Most would walk comfortably into gas chambers, as long as they have their phones

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“Wake Up, San Francisco!”

Hola a todos. I wanted to make mention of the protest outside the Castro Street Muni Metro Station at Castro and Market (Harvey Milk Plaza) in San Francisco on Viernes/Friday afternoon, el 12 de mayo de 2017, at 5.00pm.

“A protest at Castro and Market?” you ask? How is that possible? Yes, hard to believe, isn’t it? Protests were rather common at Castro and Market in the Old City. And with this protest, it was the Old City residents of roughly 12 people. That’s all?! Uh huh. The protest had to do with (from their flyer): “the firing of Comey … an Escalation towards Fascism!…Trump and Pence Must Go! Demonstrate every night until they’re gone! In the name of Humanity, we must refuse to accept a fascist United States of America. Drive out the Trump-Pence Regime. NoFascistUSA”

That’s the major language on their flyer. The flyer also lists a protest for Berkeley, “The People’s Trial of Donald Trump”, scheduled for el 13 de mayo de 2017/the 13th of May at 12.30pm.

At least they tried. The protest at Castro and Market — and I was there well after 5.00pm — consisted of approximately twelve (12) people. That’s it. I’m sure they felt very frustrated that there was so little interest. This was during rush hour and most phone-zombies were coming out of the Metro mostly wearing their drab and conformist funeral-black and gray “uniform” clothing that one sees often around here (afraid of Rainbow Flag colours?) with their electronic leashes/their adult pacifiers (their phones) perfectly placed in front of their face. Surprisingly, they haven’t yet grown a third-arm just for holding that phone in their face 24-hours a day. I can’t imagine having to hold my arm up in one position most of the day; that would be so tiring, as well as causing some physical problems I would think. I was standing there watching the phone zombies come out of the Metro and I thought to myself looking at them: I think most of these people would walk comfortably into gas chambers/concentration camps, as long as they have their phones. I’m serious. Pathetic. (People didn’t behave like this when they used only PCs. They were not addicted to PCs. They didn’t have to check it every 5 seconds). A few people took the flyers that were being handed out, but most didn’t give a fuck. They starred at their screens. And sadly, this is what I’ve come to expect from The now Conservative and Apathetic Castro. And it was this behaviour that told me that this City was moving to the right many years ago. Because this behaviour is the exact opposite of the proud and radical activist behaviour of the Gay Mecca days where residents of The Castro would pour onto the Metro to go downtown or down to the Financial District/The Embarcadero for a major protest. Today, with the conservative Castro, protests are frowned upon, even sneered at. Such a drastically different barrio/neighbourhood today of conservative corporatists.

I expected no protests during the Obama years because I assumed that The Castro felt that they couldn’t be critical of their messiah Obama, “one of their own” with that “D” next to his name. So I had wondered: When there’s a Republican in office again as el presidente, what will The Castro do? I had suspected they would still remain silent, just as they are doing. (There was one small — by San Francisco Old City standards — protest that ended up in The Castro the night after El Hombre Naranja/The Orange Man was selected by the electoral college but lost the popular vote by at least 3 million votes that we know of. But I’m not aware of any protests since then nor have I seen any flyers for any.) The only things that matter to The Castro are partying and the biggest distraction device ever created for humankind: that fucking phone that the masses get sucked into and are completely addicted to. Clearly the addiction is stronger than the strongest drug known to humankind. That’s the way it appears. Nothing else matters to them when they’re sucked in to that phone. Phone zombies will stand in one place on the sidewalk — obliviously standing in people’s way — for hours hunched over and sucked into that screen. Or they’re walking into people because whatever silly-nothing is on that precious screen they can’t possibly take their eyes off. Pathetic phone zombies.

Before the unfortunate arrival of the phone which distracts peoples/phone addict’s lives in so many ways, San Francisco had a national reputation of being a major activist-protesting city having thousands in the streets for most protests, even for impromptu protests. That’s how much this City has changed into a playground for the super-wealthy that does not protest. You might ask, “Where were the young people?” On their phones. There were some young people going in and out of the Metro but they were oblivious to this protest because they either had that phone at their ear or in front of their face. I did see one younger Asian guy helping to put up flyers on Castro, but other than that, the general age group of this protest of approximately twelve people was roughly 50-80 years old, most in the “senior citizens” category, and didn’t I see one person with a cane? Sad, but at least they were out there. Clearly they were the “Old City” residents who are still here. This New Lobotomised Techie City has no interest in any protests. One of their chants was, “Wake up San Francisco (to the encroaching fascism)…” When I heard that chant I thought to myself: Amigos, you have your work cut out for you. This City is in a deep corporatist coma and is not about to wake up any time soon, if ever. As long as they have their phones (their sex apps, their text messages, their “social media” to help techie billionaires and billionaire venture capitalists make even more billions). As I wrote recently, “social media” is the headquarters for people with absolutely no social skills. Chau.—el barrio rosa

P.S. I should have mentioned one younger female who was protesting. She was standing at the Muni bus stop around the corner from the Harvey Milk Plaza where this protest took place. She was holding two small signs of a pink triangle. Just standing there all by herself.

UPDATE: El 14 de mayo de 2017/14 May 2017: Hola. Because the protester’s flyer said they would be out there “every night” until the Trump/Pence regime was gone, I went back to the Milk Plaza the following day near the same time. There was no protest taking place and there was no sign that a protest had taken place the day before. I saw no flyers for it, so perhaps the Neighbourhood Nazis had torn down the flyer. Considering what The Castro has become, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if there’s not a sizeable group of gay supporters of the anti-gay Trump/Pence regime in The Castro. They would be some of the same people who have ruined The Castro and sanitised it and connected with a certain well-known conservative business in The Castro. After that, I walked down Market Street to Church Street as I had done the previous two days, just to see how it was. It was rather dead out those two days. It was even deader on Sábado/Saturday early evening. Odd. Mostly a few Queer boys walking around. It was pleasant. UNTIL: I crossed the street to start coming home. On the south side of Market things began to change. Waiting to cross the street at one intersection I saw two examples related to what I previously wrote about (More back to the 1950s: Gay guys marrying females in droves. Sad.). I saw two Millennial breeder couples. The guy in each couple looked Queer to me and I have no doubt about that. Both guys looked like all the other Queer boys around here. With one of them, the female he’s dating or in a relationship with was wrapped around him. They were in the required hand-holding mode. Then, needy-her demanded his attention and wanted the back of his hand pressed up against her back and she was reaching around her back pressing his hand firmly into her back. It was the most awkward thing I’ve seen a couple do in some time, and he was looking at her as if thinking “why do I have to do this?” (Yeah, that’s what I was wondering, and why are you with her, Mr Closet Case?) Yet another Millennial closeted Queer boy pretending to be straight. Ugh. Go get me started! After that scene, the breeders started flowing in. They started coming into The Castro in their !Conform/Obey! “wear black and gray” uniform. Just 15-20 minutes earlier on the other side of the street I had been thinking “how nice it is that there are no breeders around holding hands and making out in front of me.” Yeah well. I saw another Millennial walking down Market Street towards Church and he was wearing black leggings/tights, black shorts and a black jacket. All black. !Conform/Obey! “wear black and gray.” I was wondering why he didn’t paint his face black too since he’s another Millennial zombie obsessed with black? Of course he got on his phone for a few moments while waiting for the light to change. “Must check that phone! Critically important.” As I got to Castro/Market it was getting uncomfortable for me with the him-tall/her-short breeders coming in all looking the same with their mandatory hand-holding. The theatre was doing yet another Disney sing-along for the breeders and their children. I knew it was just a matter of time before I saw a few make-out sessions, so I left. But overall it was dead out which is very strange for a Sábado. And to be objective, I mainly saw Queer boys most of my walk which was nice and at least while I was there the breeders were in the minority fortunately. I enjoyed my walk, at least the first half of it. The south side of the street was the downer. It’s odd how things can change around here in minutes depending upon which side of the street you’re walking on. I told mi amigo/my friend about this, and he said, “yeah that side of the street is becoming more populated with breeders for some reason.” Also, the new Luxury (Dahling) apartments that are currently leasing in that area, are still leasing. ¿Qué?/What? How can that be? You mean they haven’t all been “snapped up” as the corrupt liars of the Real Estate Industrial Complex like to say. But I thought these fucking conformist (techie?) Millennials — I can’t stand most of them! — were so desperate to live here to help continue to ruin the City, no? So why then aren’t these over-priced — around $4,000.00 plus/month for some small white/gray sterile-looking cheaply-built dump) advertised as “Luxury apartments” (Dahling) already leased? Affordable housing is not being built here because this New Conservative San Francisco only wants wealthy people living here as the divide between the haves and the have-nots gets even more extreme. Only housing for the wealthy and super-wealthy are being built. And of course, it’s all called “Luxury” Dahling. So pretentious. Basura. And so many of these cheaply-built over-price apartments and condos look like the inside of corporate offices. Just absolutely sterile. Nothing at all homey or warm about them. But apparently that’s what these shallow and superficial Millennial basura are into. Most of them have no taste in anything that I’ve seen. They love funeral-black and mortuary gray, and boring/bland white. Chau.—el barrio rosa

3 comments on “Most would walk comfortably into gas chambers, as long as they have their phones

  1. castro local

    read your update. that’s like my experience. that’s the thing about the castro & market st, you never know how it’s going to be, and it can change within minutes.

  2. E in Sunnyvale

    This is truly a sad commentary not only on SF, but on the millenial generation (the bulk of SF’s newer residents). They simply don’t give a shit. An entire generation has been so manipulated into conformity. Obey – at all costs.

    I guess that’s what happens when you live in a f*cebook echo chamber.


  3. D8

    Gracias for this. I wouldn’t havve known anything about it if you hadn’t written this. Sorry to hear such a small turnout but like you say not surprising. I know what you mean about the phone zombies. I don’t know if they’re really addicted (some are) or think they have to be on it to “look cool.” Another coffee roasting company opened in the neighborhood. I looked in and they might as well call it a library for phones and laptops. Everyone in there was staring at screens……no one talking. Don’t know how they’ll stay open if people don’t look up to go buy coffee. Live the whole day on coffee?

    The Boston Globe is calling for Trump’s impeachment. I haven’t paid that close attention but they said he’s openly admitted he obstructed justice. What a nut. That’s an impeachable offense. Not holding my breathe that impeachment proceedings are going to get under way. Even if they do, then there’s Pence. Ugh.

Fin. The End.