our faces.” And some of us are fucking tired of it!

Also, as part of their Straight Exhibitionism performances in The Castro, these breeder Millennials enjoy walking down the sidewalk in their required hand-in-hand mode, again, “shoving their breeder sexuality in our faces.”

That hand-in-hand routine they do seems to be a security blanket that needy-her requires of him whenever in public, and/or whenever another guy is on the sidewalk within a few feet of her. Is insecure her of the ludicrous thinking that a gay guy is going to rush over and steal her guy from her, or does she think that another breeder guy is going to rush over and steal her from him? (roll eyes). Mis amigos/My friends have told me that they’ve seen and experienced that many times with breeder couples. Here’s the scenario: On the odd occasion, a breeder couple will not be holding hands while walking down the sidewalk. When one of my average-looking, non-threatening-looking guy friends gets closer to them while walking on the sidewalk, she (Ms Breeder) quickly grabs the hand of the guy she’s walking with — sometimes starling him — as if to signal to the guy (my friend) approaching that they are a couple. WTF? Who the fuck cares that they are a couple? Then about 15-30 seconds later after one of my friends has passed them walking in the opposite direction, he covertly looks back at them to see what she does and to observe their behaviour. They go back to not holding hands. So what was that about? What head trip is she on that she needs the security of holding her guy’s hand when another guy passes on the sidewalk? Loca. Is she that terrorised by having another guy pass on the sidewalk? What is wrong with the woman and females like her?

Also, as part of their Straight Exhibitionism, they are sometimes in their arm-in-arm mode. Most gay couples do neither the hand-in-hand or arm-in-arm routine. Gay couples are more secure with their relationships. Or, as part of their Straight Exhibitionism, they walk with his arm “cupped” around her and she’s laying her head on his chest as they walk. That’s quite a sight! I have to say that looks damn uncomfortable to me as a walking position, but they’re usually walking in-step. These breeder Millennials can also be seen standing on street corners, again in people’s way of course and seemingly oblivious. And/or on occasion as part of their Straight Exhibitionism act, tall dominant him has little submissive her — she’s never heard the word feminist — pinned up against a building in a parking lot where they are making out. So he’s bent way over trying to get to her face because of their extreme height differences. Or, they can be seen by the parking meters often exhibiting their raging hormones. These breeder Millennials often look like they just met through some sex app and are desperate to have sexual intercourse right there on the sidewalk as part of their Straight Exhibitionism performance routine. His Millennial small-to-average penis becomes difficult to hide as it’s engorged and tingling in his (usually) super-tight conformist black or gray Millennial Hipster pants with her face only reaching up to approximately his waist level when they are both standing upright.

Some local residents have remarked that they feel like screaming at these breeder Millennials: Take that back to the Marina, los pendejos! These straight exhibitionists also make out in restaurants. Some restaurant customers have complained in their restaurant reviews about them and told them to, “GET A ROOM SOMEWHERE! THERE’S A MOTEL RIGHT DOWN THE STREET!” The problem with that is that Straight Exhibitionist can’t be seen in a motel room and this is all about being seen. These breeder Millennials always seem oblivious to anyone watching them and that’s often the case with people who are into exhibitionism. But their hypocrisy is noted: It’s okay for them to shove their breeder sexuality in our Queer faces, but we Queers were/are not supposed to do the same to them.

After that breeder Millennial make-out spectacle/performance I wrote about earlier at 18th and Castro on Domingo, I saw my straight neighbour on my way home. I was feeling very annoyed and I told him about it. He gave me his thoughts. He said (I’m paraphrasing):

I’ve never felt comfortable making out with a woman anyway in this City in public. I’m just not into doing that, and particularly in The Castro for two reasons: 1. Gay guys are not into watching straights making out and some find it offensive considering The Castro is their little “gay area.” 2. I personally feel it’s disrespecting to the gay community. We straights have anywhere in the world to make out, we don’t need to do that in The Castro. Many or probably most gay couples would not feel comfortable making out in any other part of San Francisco for fear of being hassled, harassed or even being subject to anti-gay violence. I and a woman can make out anywhere so we leave The Castro to the gay community. But personally, we (a woman I’m with) prefer to make out in our homes and not out in public. We don’t need a public audience. We’re not into exhibitionism.

Well, these obnoxious breeder Millennial couples are certainly into exhibitionism. There’s no question about that. It’s surprising that they haven’t thought of setting up multiple cameras on the sidewalk with a production crew — maybe I shouldn’t say this as I don’t want to give them any ideas — and video record their Straight Exhibitionism performances and then upload them to some “porn” site and get off on it, as much public attention as they seem to need and demand.

But gracias to my straight amigo. I found his comment very respectful, as I expected from him.

Queers don’t have the same freedom to go over to Pacific Heights, North Beach or Fisherman’s Wharf or the breeder Marina or any other area of San Francisco and have the luxury of making out without fear of being harassed, hassled and/or subject to violence and/or hearing some anti-gay bigot scream at us: “TAKE THAT BACK TO THE CASTRO!” And I should point out that we Queers can be harassed in The Castro and Upper Market by anti-gay bigots. That’s been happening lately as the Straight Exhibitionism breeder basura continue to move in and take over, and some of them make anti-gay and anti-trans remarks. A couple of months ago, I was walking behind two guys (my gaydar told me they were gay) in The Castro/Upper Market. They started holding hands, and as they did so one of them did what I would do: He turned around and looked back to make sure it was safe to hold hands. Good idea, because San Francisco is not what it was.

Before that performance at 18th and Castro, I saw what looked like to me a Millennial gay guy (closeted?) holding the hand of what looked like to me a Millennial lesbian — but they were pretending to be a straight couple — as they walked down Market Street.

Moments later, I saw another (closeted?) Millennial gay guy, according to my reliable gaydar, walking down Market Street holding hands with a Millennial female, and they too were pretending to be a straight couple.

Then just before that breeder spectacle at 18th and Castro, I saw another Millennial couple in all-white clothing. They looked like tourists, or maybe they were from conservative Walnut Creek? It was clear to me that he was a gay guy despite him holding the hand of the blond female with him. As I passed them, I looked at him and thought: “Who do you think you’re fooling Queer boy by holding her hand and pretending to be a straight couple?” What I saw was another closet case. Maybe he came over here to check out the guys out of the corner of his eye while she wasn’t looking under the guise of, “Let’s go support the gays.”

I later told mi amigo/my friend about all of this. He said: That’s why I don’t like going into The Castro on Domingo/Sunday because of the obnoxious Straight Exhibitionism breeder Millennials making out, as well as the heteronormative gay closet cases. I just get too annoyed.

Earlier that same day, mi amigo told me he saw an unusual scene: another Millennial Straight Exhibitionism couple. He said both were on their phones while making out. They were kissing but both had one arm extended so they could still see their phones while kissing, which is critically important to phone-zombie Millennials. Their phone has replaced their life.

I was wondering: Is this Straight Exhibitionism happening in West Hollywood (WeHo) or Silver Lake in Los Ángeles? I would think so. Why wouldn’t it be? The last I read from down there, Queers were gradually leaving WeHo as breeders were invading and disrespecting their gay area too. Sounds very familiar. So some Queers were/are moving to Long Beach. Here’s what’s happened to Chelsea in New York City (Manhattan): The Death of a Gay Neighborhood, Murdered by Neo-Hetero-Homophobes.

Another observation: On a well-known business review site owned by the techie/venture capitalist dooshes and known for its fake/paid reviews, I’ve certainly noticed all the pictures of breeder couples (they’re usually cheek-to-cheek) for their profile pics. And often, they don’t live anywhere near here. They’re from Tennessee, Texas, New Zealand, the District of Columbia, Vermont and elsewhere. Maybe it’s just me, but I fail to understand why someone who doesn’t live here (as in from another state or the District) would be gushing with 5-stars over a restaurant in San Francisco and writing these article-length reviews to promote a business in another city (and 3,000 miles away on the other coast) that they supposedly have no financial interest in. I suppose some of these reviews could be legit and if so, that could explain some of this Straight Exhibitionism some of us are sick of around here.

Some locals — including myself and mi amigo — think that many breeders come to The Castro to cheat on someone. They do so because they think that The Castro would be the last place that the person they’re cheating on would look for them. The thinking being: “Let’s go fuck in The Castro. My wife (or husband) would never think of looking for me there.” Fin./The End. Chau.—el barrio rosa


I Don’t Go To The “Straight” Marina. So Why Do “Straights” Come to The Castro?


Our US culture worships females with 36-24-36 measurements, but often can’t bare to look at them.

Hola a todos. As the reader may know, we live in a very prudish society here in The Cesspool/Los Estados Unidos/the US. A society very afraid of seeing the human body, and especially women’s breasts — it’s as if no one has ever seen women’s breasts before and deeply fear them — and so many people have body-image issues. “Cover up, cover up, don’t show any skin,” and that’s especially true for guys.

I was reading an article about some women going topless at a beach on the East Coast en Los Estados Unidos/the US only to be hated on by most people — except for young guys — because the women were showing their breasts, including the ever-feared nipples. Horrors! Imagine having to see nipples! Nipples of all things! And as usual, the (conservative) prudes screamed, “WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN?” Well what about them, prudes? Is a child harmed in any way by seeing the human body and in this instance, two breasts on a woman’s chest? I. Don’t. Think. So.

Get. A. Grip.

I would like to remind people that children are born with a “clean slate.” Children are born without any prejudices of any kind, without any hang-ups and without any “issues” that twisted adults have been brainwashed/programmed with. If a child’s mind hasn’t already been contaminated by some prudish so-called “adult,” and if the child even notices a woman’s breasts, the child would see her breasts no differently than the child sees the nose on her face, or sees her arms or any other part of her body. Until a child has been programmed/taught by some uptight, prudish, messed-up humans with body image issues that it’s “bad” or “naughty” (roll eyes) to see a woman’s breasts, the child will have absolutely no problem seeing the breasts and will think nothing of them. When children look at men’s breasts there is no big deal at all about that. And in some cases, “man boobs” can be bigger than women’s boobs.

I saw my grandmother’s breasts a few times by accident as a child when she was staying with our family on occasion and changing her clothes. Seeing her breasts didn’t have any negative effect on me at all. They were just rather large breasts. No big deal. But that changed when she scolded me — as I happened to walk through the room she was in on my way to another room — and she told me not to look at her when changing her clothes. That was a big mistake on her part. It backfired on her. By her scolding me, it made me more curious and made me want to look at her. If she had said nothing, I would not have been curious. But because she said something about it and didn’t want me to look at her, I wanted to see whatever it was that she didn’t want me to see and was so off-putting. And that’s the way children are. So it’s the children in adult bodies — the screwed-up parents and/or grandparents with body-image issues and/or who see parts of the human body as entirely sexual or “naughty”/bad — who have the problem with this. So all of this nonsense about “what about the children?” is just a pathetically lame excuse used by septic prudes so that they, the so-called “adult,” don’t have to see boobs because they have been brainwashed to think that “boobs are ‘naughty.’” As if boobs are only connected with sex. And the same twisted people often think that sex is bad. The so-called “adults” are the ones who have a problem with seeing boobs because of their messed-up upbringing. It’s as if most women are ashamed of their own breasts and their own body.

I’ve never found women’s breasts particularly attractive — but I have no problem looking at them — especially in sex video scenes where the female’s boobs look like two floppy balloons hanging down off of her. I don’t find that a sexual turn-on at all. But breeder guys do. They’ve been brainwashed that they are supposed to be into boobs and vagina, whether or not they find boobs or vagina “hot.” To be considered “normal,” breeder guys have also been indoctrinated that they must be into having oral sex with vagina, although that’s a real turn-off for some breeder guys because they say it’s like licking a toilet seat because the vagina is located right next to the anus. And these breeder guys say: “Yuck, nasty.” Breeder guys often call a woman’s boobs “her rack” as a sexual turn-on. So again, breeder guys think they must be into boobs and vagina in order to be considered “normal.”

Why do most people become prudes after they have a child?

That’s the way it seems. After someone has a child they become a rather conservative prude, even though they may call themselves “a liberal.” Well, these days, people call themselves anything whether it has any basis in reality or not. But these people weren’t a prude before they started squeezing out babies. They seem to forget what they did in their past and now want to forbid their child from doing what they did. They’re call Hypocrites. Why was it all right for these so-called “adults” to do what they did in their past, but it’s not all right for their child to do the same? And you tell a child that s/he shouldn’t be looking at something and the child will be even more curious about it.

Some people should not be parents frankly because they don’t have a clue how to be a parent, and I’m not talking about love here. All they do is pass down generational prejudices, body-image and sexual hang-up issues and prudish beliefs that they’ve been brainwashed with from their parents. These are some of the same people who start spelling sex words when talking with their close friends and when their child is around. It’s as if these parents don’t think their child will be curious what their parent is spelling. For example, the parent will say to a close amigo: “We f-u-c-k-e-d last night while watching that s-e-x video you loaned us.” The child then might ask: “Daddy, what are you spelling?” Had the dad just said the word “fuck” and “sex” to begin with he wouldn’t have been questioned by the child. Parents fail to understand that when a child does not know the definition of words (such as the meaning of the word “fuck” or “sex”), the child will not know that the word “fuck” or “sex” is any different than the word “table” or “book,” nor will the child give any special attention to the word “fuck” or “sex” in the sentence because, again, neither word has any (special) meaning to the child. But we have no shortage of clueless, moronic parents in our US society. And if the child already knows the meaning of the words “fuck” or “sex,” then he’s already way ahead of you prudish mommy and daddy, if you get my point. Many children learn about sex and sex language very early, from their amigos, from school, and what they happen to overhear from their parents when their parents are not sanitising themselves in front of their children.

And I would also like to point out that these prudish parents are often some of the same basura that call themselves a Christian. These fake-Christians — they’re often what I call “Navidad/Christmas and Pascua/Easter Christians” meaning they only show up at church twice a year — say that their Christian God made the human body and that God is perfect. Okay, hold that thought. I’m going to expose some gaping holes in your Christian theology. Apparently they think their God made something “evil” and “naughty” because they are so terribly afraid of seeing women’s boobs and nipples that their God made, according to their beliefs. But men’s boobs and nipples are perfectly acceptable for children to look at. Again, the hypocrisy is noted. And people are not born with clothes on to “cover up” what their “perfect” Christian God made. So, why are these fake-Christians so terribly afraid of seeing what their “perfect” God made? Hmmmmmmmmmm? Obviously they think he made something bad/”naughty” and that’s why they fear children looking at the human body that they believe their perfect God made? Again, their hypocrisy is noted. I would think fake-Christians would like to show the wonder, “the miracle” that their God made known as the nude human body, rather than desperately wanting to cover it up from head to toe as if it’s “evil” and “naughty.” What is it about a woman’s breast that is so off-putting and that “we” can’t show it in public? Is it the thickness, the density, or the ever-feared nipple? Or how big the discoloured circle is around the nipple? Is it the colour of the breasts and the woman who is attached to the breasts? Ah, maybe. When National Geographic publishes articles about Africa, they are perfectly fine with showing brown and black breasts hanging off of women (nipples, circle and all!) But when we’re in The Cesspool/the US or an Asian country, no breasts are ever shown. Extremely Taboo in the Prudish US of Hypocrisy.

Well, I have absolutely no patience for prudes. None whatsoever. Prudes are part of what is wrong with the US. This is such a backward, puritanical nation. So afraid of seeing what “their Christian God” (according to them) made in what they erroneously claim to be “a Christian nation.” Ha! I’m tired of reading frequent headlines about some woman who had a “wardrobe malfunction” or “her dress was too revealing” and other nonsense. I never hear the same said about guys, that “his shirt was too revealing” or that “he had a wardrobe malfunction.” I read a headline the other day about a woman who was breastfeeding and some busy-bodied prude interrupted her by asking, “Could you please stop breastfeeding your child? You’re making many of us uncomfortable.” Well that’s your problem/issue do deal with isn’t it? If breastfeeding is making someone uncomfortable, that’s the prudish problem of the person who is feeling uncomfortable. Not the mother who is breastfeeding.

Then there are the prudes that want to “cover up” public statues showing the naked human body. It’s a statue people. Get. A. Grip. What harm is that statue going to do? And if you don’t want to see the statue, pivot your prudish head in the opposite direction. Can you not do that? But what is most often the case with these prudish trash, is that they stand there with their hand over their gaping mouth and their eyes bugged-out while they stare and stare and stare at what they claim they find offensive/repulsive. Well, what they’re staring at for minutes at a time must not be that “repulsive” to them since they stare at it for such a long time, probably to get a good mental image of it so they can go home and think about it when they’re masturbating. And how much “porn” do they look at online?

This reminds me of when we had the ugly and hateful campaign for the ludicrous city-wide nudity ban in San Francisco — which was approved by the way — because of a few nudists (1-5 people occasionally, including some women) in San Francisco’s Castro, the former Gay Mecca, and a barrio/neighbourhood with a long history of occasional public nudity. I should also point out that the campaign for the city-wide nudity ban was led by what remains of the now very conservative and prudish Queer/GTBQL community in San Francisco’s Castro. I observed some gay guys sneering at and bullying the few nudists in Jane Warner Plaza at Castro/Market Streets. Those gay guys had forgotten or didn’t even know their own Queer history and the Queer history of the former Gay Mecca with its public nudity. If one didn’t know any better, one would think these bullying gay guys had just gotten off a plane from some conservative backwater cesspool by observing their immature and obnoxious behaviour. And the stuff the conservative basura were making up about the nudists was absurd. They wrote of how “repulsed” they were with the nudists and how they saw “semen coming out of the penis of the nudists.” Oh lord. How’d you happen to see that? Well, they must not have been that repulsed by it if they were able to get such a microscopic, close-up look — did they stand directly in front of the nudist and look down at his penis and examine it for semen ? — and keep staring and staring and staring and staring to supposedly see semen or pre-semen coming out of his flaccid penis? None of which was true of course, but the conservative basura are well-known for their outrageous fictional stories they create whenever they hate on something (and they’re constantly hating on something; they couldn’t even exist if there were not some person to hate on), while they watch hours of internet porn looking at women’s breasts, as well as penises oozing and ejaculating semen, and other sexual interests. One of the local conservative merchants, the prudish owner of a certain well-known store in The Castro that was here all during the Gay Mecca days, said she didn’t want her granddaughter seeing naked people when she was coming home from school. Then move witch! (No disrespect intended to genuine witches). There are planes leaving San Francisco daily. No one is forcing prudish you and your granddaughter with your absolute fear of seeing the human body to live here. You would be much more comfortable in some backwater cesspool conservative hick town.

Should guys start wearing bras to cover up their breasts/their “evil” nipples? Hmmmmmmmm? A woman’s breasts are no different than a guy’s breast other than the woman’s breasts are generally larger — but not always — and they either protrude or sag. Because a woman’s breasts protrude that makes them “evil” and “naughty” and causes prudes to fear them? Loco. Yet another double-standard here in the Prudish US of Hypocrisy. I would like to think that maybe one day in some future decade this prudishness will all disappear. But I’m a realists, and I don’t see that happening. Instead, I see the Prudish US of Hypocrisy going in the opposite direction and heading towards Dark Ages II.

For example, while completing this article I read the following:

“The Wedgie Bottom Is the Summer’s Most-Controversial Bikini Trend”
(roll eyes) It seems that the prudes in the US have something else to complain about when it comes to seeing the female human body. They are not happy with the “wedgie” bikini bottom. It’s referred to as a “cheeky bikini bottom” that’s in this Summer (2017). Apparently some females are wearing a regular-cut bikini bottom and scrunching it up into “cheeky area” (gasp!) and this disturbs the prudes enormously, even if she is 36-24-36. Their prudish eyes are unable to look anywhere else but that woman’s buttocks. As I said, we’re heading towards Dark Ages II rather quickly. Chau.—el barrio rosa