PrEP: Gay guys like giving money to Big Pharma

PrEP has become code for bareback sex.

Hola. Well clearly many gay guys like giving la plata/money to big corporate pharmaceutical empresas/companies. I previously wrote about this topic here (Taking PrEP is an excuse for barebacking). I’m seeing more and more gay guys writing personal sex ads that read, “looking to BB and on PrEP.” But that’s not what we’ve told PrEP is for. The GLBTQ organisations have lied and told the gullible public that “PrEP is one of the tools” GLBTQs have to help prevent HIV. That implies that other “tools” are being used, but from what I and others are seeing that’s not the case. PrEP is THE ONLY so-called “tool” guys are using. But the dishonest GLBTQ organisations with their cushy, elitist bloated executive salaries like to lie and deceive people and give the false impression that los muchachos are also using condoms in addition to PrEP. They’re not from what I’m seeing, and that’s the big lie about PrEP because I’ve seen no evidence of condoms being used with PrEP by anybody anywhere. On the site I call ClosetList where guys are looking to bareback. They specifically say they are “neg and on PrEP.” I read those ads all the time and not one ad has said anything about condoms or safer sex. If they don’t specifically say bareback/BB in their ad along with the word PrEP, some guys show a picture of them being fucked without a condom. I’ve noticed that recently some guys seems to be taking the more covert approach by describing themselves as a “PrEP bottom” but the words “safer sex and condoms” are no where in the ad. I think that “PrEP” has become code for bareback. Some “PrEP” guys say they’re looking to be fucked by a “neg top,” but that doesn’t mean anything. Many guys have been pozzed by so-called “neg tops.” What idiot would assume that a el chico is neg just because he says he is. (Damn, we have some stupid-assed gullible people in our society).

The GLBTQ populace—Queer boys especially and some los chicos/guys who pretend to be “bi” but who are really gay and who think “bi” sounds more masculine so they call themselves that—like giving la plata/money to corporate Big Pharmaceutical companies, and they’re doing so by taking expensive PrEP.

PrEP is an excuse to have unsafe sex. That’s the bottom line. And most people don’t seem to give a fuck what harm they do to their bodies by being on this strong drug indefinitely which has to be taken every day for it to be at its most effective. People are willing to take the risks. The same risks they take by being on PrEP because one can still get pozzed (get HIV) by barebacking even being on PrEP. PrEP is not 100% effective against HIV and by taking PrEP (which is extremely expensive), the person is generating more la plata/money for the corporate big pharma company that makes it. I guess that doesn’t bother anyone either. And then we have some scum of the earth conservative corporate parasite politicians who have received campaign la plata/$$$$ from the manufacturer of PrEP (that’s technically called a bribe I believe) and the politicians want to say “muchas gracias” to the company for their campaign contribution(s) so they do so by getting as many GLBTQs on PrEP as possible. The unspoken message being: You can all now bareback if you take expensive PrEP and make as much profits as possible for this Big Pharma corporation.

My Question: Why are people’s insurance companies paying for PrEP? Guys don’t have to bareback. PrEP is a “luxury drug” so why are insurance companies even paying/allowing guys to be on this expensive drug?

Also, anyone on PrEP has to have this bank of blood tests taken regularly (every 3 months or so) to check to see if one’s kidneys and bone density (along with other bodily problems) are being damaged by this harsh drug. Barebacking is worth the risk of damaging one’s kidneys and other possible side effects?

In the past, the message that was sent to GLBTQs and heterosexuals was: Use a condom and/or have safer sex. The new message is to take PrEP and bareback, and we’ll try to deceive the stupid public by using this “it’s one of the tools” bull shit.

There’s a conservative political parasite basura in San Francisco who has been pushing PrEP and of course this political parasite has also been regurgitating the lie about PrEP being “one of the tools” we have. He’s a thoroughly sleazy and shady corporatist and just repeating the big corporate lie. It’s time to stop the lies and deceptions about PrEP and what it’s used for and how it’s being used. But I know that’s not about to happen because lies, deceptions and corruption are “in” these days. Chau.—el barrio rosa


While Rare, Drug Resistance After Contracting HIV on PrEP Can Occur

2 comments on “PrEP: Gay guys like giving money to Big Pharma

  1. D8

    Who wants to go to “the doctor” every 3 months like clock work and get blood tests done? With this drug people really become like HIV patients because of all the doctor’s appointments and blood tests. That’s all part of the money racket too.

    I agree, it escapes me why insurance companies are paying for this drug that is not mandatory for people to do. LIke you say it’s a luxury. Some expensive instant gratification pill to take. I’ve read articles about this on other sites and the guys interviewed gave lame, cop-out rationales for why they couldn’t have safer sex or couldn’t put on a rubber “in the heat of the moment.” I guess I’m different than these guys. A red light goes off in me if I’m getting to a place sexually that I know to be unsafe and I stop regardless of “the heat of the moment.” With a lot of these guys I get the sense that they don’t want to get HIV but if they do oh well. With others, I get the sense that a part of them does want to get HIV but another part of them does not so there’s this internal conflict with them. With other guys, they give these mealy-mouthed lame excuses of why it’s important to them that they be on prep.

  2. Alejandro

    Hoooooooola, muchas gracias for this. I’ve seen the same ads you’ve seen. You should have read what I read the other night – this dude said how prep has made him feel good about being gay. WTF? A drug makes him feel good about being gay? Get therapy – you have issues chico !!!!!!!

Fin. The End.