Ray Taliaferro: “Go on Big T. We Are Right !!!”

Reminiscing about the Old City of San Francisco before the techie dooshes and morbid-looking, monochrome-clothed, conformist, and vapid phone-zombie Millennials invaded our neighbourhoods, disrespecting them and their cultures (La Misión, for example) and ruined The City.

“Up and down the West Coast of this great country, parts of Canada and parts of México. Whatever is on your mind, you’re free to call in”—the opening intro of Ray’s nightly monologue.

“How dare you call this 50,000 watt station in the middle of the night. Get off my show! Go to hell!“—Ray Taliaferro to various conservative callers

Regular listeners to Ray’s show will remember hearing those words many times. Read the entire article here.