Marketing Pussy to Gay Guys

Hola. The idea that “sexuality is fluid” is heavily promoted by gay conversion sites to market pussy to gay guys. Most unfortunately, “sexuality is fluid” is also being promoted by at least one Queer site that I know of, as well as some conformist, mainstream sheeple Queers who mindlessly regurgitate stupid clichés they’ve heard or read, such as “sexuality is fluid.”

“Sexuality is fluid” means that a person can change his/her sexuality, or that a person’s sexuality changes without the person having any control over it. As I said, gay conversion sites say that “sexuality is fluid” in order to promote their anti-gay agenda of encouraging gay guys to “turn bi” or preferably “turn straight.” The “Sexuality is Fluid” Card is nearly always used in a straight-superiority, anti-gay context to promote breeder sex including pregnancies without the responsibilities that come with pregnancy ever mentioned.

I recently asked everyone I could think of if their sexuality had changed over the years. Each person I asked looked at me as if I had egg in my hair, and as if they thought I were crazy. They shook their head and said, “No, why?” I explained to them that some people with an anti-gay agenda are using the innocent-sounding cliché “sexuality is fluid” to encourage gay guys to “turn bi” or “turn straight.” According to the gay conversion sites, because “sexuality is fluid,” all a gay guy has to do is to start watching only “straight porn” and then “find the right girl” to fuck pussy for the first time. Then, after “getting pussy,” he will realise what he’s been missing all of his life (you think?), he will have experienced the “ultimate satisfaction of pussy” (roll eyes) and he will become a “pussy hound” and “give up his gay life and put that Rainbow Flag away.” Sigh. Breeder brainwashing. Of course the gay conversion sites never mention that many, if not most, gay guys started out by fucking pussy in high school — due to peer pressure — when they were still in the closet so it’s not like they’ve never done it before. After which, they quickly ran to dick because they knew they were into guys.

I ran this “sexuality is fluid” bull shit by my straight neighbour. His reaction was a combination of rolled eyes followed by “oh, good gawd! Are you serious?” He’s told me many times how he wish he were gay because of his many problems with women especially in their emotional department which is something that these gay conversion sites rarely-to-never talk about. To them, it’s all about “getting pussy.” Very shallow. Well, there are many other things in a “relationship” with a female than just pussy. My straight neighbour told me, “Pussy is not all that it’s marketed to be. It’s really over-hyped by our society; it can be satisfying but so is jacking off, and each woman is built differently so fucking pussy does not always feel the same. If the couple is fucking in the missionary position, it can be exhausting for the guy having to hold himself up by his arms. All she does is lay there. I know from experience.”

I was on a bisexual guy’s blog recently. He’s a genuine bi guy — and not one of the thousands of heteronormative gay guys lying about their sexuality and calling themselves “bi” instead of gay — when they have zero interest in females — to try to sound more straight. I’m specifically talking about the overwhelming majority of gay guys with gay shame on CL (ClosetList) in men-for-men sex ads regardless of which city it is, from San Francisco to Manhattan/NYC. The bisexual blogger wrote: “It seems there’s no shortage of gay guys who fantasize about not being into men anymore. If you’re looking for that trip, look elsewhere.” Sad. I was pleased to see he’s not part of the agenda of converting gay guys to being bi or straight. He used the word “trip” as in head trip or fantasy. That’s a good description. Now in fantasy, people’s fantasies can be literally anything since people have all kinds of fantasies — including fantasies about changing one’s sexuality, I suspect — but that doesn’t at all mean that someone wants to act out their fantasies and try to change their sexuality in their real life. I’ve heard some gay guys say on occasion that they had the most bazaar fantasy to the point where they were critical of themselves for having it, and after they came they asked themselves “WTF was I thinking about?” As if it were so twisted and unacceptable to them in real life. Personally, I think fantasies are usually best left as fantasies because rarely does a fantasy play out in real life exactly as the fantasy plays out in a person’s main sex organ: one’s brain. Trying to play out a fantasy in real life can most often turn out to be a disappointment. I sometimes think that most ClosetList ads are purely fantasy and for pic collecting (to jack off to) with most people having no intention whatsoever of hooking up. Because “send pics, or expect no reply” is one of the most common requests in sex ads.

The main reason I’m writing about this is because unfortunately some Queers/GTQBLs have already adopted this “sexuality is fluid” bull shit, and I’ve not seen it mentioned or used solely in any fantasy context. Yes, some Queers are already mindlessly falling for it without thinking it through and the consequences. For example:

I read a comment — supposedly a true story — on a message forum from a lesbian who got drunk one night and she came onto and had sex with her best friend (a straight guy) but did not understand why she did that. He didn’t understand why she came onto him either and he asked her “Are you sure you want to do this?” After the fact, she seemed to be asking for advice on the message forum she posted on. The comments to her from other conformist/mainstream Queers were: “Relax, just remember that sexuality is fluid.” Ugh. Sigh. Not one person said anything about the drug alcohol and the drastic effects it can have on people’s behaviour. To my fellow Queers: Why don’t you think before you speak and show your stupidity and/or ignorance? It was the drug alcohol that caused her to be a different person, not her sexuality, you idiots. The next day when she was sober, she was at a loss why she had sex with her best friend. She’s that dense too? Obviously it had nothing to do with “sexuality is fluid.” El mundo/The world is going insane in case one hasn’t noticed. Has she never heard what can happen to people under the influence of the drug alcohol? She’s never heard that people can become completely different people under the influence of alcohol? Sigh. Well, stupid is in. On the gay conversion sites with their “anonymous” testimonials gushingly thanking the blogger (“can’t thank you enough for your blog”) for their site, the drug alcohol is frequently mentioned in the scenarios or made up stories involving some gay guy supposedly being hit on by a girl at a party or in a bar and then intoxicated him having sex with her and miraculously “turning bi or straight” overnight. It should be pointed out that many, if not most, guys who are drunk can’t even get a hard-on.

If the Queer/GTQBL community falls for this “sexuality is fluid” bull shit as a unified group and promotes the idea that one can change one’s sexuality or one’s sexuality changes on its own, then we can kiss our Queer rights — the ones we still have — goodbye. Fin. The End. Period. And that’s likely the intent here. The anti-gay closet cases of the far-right and these gay conversion sites with their anti-gay agenda will say, “There’s no need for Queer rights because Queers can turn straight. They even admit it!!!!!”

And with that, we’ll be right back where we started from Day One decades ago at the very start of the original Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement with the sheeple thinking that, “Gay people choose to be gay,” as the ultra-conservative/far-right proudly-ignorant trash have claimed for decades. They will smugly say, “Well even gays themselves after all these decades have finally admitted that they can change; they call it ‘sexuality is fluid.’ So, since that’s a fact (they will say) why don’t they just ‘turn straight?’ Problem solved. The gays will have any and all rights they want with straight privilege.”

Any thinking person should be able to see where this is going.

For the closeted gay guys who fell for the marketing of pussy, in recent years in San Francisco the one thing some of us have noticed are the gay closet cases who are married to females who have moved to San Francisco. (I think they are the techie trash, but I’m not positive). They keep breeding, such as the very fem closeted gay guy on my street and his wife and screaming children. My straight neighbour talked with the guy briefly and told me it was obvious to him that the guy is a closeted gay guy with a wife and children. Yes of course, following The Family Breeder ScriptTM per our heteronormative society’s dictates. But there are multiple children living/screaming over there for all the neighbourhood to hear. It’s most curious that these breeders moved to San Francisco’s Castro-Upper Market area, the former Gay Mecca. Did they move to this particular area of The City so he could more easily cheat on her and “get some dick” on the side as “Mr Totally-Closeted, Discreet and Down Low?” Presumably they keep breeding so that the closeted gay guy in this breeder couple can prove his masculinity and to show just how “straight” he is to his jock bro buds. The thinking being: “The more babies you pump out means the more straight you are.” And lately we’ve been seeing so many pregnant breeders, and she’s showing this huge beach ball-sized stomach completely uncovered. Don’t the prudes in The Castro who can’t stand to see any “skin” have a problem with that? Doesn’t that somehow violate the city-wide nudity ban where everything has to be all covered up? If it were a (gay) guy with his shirt off, some busy-body would likely call the cops. And most of the time, these breeder females are pushing a Millennial black baby stroller. They just can’t get enough of being pregnant (they love the attention), squeezing out babies and over-populating our planet to the number of: 7 billion, 5 hundred million PLUS as of this writing. Our planet can only handle a little over 1 billion people in a rationale and sane world. But people don’t talk about that much. Chau.—el barrio rosa

The Orange Man’s Assault on Queers and others

Hola. On el 6 de octubre de 2017/6 October 2017, the US Department of Injustice issued a major assault on Queers/GTQBLs, women, people of various ethnic backgrounds, and other minorities — anyone surprised? one shouldn’t be — by giving a Religious Freedom Directive (RFD) to federal agencies. Simply put: this is justifying discrimination of people on the basis of one’s religious beliefs, a belief in the Floating Cloud Being.

This Religious Freedom Directive (RFD) makes Queers and others second class citizens under the law.

Some examples: Federal contractor can now deny services to Queer people. If an agency is receiving federal funding or even their individual staff members, they can refuse to provide services to Queer children in crisis. An agency receiving federal funding can refuse to place adoptive/foster children with Queer/same-gender couples, including transgender couples. An employee of the SSA (Social Security Administration) because of his/her religious beliefs, can refuse to accept or process spousal or survivor benefits paperwork for a surviving Queer partner/spouse.

According to the RFD, all that an ultra-conservative, far-right, anti-Queer bigoted person has to do is to claim that his/her religious beliefs/freedom have been violated and that overrides any concerns for the civil rights of Queer people and any discrimination against women and — let’s tell it like it is — people who are not white (with blue eyes and blond hair?). Some so-called “experts” are saying that this new list of required guidelines for federal agencies is so extreme that one should expect very wide-ranging lawsuits to be filed against the US Oligarchy. Yeah well, that doesn’t really mean anything in the end. The injustices on the US Supreme Court will likely side with hate and The Orange Man’s regime and the hateful and draconian basura/closet cases within.

When the regime of El Hombre Naranja/The Orange Man dreamed up this nonsense, the Department of Injustice presumably consulted extensively with religious and political groups who have a history of opposing protections for Queer people, but they didn’t consult with any Queer rights organisations specifically, from what I read.

Not surprising, this RFD from the Department of Injustice has already received the expected glowing praise from ultra-conservative/far-right “lawmaker” basura and some religious organisations, (those who charade as Christians?). Meanwhile, some civil rights groups have spoken out that the RFD — from the basura who runs the US Department of Injustice — gives people the right to discriminate against the Queer community and others.

For the few people among us who have been paying attention to things important — that would exclude the vapid, lobotomised and conformist phone/F***book-addicted Millennials as well as much of the conformist Queer/GTQBL community — one already knows that The Orange Man’s regime has already come out with numerous draconian policies to take women and the Queer community back decades (think: the 1950s or before). For example, The Orange Man’s regime have already rolled back the federal birth control mandate, and have reversed work place protections for trans individuals.

As is most typical with closet cases, the closet cases of The Orange Man’s regime — with their internalised gay self-hate — despise Queers. They couldn’t make that more obvious. By comparison, breeders who are comfortable with themselves and their own sexuality don’t behave in this anti-Queer way. Neither do intelligent people who see people as people regardless of their ethnicity or gender.

It’s most hypocritical — but hypocrisy is what this regime is all about — that this despicable and un-Christian-like regime would exploit Christianity for their septic agenda. None of these trash are Christians. They just pretend to be. They’re disgusting Christians frauds, like so many other Christians who are Christian in name-only. For example, The Orange Man’s church on Sundays is a golf course. Like many other Christian frauds, El Hombre Naranja is what’s known as a “Christmas and Easter Christian” meaning he only shows up at church — for photo-op purposes — on those High Holy days. Although I would suspect that he doesn’t know what a High Holy day is, frankly. This man-child-bully is damn stupid. One wonders how he was able to get where the got in life, before he became occupant of la casa blanca/the white house. From what we’ve been told about Jesus (“the Prince of Peace”) Jesus would want absolutely nothing to do with any of these scum of the Earth closet cases of The Orange Man’s regime and would resent them exploiting Christianity for their septic agenda.

As I’ve said many times since the s-election of El Hombre Naranja by the electoral college (and no I didn’t support Hillary), his and his sidekick’s agenda is to take The Cesspool/the US/Los Estados Unidos back to the 1950s, if not before (think: nazi Germany). And the rabid, stupid-is-in trash who continue to support him and lick his boots don’t deny that. Some people — including some Queers who occasionally get off their adult pacifiers (their phones) and lift their eyes up from billionaire-owned F***book — are finally realising this too, it seems.

If this were the days of the now-dead Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement, there would be millions of Queers in the street protesting. But this is a very different time now than those days, in part, because our former gay meccas have become breeder meccas. Queers are now spread all over the place and are not in any one central gay mecca place to have the most effective impromptu protests. (Also, protesters are highly frowned upon by the conformists of the Queer community, which I would say is the majority of the Queer community.) That was one of the very major benefits of having a gay mecca. Also, today is a time of absolute conformity, to wear black and grey, be a mindless phone-bot, to adamantly support and help make more billions for billionaire-owned so-called “social media” (even though one has no genuine social skills), it’s a time to keep watching that screen to see who “friended” you or “unfriended” you (because that’s ultimately important in one’s life, isn’t it?), or to see who liked a picture of your lunch that you uploaded (something critically important like that), or who liked the many selfie pics you uploaded. Ugh. What a fucking sick, phone-addicted society. If only people would get off their phones — even occasionally — look up from that screen glued to their hand, and do something meaningful with their pathetic life (learn a musical instrument, for example), we would have a very different and more positive society today, I suspect. But of course, I’m not holding my breath that that’s ever going to happen. Not from what I’m seeing.

Did you hear about this: Just in the past 48 hours, El Hombre Naranja told the corporate media that “this is the calm before the storm.” When asked what he meant by that, he said, “you’ll see.” Does that mean that this insane bully man-child is going to launch a nuclear strike on North Korea killing millions of innocent people? One should put nothing past him or the basura around him. Chau.—el barrio rosa

The Orange Man’s regime says employers can fire people because they’re gay

Hola a todos. Well this should surprise no one considering the increasing rate of insanity here in The Cesspool/Los Estados Unidos/the US. History repeating itself. I’ve written about that. Back to the 1950s, if not before. I’ve written about that too. Although most people don’t seem to care. (They’re more interested in shallow and superficial US pop culture shit and their precious phones). The Orange Man’s devout stupid sheep want to go back to living in nazi Germany and they don’t deny it when that’s written about them. I guess one has heard that El Hombre Naranja/The Orange Man says that employers can fire people because they’re gay, and the US Department of Injustice is currently working to make it legal for employers to fire people because of their gay sexual orientation.

I know some (many?) shallow and easily duped Queers fell for El Hombre Naranja during the septic presidential s-election campaign just because the bully-man-child held up a Rainbow Flag. That’s all it took. Although he held the flag up upside-down (red goes at the top, not purple) and I pointed this out to some of his alleged-Queer supporters — or were they anti-gay breeders pretending to be Queer to get more Queers to support him? — and these supposed Queers rushed to defend him by saying, “I didn’t know the flag was held upside down and that doesn’t matter; I don’t know the correct order of the Rainbow Flag colours either.” You don’t?! You say you’re Queer and after all these years you still don’t know the correct order of the colours of the Rainbow Flag? Yes, stupid is in. But that stunt from The Orange Man was all that was needed for some gullible Queers to fall in line and lick his boots. It seems that many Queers/GTQBLs unfortunately retired their keen bull shit detectors to the closet that they had during the Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement. These days they seem to fall for anything, especially if the politician has a “D” (for Democrat) next to his/her name.

As I and a few others have said from Day One, El Hombre Naranja has a draconian agenda of taking The Cesspool/the US back to the 1940-1950s, if not before, with the gay closet cases he surrounds himself with. So it comes as no surprise to me when I read that The Orange Man’s regime — specifically the US Department of Injustice — said that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 does not protect Queers/GTQBL’s in the US from being fired because of their sexual orientation. This is a complete reversal from the policies of previous occupants of la casa blanca/the white house. It also speaks to the gay closet cases — including their closet case evangelical supporters — within this repugnant regime, because breeders who are secure with themselves and their own sexuality would not have such policies. It is typically gay closet cases who hate on and bully Queers in order to hide their own Queer sexuality and deep gay shame.

The Department of Injustice has previously filed multiple amicus briefs arguing against Queer protections.

The reason this came up, in part, is because of a lawsuit where a skydiving company is being sued after a former instructor alleged that the company fired him because he was gay. The Second Circuit Court of Appeals in New York (consisting of 13 judges) is to debate whether the 1964 Civil Rights Act — that prevents discrimination based on gender — can also apply to sexual orientation. In the meantime, the Department of Injustice has argued that sexual orientation does not apply, meaning that discrimination against gay employees is completely legal.

“Employers under Title VII are permitted to consider employees’ out-of-work sexual conduct,” an attorney from the Department of Injustice told a federal court. “There is a common sense, intuitive difference between sex and sexual orientation.”

WTF does that mean?

This attorney also said that employers are allowed “to regulate employees’ off-the-job sexual behavior,” basically implying that they can discriminate against employees for adultery, promiscuity or sexual orientation.

My question: Who is going to “regulate the employer’s off-the job sexual behaviour?” One’s sexual behaviour is no business of an employer. And of course we all know that breeders are never promiscuous. Look at all the breeders on CL looking to fuck around on the side. And what about Mr Pussy Grabber? Who’s monitoring his “off-the job sexual behaviour?” How often each day does he grab the pussy of las mujeres/the women en la casa blanca?

Again, another example of the US of Hypocrisy.

A separate US government department also appeared in court to oppose the Department of Injustice, saying that Title VII of the 1964 act did provide protection to gay employees.

This case could end up in the US Supreme Court. I can take a guess how that would turn out, can’t you?

The sky diving instructor who brought the lawsuit against his employer has since died as the lawsuit has progressed, but his partner and sister are continuing his case for him.

This is why — and especially now — we need Gay Meccas, but sadly we don’t have them today. I hope I don’t need to explain that. Much of the Queer community has abandoned their own gay areas of major cities as breeders have pushed Queers out. The Queer community got all cocky and deluded themselves into thinking that “everyone loves gay people now.” Bull shit. Does everyone remember when some delusional fools in the Queer community were going on about “gay is now mainstream; gay people can live anywhere.” Yeah. Uh huh. Fucking idiots. See how well that works out for you as a gay employee, especially in the bigoted anti-gay south of the US. I saw my straight neighbour while writing this and told him about it. He said he would think it unlikely at least at this time, but it wouldn’t surprise him considering the crazy things happening these days if a company in now-conservative San Francisco tried to pull this and fired an employee because of his gay sexual orientation. Wouldn’t surprise me either. Chau.—el barrio rosa


Going back to the 1920s and beyond

More back to the 1950s: Gay guys marrying females in droves. Sad.

The US flag protects a diversity of opinion? Wrong.

Hola a todos. I don’t pay any attention to sports, so I wasn’t aware that some corporate, major league sports players were still kneeling during the US national anthem. Good for them! I thought that had stopped. I’m assuming readers know what I’m talking about.

You may remember that El Hombre Naranja/The Orange Man called the white supremacists in Charlottesville (Virginia) who killed an innocent woman, “very fine people.” But he called these Black athletes who are kneeling in protest on sports field during the national anthem, “sons of bitches.” He’s so very “presidential,” isn’t he? [sarcasm intended]. And recently, at least one white player (Bruce Maxwell from Oakland) joined the Black players in protest. Good for him!

What prompted this article was that the Editorial Board of one of the major corporate US East Coast news sites wrote an article titled: “This is what the flag stands for, mr president.” They had “mr president” in initial caps. I have it in all lower case to denote a complete lack of respect for the current occupant of la casa blanca/the white house. I wish this Editorial Board had done some very basic research before writing their article because they exposed their ignorance. A bit surprising that an Editorial Board of a major corporate site would be so ignorant about the US Constitution. Although these days, I guess one should not expect better since stupidity and willful-ignorance are fashionable. In their article, they confused the US flag with the US Constitution. One thing they wrote was: “the real way to respect the American flag is to respect the diversity of opinion it protects.” (Related: The US is not “America”). The US flag does not protect a diversity of opinion. The US Constitution does that through the First Amendment. The US flag does not protect anything. The US flag is a piece of cloth with designs on it. It’s merely a symbol, and today the US flag represents disgusting and rampant US imperialism worldwide, the maiming and killing of innocent people worldwide, the destruction of sovereign nations, the removal of their politicians who are not in lockstep with the US neocon’s Project For The New American Century (PNAC) document/agenda, and the stealing of the natural resources of other sovereign nations, and currently, the daily bullying of el mundo/the world and its people — major league sports teams as of this writing — by an utterly incompetent, deranged and insane child in a man’s body who’s ultimate goal is to be a despot. All of this and more from this cesspool of a country, the US/los Estados Unidos, that pretends to be “a Christian nation.” Ha! The US is a nation of Christian frauds. Christian phonies. Christians in name-only. Jesus, known as the Prince of Peace, would be appalled at the Christian frauds in the US today — including D and R corporate politicians — engaged in the exact opposite of what he taught. He would also be appalled that this country claims to be “a Christian nation” while it engages in very anti-Christian policies, such as the PNAC agenda. It seems that all of these politicians and their very devout partisan supporters missed this commandment:“Thou Shalt Not Kill” while they pretend to be a Christian. And the Orange Man’s “church” is a golf course. He’s another despicable Christian fraud. And he recently bombed Libya for the first time since he’s been in office. How very Christian. The US of Hypocrisy is what this country should be called.

But back to the US flag. I wish people would/could get as worked up and emotional about the US Constitution as they do about some flag and the national anthem. But it’s so much easier for stupid (many likely illiterate) simpleton sheep to only be concerned about symbols (a flag) than all of those big words in the US Constitution. Do they even know what the US Constitution is? I suspect many, if not most, don’t. That corporate Editorial Board I mentioned earlier didn’t seem to know much about it. When the barbaric US Military Industrial Complex sends troops to kill innocent people around the world based on cooked-up lies, contrary to the usual pabulum spewed by the US Oligarchy, the troops are not “fighting for or to protect our freedoms” because our freedoms are already guaranteed in the US Constitution. No nation can attack or destroy our Constitution. Nor are the troops “fighting for democracy” because the US doesn’t give a fuck about democracy in its own country, let alone anywhere else on the planet. The US and its corrupt D and R millionaire politicians are solely concerned about their own financial interests based in corporate greed. Nor are the troops fighting for any of the other emotional, warm and fuzzy, feel-good lies and pabulum that these corrupt D and R corporate parasite politicians spew to get the gullible sheep/public to fall in line once again with yet another fraudulent scheme so that these corrupt politicians can make more millions/billions of dollars (war profiteering) off the lives of other people in other countries and the stealing of their natural resources for US Empire building and world domination (PNAC).

As for the US national anthem, why is that played at sporting events to begin with? Answer: To instill nationalism in unthinking, gullible, stupid sheep. Any moron can stand up in the stands holding a US flag or engaged in that “hand over heart” routine. Ask these fake-patriotic fools about the US Constitution and you’ll get a blank stare. “The US Constitution? What’s that?” Why is the US flag dragged out at corporate sports events covering the entire field? Purely for US military recruitment and to instill ugly nationalism in the sheeple. As I’ve written before, the US national anthem glorifies war (“bombs bursting in air, rockets red glare”) and tacky nationalism. Musically speaking, aside from beginning with an A Flat Major arpeggio, it’s poorly written making it difficult to sing because of the extreme vocal range required. By comparison, the British national anthem, “God Save the Queen,” is a much better and more dignified anthem, and it’s in hymn style. It has a much narrower vocal range. The text of “God Save the Queen” does not celebrate militarism, but rather the sovereign/monarch.

The stupid-is-in mainstream sheep attending corporate sporting events get all emotionally worked up over the national anthem standing there with their “hand over heart” nonsense, although I suspect the majority of them don’t even know most of the words. They stand and mumble it — or remain silent — while feeding their face with junk food in the stands and mindlessly chanting “USA! USA! USA!” Basura.

Consistently, it’s the weak and ignorant among us who get so wrapped up in nationalistic symbols such as the flag as well as the national anthem. Instead of flying the US flag, people should fly the US Constitution, what remains of it after the Bush and Obama regimes began shredding it. And under El Hombre Naranja/The Orange Man, the shredding job on the US Constitution continues.

If must one display the US flag (again, which protects nothing including a “diversity of opinion”), it should be displayed/flown in the “nation in distress” mode — since we are clearly a nation in distress — where the flag is turned upside down. One could actually walk on, stomp on and/or burn the US flag and it would do absolutely nothing to harm this cesspool of a country.

If you want to hear a really good national anthem, here’s an arrangement below. Up above, I mentioned the British national anthem, “God Save The Queen.” (Composer Thomas Arne wrote the music). This arrangement is by the late Sir David Willcocks. He needs no introduction. He wrote this arrangement for the Royal Wedding (Charles and Diana) which comes complete with a descant on the second verse for the trebles/choir boys. Here’s the performance of that from the wedding with St Paul’s Anglican Cathedral Choir, The British State Trumpeters and the cathedral’s Great Organ. It’s a glorious arrangement, especially the second verse. The US national anthem doesn’t even compare! Chau.—el barrio rosa


I Support Colin Kaepernick

Expect The Orange Man to serve his full term

Gay Men Glorify War and Nationalism

The Queer Equality March began with the US National Anthem? WTF?

The British Royal Baby Factory

The Folsom Street Fair 2017 (San Francisco)

Hola a todos. Mi amigo/My friend went to the Folsom Street Fair as he always does.

As expected, because of how San Francisco has drastically changed, the fair has also changed. The fair is now half lesbian, a quarter Queer boys and a quarter standard mainstream fair attire. The original fair during the Gay Mecca decades was a leather, Queer boy event. Mi amigo said the breeders were also there in force early-on with their mandatory in-your-face make-out sessions — yes, it indeed seems to be a #1 requirement with the breeders that they make-out wherever they are; needy, “high-maintenance” and extremely insecure-her needs her hand held and demands his attention 24/7 — and there were breeder guys fucking pussy without a condom. There was a large crowd gathered around a guy fucking a female in the ass. But after awhile, the boring and bland breeders left the fair (good! go away!) and the Queers took over. At that point, it became more like the original Folsom Street Fair. But the Queer boys were only a small fraction of the fair, he said, as opposed to being the majority during the long-gone Gay Mecca decades. In fact, historically there has been something at the fair called the dog pin, which is where gay guys act like dogs. This year, there was a dog pin for females, in addition to the pin for the guys. He said that two-thirds of the people there had come there to be glued to their phones. He noticed that when people walked through the fair together in groups, each person had a phone in their face. Did most of the people there see the fair? There was lots of police presence the entire time — why? — and it was extremely hot.

I was in The Castro around the time that the fair was wrapping up, and from what I could tell quite a few guys from The Castro had gone to the fair. One of the original naked guys was walking around (good to see him). I had seen him the day before when I was there. I checked people’s reactions to him, considering past experience with the few naked guys. No one seemed phased by him which was good to see. We still have our silly city-wide nudity ban (although the Folsom Street Fair is excluded from the nudity ban), but the piece of opportunist political basura who authored the ban no longer lives here. His ass is in Sacramento, although I still unfortunately see his face here on occasion so I take it that he kept his condo (Dahling) here. I did see something that annoyed me. There were two attractive/hot young Queer boys in just jock straps walking down Market Street after the fair. They crossed the street at the next intersection. Well, there was this mother with children crossing at the same time. She saw these two Queer boys in their jock straps and being Ms Prude she felt the need to crane her neck nearly off in the opposite direction of them so that her prudish eyes would not have to see them. (roll eyes) Again, the Queer boys had jock straps on. Ms Prude can’t deal with seeing guys in jock straps? WTF? I’d love to have asked her: I’m just curious, how did these children with you happen to come about? With the assistance of a turkey baster or artificial insemination? Because I can’t imagine anyone desperate enough to fuck prudish you, nor would a fucking prude like you ever open your legs to get a dick in there quite frankly. Ugh. I can’t stand fucking prudes. Fuck off! Did this prude not know the history of The Castro before her prudish ass moved in here? Or is she one of these assholes who have worked to sanitise The Castro to make it the way she wants it as so-called, “Family-Friendly” (which means it’s like any other area of the City. One might as well be in The Breeder Marina). She could have moved anywhere in el mundo/the world where breeders already owned the place and where one rarely sees an openly-Queer/GTQBL person. But no, Ms Prude had to come here to help the conservatives erase our Gay Mecca. Other than Ms Prude, the Queer boys got no disapproving looks or hate that I saw. In fact, I noticed some guys smiling at them in approval. In that sense, it felt more like the Castro of the Gay Mecca years, at least at that moment. Chau.—el barrio rosa

The Millennials: The Generation with a Dress Code

Hola a todos. I can’t think of any generation that’s had a dress code with required colours, can you? The Millennial Zombies are one of the strangest generations of people to walk the Earth. What happened to them in their development to behave as they do? To be clear, I’m not talking about all Millennials. I’m talking about the majority of Millennials I’ve seen and had the unfortunate experience of interacting with in San Francisco.

The Millennials were born between the early 1980s and the mid-1990s to early 2000s as ending birth years. From what I’ve seen of Millennials in San Francisco, the following best describes them: Vapid, lobotomised, cold, unfriendly, phone-zombies, unable to say “excuse me” or even speak in the slightest to someone they don’t know (were they also born without vocal cords?), they come without social/people skills and are adamantly conformist. They dress as if they’re part of a large cult with a very strict required dress code of wearing all black from head-to-toe, or black and grey. It’s surprising that they don’t paint their faces black or grey. Maybe none of them have thought of that. Will that be their new fad shortly? They are very afraid of colour. They look ultra-conservative, very conformist, dreary and depressed/emotionally-down in their appearance. They may have been told that they look “chic” and “modern” in all-black, but that’s just retail marketing bull shit to sell drab-looking clothes to gullible people. They may also live under the illusion that “black is slimming.” That’s a myth/head trip from the moda/fashion industry. The people I’ve seen in all-black look just as big/large in all-black as they do in any colour. I almost think people look larger in black to tell you the truth. Mi amigo/My friend said the same. With the Millennials, I’d be depressed too if I wore black and grey every day. I never wear either dreary and drab colour. From my research, some of these all-black-clothing bots consider it their “uniform” (their word) and they like that because they put on the same clothes every day. (I hope they wash them occasionally). They say that they don’t have to think about what they’re going to wear — is that really that pressing of an issue for most people? — because it’s always the same every day. Sorta of a mindless thing. That would get very monotonous and boring. Upon reflection, monotonous and boring also describes the Millennials.

I researched this but couldn’t find anything on it. I was wondering what idiot started this stupid fad that Millennial Zombies must wear two colours (black and grey) and only those colours in order to “fit in” and conform. Why is it so important to these depressed-looking phone zombies to be seen in all-black? I was just wondering who started this — or was it a word-of-mouth fad — and when did it start? Anyone know? It’s been going on for a number of years now and in conservative San Francisco today it’s pretty intense. This City used to be full of colour. But today, most people wear black and grey, even in the baking hot sun during a heat wave. With Millennials, to them conforming is more important than any concern about having a heat stroke by wearing all black in the baking sun. Conform. Obey. Wear Black and Grey. When did the idea of being an individual become such a bad thing specifically with these Millennial Zombies? I was just wondering if anyone knows when this nonsense started and by whom? San Francisco used to be an “anything goes City.” It’s not like that now, and I speak from experience. It’s now a very judgmental and conformist City; the opposite of how it used to be. One can be not-so-subtly bullied here for wearing something other than conformist black and grey. And I speak from experience on that. That’s happened to both me and mi amigo/my friend. That’s how important it is to these shallow and superficial wealthy basura who have moved here in recent years. With the continuing invasion of breeders taking over The City and the former gay mecca (The Castro) now being a Breeder Mecca, also comes very judgmental and hateful breeders who now think they own the place. And they don’t mind letting other long time residents know what they disapprove of. They’ve come here with a sense of entitlement and arrogance, and with the intent of changing The City — as they have already done — and disrespecting our neighbourhoods and cultures and changing them to the way they want it. These self-righteous and self-entitled assholes don’t care whom they offend. I’m talking specifically about the techie dooshes and their millionaire-billionaire parasitic companies. Mi amigo said: “The more the macho jock bro straights take over, the more hate and bullying one sees and a rise in crime and that’s been the case in every place I’ve lived.” Yes, during the Gay Mecca days, this was not the case in The City. The Gay Community watched out for each other and itself. Not today. That’s all gone. Today, the Gay Community’s #1 priority is their toy: their phone. They don’t see the City they live in, or where they’re going, or a potential mugger. All they see is that screen glued to their hand nearly 24 hours a day.

The Q, the shopping network, heavily promotes black and grey clothing. In fact, that’s often pretty much all they do promote. Countless times I’ve walked by my television and said to myself, “drab black and grey.” And their over-sized female show hosts look just as big in all-black as they do in any other colour they wear on the odd occasion. Along with their mortuary-grey with white trim set, most of the clothes they sell are all-black or black and grey. The dominant colours worn by their show hosts and guests are all-black (head-to-toe) or black and grey. I’d say the ratio is about 90% black and grey and 10% beautiful colours. In fact, one of their guy show hosts was on yesterday. I’ve never seen him in all-black, but he was wearing all-black yesterday. Black pants and a black shirt. Just got back from a traditional funeral perhaps or headed to one after work? Mi amigo/My friend pointed out that all-black clothing fuzzes out their cameras and depending upon the design of the clothes (narrow black and white stripes particularly), the cameras create a zebra effect which can give the viewer a false impression that there’s a rainbow effect in the clothing item they’re selling at the time. In other words, even expensive network cameras have trouble with all-black or black and white stripes.

I’ve also noticed that some older people — including senior citizens — have adopted this funeral-black/mortuary-grey clothing get-up, presumably to “fit in” with the conformist herd. But overall, older people — who are more secure with themselves? — seem to enjoy wearing pretty colour.

If someone happens to know the answer to my questions, leave a friendly comment, por favor. Gracias. Chau.—el barrio rosa

Oh and by the way: To the stupid Millennials (pedestrians and cyclists): How do you morons expect to be seen by motorists and the intelligent and respectful cyclists out there in your all-black or black and grey clothing get-up at night with no reflective clothing on you or any lights on your body? Get a clue: Black and grey do not show up at night, assholes, even with street lights. Are you that stupid that you don’t know that? Again, conforming is more important to these insecure jerks than their safety. Loco./Loca. And I suspect you’ll be shocked and wonder “why?” when your ass gets hit by a car or a cyclist because no one can see your ass.

As I’ve often said, there has got to be something in the water in the US and worldwide to cause all the insanity, stupidity and stupid people we’re seeing, especially here in The Cesspool/the US/los Estados Unidos. I recently learned there is something in the water and speaks to the insanity we’re seeing. The (drinking) water worldwide is contaminated with plastics as well as pharmaceuticals from people’s bodies. Check this out:

Plastic fibres found in tap water around the world, study reveals
Exclusive: Tests show billions of people globally are drinking water contaminated by plastic particles, with 83% of samples found to be polluted. We are living on a plastic planet. What does it mean for our health?

Sea salt around the world is contaminated by plastic, studies show

The Haves versus the Have-nots in San Francisco

Self-entitlement. Self-entitled homeowners and parking in San Francisco

Hola a todos. We have a lot of wealthy (Millennial) trash in San Francisco today. They act like assholes. Terrible people. No one I would want to know. Self-entitled and self-absorbed millionaires and billionaires. The Bay Area is now known as Billionaire Bay. For some reason, when I think of trash, most self-entitled and elitist homeowners in San Francisco come to mind. That’s because many, if not most, homeowners in San Francisco live under the illusion that just because they own property that somehow entitles them to have special rights, including giving them the authority to dictate to others in the neighbour where they should and should not park on their street. The arrogance!

There are some good homeowners in San Francisco, but not many. I’ve known one or two over the years.

Mi amigo/My friend showed me another note he found on his vehicle this week from the same homeowner(s), the two families with the consecutive addresses, who had previously left other notes on his windshield. Mi amigo has an older vehicle. I suspect if he had a new, bougi, expensive “Keeping up with the Joneses” type vehicle that this wouldn’t even be an issue. In this case it’s a class issue. Here’s the note he found on his windshield:

“We are two families with kids [no punctuation] If you are going to park here for 4 days [no comma] park on the other side of the street ! There was plenty of parking on the other side when you parked here – Be considerate of others” [no period]

My response to that note: The gall of some people! Does “be considerate of others” mean that your(the homeowner’s) vehicle should have been parked there instead of my friend’s? Your being “two families with kids” is your problem — never heard of birth control/the pill/condoms? — and completely irrelevant to permitted parking regulations in San Francisco. You should have considered your family, your “kids,” and your parking situation before moving here. You should have educated yourselves about the extremely tight parking situation in this City. You did not make a very smart decision as breeders. Your family situation with “kids” is moot and does not afford you special rights to parking on the street or dictating to other residents where they should park. Anyone can park on the street for as long as they want (per designated parking regulations), and they can park where they want and not where you think they should park, assholes. Understand, basura? I have no patience for basura. You can confirm our parking guidelines with the SFMTA. They will be glad to educate your self-entitled ass. Parking on a street based on which home has a “family and kids” occupying it is irrelevant, moot, a non-issue in San Francisco. But your glaring arrogance and ignorance is noted. This is so typical of these new elitist and self-entitled wealthy asshole residents who have moved in here and who live under the illusion that they have special rights and are somehow better than other residents. So take your own advice assholes: Please be considerate of others. I’d suggest you move your elitist ass out of the City. I think you would be far more comfortable in some backwater cesspool as you continue to breed in an already overpopulated world, and blame others for your fucking stupidity. The arrogance of some people!

The curious thing about this situation is that mi amigo told me that he thinks the homeowner(s) who continue to leave harassing notes on his windshield complaining about him legally parking on the street is the large house with the double-car garage.

According to San Francisco parking regulations, one is allowed to park in one parking spot for a maximum of 3 days/72 hours. Mi amigo has a Residential Parking Permit for his area of The City on his vehicle and he follows the requirements that come with that. He had been parked in that location for 2 days (not 4 as they claimed) because he had taken a short trip out of The City 2 days ago and parked there when he got back the same day. Just like with El Hombre Naranja/The Orange Man, the wealthy always have to lie when trying to get their way. The homeowners lied about the 4 days. As I said, if he had a Rolls or some other bougi, pretentious, elitist, status-symbol vehicle, these homeowner trash wouldn’t be whining about his vehicle being legally parked there. Chau.—el barrio rosa


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