The Queer Equality March began with the US National Anthem? WTF?

Hola a todos. I’ve already written reams about how I don’t at all relate to corporatist Brand LGBTTM and I don’t feel like regurgitating any of that again, frankly. For those interested, you can read it here as well as at the links at the bottom of that page.

I saw this headline: “Equality marchers push for progress on LGBT rights.” I read language that said that the LGBT Queer community came out en masse in the District of Columbia for the Equality March this past weekend. I was curious what “en masse” meant, specifically how many people showed up and had made the trip to the District for the March. I found the article which I’m not going to link to and nowhere in the article did it give the number of people who attended the March. The article showed/interviewed some of the people who had attended the March. Some were wearing the corporate logos of Brand LGBTTM, specifically one of the organisations that threw the trans community “under the bus” some years ago. The people interviewed expressed their support for said corporate organisations and their intent to continue to fund them with their donations. Most (if not all) of those corporate organisations serve as shills and hacks for the thoroughly corrupt and imperialistic Democratic Party and work to keep Queers in the orbit of the Democratic Party. (Related: Here’s an article about one of those corporatists organisations).

What got my blood boiling was when I read that the March began with the singing of the US national anthem. WTF? That is so very corporatist Brand LGBTTM and another example of how they desperately want to be like the breeders. Not only do corporatist sports events begin with the singing of the US national anthem — and the anthem has absolutely nothing to do with sports — but now corporatist Brand LGBTTM have adopted it to begin their marches. How very mainstream, conformist and sheeple. And tacky. I don’t sing the US national anthem under any circumstances (nor do I play it on the piano). Because the US national anthem glories war/the US Military Industrial Complex and repugnant US nationalism, which you can read more about here: Gay Men Glorify War and Nationalism. We, in the original Gay and Lesbian Rights’ Movement never sang the US national anthem for the same reasons.

One person who attended the March wrote, “It was a very powerful moment….As the national anthem concluded, the crowds let out a thunderous cheer. The march had begun.”

Ugh. (roll eyes)

I would ask, “Did the organisers of this thing not consider that the US national anthem glorifies war/the US Military Industrial Complex and ugly US nationalism?” Queers of today are for all of that? That’s what Brand LGBTTM Queers are about? But upon reflection, we’re talking about the corporatist and conformist known as Brand LGBTTM so I wouldn’t expect them to even consider any of this. And it’s because of that and many other reasons that some of us cannot at all relate to shallow Brand LGBTTM. They are so desperate to show that they are “real Amurrrrrrrrkkkans,” so some fucking idiot decides that they should sing the national anthem to begin the March in order to try to prove to people just how “Amurrrrrrrrkkkan” they are. Did they all put their right hand over their heart as they sang like good little sheeple? After reading that, I’m surprised they didn’t also say the Pledge of Allegiance, have a bible reading and christian prayers too. Or maybe they did, and that wasn’t reported. They can fuck off, that’s how I feel about it. If I had been there, I would have been thoroughly disgusted and walked away from the March as it began at what my fellow Queers were doing and what they have become: the exact opposite of who and what they were during the decades of the (now-dead) Gay and Lesbian Rights’ Movement. Chau.—el barrio rosa

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  1. Sean

    I live in Upper Market and am really disgusted with our Pride celebration in SF. Today is Pink Saturday and I walked down to Castro to check things out to see how that had changed. Walking down 17th Street four people got out of a car. Two young straight(?) couples?? The guys looked gay. One of the females was doing something with the guy’s ear she was with. They looked like the latest fad – two gay guys trying to be straight and with girlfriends. The first thing I noticed was no streets were closed off to collect donations for the merchants as a “cover charge” to get into Pink Saturday. I never did like that. It looked like cops were trying to close 18th Street a couple blocks away from Castro. At Castro and Market – 3 cop cars and cops and two monitors were standing in the street. The Warner Plaza was gated off so no one could go there. The street was open going into Castro. No large crowds coming in. It looked like a typical Saturday. No music playing. Young straight couples coming down 17th Street to party. Not what Pink Saturday used to look like. Like others have said, SF Pride is now a straight party time.

  2. Ed in the Castro

    Hola, I went to my gym in the Castro this morning and it was very empty, unlike the days where all you heard around here at Pride time was about being ready for Pride and the gym was bustling and there was a sense of community. Queers were coming into the Castro from all over the country. Nothing like that today. That’s all gone. This is Friday before Sunday’s Corporate Pride as some are calling it and the neighborhood looks like it’s any other day. No one was talking about Pride going or leaving the gym or at the gym. There were no Queer guys there. There’s nothing special about it anymore. It’s been ruined and like pink barrio says – when you’re discreet and closeted you’re not proud and you don’t have pride. Couldn’t agree more.

  3. D8

    Was just on the website you refer to when you write about the men looking for men sex ads – I just checked in there to see how much interest there is in SF Pride. Not much….only 24 ads out of 2500 ads have the word Pride in them. Maybe that’s a good thing and many are turned off by corporate Pride, or most find Pride passé. I think that’s more like it.

    1. el barrio rosa Post author

      Hola D8, 24 out of 2500 ads sounds about right to me when the majority have the words “discreet” and/or “down-low” in their ads, which as I’ve pointed out before, is the opposite of pride. It’s called Gay Shame. So, only 24 have pride of the 2500. And “discreet” and “down low” are code words for closeted, ashamed of their Queer sexuality, and/or guys who are cheating on someone. I can understand a guy having to be “discreet” in a job situation where he fears being fired because he’s Queer and wants to keep that job, or fears being beaten up on the street due to increased anti-Queer violence in the US. But these are guys in San Francisco’s former Gay Mecca and the Bay Area, and one does not need to be “discreet” when one is with or in the privacy of another Queer guy. A rather sad state of affairs here in 2017. Gracias for your comment.

  4. Alejandro

    Hoooooooooola. The problem I have with token pride month is that’s what it’s become. Token. Some news sites I go on there’s 6 or 8 stories about “LGBT” which they would not talk about if it wasn’t June. Haven’t watched television in months but last year at this time Telemundo had a gay couple on to talk with them on their morning show. I can hear someone behind the scenes say, “gotta have one gay couple on because it’s pride month.” They almost treat it as if it’s a freak show. The other 11 months of the year there’s no gay couple… it’s breeder’s central like pb has written about the corporate networks. Rreallly annoys me.

    Gracias y saludos.

    1. David in Breuckelen

      Agree. Like this crap: “How to Get FB’s Rainbow Pride Reaction (If You Don’t Have It)…..are you just itching to have it?” 🙁

  5. iván

    i’m turned off by corporate pride in dc, sf and everywhere else, so won’t be going to sf pride. what really irks me about this is to see local sf activists still take part in it when i know they don’t agree w/ or approve of corporate pride. like 3 yrs ago when a local sf housing activist was one of the grand marshals. his politics don’t match corporate pride and the love fest for tech and techies getting free advertizement in the parade but he invited people to come. that’s supporting it. if i were voted a grand marshall i’d tell them to fo and find somebody else. want nothing to do with it.

  6. E in Sunnyvale

    Just found an article on another site about activist opposition to Corporate Pride. The article ended with this short summary:

    The solution, Lourdes Ashley Hunter and others say, is a continued push for systemic change. If pride celebrations nationwide keep singing the same tune—remaining apolitical, shutting out activists, and courting police and corporations that many feel are detrimental to the LGBTQ community—activists say that the cultural and political progress the LGBTQ community has made will end up stagnating, with white, cisgender, and monied gays being celebrated, and the rest of the movement being left behind.

    Of course, even while sounding alarms over corporate sponsorships of Pride events, they still chose to revise history with “LGBTQ”. But hey, at least they got the ‘Q’!


  7. Y

    A lot of the gay community has fallen into the corporate, military trap. Sorry to see this.

  8. Your Straight Neighbor

    Hola pink barrio, I think you should tell everyone what you told me yesterday that you would have selected as the music to start this march. Talk with you later.

    1. el barrio rosa Post author

      Hola, I’ll be glad to. They should have started the march with the first verse of “Dancing Queen” by Abba, playing the original recording with the March singing along. I guess “Dancing Queen” would have been “too rad” and “out there” for the pro-Establishment conservative/heteronormative organisers of “Brand LGBT” and their Equality March. The original Gay and Lesbian Rights’ Movement would have used “Dancing Queen”, or something similar. Maybe Vicki Sue Robinson’s “Turn The Beat Around” or Linda Clifford’s “If my friends could see me now!” as two other options. But one thing is for sure: the organisers of the original Movement would not have used the Stars Spangled Banner! Never. Queers of the original movement were not into that god-awful thing.

      Queers of the original movement were about peace and for peace, not celebrating war and the military and the MIC like these corporate assholes. It seems that as soon as DADT was overturned by the US Senate by a vote of 65-31, that Queers overnight became pro-military (so shallow), just because they can supposedly be open about their sexuality in the barbaric US military war machine? Although from what I’ve read and expected, little has changed with the anti-gay atmosphere in the traditionalist military environment. But I must ask: Do Queers enjoy going around the world killing and maiming other people (people with a brown-skin pigmentation) and killing other Queers as well as part of the US Imperialistic War Machine (TM), or has that never occurred to them? Has it never occurred to them that they are killing other Queer people around the world, or do they falsely assume that everyone they kill is a breeder?

      Gracias for your comment and for stopping by. Yes, I’ll talk with you later. Always enjoy it. Chau.

      (BTW, my neighbour was appalled when I told him about this. He thought I was joking, until he realised I wasn’t.)

      1. D8

        Love your suggestions for the music they should have started the march with. One of my favorites is Linda Clifford’s “If my friends….” I enjoy dancing to that. But alas, they went with stale, stiff and stagnant, militaristic and nationalistic.

  9. Queer Berkeley

    You wrote in your other article —

    “Here are the words — and hardly anyone knows all of the words — to the Stars Spangled Banner, the US national anthem:

    “Oh, say can you see by the dawn’s early light
    What so proudly we hailed at the twilight’s last gleaming?
    Whose broad stripes and bright stars thru the perilous fight,
    O’er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming?
    And the rocket’s red glare, the bombs bursting in air,
    Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there.

    Oh, say does that star-spangled banner yet wave
    O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave?”

    “The land of the free and the home of the brave?” WTF? Talk about wishful-thinking. The home of the brave?….where most people are afraid of their own shadow because of this 24-Hour obsession with “Terror, Terror, Terror, Terror, Terror.” The land of the free?…with NSA surveillance, data-mining, protest zones, where one gets arrested for protesting peacefully, rampant police brutality of US citizens throughout The Cesspool/US, the USA Patriot Act and its draconian replacement and I could go on. (Readers can add other examples in the comments.) My point? The land of the free and home of the brave is bull shit. It’s fictional feel-good language not based in reality that only stupid people believe. The US national anthem is all about the US flag and celebrating ugly nationalism. Shouldn’t the national anthem be about the (now shredded) US Constitution? The Constitution is what’s important; it’s the law of the land. The flag is just a symbolic piece of cloth which today stands for nothing but bloodshed around el mundo/the world and The Empire’s own Global Terrorism, in “polite company” called rank US Imperialism.”

    I wanted to comment on this but comments are closed on that post. The above is so fuking true and rarely does anyone have the courage to say this, tell the truth. Pleased you did, mate.

  10. Ed in the Castro

    This is weird. I’ve been to many marches, protests and demonstrations in my lifetime but none ever began with the national anthem. It’s surprising they didn’t have a couple of F-18 fighter jets skimming over DC at the same time to signify the start of the march with a large banner reading “LGBTs for the US military industrial complex, rah, rah, U-S-A, U-S-A!!!”


    (Sorry pink barrio – I had to use LGBT to make my point).

  11. castro local

    remember that queers were told to “assimilate” following the gay marriage victory? add this to the list of obnoxious things that queers have started doing to “assimilate” with the breeders. if breeders do it, queers now do it. any and all standards that queers had before then have been discarded. makes me sick too.

  12. David in Breuckelen

    Looks like nobody here approves of this.

    It was a cheap shot for queers to say “we’re just like you straights and to prove it to you we’ll sing the Stars Spangled Banner for you.” 🙁

    That won’t win over the haters my fellow queers. The haters will never be won over. Whoever made this bad decision ought to be called out on it. This reminds me of when undocumented immigrants who want to be accepted here start waving U.S. flags to show that they’re “one of us” and “love this country.” Some people see through what they’re doing. The waving the flag hoping they won’t be beaten up or killed on the streets of the U.S.. The nativist immigrant haters don’t care that they’re waving the flag. They don’t want them here no matter what, so put down that flag. The same with queers. The haters don’t care how many times you belt out the national anthem, they’ll still hate you.

  13. Greg


    Another example of insanity. Thanks for writing about this. I hadn’t heard this.
    No matter what direction you look you see insanity. Like them singing the stars spangled banner at this march. Insanity. I agree with another commenter that “we shall overcome someday” would have been the best choice. Another example – The orange man wants to close down the Grand Canyon and turn it into a heavy industrial park. Insanity. Another example – The Republicans say they’re putting in better health care which is just the opposite of what they’re doing. Insanity. We’re living in a time of utter insanity no matter where you look.

  14. strangetimes

    the national anthem to start a queer march? fuck that shit!!

    you’re not alone. you may feel fairly alone but i think many people would share your feelings. i sometimes read a blog by a guy who’s queer. he’s so disgusted with what the queer community has become that he never writes about it anymore…..feels it’s futile. i think the last thing he wrote was, ‘what have my fellow queers become?’ and that was about 3 years ago.

    i skip over any article i see anywhere with “lgtb” in the title to avoid feeling just like you did when you read the article about the national anthem at the march, and i don’t think i’vve missed a thing by not reading those articles. i made that decision because there was always something in them that annoyed me in addition to the “lgbt” thingy. corporatists have taken over and hijacked everything imaginable with the complicity of conformist queers. shame, shame, shame!


  15. Alejandro

    Hoooooooooooooola. well, take comfort in knowing that they didn’t follow up the national anthem with a chorus of the old song “take me out to the ballgame” for the benefit of the gay jock bros in the march. But jock bros are usually closeted so they wouldn’t have been there. Jock bros say they are “not into the scene” so they don’t take part in equality marches.

    Gracias y saludos.

  16. FedUp!


    If they had to begin the march with music, the first verse of the civil rights anthem, “We Shall Overcome” would have been the best choice. Guess that was too radical for mainstream corporatists.

    1. San Francisco Resident

      Good point. That would have been the best and most appropriate choice.

  17. D8

    Reminds me of when I was in the Castro probably 2 yrs ago and there was some gay rally down at 18th & Castro, as I passed through they started singing “Oh, say can you see…”. Couldn’t believe what I hearing….for the same reasons as your opposition to it. The original movement was not pro-military, pro-national anthem, pro-establishment, pro-“rah, rah, USA.” etc.

    Re-affirming you: “it disgusts me what the gay community has become.”

Fin. The End.