“Queering The Castro”

Hola. Having lived in San Francisco since the Gay Mecca Days, I didn’t think I would ever see the day where there would be a project called, “Queering The Castro.” When I moved here, if someone had told me there would be a need for such a project at a future date, my response would have been: What drugs are you on?

But that should tell you how bad things have gotten here in San Francisco as the “straight” basura take over our little Queer area known as The Castro, where thousands and thousands of Queers moved to decades ago. We quit our jobs to move (in my case) three-thousand miles away to San Francisco. Most of us didn’t have any dinero/money other than what we had saved up to make the trip here and get an apartment as quickly as possible and then find a job. It was very risky for us, but we did it. And now, the “straights” want The Castro. Why? Those greedy assholes are never satisfied, are they? They could live anywhere in the world, but they’re hell-bent on living right here. They want it all! To them I say: Fuck off, I’m sick of you! If I wanted to live in Straightsville I would have stayed in the District of Columbia. I don’t go into “straight” areas with a partner and put on a make-out show for everyone to see, so why the fuck do these “straight” assholes feel the need to come to The Castro and do that here? And I see this nowhere else. One of my nice commenters (E in Sunnyvale) doesn’t see this down there in Silicon Valley either. This is a Castro phenomenon. Or are these so-called “straight” couples in The Castro really closet cases and using him or her as “cover” as they figure someway of coming out of that closet? Or are they deliberately coming over here to cheat on their partner and they think this is the last place the person they’re cheating on would come looking for them? Mi amigo/my friend goes to his gym on Market Street near Church Street. Every time I see him he comments on the herds and herds of “straight” young white couples holding hands on Market Street between Church and Castro and the same blocks look like a nursery and clogging up the sidewalks with baby strollers. The same goes for Upper Market. Upper Market today is a Baby Factory. Yes, judging by the number of babies and baby strollers around here, these “straight” couples breed like mosquitoes. Overpopulation and birth control is unknown to them. Today was Halloween 2015, and when I saw mi amigo he said: I have never seen as many children around here for Halloween as I saw today. Upper Market was constantly packed with children throughout the day.

It’s as if there is a very deliberate attempt or a campaign by the “straights” to come to The Castro. It’s as if some conservative radio station told their listeners or some conservative church told their congregation, “We want all of you to go to The Castro frequently and hold hands, while walking he should grab her butt, and make out under the Rainbow Flags over there and on street corners to help convert ‘the gays’ to becoming “straight.” It wouldn’t surprise me if that is what’s going on because it looks suspiciously deliberate. And of course, the “straights” act as if they are completely oblivious to anyone watching them.

Under the current conservative Ed Lee/Ron Conway Regime, thousands of Queers have been evicted from this city due to techie gentrification. And some people have finally noticed — it took them awhile; maybe they finally looked up from that smartstupidphone (related: smartphones are transforming society into a sea of stupid) glued to their hand 24 hours a day to see what’s going on around here — that San Francisco’s Castro has essentially become Walnut Creek, California, complete with “Oklahoma” (how radical!) and other musicals playing at the local theatre for the sheeple’s “sing alongs” with silly crown hats.

Yes, today, the sanitised and conservative Castro resembles Walnut Creek, California much of the time. And especially near the end of the week the “straights” start showing up in force. Many of us locals have no idea what that’s about other than what I mentioned earlier. Why the end of the week? Or is that to get drunk in the Queer bars (with their drink specials) and then have a major dysfunction outside of the bar on the way out? (Yes, we’re seeing more of that). There’s nothing proudly radical or even radical about The Castro today. The Castro often looks like Straightsville with (mostly) young white and some Asian couples (dominant him = tall, and submissive her = short…yes they do have those height requirements, and feminism is dead in San Francisco by all indications). These “straight” couples come in here with their mandatory hand-holding, with her gazing up at him with limpid eyes and with one foot up in the back while standing perched on the other foot begging him desperately for constant attention. (Needy-assed/high-maintenance females! Constantly needing attention, jesus fucking christ you’re embarrassing, get some therapy, perra.) Then again, there’s the obnoxious “straight” make-out sessions on street corners and/or under a Rainbow Flag or in front of (what’s left of) the Queer boys. Note to clueless “straight” people: Queer boys are not into watching you make out. Nor are Queer boys into watching her swish her ass at them while walking down the sidewalk. All of that and more you will see in today’s Castro. Scenes that I remember from the Gay Mecca Days you won’t see here today.

There’s a project called “Queering The Castro.” Good idea, but they have their work cut out for them I can tell them that before they start. That’s because there’s been a very deliberate attempt by the conservatives — including the GLBTQ conservatives (related: The Anti-Gay Agenda in San Francisco), the merchants and those self-entitled homeowners who think they have special rights just because they own some old moldy home in The Castro — to make The Castro “straight” and conservative. That’s the crowd that says there’s no longer a need for gay meccas and they spew the lie that “gays can now live anywhere.” The Castro has been made the way it is today on purpose, deliberately so. And these useless, conservative, busy-bodied neighbourhood associations around here refuse to tell it like it is so they use sanitised code language to describe how The Castro has changed. They say, “it’s evolving.” Well WTF does that mean? They refuse to say that it’s becoming more and more “straight.” Even sex store windows have been sanitised. I’m not making this up. The best sex store in The Castro, Rock Hard, has to put white stickers over their sex video covers to cover up a dick or ass pic — because of busy-bodied prudes who call la policía on the store because the prudes don’t want their little niño/child to see any sex pics. Sigh. Well, unless you’re holding your little child in your arms asshole, s/he won’t even see the sex pics because your child’s head will be below the store window. If you’re walking by the sex store quickly, your child wouldn’t even have a chance to see what’s in the window, OR CARE! S/he may be looking off somewhere else! Who really has the problem here? It’s the fucked up so-called “adult” who shouldn’t even be a parent to begin with! And you knew what The Castro was before you moved here, asshole, so why the fuck did you move here? Again, you “straight” assholes can live anywhere, yet you’re hell-bent on living here, in a traditionally Queer area? Do you always move to a place so you can change it to the way you want it? I can’t stand basura like that. Can’t stand them! An intelligent person would move to a place that’s already like the way they want it. Duh. I can’t stupid-assed trash. And at that age, the child wouldn’t even know what s/he was seeing anyway. Again, it’s the so-called “adult”/parent that’s completely fucked up with the problem/the hang-up. I swear, I’ve seen this over and over. Many people should never be parents because they don’t have a fucking clue. All they do is pass down their prudish, conservative and dysfunctional “upbringing” that they learned from their parents/guardians and pass it on to their child. Ugh. I heard one parent on Castro say to amigos: “I do a lot of spelling these days.” Oh lord. Don’t you think your child will be more curious as to what you’re spelling (d-i-c-k.) and ask, “Daddy, what are you spelling?”) than if you just said the word dick that your child doesn’t even know the meaning of? Fucked up people parenting children. No wonder we have such a fucked up/dysfunctional society.

The “Queering The Castro” project started en septiembre 2015 and will run for a year:

“Queering the Castro will use literature and performance to wake up and reinvigorate the area, reminding us of the Castro’s joyfully radical roots, inspiring a commitment to exploring the wild, weird potential of queer culture.”

These events are being held at 4122 18th Street, San Francisco.

I wish them well, because it really saddens me how The Castro has been so deliberately changed, so sanitised, removed of its culture, it’s radical-ness. Today, The Castro is the opposite of the way it was when I moved here. Most of the merchants are conservatives/prudes and they are directly responsible for the present state of The Castro. Other than Rock Hard, I don’t support any of them, including the theatre. They can all fuck off and go out of business as far as I’m concerned! Every time I see a business closing around here, I think to myself: Good! Got rid of you. They’re part of the problem here. I remember what the theatre manager — he’s a prudish piece of work — did to the few naked guys in front of the theatre. Ugh. Then there’s that local piece of conservative work – that politician with the enormous head whom his rabid and conservative disciples see and bow down to as if he were “The Holy and Indivisible Trinity.” Unfortunately, that piece of basura still has four more years here to fuck things up even more. He’s now running for state senator. Yes, he wants to go fuck things up at the state level too. These power hungry corporatist trash are never satisfied.

Good luck with your project, “Queering The Castro.” Chau.–el barrio rosa


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13 comments on ““Queering The Castro”

  1. rosa_barrio Post author

    Hola, I just read this headline:

    “The bottom is falling out of San Francisco’s luxury home market”

    Excelente. I’m not linking to the article. You can put the title in your search engine to find it. It was just a few weeks ago that the shills and hacks from the corrupt Real Estate Industrial Complex and their Corrupt Liars were going on about how “Luxury Housing” prices would never stop rising. Some people told these gutter-scum real estate liars that they were talking out their ass, as usual. Wishful-thinking real estate liar propaganda.

    Just wondering whether this might slow down the “straight” parasites from their continued invasion/take-over of The Castro, since I think they are mostly the suckers who fall for these over-inflated and cheaply built dumps called “Luxury Designer Condos” (Dahling), with their sterile/blindingly-white interiors. Chau.

  2. SF-Resident

    I agree that they have their work cut out for them after what I just saw earlier tonight in the Castro. At 18th & Castro there were two people playing a musical instrument or two. They were not professional musicians. They were playing familiar songs. They started playing god bless america. I couldn’t believe what happened then. About 30 people around the area of the BofA building started singing god bless america. It was surreal for me because the person I was with said that this would never have happened in the old city. The old Castro didn’t do god bless america. My friend and I are atheists and were both offended. We looked around to survey the crowd singing this. It was all that you’ve written about. Straight young and white couples holding hands. Females in black tights and clicky heels. They sound like loud horses when they walk. The only word I heard spoken was “like.” All the females had long blond or burnett colored hair. Only saw a few gay boys. My friend and I left the Castro shaking our heads in disgust.

    1. rosa_barrio Post author

      Hola SF-Resident. Ugh. Sorry to hear about that. Glad I missed it! Sigh. jesus fucking christ.

      I’m well aware of that nationalistic-propaganda song — I played it on the piano many times in elementary school — but I’d like to have asked those in The Castro mindlessly singing it: Which “America” are you asking your Floating Cloud Being to bless? Are you sheeple not aware that there are three Americas?: North/norte, Central and South/sur. And I would point out that América del Sur y América del Central need “blessing” from your Floating Cloud Being far more than América del Norte and/or the United States OF America. I’m so tired of this country, the US, being called “America” (and I know nearly everybody does that, except me and a few others) as if the US is the entire hemisphere. With it’s big arrogant head and imperialistic agenda, I know the US thinks it’s the entire hemisphere. Reminds of this article:

      Report reveals massive pro-war propaganda campaign. Military spectacle and US sport.

      Also, two letters “US” are much easier to type than “America.” My one complaint about the wsws is that they too constantly use the word “America,” especially in article titles. Then in the article they often refer to US. Why not use US in the title? And their commenters also seem to prefer to do a lot more typing than necessary so they use “America” too. Their site is especially international and people throughout the Américas consider themselves Americanos too, which of course they are. Gracias for your comment. Chau.

      1. David in Bedstuy

        I went to Perú years ago with a friend and he told me before we left NYC to make sure not to refer to myself as “an American” because Peruanos consider themselves “Americans” (Americanos) too and to them it comes across as if you think your country the USA is superior and has priority over the word “American” and America. When talking with the locals who were lovely people we told them we were from los Estados Unidos (translation: the United States), and some Peruanos said, “Ah, the country without a name” (translated). Very true. Thought I’d pass that along.

      2. Alejandro

        Hooooooooooooola. I cannot stand hearing or reading the U.S. referred to as “America,” nor can my relatives. When the pope did his tour recently, Univisión and Telemundo used the caption, “El Papa en América” and he stopped in Cuba before he came to the U.S. Yes, everyone, Cuba is part of América. Gracias.

  3. Alejandro

    Hoooooooooooola. I walk home along Market St every evening with a friend from work. We’ve noticed many times what you’ve written about. We assume they’re the techies. I’m thinking of having a shirt made saying “Fuck Off, Techies” and wearing that down Market St every night. You can’t miss the straight couples where he’s tall and she’s short. That’s all we see. Their make-out scenes and they always have to hold hands. They’ve been taught all of that. I see it on TV too which reinforces it. There’s one thing you’ve left out and that’s all of these females in the straight couples walking along Market St near Castro have long blond hair. My co-worker says, “it has to be long blond hair. The companies that make blond hair dye must be making a fortune now.” He asks – don’t they realize there’s a longstanding negative connotation about females with blond hair, as being stupid and ditsy? Saludos.

    1. E in Sunnyvale

      I haven’t noticed the tendency to blonde hair at all, but then, maybe it’s localized to SF and I avoid the city these days (not much there for me anymore). Perhaps they want to be around females who are perceived as ditsy and stupid because it makes them feel superior to someone – they seem to need that.

      P.S. I have long blonde hair (natural) and am definitely not ditsy and stupid. Maybe it’s the bleach that does it 😛 There is a disturbing trend among females (again) to ACT ditsy and stupid because men seem to like it, and this really makes me angry. As our gracious host has asked, “is *this* what has become of feminism?” Seems *real* feminism has gone the way of *real* political action/protests, dodo birds, and dinosaurs. Divide and conquer as they say…

  4. FormerSanFranciscan

    Friends of mine in SF have increasingly noticed the straight infusion in the Castro. Every time I talk with them they mention the straight makeout scenes, hand holding and major shows of heterosexuality displays. I paid attention to your election results tonight and it looks like the only positive thing that happened was the election of Aaron Peskin in D3. The Lee appointment was kicked out of office and I read that Lee made the mistake of appointing her and did so because that’s who Ron Conway wanted in there. Lee only got by 56% of the vote which is weak. The completely unknown candidates running against him got a combined 44%. That tells me that SF is not pleased with their two mayors (Lee and Conway). I read Lee should have received at least 60% as an incumbent. Peskin calls himself a progressive and I read that he will now be the deciding vote on the Board so it will go the other way, more like in the old days. The voter turnout tonight in SF was historically low at 30%. You’re not the only one fed up with this corrupt mess. Looks like 70% of the City residents agree with you and they didn’t vote either. Take care.

    1. rosa_barrio Post author

      Hola FormerSanFranciscan, yes, A*rb*b dumped more than $8 million into the No on F campaign. The Real Estate Industrrial Complex and their Corrupt Liars spent a huge amount to try to stop the temporary halt on building Luxury Designer Condos (Dahling)/so-called “market-rate” housing in la Misión. Thoroughly corrupt. Out and about I heard no one talking about this election and I only saw a couple of window signs and they were for Ron Conway’s empty puppet sitting in city hall. I can imagine what this city will look like after another 4 years of this man (Conway/Lee), although should the drought continue none of us will be here then and there will be lots and lots of empty condos baking in the sun. We keep seeing many, many new expensive vehicles that these wealthy basura are buying with their shallow and superficial “Keeping Up With the Joneses” mentality. I don’t drive a vehicle but I’ve heard from amigos who do that these new residents drive very aggressively as if they think they have priority on the streets (wealthy self-entitled assholes). Even if I and mi amigo had voted and taken part in this sham/corruption, it wouldn’t have made any difference anyway because nothing lost (or won) by 2 votes and I can’t think of the last time that something did win or lose by 2 votes. Gracias for your comment. Chau.

  5. Ed in the Castro

    I agree with Castro local. Every night I do my walk around Castro between 7:30-8:30 pm and it’s always mostly straight. That didn’t used to be the case around that time down on 18th/Castro but lately that’s become straight too. I did my walk tonight as usual and I didn’t see any gay guys at all. I saw what you described above – the tall short white straight couples holding hands. There was a straight make out session for people waiting for the 37 Corbett at that bus stop. I’ve seen that before there. They’ve turned this place into another Marin County or Sausalito. Where to move?

  6. castro local

    they do have their work cut out for them with this project. one thing i’ve noticed is how things go in shifts around here. i was out at around 7.30pm on the eve of halloween and the fucking straights were thick. they were all over the place even down here on 18th street. the tall/short thing. i’ve started noticing that since you mentioned it. you must have tall/short if you’re straight. i didn’t know that until they started taking over the castro. it’s fucking rare to see a straight couple that’s the same height or close to it. i was out again at around 10:00pm and it was mostly gay esp on 18th. that’s what i mean by a shift change. the straights come out early with their children and strollers and then go away. then later the gay boys come out to go to the bars to drink and hang out.

    rock hard is the best. nice of you to give them a plug. i know you don’t usually do that. mark’s a very nice guy.

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